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    Hall of Residence

    Re-posted from 2013.

    I read a post in a tumblr page and that reminded me of a hot similar experience I thought of sharing. I always thought students living in hostel or hall of residence are the luckiest of the bunch. They have a lot of freedom in inviting guys back to their rooms for some fun. I knew a couple of them who bring random guys every now and then, one guy even does that three times a week or more. Well… sometimes he brings back repeat guys, and he’s a flex so I guess he has plenty of choices. Anyway, the story I’m about to tell is not about him. It’s one of the most interesting experience to date. This happened sometime last year.

    So I was flicking around with my phone in a lazy afternoon when I received a message in jackd. So the message said “Horny sporty nerdy bottom guy looking for fun to release stress from exams. Interested ?” The bod pic was quite decent, reasonably defined chest and flat stomach although without abs. So I asked him where he was and if he had place. Second later, he replied me that he was in NTU hall and his roommate was at the library studying and wouldn’t be back til midnight. So I took up the offer and went to his hall.

    So after about half an hour travel (couldn’t get cab and the bus took so bloody long), I finally reached his room. I knocked at the door and this cute nerdy guy with specs opened the door. He smiled and invited me in. Once in, he became almost like a savage beast, hugging me, caressing my whole body and kissing me all over. In a short time, we were both fully naked. He was damn good with his tongue, playing with my nipples and sucking my cock. I mouth fucked him for quite a bit. Then I played with his nipples and he moaned like crazy. People walking outside probably could hear his moaning, but I couldn’t care less. His cock is a bit short, a little less than 5" I think. But it was thick, thick enough for my whole hand to hold and cover in full. I took some lube and fingered his arse while sucking his cock a bit. It was a bit tiring sucking his thick cock. One finger in, he left a heavy sigh while closing his eyes. Two fingers in, he cringed a little but clearly enjoyed it. When I put in two more fingers, he let out another loud moan and a “yes” while pinching his own nipples. I took it as a cue to finally bang him after several fingerings. So I ripped off the condom wrapper, put on the condom and positioned myself while he lied on his back. The nerdy boy looked and smiled at me in anticipation. His expression is almost like a small kid about to get the ride of his lifetime. Because I had given him four fingers just now, I didn’t bother to enter slowly and just rammed my cock in his hole. He cringed again and his hole tightened, probably he was in pain. So I stayed in for a while until he let out a moan “fuck… give it to me”. And so I went, banging his tight mancunt away and his moaning gets louder and louder. His hard cock went soft when I first entered him but soon it went hard again. And it was damn rock hard, something not commonly seen in a bottom. And he didn’t even touch his cock at all. His hands were either on his nipples or on my nipples.

    After about ten minutes of fucking, then my nightmare happened. We suddenly heard footsteps and door unlocking sound. Holy crap ! His roommate is back ! I quickly withdrew my cock and grabbed whatever I could to cover my lower half, I got a blanket. But the nerdy guy was not so fortunate. He was still lying on his back with his legs up in the air when his roommate came in. Luckily his bed side is behind the door otherwise his naked view will be in full public. So his roommate was frozen in shock while he quickly grabbed a piece of clothes to cover himself and said sorry many times. His roommate then quickly went cool and said “don’t mind me, just continue”. He went to his desk to take his iphone charger and went off, locking the door again. Damn, I thought to myself, his roommate was obviously a hot guy. He was tall and lean fit. Anyway, our sex was interrupted and I had gone soft. Then I looked at the nerdy boy, he was naked again with still rock hard cock and said “shall we continue ?”. Damn, that made me hard again. So I changed the condom while he flipped himself and on his all fours on the bed, and in a while I was busy banging him again. And that was when the door was unlocked and opened again ! The roommate went in again then closed and locked the door. We were too stunned to cover ourselves this time round and my cock remained inside the nerdy boy. Then his roommate asked “mind if I join ?”. The nerdy boy’s look is like he’s over the moon while I said “yeah, sure”. His roommate then quickly stripped off his clothes showing his lean fit body and beautiful 7 inch cock. I flipped the nerdy boy so that he’s on his back and continued fucking him while his roommate shoved his cock to nerdy boy’s mouth. Nerdy boy sucked the 7 inch cock so eagerly with a loud slurping noise. I couldn’t hold longer looking at the sexy scene and came inside the condom. After that, the roommate asked me if I have another condom. Luckily I came well prepared and handed him one. He put it on, lied down on the bed and made the nerdy boy rode on his cock. I helped the roommate a bit by sucking his hard dark brown nipples. He lifted nerdy boy a bit and then thrusted his hip up and down, ramming his cock against nerdy boy’s hole. Nerdy boy was moaning crazily in that position. Being much taller and bigger than nerdy boy, his roommate lifted him up and then flipped him over and continued fucking in missionary. The sight of him fucking with sweat dripping from his face down to nerdy boy’s sweaty bod was too hot. I got hard again instantly. Another few minutes and the roommate’s huffing got harder and faster. Then nerdy boy said “don’t come yet, fuck me more, this feels so good”. But his roommate reached the point of no return and rammed (very) hard to release his cum inside nerdy boy (and the condom). The last ramming was so hard til nerdy boy’s head hit the wall. After his roommate withdrew his cock, I put on another condom and approached nerdy boy. With cheeky and slutty smile, he asked me “Wanna give to me again ?”. I didn’t answer and just rammed at him again. In the middle of the fuck and moans, his roommate said “You guys continue, I go wash up and out”. So I did and gave nerdy boy good fucking for another 10 minutes or so. He asked me to cum on his abs this time round so I did with a few not-so-thick shots. He added his own cum onto his abs afterwards. And then he scooped all the cum with his fingers and ate it like a pro, finger licking good, lol… I refused his invitation to shower together and left after cleaning up a bit.

