This is how it all starts for a young man and his love for speed. Back in the 70's this was my every weekend life. Traveling around the State to different tracks and racing. Learning sportsmanship... Learning not to share your speed secrets... learning to share spare parts to help others make the green flag. Making friends....watching the big boys riding 650 snortin Norton's and BSA's.... and bultacos and what seemed like huge Harleys....and dreaming of going pro. Keeping your Bellstar helmet clean. Such great memories!!! I wanna go back please. My dad was a master at making my bike screaming fast. And wouid spend hours at night in the garage teaching me to work on the bikes. At 9 yrs old he would have me rebuilding my race engines. What a wonderful time in life. This really lit me up with emotion today. Pretty sure I'm gonna miss my dad real bad today. It's because of these days that I sooo love speed. I don't know if you can hear me dad.....but thank you soooo much for giving me this as a kid....letting me have long hair and just be the cool kid......thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❀️