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    Long drive with sister on my lap

    Aside from fulfilling my fantasies, I never thought I’d actually be using this sub to post my own experience. Now that I’ve experienced it first hand, I feel like I owe this place some content. Although it took place a few weeks ago, I can’t stop replaying it in my head. Just to clarify I’m 23 and my sister is 25. This is also my first time writing so bare with me.

    Every year, my family meets up with relatives from across the country and enjoy a week at our shared vacation cottage. The other families we’re on route to the cottage already.

    The day was breezy, hot and full of summer dresses and skin. We were at the airport, picking up my aunt and her daughter. They live in another province so we offered to give them a ride after they flew in. The plan was to pick them up and go straight to the cottage a few hours away. We had already found them and were packing up their luggage into our car.

    I was sort of helping but really I was stuck mesmerized by the many attractive girls speckled in the passing crowds. In my head, I thanked the earth for having seasons like summer. Everywhere I’d look there were girls in dresses or short shorts. Legs galore. For a brief moment, I forgot how humid and hot it was. Then I started being thankful for air conditioning.

    I tuned back into my family.

    “Sorry Sal! this was the best we got”, my dad explained to my aunt. “the van is back home, out of commission. We’ll just have to squish in” Early 90s van, thank God we didn’t take it. What we did have was a decently sized hatchback. As much space as it had though, the combined baggage of all five of us had taken up the whole trunk and at least one human seat.

    “You guys are going to have to double up”, my dad finalized.

    “Really!? There’s got to be more room in the trunk. We’ll just redo it and tetris a different way”, Gwen said behind her shades. She tried to rotate some bags and squish them tighter into the trunk. She was always determined. We allowed her to try.

    I have never thought of my sister in a sexual way. But I’m not afraid to admit that with her summer outfit on top of her sporty figure she was definitely looking good.

    Her summer dress was just a couple inches shy of being unclassy, which was the perfect tease for the male gaze. Thanks to her gym subscription and volleyball team her thighs and calves were well developed. Toned enough to show that she put time into her body. Her brunette hair, swayed back and forth in it’s ponytail as she kept trying to push the bags further into space that wasn’t there.

    As attractive as she was though, she has always been just my sister. The one who I fought over poptarts with. The one who pulled the age card to win every argument when we were kids. The one I’d fight for space over the couch with. We didn’t hate each other, but we weren’t always close. Which is why this experience to me was unexpected. My incest fantasies never included my own sister.

    “Ahh! I tried. Let’s just get out of here. I need to feel the breeze,” she surrendered. The sweat glossed over her fair skin.

    “Sorry Gwen! Alright! Everybody in before we get flagged by the police,” my dad chuckled. Even though that was a very real possibility. We we’re lucky that the road to the country side was nearby. Once we get on it, the only traffic we’ll see for hours are other locals heading to their own countryside getaways.

    Me and my sister paused before we got in the car. I didn’t know how it was going to work. She looked at me expectingly. “Ryan, you will crush me if you sit on my lap,” she half laughed. “Get in first.” I agreed instantly. She was only 5'3 and I could only guess about 110 lbs while I weighed about 50 lbs more.

    The thought of having her on my lap though, at the time, was more of a nuisance and discomfort. Especially for a few hours drive. I sat down on the left side of the car while a huge amount of bags filled the middle seat. Aunt Sally and her daughter Annie doubled up on the other side of it. We could barely see them since the bags almost hit the roof of the car.

    Only until my sister sat on my lap did I remember what I was wearing. Or not wearing. I knew the ride was going to be a long one so I wore something comfy. T-shirt and shorts. I also knew we might make it in time to go swimming right away so they were swim shorts. And I was not wearing any underwear.

    My shorts clearly lost the battle against the feel of her soft legs and ass. The image of my cock rubbing against a girls ass instantly raced through my mind. My cock twitched. I was weirded out by the thought since It was my sister’s ass triggering them. I tried to shut it out before it got weirder.

