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2021-06-23 23:22:49

    is anybody gonna write these jjk whores' reqctions to you saying "ew no" to calling them daddy or will i have to do it myself 😪


    lmao tagging @megumifushi @joeyisanolive @sookyshima and @hawksky bc i think she would like this alxkskzo

    contains NAOYA SLANDER 🖐🙄 fuck that hoe—anyways:

    ok so i'm debating who would even actually ask in the first place and i don't think megumi, yuuji, todo, or geto would, sorry. but here is why I think so:

    megumi has daddy issues I may be projecting here but he doesn't find the appeal in it, he would rather you call him literally anything else. he is so incredibly pleased with a simple, needy, "babe..."

    yuuji sees you as his equal, even when he's taking charge in the bedroom or doing most of the work, sex with him is comfortable and intimate and giggly. if anything he would ask as a joke, and laugh if you respond, "ew, no."

    geto is an actual father 🤨 he swears it's always the mfers that aren't dads or actual fathers that maybe need to go to therapy. maybe he would've asked before he adopted the girls but after it's just, weird to him. he loves hearing any cutesy pet name you have for him (cooing "Gu..." makes him clutch his chest, he loves it sm lol) even "master" if you're feeling particularly saucy but don't remind him of his daytime responsibilities during his time alone with you. he'll just hears mimiko and nanako and he'll like very calmly roll off you and be like, "Mm—okay..." *picks up a book he's been meaning to finish.*

    todo is also one that kind of just gets it in the bedroom a lot but he doesn't care for it. it doesn't turn him off or anything but he likes hearing his name the most. whispered in his ear, through gritted teeth, in a breathless whimper. you hit him with that "Aoi..." and he's (or rather you are) done for. please do yoga the next day.

    for those that would ask and in which one responds ew, no:

    nanami, doesn't have to ask per say...usually, like todo, but he's grown to like hearing it so when he brings it up while he bites love marks into your thigh and feels you tense up, he swears he feels the lump in his throat growing. is he embarrassed? yes. will he still eat you out? absolutely. you confidently and, lmao, succinctly establishing that boundary would literally turn him on all the same. maybe even more.

    gojo for one does not deserve it, too much of a shithead in bed. secondly, he asks in a way that you can't tell if he's serious or not. so when you guffaw your rejection, his face drops, almost comically. he would either be dramatic about it and move to the edge of the bed to fake sulk (you don't have to comfort him, he'll get over it the second you tell him to come back and finish what he started) or laugh in your face (along with you). he very much is fishing to see what he can get out of you, but it's not really a huge blow to his ego or anything. takes a bit more than that.

    toji is one that actually feels his dick soften LOL, your immediate "ew, no." has him like ☹️😐 "damn, okay, that's a first." it's okay, he likes you, so if you purr that you'll do anything else for him his motivation will be reignited along with his böner. will probably ask you to do anal or something, idk.

    sukuna is weird for me to decide bc he has not one nurturing bone in his body, but when yuuji watches porn and he hears it along with, y'know, porn noises it...interests him. (yuuji usually takes it off really quick tho because, again, doesn't care for it.) maybe it's not something he asks for, maybe he expects it too (or any other kind of name where you establish that he's the one in control.) but he'll always prefer you quiet with your mouth stuffed. likes the sound of his own voice more 🥴.

    naoya girl...don't do that. for one he won't care if you nut, which makes him immediately undeserving. if you do this, you sign your life away to a rat.

    there are no women included bc they all deserve it, every single one.