    After that hot experience, I met with his roommate a few weeks later. And I heard from him that nerdy boy had become somewhat irritating because he kept asking the roommate to screw him every now and then. His roommate was a bi so his sexual escapades with gays are only for occasional flings. Well… at least he had on full year of good experience.


    Freshies fantasies

    A little morning surprise

    It was supposed to be a relaxing off day mid week and all I wanted to do was to stay home and potate in front of my computer to play Heroes of the Storm. After finally replacing my 10-year-old monitor, I had planned to strap myself onto to my ‘battle’ station all day. Alas, my boss had ‘suggested’ that we get together over a game of badminton with the rest of the team. As with such invites, one can only ever say yes. So it was with great reluctance and inertia that I resurrected myself from my comfy bed and headed over to the venue. Luckily for me, Bishan Sports Hall was just a stone’s throw away. Grabbing my usual kopi O kosong, I made my way there. As usual, the bunch is late. Given the early hours on a weekday - the hall was empty. Walking to our designated court I quickly changed into my gear while waiting. “THOCK! THOCK! THOCK!” the sudden noise caught my attention. I had thought I was alone, curious I went to investigate. Bishan Sports Hall was partitioned in half to create a training ground for young gymnasts to learn and practice. Stealing a glimpse from the edge of the partition, the source of the noise came from a gymnast practicing on the springboard. He’s young can’t be a day past 21 from the looks of the youthful face. The one piece leotard he’s wearing clearly outlined the corded muscles he has trained so hard for. Not as bulky as Olympic gymnasts for sure, but damn he was fine. As I continued gawking, he executed a perfect landing and stopped for a break. Noticing my presence, he glances over my direction. Our eyes meet for the briefest moment before it breaks like it never happened. That look in his eyes is quite something, charged with fire, this is one who fights to win. Probably explains why he’s here alone at this time training. “Morning Jason!” I hear a voice call out, finally, my colleagues have arrived. We played for two hours, we were all pretty decent players, so rallies can get rather nail biting. But I guess age has taken its toll and I lost the first two matches with my rusty skills and not so nimble reflexes. Grabbing a swig of H2O, my thoughts unwittingly drift back to that gymnast’s eyes, from the sound of it, he is probably still practicing. “Hmm fire eh…”, I thought to myself “I have some of my fire too.” Taking a deep breath, I sharpened my focus and stepped onto the court once more. Determined to fight hard for every rally. Smashes, drops and court control became second nature, my focus razor sharp as the points rolled in.

    “Game set!” our umpire yells, as my partner and I conquered the court in the final hour. I collapsed, exhausted but exhilarated - the endorphins still surging in my veins. “Whoa! Jason! You are on fire man the last few matches!” my boss exclaimed between ragged breaths. I could only nod while trying desperately trying to catch my breath. From the corner of my eye, I notice that the gymnast was doing his stretching and cool down exercises. “Let’s get lunch I’m so hungryyyyy!” one of my colleagues whined. Still spent from the consecutive matches, “You guys go ahead, I think I need to stretch and cool down for a bit more…” my words tumbling out between short ragged breaths.

    After bidding them all farewell, I continued stretching, but now stealing a glance ever so often at the gymnast boy… His white and red striped leotard is now soaked through, perspiration plastering them to his taut body, leaving nothing to the imagination… His squarish pecs showed through, not huge but nicely cut, I could just barely make out his 6 packs between his breaths. Quite a sight to behold. Packing his things, he made his way to the locker room.

