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    My opinion on moon signs

    Aries moon: you guys have such warm hearts but I’m not tryna get on your bad side either 😭😭. You guys are so passionate and nice everywhere so fast. You guys are the type of people who walk around VERY fast like you need to go somewhere. You guys always give people motivation to do things and hype up people. There energy is also very strong when they come to a room. feral ass mfs💀.

    Taurus moon: I LOVE YALL SMM. You guys are so chill and just go w the flow. When you guys argue it’s always about some stupid thing💀. You either hate or love eating fast food, and like taking naps when bored. You guys are so picky w who you open up to tho. You guys can fall asleep so easily, y’all are the type of people who would fall asleep otp without meaning to. You guys are also either impatient or patient. STUBBORN ASFF, doesn’t give up for shit. I’ve dated a few of Taurus moons and their always nonchalant a lot of times unless they rlly like like u tho.

    Gemini moon: You guys always either give off this anxious/chaotic ass energy or a very sly witty type of energy. Funny asf when it comes to arguing and roasting ppl😭. You guys have a solution for problems that come their way and find a way to make it better. I would pick u to be next to me if there was any roast battle or arguement with people. You guy get lost in your own chaotic and anxious thoughts you have on yourself or on others.

    Cancer moon: You guys are so sweet and caring!! But please start putting yourself first, I know a lot of people rely on u but sometimes you just have to say no and just do something for yourself for once. I also admire how much you care about animals and other people's feelings. Yet, I think you do it a little too much at times. Start caring about your own feelings instead of others cause your only gonna damage yourself. I feel like u guys get told u look like your mother sometimes 😭😭.

    Leo moon: You guys are so admirable and people can develop feelings for u very easily. You guys always keep your promises even if it’s big or small cause they know how it feels to have broken promises. You guys always never forget about the little things about people. Y’all are the definition of dramática/dramático☠️☠️. You always bright up the energy in a room. WE GET EACHOTEHR LIKE ALOT AND I HAVE SO MUCH FUN W U GUYS LIKE OMGG. WE HAVE THE SAME THOUGHTS FRFR. You guys are so bright and compassionate!!

    Virgo: You guys are so secretly judge mental or it rlly shows in your face😭. Y’all are so responsible but a little to extra sometimes. Please take a break for one time instead trying to fix everything babes. On the other hand tho y’all are fun ash when you guys are laid back or chill but also rlly mature which kinda terrifies me sometimes… you guys are emotionally mature and know how to express your emotions or sometimes you guys delay your emotions. You guys are kind and very helping tho!!! ☺️ you guys are the type of people who volunteer certain causes or volunteer in general in places

    Libra moon: ay dios mío…yall fall for sm people so easily it’s not even funny…💀. BUT YOU GUYS R SO FUNNY AND FUN 😭.. it’s js yalls love interest or love life are 😃…uhm interesting. YOU GUYS R SO KINDDDD AND HAVE SUCH PRETTY TRAITSSS. I WOULD PROBABLY DEPEND ON YOU WHEN IT COMES TO HAVING FUN OR SUM. (I sound so aggressive but it’s wtv) you guys are the type of people who leave other people on seen for the longest and then randomly text someone like heyyyy😇. But I love the fact that your always there for others or to cheer them up even if u don’t need to 😊. OH AND YOU GUYS PROBABLY GAD A FIRST LOVE OR LIKE KISSED SOMEONE AT A VERY YOUNG AGE.

    Scorpio moon: ISTG YALL KNOW HOW TO USE WORDS SO GOOD😭😭. When you argue w people you woulf have the most valid points and manipulate the words n shit its scary. YALL HIDE SO MANY THINGS FROM PPL LIKE OMLL. You guys also do the wildest shit ever istg. You guys are so hot tho 😇. I think having Scorpio moon can also make ur eyes like very sly and luring tbh. Some of you guys change yourself alottt in order to fit in sometimes (this applies to more of the ppl who have this in 11h) when I’m with you guys we do crazy shit, you guys r so fun. You guys can lie with a straight face tho 😭😭. I feel bad for most of u guys tho cause from what I’ve seen most of your relationships with ur mothers aren’t the best.

    Sagittarius moon: YALL ARE THE DEFINITION OF DOING CRAZY SHITTTT. You guys in general are crazy asfffff, you guys are always so optimistic. You guys are the type of people who ask the weirdest question ever like “do ants have sex?” They also ask them so randomly 😭😭. But I love u guys anyways and you guys also know how to beat someone’s ass tho.. you guys get so mixed up in your own feelings. You guys either care or don’t, you guys are very open towards things and are always willing to try new things. You guys always look lost sometimes tho.. even if ur not. You guys can look “dumb” but are very intelligent and can see through ppls bs sometimes.

    Capricorn moon: bye I feel so bad for y’all 😭😭. You guys hide your feelings liek a lot or shield them from other people very often. YALL ALSO BARELY WEAR MAKEUP UNLESS ITS LIKE A FANCY EVENT THO. Just like Scorpio moon y’all have very serious issues w ur mom tho…🥲. BUT BRUV YALL HOLD SO MUCH POWER OVER PEOPLE LIKE ITS SO EASY FOR U GUYS TO MESS UP SOMEONES REPUTATION WHEN THEY MESS W U💀. you guys r also intimadtating or give off an intimating vibe. YOU ALSO KNOW HOW TI FIX THIBGS SO EASILYYY. You guys also be more close to ur father sometimes or not idk. I trust u guys a lot tho ☺️.

    Aquarius moon: I BARELY MEET ANY AQAURIUS MOONS SO UHHH YEAH. you guys always deny how you feel most of the time, lack of emotional nurturing most of the time. YOU GUYS ALSO ARE VERY INTERESTING LIKE TELL ME ABT THAT ONE WEIRD ASS THING U WATCHED AS A KID😭. You also have different povs of things and try to understand the other differences towards things which I love!! You guys are so creative when it comes to everything and humor like the insults u make are so funny💀.

    Pisces moon: You guys literally get away with everything it’s not even funny at this point, you guys can steal some dress and nobody would notice like ?!?!?! You guys have warm hearts but some of u guys are unstable sometimes 😭. (My mom has a pisces moon) you guys moods change very fasttt like you guys can be mad at someone and then 5 seconds later ur like 😃. Your relationship with ur father or mother might not be the best srry. YOU GUYS ARE SO CREATIVE THOOO AND INTELLIGENT LIKE U MAY NOT SEEM LIKE U ARE BUT IN REALITY U RLLY ARE YOU JS HIDE IT!! I love you guys so much but I can’t handle you guys sometimes..😰

    (I sound so aggressive in most of these but ya😊)