Consensual Predator’s safeword system

    So I’ve gotten a lot of requests about my safeword protocol. My method is very simple, and not that different from other systems you are likely already familiar with. I’ve only made a few modifications, for reasons I’ll go over.

    The biggest complaint people have with using a safeword is how it can break the momentum of a scene. When you’re doing such extreme edgeplay as rape fantasy, it is always necessary to have a safeword. Consent must be continuous, and in a position like mine, not playing with established relationship partners, it has to be present in my mind at all times.

    So you’re not slogging through text to find it, I’ll lay it out here:

    I use a modification of the Red/Yellow/Green system. I call my system the Stoplight” system for simplicity. It uses five (5) words, “Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Stoplight.”

    **RED:** is a full stop, the highest safeword. Calling red makes me stop everything I’m doing, remove my dick (because it’s almost certainly in you) and go into care mode. This doesn’t end the scene entirely, if you want to start again (and most girls do) we can resume when you’re ready.

    **YELLOW:** is a warning word. It lets me know you’re getting close to your limit. I can ease off or switch to something else.

    **BLUE:** is your word to intensify the action. Think I’m going too easy? You could always talk shit and call me a pussy, or you could call a blue and formally ask me to step it up. Blue gives you some control in the opposite direction of most safewords, and is also the only safeword I can choose to ignore. I’m in control of the scene, and that includes pacing, so you can definitely expect that if you call BLUE, I’m going to take you to RED, by making your ass PURPLE.

    **GREEN:** is you being totally ok. It lets me know you’re fine, and happy with the current intensity. This word is only used in one situation, really. Which brings us to…

    **STOPLIGHT:** This is my call and response word, the keystone to my whole system. When I call STOPLIGHT, you MUST IMMEDIATELY RESPOND with your current color safeword.

    There is a lot of forethought that went into this, and everything has it’s reasons.

    By using the word Stoplight, I don’t have to change the intensity of what I’m doing. I can be mean and in character, completely removing the “pulled the rug out” feeling of a single safeword being used that many subs dread. But it still gives me the ability to check on you if I’m concerned you may be in trouble!

    If you don’t respond with one of those four (4) words I have given you, it tells me you’re not aware enough to continue. And god help you if you give me attitude after “why did you stop?” You fucking disobeyed me, whore. And about the one thing I take the most seriously of all. You can expect me to act like you just screamed “blueblueblueblueblue” at me after we start again following our chat about the safewords and how they work again.

    I also use a hand gesture, the classic “rock hands” or “devil horns.” Your index and pinky pointed up, with your middle and ring finger held down by your thumb. 🤘 This is for when I have you gagged or otherwise have removed your ability to speak. You will make it with both hands. If you have the ability to speak you should always use the actual words.

    Whenever you safeword, you are to call it out loudly and clearly until I respond. DO NOT FUCKING WHISPER THAT SHIT. You have to make sure I hear you, this is not a time to be coy.

    I keep mine simple so they are easy to remember, and I always use the same exact system so I have the fastest possible response time. Beyond that, all excess is cut. This is meant to be light, and minimally distracting from the scene, while still covering all safety bases.

    Additionally, you can add in an optional 1-10 rating, to give me a number telling me how close or far you are in your closeness to having to stop. It works well but adds another layer of complexity so I keep it optional on my minimalist system.

    Feel free to use this style for your own scenes and partners. You can pick your own Call And Response word, I use Stoplight because it’s related, easy to remember, and will not come up naturally in scene dialogue.

    I will not play without safewords, mainly because I think every whore who doesn’t want them is trying to set me up for a fake rape charge. Theres no difference between a scene where you don’t call one and a scene where we don’t have them. Without them, there’s no way to know when consent stops, and that’s important because dumb fucking whores who don’t want them piss me the fuck off and would get it worse. You’re going to safeword with me, I’m taking you to that edge.