    My dick stirred itself awake wondering if I could get a glimpse of what lay beneath that thin material… Glancing down at my own wet OCS singlet plastered on my body, I could definitely use a shower… My nipples peaking out in their excitement at what might happen. Walking in, I could hear him unpacking his stuff at the far end of the locker room. A quick scan of the locker room tells me we are alone, perfect. I locked the door, just to make sure there are no surprises. The cleaners must have already made their rounds earlier, we will be undisturbed for awhile. Making my way to the far end, I planted my stuff just a distance away from him. 

    Gymnast boy had already stripped down his leotard to the waist. My erection came fast and furious at the sight those round slight pinkish nipples… Not wanting to appear too creepy, I peeled my eyes away most unwillingly. Peeling off my top, I dug around for my toiletries, not wanting to remove my shorts lest I reveal my raging boner. As I tried to steal another glimpse, gymnast boy turned his back to me and pulled down the rest of his leotard, I’m not sure if it’s my imagination or if is he taking his time to strip, my eyes glued to him as the receding leotard revealed more and more of his nubile skin. As well as the most perfect bubble butt, as he bent over I swear I caught a glimpse of his sweet hairless boyhole…

    I stood there, desire thumping in my chest, my throbbing hardon now a visible tent in my shorts and twitching in anticipation… I could merely stare at his bubble butt jiggling as he slowly walked to the final cubicle…. I was expecting my hopes to be dashed as I wait for the cubicle door to close.

    I stare in longing, my heart dropping expecting the door to swing shut any moment now… but the cubicle door didn’t close! The sounds of the shower come on. This is too good to be true. Stripping off my shorts hurriedly and wrapping my towel to hide my boner, I walk over gingerly. Heart pounding with anticipation not knowing what to expect.

    The first thing I see is his perfectly muscled back… My eyes trace the soapy suds flowing down the rivulets on his shoulders and back down to his butt, the water catching the light. My throbbing boner easily unhinged my loosely wrapped towel, my boner pointing right at its prize, I inched forward. The advancing shadow on the floor announced my approach, he knew I was behind him. And yet he made no move, only standing slowly soaping himself up.

    The sight before me was irresistible, I could barely contain myself, I rested a tentative hand on his shoulder praying that it wouldn’t be the stupidest thing to do. I waited for a response, none. He didn’t flinch, instead, he relaxed to my touch… Fiery passion took over then, I threw caution to the wind.

    My strong hands massaged his tense shoulders, and traced down to his tapered waist, my hands slowly encircling him in a hug. Savouring each electric sensation as skin touched skin, my throbbing dick slowly plunged between those perfect cheeks, the soapy water only enhanced the tingling pleasure. A low throaty moan finally escapes the boy’s lips as my throbbing head kissed his puckered boyhole, but he shifted a little away. Point taken, let’s take this nice and slow. The boy is breathing hard now, hands leaning against the wall for support as I slowly teased him. Reaching up tingling fingers dancing across his abs, my fingers brush across his now perky pink nipples. Each contact eliciting a little shudder, finally gently drawing circles around those nipples then pinching them ever so lightly. Between his shallow breaths, I am rewarded with a barely suppressed moan of pleasure. Which only made me more excited, keeping one hand pleasuring his nipple, my other hand slid down to his throbbing dick. Not big, 5 inches plus but thick, up pointing and rock hard his precum drawing a wet trail down to his balls. 

    Ever so lightly I circle the tip of his head with his own precum, slowly increasing my pressure. The boy is in so much ecstasy he’s trying to stifle his moans, leaning over I nibbled his ear lightly, “just enjoy it” I whispered. With that, I circled his slick wet dick and made a gentle corkscrew motion with my hand. He threw his head back breathless in pleasure resting on my shoulder. Tempting as it is to have his dick in my mouth the real prize here is his boyhole. My dick has been parked at the entrance this whole time, I can feel his hungry hole open and clench. It was driving me nuts to want to taste him. I applied a little more gentle pressure, he let out a barely audible whimper but clenched shut again.

    Sensing his hesitation I whispered, “Don’t worry, I’m negative and on Prep”, which seemed to assure him somewhat, I could feel his defenses melting as half my cock head slid in as he opened up… “You know you want it…” I breathed with a nibble on his ear. Trembling in hungry anticipation of my cock, he nodded and surrendered himself to me. His hole is probably the most exquisite I’ve ever tasted, I went in slow, very slow. Wanting to savour every inch of his sweet silky boyhole as I conquered it. It took awhile before my full 7 inches reached the hilt, and every moment is rapturous. And just as I thought he couldn’t get any better, I feel his boyhole clench even tighter around my raging member, almost not wanting to let me go. “Fuck!” I couldn’t help myself but be blown away by the unexpected sensation as he kept rhythmically clenching sending a rippling effect down my entire shaft. Damn gymnasts and their Kegels, I have never experienced the like from any other bottom.

