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    What Does a Girly Boy Need?

    There are many things that Girly Boys need.  We need panties, clothes, shoes, etc.  Yes, we need sex too.  But none of that is what this posting is about–at least not completely.

    I have found that there are some things that I need in my girly boy life that are important.  When it comes down to it, I don’t think we can call most of these essentials, yet they are certainly emotional and affirming.  I have no doubt that you could add to the list.  Feel free to do so if you choose to share the article and caption.  It’s not my complete list, but I think it’s a good one.  Here we go…

    1) A Girly Drawer: I remember what it was like handing my fiance a key to my house.  It was actually quite innocent, but it was something very special.  It was a way for me to say “You are welcome here any time.”  It was also very special when she, now my wife, offered a small drawer in her clothes chest for me to store my growing collection of panties and what few bras I have.  That was her way of saying, “You are welcome to wear panties, any time (even though there are some limits).”  For other items, I have boxes stored in secret places.  But knowing that I have my own girly drawer is a stamp of acceptance.

    2) Girly Space and Time: As much as I talk about being girly, someone might think that I live in girliness 24/7.  In heart, perhaps so.  It’s just not possible in my circumstances.  To have a space to dress, act, move, talk, and feel girly is second to none.  Add to that, some extended time in girliness, and it’s like a dream come true.  I get a lot of space and time in my early morning workouts where Candie is free to be fit and girly and left alone.  But then there are some other special spaces and times like outings, drives, and, though I have never experienced one, crossdressing meet-ups.  A girly boy needs time and space to be girly. It’s never enough to have ultra-private, quickie, secretive, dress-up sessions.  Not everybody can afford to be openly forward, but none of us needs to feel isolated or backwards.  Having time and space is another cue of acceptance.

    3) Girly Friend(s): I’m lucky enough that my wife is my safe person with whom I can be girly.  Be sure of it, she still wants her man and I am more than happy to oblige.  I have needed her in my girly life.  I didn’t realize that until everything became open between us.  Having someone special with whom you can share your femininity openly is not only fun, it’s relaxing and freeing.  A friend who accepts your girliness is always a bestie.

    4) Girly Entertainment:  I wasn’t sure how to label this one.  I was thinking of chick flicks, spa days, shopping trips, window browsing, nature walks, girls nights, etc.  It’s not just having space and time and a friend.  It’s more than tagging along as a boy.  It’s doing girl-like things in girlish ways the way girls would do girl things.  Girly boys need experiences because they will learn more on a girly adventure than they could ever learn from reading a blog article about five things that a girly boy needs.

    5) Girly Terms of Endearment: It might not seem like a big one, but it is.  I’ve written above what is basically matters of acceptance–the need to be accepted.  When my wife calls me “Her girly boy,” “girly”, “girl”, “sissy”, “little cheerleader”, “pretty boy”, “lesbian sex kitten”, etc. it is her way of giving my girly self some acknowledgement, which, in my opinion, is a step beyond acceptance.  Yes, she has called me those things!  Well, except “lesbian sex kitten”.  Interestingly, I can’t recall that she has ever called me Candie.  I won’t push that one.  It’s enough to know that she acknowledges this special part of me because she is acknowledging all of me.  I need that, so yes, this is a big one!

    That’s all that I’ll take time to write out and it’s probably more than you cared to read.  I appreciate you all so very much.  It may be online, anonymous, and we may never meet face to face, but you all give me acceptance and acknowledgement.  I thank you for that!

    Have a precious weekend my girly friends!



    1) A makeup bag. Let’s face it - your face will be getting covered with a ton of hot alpha cum as you go through your day as a sissy whore. You will need your lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation, blush etc. to freshen up after satisfying each man.

    2) A pair of earrings/ jewelry - Ever lose an earring after an aggressive man bangs you really hard for 45 minutes straight? When he is gripping the back of your head as you bob up and down on his hard cock you may lose an earring now and then. Carry extras sweetheart. Your slutty over-sized hoop earrings are just the touch you need to carry the right message.

    3) Hair ties/ bobby pins - Your hair will be a mess after being gangbanged in a filthy gas station bathroom. Extra ties and clip will keep your pretty hair out of your face so those hot loads can hit their target.

    4) Condoms - You probably like to get taken bareback sissy but some men will not trust you. They know you are trashy whore who will fuck anyone. Be a good girl and carry condoms as a courtesy to the alpha males who may want them.

