I have spent a lifetime working on being a better me. I have seen happiness and sadness, I have witness compassion and and anger, death and life. In the end I hope I made a difference at least in some small measure in someone’s life.

    Imagining God Close your eyes, imagine u are a soldier somewhere far away. In a foreign land, u have been and are still out on mission. U have witnessed over the course of your mission, in that land so far from home, friend and foe alike succumbed to their wounds. Battles ebb and flow, hit and run. It’s the night before the final objective, u sit apart from your Comrad’s as u stand watch for the enemy. The desert is very quiet, the skies are clear and the stars watch in silence. In the silence u begin to talk to God, u thank Him in great detail for your family, reflecting with Him your life’s joys and even your sorrows. U thank God for the life He has given u, further u thank God for His love and great kindness, u find yourself asking for His protection on the following days undecided outcome, and for your life if it is your time to meet Him face to face. Tears run down your face, as no sounds of crying are heard. The tears are less about death and more about missing those u may leave behind. As the night begins to turn to early morning. The temperature drops enough to be noticed and u close your words with God by saying, what ever is Your will I choose You, time moves on and you are called to rejoin your platoon to move to the final objective. But your life will always be changed when u have such an intimate encounter with your creator.