    I had to slow my breathing to stop myself from cumming, so close to the edge but not wanting this to end just yet. Our bodies are now covered in the fresh sweat of our exertions. There’s something really hot about a sweaty fuck and I’ve only just begun. Gradually, I started plunging deeper, pumping his ass slowly. Then pulling out all the way before I sunk myself in again, now his low throaty moans are almost a constant, one with every stroke his hungry hole couldn’t wait to swallow my length again. I went at this for awhile, getting him used to my girth. “Harder, faster, please…” His low baritone I hear for the first time besides the grunts and moans. The sexy husky voice coupled with that request, no demand from the urgency in his voice; sent me into overdrive. Picking up the pace I begin to pound harder holding his nicely tapered waist for support, judging from the way his body is quivering, he is on cloud nine, and his moans were getting a bit loud I had to muffle him with one hand as I pounded away lost in ecstasy.

    Several minutes of pure bliss must have passed before I felt the familiar clenching in his ass and tightening on his dick. “More…I’m close…mhhmmm..” He begged and I gave it my all. His final moans were barely kept stifled, his body almost spasms as I fuck the cum out of him. It seemed like he wouldn’t never stop shooting, with each spurt of cum his ass came alive sending undulating waves of contractions on my dick pushing me over the edge. “I’m gonna - ugh ahhh!” Before I could register what had happened the boy had pulled himself out, got on his knees just as my first volley erupted and landed on his face. By the time I finished unloading days of pent up cum, my adorable gymnast got himself a full face mask of cum, with nothing but a look of pure contentment on his face. I couldn’t help but laugh, the first close up I see of his handsome boyish face is when he’s covered in my cum. Kinky. The whole experience was so intense, it was clear we both wanted more. No words were exchanged but we tenderly washed each other clean, turning off the water we both stood facing each other for a moment. Naked, alone in a shower stall, the boy leaned forward slowly and almost out of instinct I cradled his neck and kissed him. Our bodies entwined once more… 

    We left together, walking in silent company. His low voice broke the silence, “Lunch?”. Turning to him, I smiled, “Sure!”


    Felicia’s Red CNY

    CNY has always been the one time where most of my relatives would gather around for the festivities, and this year was no exception. And everytime my relatives gathered, my eyes would always fall on one person in particular: Felicia, my cousin. Although the two of us rarely talked to each other except during gatherings such as CNY, I couldn’t help but take note of how much Felicia has grown over the years. However, as time went by, the feelings of pride I had for Felicia exceling in her studies became more of a incestuous kind of feeling, and this CNY I made up my mind to try and spend some time close to Felicia, even if my thoughts of her is no longer pure.

    On the first day of CNY, it’s customary for me and my family to pay a visit to my first aunt’s, who is actually Felicia’s grandma. As usual, we arrived slightly after lunch, and by this time, there were already alot of people at the residence. After exchanging greetings with everyone, I took a seat in the living room, looking around for Felicia but to no sight of her. Feeling just a little bit dejected, I didn’t notice someone walking out from the kitchen and in my direction.

    ???: Hey, A. You’re here already huh?

    A: Wha–? Oh, Felicia! I didn’t see you–

    Hearing the voice to be that of Felicia’s, I turned my head around in her direction, and almost immediately my jaw dropped. Felicia was standing in front me, dressed in a red one-piece that hugged around her body snuggly, her B- tits looking pretty comfy under the dress. The sight of her in red caught me off-guard for a moment, and Felicia had to gently kick me in the leg to bring me back to Earth.

    F: Yoohoohoo, Earth to A come in~~ What are you staring at, you look like you’ve never seen me before or something.

    A: Never seen you– What, no! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare and all.. you look amazing in this red dress, Fel. Really, you do.

    F: *face turns slightly red* O-Oh stop it will you! It’s a one-piece dress, and you know how much I don’t like to wear one-piece clothes! So bad of you to still say that it looks good on me, sheesh!!

    A: Oh come on, Fel. You know I don’t mean anything by that.

    F: Hmph!! Fineeee. Here, have something to drink.

    Setting the tray in her hands down, Felicia took a glass of juice and handed it over to me, which I gladly took it from her. As I reached out to to the glass, I shifted myself closer towards her slowly, catching a whiff of what I would assume is her perfume. Felicia, not paying mind to my actions, smiled and went back into her room, closing the door but not fully. Noticing that the door wasn’t fully closed, I went up to the door and after making sure that no one would notice what I was doing, peeked into the room.

