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Sup boys. NSFW tumblr. Love Ass and thick cock! Vers top but love when a dude plays with my ass. Massachusetts. Gay. 28. Rican. Submit shit. Don't be shy! Show daddy them buns! 18+ only!

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    Anonymous asked :GIRL THESE FAKE ASS LOCS HAVE GOT TO GO!!!! YOU LOOK A DAMN FOOL!!!! asked :

    :) i hope what ever it is that’s bothering you goes away. You’re clearly in a bad mood. Instead of being a negative sap, go do something good today. Maybe, just maybe, karma will give you a change of feeling and things will get better. Hatred is ugly and it comes from ugly people. But you don’t want to be that now, do you? Have a good morning 😘

    zenthropologist asked :I love that there are so few people I could legitimately classify as a daddy but you actually full on own that definition and are just hot in the most daddy way possible. You are also a legitimately good person and one helluva cook from the looks of snap. asked :

    Aww this is so sweet. Thank you man.