    “This for three hours. I can’t. Sorry, Ryan. Let’s try this,” Gwen moved forward a bit. Her bum now rested on the edge of my legs. Using them as a ledge to sit on. She was so close to the front passenger seat that she was hugging it. My cock was discouraged but I was relieved. But it also gave me a peak at her rose pink panties, as her dress rode up a bit above her ass. I averted my eyes.

    “That’s fine with me. as long as you’re good like that”, I obliged.

    The car started. We settled in. Squished in like a bunch of sardines in a can. And we set off.

    20 minutes goes by. The sun was still hot, but the wind was giving us some TLC. My sister had plugged in her phone to play her music. She had a good playlist picked out for a summer drive. My parents and my relatives were busy catching up. It was a good drive so far.

    “Okay, you’re knees are too bony” Gwen mocked.

    “They’re naturally bony”.

    She lifted her shades up to her head, showing her bluish green eyes and gave me a face. She leaned back to me and relaxed her body. Clearly she was tensing up while trying to stay in that previous position.

    She leaned her head back on my right side. The bags in the middle were big enough to be a pillow on her right. “I should’ve done this earlier! It’s pretty comfy.”

    I could feel my legs getting a bit numb. I thought, I just have to do this for a couple hours more. Good god. I leaned my head back too. Our faces were pretty much next to each other. Gwen had a subtle coconut sent. Must be her lotion or shampoo. It was gentle on the nose. As I inhaled, the sent eased my mind a bit but then it continued down to stir my cock.

    I was immediately aware again that my cock was pressing up from underneath her. It didn’t help that my sister was wearing a dress. With the way she backed into me, the bottom of her dress was sitting slightly above my waist. So the only thing between my sisters ass and my cock was my shorts and her panties.

    The smell of her delightfully stuck in my nose. It was encouraging my cock. I tried to stay still and imagine my cock getting softer. I knew it would be super weird for my sister if she felt me getting hard. but it was at that moment where the road started to get bumpy. The car jerked up a bit.

    Our bodies moved with the car. The motions increased the pressure between my and my sister for a moment. Her smooth skin slid against me and my shorts. Her petite body fit perfectly on top of me.

    “I forgot how bumpy the road gets here”, Gwen said while readjusting her body. Her hands grabbing the side of the car for support. Her bum wiggled a little, to get back into the position she was in. Her head next to mine. The smell of coconut. Her ass. My cock. God dammit.

    “Oh man, my legs are getting numb” I said in the hopes that it would help change the situation.

    My sister gave me a nervous look. She clearly was uncomfortable and I think was aware that I was getting harder. In the hopes to make me more comfortable, she adjusted her body. It only egged me on.

    “Sorry, just a few more hours. I’m not that heavy. You got this”

    For the next few minutes, I just tried hard to distract myself with anything passing by in the scenery. The good thing was that my family were procrastinators. We had to get up super early and pack everything we failed to do the days before. As soon as I knew it, I was falling asleep.

    I woke up about more than an hour later. The sun was starting to go down now. The car was quiet; music turned off. I looked around, and everyone else seemed to be sleeping, except my dad of course. My sister was also passed out, her head resting beside me. Her petite body lay comfortable on me with her legs dangling off mine. Her right hand was resting on my arm.

    As I regained consciousness, the hard fact that I was fully erect came to realization. Our bodies must’ve adjusted while I was asleep because now my cock was upright in between my belly and my sisters ass cheeks. I knew Gwen did squats too, I could definitely feel the results of them as her ass hugged my cock nicely. I could feel my tip getting wet.

    Every now and then, as I tried to control the sensations, the car would hit a bump in the road. And my cock would push up against her ass.

    Agony. I could only hope that Gwen didn’t wake up and freak out at me. I looked down to my shorts and could see the tip of my cock peeking up at me. The pee hole of my shorts was slowly opening with the movement of the car. Not good!

    All of sudden, she mumbles. I freeze for my life. With her face next to mine, I feel her breath. I feel her swallow. Her chest expands and compresses with every breath. She adjusts slightly and gently moves her ass against my cock. Her hand squeezes my arm. My heart beats faster.