    Peeking in, I caught sight of Felicia sitting by the bed, her back turned towards the door. As I continued to look at her back, I realised that she was making some kind of movement with her hands, but the actual view was obscured. Once again making sure that no one would notice my actions, I pushed the ajar door and snuck into the room quietly, making sure not to spook Felicia, who at this point still had her back facing the door. Once inside the room, I quietly closed the door fully, before sneaking up on her from behind. As I approached her, I finally found out what she was doing in the room, in a shocking revealation: Felicia, with a hairbrush in hand, was pleasuring herself and using her free hand to finger herself, while trying her best to not let out moans. Watching her effectively masturbating on her own got me aroused and my dick erect, and it didn’t help that as she was pleasuring herself, Felicia was calling out MY name of all people.

    F: M-Mmmm… A….. mmmm aaaahhh…

    The more she said my name, the faster my mind blanked out and the harder my dick got. Still slowly walking towards her, I accidentally kicked the side of the bed, which promptly brought the both of us back into reality as Felicia abruptly stopped and spun around, catching sight of my erect dick through my pants and then meeting my eyes, her face turning beet red immediately.

    F: A-A!!! W-What are you doing in here..?!

    A: W-What— Oh no I’m sorry!! I saw the door open and I thought– I thought–

    F: G-Get out!!

    Without missing a beat, Felicia jumped off the bed, walked towards me, and shoved me out of the room, all while her hands were sticky and covered in her own juices. Completely bewildered, I could only watch as I felt my body getting literally pushed out the room, before the sound of the door closing fully and locking brought me back to Earth. Turning my head to the side and staring at the now-closed door, I sighed and took a seat in the living room, my mind still occupied by the image of Felicia masturbating and calling my name as she’s doing so.

    Time passed by, and soon it was evening and as the sun set, I still couldn’t take my mind off what I saw earlier in the day. As I stood up to leave, the sound of a door opening could be heard, and Felicia stepped out from the room, locking eyes with me for a brief moment before walking over towards me.

    F: C-Can you.. follow me downstairs for a bit? Just a quick bit..

    A: Sure, I guess..

    Nodding slowly, Felicia led the way and headed out of the house after telling her sister that she was going downstairs to walk around for a bit. Seeing her leave, I then followed behind her as well, curious as to where she wanted to bring me to. While waiting for the lift, it became apparant that Felicia was feeling extremely awkward from what happened in the afternoon. 

    F: T-The lift’s taking so long… let’s take the stairs..

    A: L-Lead the way, Fel..

    Turning away from the lift landing and looking at me, Felicia walked towards the stairs, but instead of heading down the stairs like I expected her to, Felicia headed up the stairs instead. Somewhat confused, I followed behind her, unsure of where she was planning to go.

    After climbing a few flights of stairs, the two of us came to the 10th floor. From what I knew of this floor, most of the units here were vacant most of the time. Looking around for Felicia, whom I lost sight of as she turned a corner, I eventually saw her at the far end of the corridor, at a rather quiet and secluded stairwell that no one used.

    A: What are we doing all the way up here, Fel..?

    F: U-Uhm… y-you… what did you see just now…?

    A: Just.. now..?

    F: W-When you came in… what did…

    A: O-Oh… I-I didn’t see anything.. or hear anything…

    As I said this, I looked at Felicia and it was only now did I realise that she was completely red in the face, looking down at the dusty floor.

    A: A-Are you alright, Felicia…?

    F: Y-Yea… 

    A: Okay… uhm..

    F: C-Can I… do something…?

    A: Do something…? S-Sure…

    Without saying another word, Felicia stepped forward to me, and without any kind of warning, kissed me deeply on the lips, catching me completely off-guard as I tried pushing her away from me, but eventually gave in to my own desires and reciprocated the feeling, kissing her back deeply as well. After a few seconds, Felicia broke away from me, and slowly got down to her knees, her hands rubbing at my dick through the pants.

    A: F-Fel, what are you doing…

    F: D-Don’t look…! T-This is my first time doing something like this..

    A: A-Alright…

    Looking away from Felicia, I started humming a random tune as I felt her hands slowly undoing my pants, pulling it down along with my boxers and revealing my semi-erect dick. Still humming, I took a quick peek as Felicia then proceeded to wrap one hand around my dick, stroking it slowly to full girth as her other hand went abit lower and began massaging my balls. It wasn’t long before my dick got fully erect, Felicia letting out a soft yet audible gasp as she began stroking it faster.

    F: I-It’s so big… and h-hard..

    A: Y-You okay, Felicia..?

    F: Y-Yea… I’m fine..

    Still stroking my dick, Felicia moved her head forward, sticking her tongue out and slowly licking the head. Feeling her tongue on my dick sent pleasure throughout my body, and I looked down at Felicia, who wasn’t aware that I was staring at her.

