Sissy Jennifer

NSFW. Please be over 18 to view this blog. A reflection of my sissy lifestyle - the personal acceptance of being male but not a real man, effeminate but far less than a women - instead, a willing member of that third effeminate gender which deserves to submit to and serve the real men and women I acknowledge to be my superiors

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2021-12-15 22:36:32

    Welcome to Tumblr, Bobby. I've been a fan of your stories for over a decade. I consider "The Further Adventures of Bobby" one of our language's most erotic stories. You are a pioneer in the genre and your work has stood the test of time. I hope Tumblr will be a safe and stable platform for your work.

    Thanks! It's too early to tell and I barely know my way around this platform.

    But I hope some prude doesn't decide it needs to be shut down like the last one.


    I couldn’t agree more with your impression of Bobby’s stories - although I find myself hard-pressed to decide which of the 70 or so he’s published is my favorite. The combination of his outstanding writing skill and creative imagination really does make him the master of this genre. It’s wonderful these stories have found what I hope will be a welcoming home.

    kim1girl classic captioned art - 7/11/21 - A conundrum to be sure.  Yet the path is clear. Painful punishment or embrace girlish delights of panties and petticoats and pretty curls?  With the latter topped off with a cherry in the form of Aunt’s praise, “Oh, Constance, you’re going to be such a pretty and sweet little girl!”