    And then nothing.

    She was simply turning in her sleep. I remember to start breathing again. Relaxing. I think to myself, I have to get out of this before I explode. In a very awkward attempt to not wake up my sister, I lift her with my pelvis. I try to hold her in that position with my hands as I adjust my cock away from her. And of course, the car jerks up and causes my hands to slip.

    My sister’s ass lands hard on my cock. My fully erect cock was now back underneath her ass but also touching the lips of her pussy.

    Something was different though. I can feel both her ass and lips hugging me. I can feel it much more. So MUCH more because my cock sprang OUT of my shorts’ pee hole. I silently moan. And having my sister’s thin panties definitely was not helping. With perfect timing, the road began to get more rockier. That told me that we’re almost there. Maybe 20 minutes more. I can do this(LIE). Every few seconds, the car would rumble. My eyes roll back as my cock is massaged between my sisters lips and ass.

    I hear my sister mumble again. CRAP

    “Uhh we.. ummost..there yeh..”, she attempts to speak, half awake. Her body begins to move and stretch. She inhales, arches her back and lifts her legs a bit to get circulation back. It made her ass hug my cock tighter. And her eyes shoot wide open. She definitely felt it now.

    She quickly looks at me. Our faces, so close to each other.

    She whispers sharply, “Ry-!”

    “-I know, sorry! Natural bodily reaction.” I quietly and plea.

    “Dammit, Ryan.” The car continues to rumble. It does a second time. A third. “Crap. So hard…It’s right under my..” She tries to compose herself.

    Her eyes close. She quietly moans. The rumbling becomes more consistent. Her hand grabs a hold of my arm.

    We stay like this for a few minutes. Our bodies just gyrating together. I can feel her getting wet on top of my cock. Her panties begin to get soaked as the car continues to shake our bodies. The rumbling is making me like a god damn vibrator. She bites her lip and exhales hard. I slowly feel her pussy and ass move along the length of my cock.

    I try to hold her steady. I can’t take this shit. Even though she’s my sister, the feeling of my cock being jerked is taking over my mind. I inhale, trying to focus. The smell of coconut. Dammit. So good.

    Through the rumbling of the car, me and my sister struggle through the vibrations silently for the next few minutes.

    “Oh my goddddd”, Gwen mouths. She looks at me concerned.

    “Try to focus on something el..”

    The car hits a huge bump in the road. And our side of the car jumps way up. “HOOHHH!” Gwen quietly moans. She throws her head back onto the headrest.

    All I could feel was soft wetness.

    From that big upheaval, Gwens body lifted high enough for my cock to slide past her panties and for her pussy to swallow me whole. Oh shit! Oh Shit! I’m inside my sister. This soo wrong! I feel her body tense up. Her back arches and her legs shake. She’s cumming. She tries to make out words, but only vowels come out.

    After a few seconds, her body releases. She remembers how to breathe.

    Her hand squeezes my arm tightly now. The car recovers and continues on to its regular rumbling. My cock now gyrating in Gwen’s pussy. I can see her starting to get red. Her head now resting back, with her eyes closed. Mouth open. She was glowing. Her fingers squeezing and releasing my arm while the walls of her pussy do the same to my cock.

    At that very moment, I had crossed to the other side of the fence. For the first time, I saw her as something other than my sister. The idea of having feelings and desires for her as a female now became viable. I knew I was nuts because it was just the situation. But the way her pussy caressed my cock, drove me past the borders I never thought I’d cross. She was fucking beautiful.

    “Ry..” She whispered. She tried to maintain a look of concern above the pleasure.

    She moans. Her body begins to move more significantly. Intentionally. “I’m sorr.. minds going blank..” She swallows hard.

    I understood exactly. I communicated that by sliding my hand under her dress and pressing my hand against her waist. Her skin was smooth. I could feel her wetness in between my subtle thrusts. Yeah, I was thrusting now. Subtly.