    Perhaps getting too aroused in the moment, I placed my hands at the back of Felicia’s head, and without giving her time to react, pushed her head down my dick, which caused the head to hit the back of her throat and Felicia gagging hard in response. But at this point, I was too aroused to care about anything, and still grabbing hold of her head, began to face-fuck Felicia, thrusting my dick in and out of her mouth rapidly, each thrust making sure to hit the back of her throat. 

    A: Ooooh fuck Felicia, your mouth’s so fucking good…!! Mmmmaaahh fuck!!

    F: M-MMPFFH!!! MMM!!!!

    A: I’m going to fucking cum… fuck!! Fuck fuck fuck!!! Fel…!!


    Now completely ignoring her struggles, I began thrusting faster and harder, hands still holding her head in place as I forced my dick down her throat each time I moved, and Felicia, perhaps wanting this sudden turn of events to finish quickly, began licking my dick hard, deepthroating me in the process. Feeling her deepthroat me was all it took to send me over the edge, as I began to face-fuck Felicia even harder and rougher, the pressure on my dick beginning to build up immensely.

    A: S-Shit, I can’t hold it in anymore–!! Cumming, cumming!!!


    A: FUCK!!

    Letting out a loud groan, I firmly held Felicia’s head down on my dick, unloading a large amount of cum into her mouth and down her throat. Feeling her mouth and throat getting overfilled, Felicia tried swallowing as much as she could, before pushing herself away from my dick and began coughing hard, spitting out whatever she couldn’t keep in her mouth, staining her dress in the process. Stepping back, I looked at Felicia who was still on her knees, coughing and gagging away, trying to catch her breath.

    A: A-Are you alright, Fel…?

    F: T-Too much cum.. I’m f-fine.. B-But don’t do that a-again…


    Finishing my sentence, I could feel the awkwardnes in the air becoming heavy, and it didn’t help at all that my dick, which just unloaded a large load of cum down Felicia’s throat, started getting erect and twitching just at the mere sight of her kneeling. Felicia looked up at me, and seeing my dick still rock-hard, blushed really hard and slowly got up to her feet, dusting her knees in the process and grabbing my dick with her hands, stroking it gently.

    F: It’s still so hard and big..

    A: F-Fel, what are you doing..

    F: Mmm… I-I…

    A: I….?

    Letting go of my dick, Felicia slowly turned her back towards me, and bent forwards, grabbing hold of the stairs rail as she pulled her dress up from knee length, showing me that she wasn’t wearing anything to cover her bottom half, her ass and pussy bare of any underwear. Seeing this, I got even more aroused, and walked towards her ass slowly, my dick twitching and fully erect once again.

    F: I-I… I want you to put your huge cock… i-inside my ass… P-Please…

    A: A-Are you sure….? I-It will hurt…

    F: Mmmm… d-do it please…

    As she’s pleading with me to pound her ass, Felicia also began to undress herself, tossing the cum-stained dress aside at her feet, leaving her in only a white bra which was holding back her perky B-sized tits. Watching her strip in front of me was all the convincing I needed from her. Getting into position behind her, I spat a few times on my erection, and slowly pushed the head into her ass, Felicia letting out a pained scream as she felt my dick slowly entering her anal love nest.

    F: A-Aaaaaah!!! I-It hurts!!! 

    A: D-Do you want me to pull out…?

    F: N-NO!!! J-Just.. k-keep going.. oh my god, i-it’s so huge..

    A: A-Alright then.. here I go..

    F: Y-Yea sure— AAAAAAAHHH!!! FUCK!!!!

    Feeling my dick halfway into her ass, I began pounding and thrusting without warning, each time making sure that I pushed my way in further, Felicia screaming in pain as she felt her behind getting impaled and broken by me. Soon, I began pounding at a faster pace, and Felicia began moaning in mixed pain and pleasure, which told me that she was starting to get used to being fucked in the ass. 

    Still pounding her, now doing so at a much harder and rougher pace, I reached for her bra from behind, unclasping and tossing it aside, before proceeding to grope her shaking tits, squeezing and fondling them as I continued pounding Felicia, who let out even more moans of pleasure once I started playing with her tits from behind.

    F: F-FUCK!!! It feels so good..!!! Mmmm!!!! H-Harder, A!! F-Fuck me harder!!!

    A: Your ass is so fucking tight..!! Ooohh fuck, I’m going to shoot it in you!!!

    F: F-Fucking do it!! S-Shoot it in!!! Mmmm fuck!!!!!

    Hearing her ask me to shoot my load in her ass pushed me over the edge completely, and as I let go of her tits, I instead grabbed hold of her waist and began to mercilessly pound my dick in and out of Felicia’s ass, knowing full well that this was probably Felicia’s first time having anal sex and that I was coming close to cumming. Feeling the pace change, Felicia couldn’t do anything but to let out louder moans of euphoria, her ass now beginning to clamp down around my dick.

