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    My American friends, what action are you taking over this? Are you writing to your senator? Your governor? Your congressman? The NRA? Have you turned in your own gun/s? Do you feel you owe it to those children to do anything at all?

    Or will you just moan about the pathetic state of your once great nation—the nation that once stood as an example to the world?



    On the contrary.... I believe we have a right as Americans to protect ourselves. Guns will not go away. There will always be a weapon to deal with, weather it's a gun, bomb, knife, etc. We American needs to learn how to protect ourselves. These sick bastards believe they can pray upon us helpless humans to make them feel in control. Stand strong and unafraid American. Everyone has the right to protect themselves. Violence toward any human will not be tolerated. RIP Sandy Hook victims & peace be with the survivors & emergency responders.

    John Mayer // Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

    1.) I love live songs. Especially bluesy songs. 2.) I love this song. Always have, always will. It makes my heart ache in a good way, ya dig? -trevour.

    “I’ll make the most of all the sadness,
    You’ll be a bitch because you can.
    You try to hit me just to hurt me
    So you leave me feeling dirty
    Because you can’t unde


    This November, I’ll spend a day working on a volunteer project for U.S. military veterans. It’ll be myself, a few friends and some veterans working side by side. It turns out I can invite three more volunteers, and each of them can bring a guest. We’ll work hard on the project and share a meal afterward, and when we go our separate ways, we’ll know we’ve accomplished something great together. Click here for more info.


    Awesome. I'm always willing to help.