Date ideas

    1. Pimp you out to dads, perverts, old men and party entertainment to a group of men.

    2. Take you on a picnic on a warm summer night in a park and invite people to fuck you, play with you and cum on you.

    3. Go out dancing wearing next to nothing and make it obvious for all the men there they they can fuck you. I'll hire a hotel room and give each guy a numbered ticket.

    4. Go to a nudist beach and display you to everyone.

    5. Have a dinner party and make you go under the table and orally make everyone cum, men and women


    6. Take you to a dive bar and chain you to the pipes in the men’s room and write urinal on your forehead.


    These are the kind of dates I neeeeeeed




    O..Ohhh~ Who needs anything better then this~


    She’d put the kids to bed already, the wife was in the shower and I was supposed to be taking her home, but she asked if she could show me something. Of course I said yes. Next thing I knew she was stripped down to her matching white lace panties and bra and was showing me how she loved to touch herself but she could never make herself cum. So I took her by the hand n showed her how it was done.


    Yes please Daddy~