Scene 2

    So I was bending over my desk for Daddy’ s inspection. Despite the fact that I was wet, I still felt the pain and I started whimpering. Daddy instructed me to be quiet or I would disturb His check. I stopped whimpering, hoping that the check would be over sooner. Daddy was pleased with the elasticity of my pussy and He complimented me. Then He ordered me to kneel down.

    I knelt down in front of Daddy, and I didn't dare to look up at Him. Then He put my collar on me, it was a heavy iron collar. Daddy took a pair of clamps that were always in my drawer and He clamped my nipples. My nipples are always very sensitive and I felt the pain instantly. Daddy said that the pain keeps subs sensitive and focused during the service.

    Then Daddy told me to use my mouth to service him. I understood what he meant, so I unbuckled Daddy’ s belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Itook Daddy’ s cock into my mouth and licked it with my tongue, letting it harden little by little. Daddy doesn’ t like my teeth scraping against his cock and glans, and I knew I had to be careful to avoid touching them. I caught a glimpse of Daddy with the belt in his hand. Daddy always used it to discipline the girls and the girls were terrified when they saw it. So was I.

    I sucked hard on Daddy’ s cock and then Daddy shot his cum on my little boobs. Daddy was so satisfied with my service that he patted my head and hesaid he would give me 3 points as a reward. It was my first time to experience such fear and nervousness, but I felt proud. I behaved well for the first time and was not punished by Daddy’ s belt.He said he would spoil me as long as I was obedient, but if I behaved badly and broke the rules, the punishment would come immediately. Then he sat down on the couch and asked me to bring a paper and a pen and to kneel in front of him. I got the paper and pen and knelt down. Daddy said he was going to start talking about some rules for me and that I needed to write them down and memorize them in my heart.