    It wasn’t long before I grunted loudly and with one final thrust, I impaled the ful girth of my dick into Felicia’s ass and unloaded a new load of seed into her, filling her up almost immediately. Feeling the hot load in her ass, Felicia screamed in lustful euphoria as her body began to convulse uncontrollably, signalling that she had just reached a hard orgasm. Still inside of her ass, I pulled Felicia backwards to me, and kissed her deeply on her lips, our tongues wrestling with each other as my hands began squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples gently, Felicia moaning into the kiss as well. 

    After a brief moment of kissing, the two of us broke apart and I began to pull out from Felicia’s ass gently, Felicia moaning as she felt her ass being unplugged by my erect manhood. Once I was fully out, I looked at the trail of cum that was leaking from her ass and travelling down her legs, the dress at her feet getting soaked in our love juices. 

    A: W-Well… there goes your dress.. how are you going to go back like this..?

    F: D-Don’t worry about it… n-now you just… focus on me alone…

    A: W-We’re not done…?

    F: S-Soon…

    With that, Felicia turned to face me, leaning against the wall of the staircase, her fingers darting in and out of her pussy, her face with the look of wanting more. Not one to turn her down, I stepped right up to her, taking her fingers out from her pussy and licking them clean, Felicia moaning softly as I’m doing so.

    F: B-Be gentle.. I-I’m still a virgin…

    A: A-Alright… no promises…

    Grabbing and lifting one of Felicia’s legs up, I positioned my dick at her pussy entrance, and slowly pushed my way in, Felicia screaming in pain as she could feel the head of my dick breaking her hymen; Sure enough, as I was halfway in, a trail of blood flowed down her legs. I gave Felicia a quick look to see if she was okay, and after making sure that she was, I then began to thrust my dick in and out of her now soaked pussy, fucking her at an increasingly rapid pace.

    F: F-Fuck!! Y-Your dick’s in my pussy..!! I-It feels so good!!! Mmmm!!! F-Faster, A!!

    A: I’m going to pound you even harder, Fel..!! Soaked to the limit..!

    F: Mmmmmaaaahhhh fuck!!!! G-Give it to me!!

    Picking up the pace rapidly, I thrusted my manhood into Felicia’s pussy roughly, each time hitting her deepest part. Felicia, now lost in her own lust, moaned loudly besides my ears with each thrust that I gave her, and she even went as far as to move my head towards her tits, which I obliged by sucking and eating them as roughly as I could.

    F: I-I’m going to cum!! H-Harder..! F-Faster!! F-Fuck me like you mean to make me pregnant..!!! S-Seed me!!!!

    A: F-Fuuuuuucccckkk!!! Cumming!!!

    F: Hnghhh!!!!!! FUCKK!!!

    Thrusting roughly and as deep as I could, I kissed Felicia deeply on the lips as I groaned into the kiss, my dick reaching its breaking point and cumming hard into her deepest parts, filling her womb up with cum. Felicia also moaned loudly into the kiss as she too reached her orgasm, her pussy tightening around my dick hard as she squirted hard, soaking the dress fully. Moving back from the kiss, I looked at the mess under our feet, and then at Felicia, who was grinding agianst my dick which was still inside her pussy.

    A: Y-You still want it, huh…?

    F: Y-Yes… you filled me.. so full… I-I love you, A… s-so fuck me one last time… p-please…~

    A: I love you too, Fel… and yes, I’ll.. fuck you senseless again..~

    Smirking at Felicia lustfully, I lfted her up against the wall, and began to once again fuck her pussy roughly, Felicia moaning loudly as she felt my dick going in and out of her tight cunt roughly. Pounding Felicia roughly and relentlessy, it didn’t take long before I grunted loudly and unloaded another wave of lustful seed deep into her womb, and Felicia in turn orgasmed hard as well, squirting even more as she felt herself getting filled up all again.

    Following the fuckfest, which ended with Felicia giving me deep head and this time getting me to cum all over her, my relationship with Felicia, as incestuous as it is, grew rapidly, and it wasn’t long before we started dating, and each time we were outside together, the 10th floor would become our love nest, as we would spend our time fucking each other senseless till the wee hours everytime.

    Fan request #1 from @disturbedthoughts

    My name is Hera, now 24 years old, just graduated from NUS. I had this childhood friend of mine, Daniel, that just came back from his uni exchange…

    I was already fantasising the “good-time” I will be having with him. I am so wet, again… just by thinking about our night together. I smile to myself as I re-read your text, the one that started the wheels turning for me:

    “We have to plan to get dinner when I am back from my exchange.” Daniel texted.

