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    In January 2015, a tabby cat named Masha helped save an abandoned baby in Russia from freezing to death by staying beside him to give him warmth while meowing to alert someone. It didn’t take long for someone to hear and bring the baby to a hospital.– WTF Fun Facts

    Source:Masha the heroic cat finds baby who was cruelly abandoned in Russia (honesttopaws.com)


    This is God's work (in this case, through animals), if U ask me.


    Scientists have confirmed that the star closest to the sun, Proxima b, is home to an Earth-sized planet with temperatures suitable for life. source

    image viacamagazin


    How about you scientists (well.. people who pay for the researches) leave that planet alone.. don't mess up another one. Ya'll say you don't have the funds/resources to find fresh water in certain poor places/continents on earth.. but you do have for searching life possibilities on other planets. Give me a break..