    5) More condoms - You can never carry enough condoms sissy. Your busy days of being fucked by stranger after stranger makes this necessary.

    6) Pack of tissues - Because some men are going to fuck you until the little tears run down your sissy face. You also may need to wipe cum off of your dress although you probably like being drenched in cum princess.

    7) Breath mints - Some alpha males will actually want to kiss a fairy like you. After swallowing loads all day you will have cumbreath. This will not do. Lifesavers are also good. A nice red tongue makes men harder and their cocks will taste even better for you sissy.

    8) Pantyliners - Your panties can only hold so much cum princess. When it starts dribbling out of your well used pussy these will come in handy. You are also wet at all times when you are dressed and getting make attention. Help protect your pretty panties girl.

    9) Lubricant - That stud with the 12 inch cock does not want to have to fight to get it in your tight hole.

    10) Hand lotion - You will be required to give hand jobs by some men

    11) Camera phone - Let men document your shame. Exposure and humiliation are good for sissy whores like you.

    12) A cute change purse/wallet - Some men will throw dollar bills at you after they cum in your mouth or fuck you really hard on the floor. You are a whore now and you need a safe place to keep your earnings.

    13) Perfume spritzer - Smell like a pretty little girl for the men who want to use you.

    14) Spare pantyhose - Your hose will often be torn and ragged after an afternoon of being used like the whore you are. Carry an extra pair so you can repeat the process all over again slut

    15) Tampons - When the flow of cum coming out of your ass overwhelms your little pantyliner you will be glad to have a tampon to insert to soak it up.

    16) Pen and paper - you need repeat customers whore. Some of the men who fuck you will be so dirty and broke that they don’t even have a phone. Jot down their info so they can use you again soon.

    17) More condoms - Just go ahead and buy a bulk pack. Your days of being a sissy whore are just beginning.


    Top 10 Reasons to Become a Sissy Today (Condensed Version)

    Become a Sissy Today… Don’t Miss Out.

    by Sissy Girl Sanctuary

    1. Being a sissy is a healthy form of escapism

    2) Masochistic Emasculation is a Healthy Emotional Outlet

    3) Sissies Get to Experience a Broad World of Sexuality, And Get To Discover the Pleasures of Sex Throughout its Spectrum

    4) Get in Touch With Your Feminine Side

    5) Learn About Yourself

      6) Sissies Are Encouraged to Exercise and Keep Fit

      7) Crossdressing is a Creative Process and Teaches You About Womens Fashion

      8) Develop a Sissy Alter Ego

      9) Sissies Prioritise Personal Grooming and Hygiene

      10) Experience a Vivid Lifestyle Which Will Have an Invaluable Impact on Your Wellbeing!


    19 ways to be a better cocksucker

    #1 – Be able to host, especially if he is married.

    #2 – Break your gag reflex by practicing with a banana or a dildo.

    #3 – Never use your hands, unless told to.

    #4 – Look him in the eyes when his cock is down your throat.

    #5 – Learn to listen and observe non-verbal cues that tell you how to suck him better

    #6 – Pay attention to his balls as well.

    #7 – Buy some knees pads so you don’t need to take a break.

    #8 – When he is cumming, keep sucking him all the way through until his orgasm ends.

    #9 – Always swallow, unless he decides to blow it some other way, in which case, let him.

    #10 – Keep his cock in your mouth after he has come, and let it get soft while he comes down from his orgasm. He might fall asleep with his cock in your mouth, let him.

    #11 – When he is done cumming, your are done. Never expect him to reciprocate in any way.

    #12 – Strive to make your mouth a replacement for masturbation. Many guys would much rather cum down your throat than jerk off.

    #13 – Try to make note of when he usually contacts you. And the frequency of when he does, so you can make sure you are available when he wants to use you. When his balls are full, he’s not interested in what else you have going on in your life.

    #14 – If he lifts his legs back while you are sucking him, that often means he would like to get rimmed as well, and your should do that for him.

    #15 – When you are rimming him, don’t stop until he is finished enjoying it, which can be over an hour sometimes. Get used to that.

    #16 – Never touch your cunt when you are sucking him, unless he tells you to.

    #17 – Always provide porn for him to enjoy, and get the kind of porn he likes to watch.

    #18 - Ask him if he wants to take pictures or record you sucking his cock to brag and show to his friends

    #19 – When he is not using you, do not hassle him or bug him. At the very most, you can periodically let him know your availability, but never expect him to respond unless he wants to, when he wants to. And when he doesn’t feel like using your mouth, leave him alone to enjoy the rest of his life.


