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2020-10-22 19:54:15

    Death seems like the only option. The solution for every problem I have. I dont need to fight anymore. No more searching for words to describe my pain while nobody is listening in the first place. But something. Make me feel alive enough to breathe a little longer. But I don't want to. I want to die. This pain is neverending

    I could’ve made you happy, I could’ve made you so goddamn happy. But you left, closed the door on what we could’ve been, and dragged me through the trails of your departure. And it’s half my fault because I thought having you in my life in this way was better than not at all. It’s true, being your friend is equally as joyful as it is maddening because I’ll always want more than what you are willing to give. This is okay, you planned your future without me in it. It took me this long to realize that I don’t have a place in your life. So, today I can exhale and begin the process of letting you go. Today I can move forward.

    easier said than done // wordsbymp

    One of the worst feelings is having all the time you need to do whatever you want but instead, you're laying in your bed doing nothing without the ability to change it because somehow life doesn't feel real. It just passes by, leaving you behind so you don't know what to do with your own god damn life.

    "Wisst ihr was am meisten wehtut? Dass er jetzt so weiter lebt, als wenn nichts gewesen wäre. Als wenn nie was zwischen uns passiert ist. Er ist zu ihr zurück gegangen und tut so, als wenn alles in Ordnung wäre. Aber ich bin die jenige die ihn jeden Tag vermisst und sich wünscht, dass ich die jenige bin, die in seinem Armen liegen darf. Und nicht sie.