    The car was gyrating vigorously now. The gravel road was reaching it’s peak. And so we’re we. The noise of the stones beneath us masked our small moans and deep breaths. The wind from outside cooling us down.

    Gwen began to gently caress my arm with her fingers. I moved my hand from her waist down to her leg. I caressed it back and forth. Her back now arched but still leaning against me. Her body twitched. She was liking it.

    I looked to the rear view mirror, to see if my dad noticed anything. Luckily, there were too many bags around us, shielding any view of our bodies from the front seats. The only thing our dad could see if he turned around was our faces. His eyes were fixed on the violent road. My mom was still asleep.

    I took the chance to kiss her neck. Her mouth widens and gives a slight moan. As subtle as my thrusts were, I was pushing harder into her as she pushed down on me. I wanted to go deeper into her. I feel her juices spilling onto my shorts. Her walls were getting tighter.

    She inhales deeply, “Hohhh”, her eyes wide open. “Oh fuuckk” she mouths to me. She’s out of breath now, can barely speak. “Keep going…harder”.

    I comply. I thrust into her harder. Subtle enough to not be noticed by my dad. I check the mirror again. The car continues to rumble. A big jerk every other second. My cock slides in and out of Gwen so easily. We gain a rhythm. Faster and faster.

    She turns her face to me, fully blushing now, and stares intensely. Her eyes shift back and forth between me and my dad and the rear view mirror.

    She moves towards me quickly, and kisses me. Her lips so soft. The smell of coconut too. My eyes stay open, fully taken back. The warmth and softness of her lifts sent in a rush of ecstasy. We stopped and looked at each other and then at the rear view mirror. Again we kissed. More passionately. Her tongue greeted my mouth and I greeted back. We finished with that, afraid of getting caught. But we continued fucking.

    My sister turns to my ear, “I’m on the pill”.

    My mind went crazy. She was giving me permission to cum inside her. I began to thrust faster. Harder. The car continued rumbling.

    I watched her close her eyes, her mouth open. Her body was tensing and push down on me hard to make up for the lack of thrusting we could do. My crotch and shorts were now soaked. Thank god for the windows still being open. The smell of sex came off us and exited through the window.

    With my cock still pushing hard gyrating inside of her, Gwen begins to tense. Again, her breathing quickens. I can feel it coming. Her pussy begins to squeeze me tightly and her hands reach up into my hair. I can’t fight it. I can feel myself about to cum. So I thrust harder into her.

    She takes a sudden inhale, “Hohhhh” She squeezes me tighter than ever. Her body convulses. Her legs press firmly against mine. Her eyes roll to the back of her head. A strong silent moan comes from her open mouth.

    As her convulsions happen, her lips grip my cock so hard. I thrust my hardest, deeper into her as I lose it in the big climax. My hands grip her waist as her hold her in place. Her hands reach for balance. My cock continues pulsing inside her. I feel my cum fill her up and drip out of her pussy and onto my shorts.

    “oh my god yessssss!” She quivers and I’m still pulsing.

    For the next few minutes we just sit there. I feel her muscles twitch every now and then. Her head rests on my shoulder as I caress her body under her dress. She kisses me on the cheek quickly.

    I catch her smiling and satisfied. We look at each other, acknowledging what just happened. We both understood that our relationship has just changed for ever. And for the better maybe.

    The rumbling comes to a stop. “Made it! Finally here, everyone!” Dad announces. The cottage towers over our car. The other relatives we’re already inside, moving about.

    Perfect timing. Me and my sister get out of the car as quickly and discretely as possible while trying to hide the mess we made on each other. I cover up as much as I can.

    My sister sprints to the cottage, “Gotta use the bathroom! Full bladder!” she announces to everybody. I watch her legs and her ass.

    My thought immediately went to what will happen in the next few days. Me and my sister are sharing rooms.

    That weekend me and my sister explored this new thing we had going on. There were a few hickups during the stay since there were a lot of relatives there. But sorry guys that was the first part. I ran out of time, I’m supposed to be up early tomorrow. But I’ll try to continue soon.


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