    #20 - Thank him for using your worthless body and giving it purpose. We all know you crave our attention and approval.


    Good advice


    here you go sissies, some cocksucking tips for you.


    Psst, hey, Marilyn Monroe’s image as a freewheeling sexpot was a carefully constructed lie. The real Marilyn Monroe was a roiling tragedy and her life was an indictment of our society as a whole. She was orphaned after her mother had a schizophrenic breakdown, bounced around between foster homes where she was sexually abused, and married a 21-year-old at 16 to get out of being sent to an orphanage. Hugh Hefner published nude photos of her without her consent that were taken when she was 23 and desperate. She suffered severe anxiety and depression, which she coped with by drinking and using barbiturates, and was already a full-blown addict when she became famous in the mid-50s. Her career was one of exploitation, condescension and alienation, and she killed herself at 36. That Hugh Hefner, a man who was at best an unpleasant footnote in her life, felt entitled to be buried next to her is one more humiliation in a pop cultural landscape we should all be ashamed of.


    “Please don’t make me a joke… I don’t mind making jokes, but I don’t want to look like one… I want to be an artist, an actress with integrity..”

     - Marilyn Monroe, last taped interview, days before her death

    She deserved better than this


    Can I just also say, in addition to all this, that I’m still pissed off about the fact that Joe DiMaggio swooped in and gave Marilyn a Christian funeral before her Rabbi could return from a trip overseas? ‘Cause that shit is fucked up.

    So many men who claimed to be in love with her, and not one could fucking respect her wishes, even in death.


    “I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve let people fool themselves. They didn’t bother to find out who and what I was. Instead they would invent a character for me. I wouldn’t argue with them. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn’t.””  — Marilyn Monroe


    As one of the biggest Ella Fitzgerald fans, she literally helped desegregate her performances. Ella was not allowed to play at Mocambo because of her race.

    Ella Fitzgerald: “I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt… she personally called the owner of the Mocambo, and told him she wanted me booked immediately, and if he would do it, she would take a front table every night. She told him – and it was true, due to Marilyn’s superstar status – that the press would go wild. The owner said yes, and Marilyn was there, front table, every night. The press went overboard. After that, I never had to play a small jazz club again. She was an unusual woman – a little ahead of her times. And she didnt know it.” thisisnotmyfairytaleendingg (Source: dmvnessa)


    In August 1956, Monroe began filming The Prince and the Showgirl, with Laurence Olivier staring and directing. The production was complicated by conflicts between him and Monroe. He angered her with the patronizing statement “All you have to do is be sexy” and his attempts to get her to replicate Vivien Leigh’s interpretation.
    She became pregnant and miscarried during the production, which heavily worsened her depression and increased her drug abuse.

    A L S O , I will never forget watching a documentary about her once and, speaking about her marriage with Arthur Miller, the narrator said, verbatim: “America’s Brain had married America’s Body”. Like, literally, because he was a famous writer, he was entitled to personhood; she, being an actress, and a beautiful woman, was reduced to being “a body”. I have never been more enraged with her portrayal in the media. If you want to be dismissive of her,  literally come for you.


    She was also chronically ill her whole life: she suffered from endometriosis with pain so debilitating that a clause was written into her contracts accounting for the days when she would not physically be able to work during her periods.

    She was on courses of strong medication, had invasive surgery to try and limit the damage caused, and despite trying for a baby numerous times, suffered many miscarriages because of her condition. The miscarriages especially sent her into deep depression, since she desperately wanted to be a mother.

    There is speculation that the condition may have been one of the triggers in her drug dependency as well, because when you have endo, you will take whatever you can to stop. it. hurting.

    Marilyn Monroe was smart and strong as hell in a world that saw her as a sexy doll and nothing more.


    She deserves better


    Marilyn was a founding member of the Hollywood branch of the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy and had lifelong left-wing political views with a particular emphasis on racial equality. She formed her own independent production company that survived for several years and earned a credit as an executive producer on several films. Additionally, she was not only concerned for workers rights, she acted for them, using her own fame to stop staff being unfairly sacked from several of her films. She was a loyal, kind woman and her early death remains a great tragedy. Worse still, as OP notes, is the co-opting of her image by exactly the sort of people she would have loathed in life.