After being stuck in the house for all summer, many sons and moms life have really changed during the quarantine. The quarantine has brought mothers and sons together much closer. Eventually, the sexual revolution has happened many homes silently. When the sociality get disappeared, its insisting ethical values get gone one by one. And the nature has taken the control with primitive instinct.

    Lisa and Jason are one of these moms and sons. Before the quarantine they had a ordinary suburban life. They had always good relationship as mom-son. She was always a proper woman, a good neighbour, a handy housewife and a lovely mom. She was a perfect lady for society Also Jason was always respectful, kindly and a smart guy. He has gotten a good family training from a child. He was a popular person in his friends, teachers and neighbors eyes.

    But today they have already broken the societal assertiveness walls. They have created their own ethical values under their roof. Julia is a helathy woman in her early forties and needs mostly to have sex in the prime of her life. Also Jason is a man in his late teens and desperately wants to have sex in the most randy times in his life.

    They have always stopped themselves for two months because of the stupid social norms but the sexual tension gets higher day by day between them. And one night, they have broken the line after drunk a bottle of wine.

    They started kissing lustfully in the living room, they were touching their bodies, Lisa knows their relationship would change forever and she knows nothing stops him no longer, neither does she. She knows; Both of them can take care of each other their sexual needs and the kiss were their speechless deal.

    But she broke the kiss and stood up, hold her hands and guided him to her bedroom. She didn’t want their first sexual intercourse to happen carelessly and rapidly. It must be special. So, she invited him her marital bed. Also Jason has been dreaming his mom for a long timeand wanted to be his mom’s lover.

    And they were both naked in the living room. It was that simple. And for some reason, it felt so natural. Maybe their lust was clouding our judgment? Or maybe it was a natural thing to do? Whatever the case, they were both ready to take things even further.

    Lisa slowly lie down the bed and opened her legs widely. She exposed her pussy in her son’s eyes. He looked that wet pussy where he came out 20 years ago and now she was desperately inviting him to get back in. His cock was hard as rock, he positioned himself between mom’s legs and lowered himself. Jason put his cockhead in her pussy and penetrated her slowly, they both groaned and he buried his dick into her welcoming pussy. Then they catched a good rhythm, the sloppy sounds were being rebound the bedroom by their bodies. Lisa was a little bit surprise but mostly satisfied with her son’s performance. She estimated their first love would be short and he came quickly beacuse of thrill, but she didin’t know he has jerked off three times the day. So he was still impaling her pussy for five minutes and he didn’t seem to stop soon. She put her legs around his waist, she made sure he puts himself completely inside her, returning to the place he was born from.

    After the fifteen minutes hot-blooded sex, Lisa comes back to the earth while he is spurting his first load into her cervix. Her jaw drops when he nails down his cock in her pussy and she feels his potent sperms go on ejaculating into her womb for the first time and she konws it won’t be a last time. It was the best sex in her life. But the night is still young, they made sex lustfully till the morning lights.

    After that night, their relationship has completely changed. He has taken the control of their relationship and owned her like a real man. He took her whenever, however he want. And that is the reason, she was walking around home bottomless because of her son’s demand. She didn’t expect their relationship growing like that. She has turn to his fucktoy but she didn’t complain with that..