    It was so obviously, so entirely innocent, just a casual note between friends. But somehow, whether it was your intention or not, those few benign words started me fantasizing, planning our encounter. I couldn’t help but wonder, now, if things would have turned out the same way if you had known my intentions. Would I have scared you off? But then, of course, it’s only women who have that fear, right? Men don’t seem to worry quite as much about that sometimes fuzzy line between friend and, well, friend with benefits.

    I prepared my most revealing black spaghetti strap and short revealing checkered skirt.

    How long had it actually been since we’d seen each other? My god, the number made us both feel old. Ten years! But only because we happened to be 14-year-olds at the time.

    And then, a few years back, thanks to the wide reaches of the internet, I had found you again. I remember the somewhat aimless phase I was going through at the time, the one that led me to look up lots of old friends, secondary school classmates, exes. I guess that’s the hope, isn’t it - that through each Google search, each new Facebook friend, we better define our own lives - not through the lens of our own dreams and desires, but by comparing our successes and failures against those of others.

    The fact that I’ve thankfully grown past that phase doesn’t take away from my joy at once again counting you as a friend. How fun to try to catch up on so many years of lives moving in different directions, ever since that first night we spent together. You haven’t forgotten, have you?

    That night at secondary school band camp, when my friend and I, pretending to be ‘bad’, snuck into your tent and didn’t leave until morning? Nothing happened, of course, given our age and what I’ve always assumed was an entirely mutual lack of experience.

    But it’s still a vividly fond memory for me: the way you wrapped your fingers through mine; the way we fell asleep next to one another; the way I could smell you on my clothes the next day. I still chuckle when I remember how soundly we both slept, thankfully awakened by our nervous friend early enough.

    It wasn’t long after that when I moved to JC while Daniel went to Poly, and we didn’t see each other again until just this past week, ten years practically to the day. Now we are both 24 years old. He just started uni not long ago while I just graduated

    I’d picked the perfect location for our dinner - a soul-food place with chinese live band at Holland Village. The kind of music I knew he would love. I flirted as we ate, but nothing over the top, holding myself back in spite of the growing wetness and warmth between my legs.

    It wasn’t until we were back in his car that I made my move. I would have taken advantage of you right there in the parking lot, but it was just a little too crowded for me, even with my exhibitionist tendencies. And so I drove, slowly, to one of my favorite locations around west coast park.

    Ours was the only car in the lot as I parked with a view of the trees nearby with just the moon and a few distant lights illuminating the night sky.

    “Beautiful,” you said, looking first at the view and then at me. I couldn’t wait any longer, and without hesitation or an invite on your part, reached over with one hand and began stroking what I found to be a growing bulge in your slacks.

    Finding no shock in your eyes, I continued, more boldly now, unbuckling my seat belt and bringing my other hand to your crotch as well.

    I unbuckled your belt as well, and was pleased when you shifted your position slightly in the seat, sighing beneath my touch as one of my hands found your hardening shaft and the other cupped your balls.

    “May I?” I asked you, pausing for the first time for your approval as my fingers found your zipper.

    You laughed and nodded, and I grasped the zipper, pulling down hard and fast, before freeing you from your boxers. I was delighted as I felt your full size in my hands - I guessed at least seven inches, and thick enough to truly satisfy.

    Feeling your cock pulse with anticipation in my hands, I smiled, then plunged down, taking you fully into my mouth in one smooth motion. I held you there for as long as I could, sucking as I stroked your balls, before finally coming up for air. I then began a smooth, steady stroke up and down, and could feel from your motions that I had found a pleasing pace.

    “Oh, god, yes, that’s it, Hera!” Your voice started in a whisper, but quickly gained strength, so that you were urging me on with some force now. “You’re going to make me cum….” Daniel exclaimed with his pulsating dick.

    I pulled away just long enough to respond, my hands maintaining the motions which my mouth had established. “That’s it, Daniel, cum for me. I’d love a mouth full of your cum.”

    I dove back down again, picking up my pace now…

    Truly going at it in hopes of bringing you to a quick climax. It was only a minute longer before I felt you begin to reach your peak, your breathing ragged, moaning and writhing beneath me.

    Gagging into his dick… A few moments later, I was rewarded, his hot, salty cum filling my mouth, rolling slowly down my throat, a wonderfully delicious dessert after our hearty dinner.

    I swallowed it in…

    I pulled myself up and leaned back in my seat, smiling in response to your broad smile.

    “Wow. That. Was. Amazing.” His smile was there while he stroke my hair.

    “The pleasure was all mine, Dan. I love to suck cock, and I’ve been fantasizing about yours ever since I knew you were coming back to Singapore.” I smiled.

    “Wow, um, I had no idea… Hera, didn’t know you were such a…” Daniel was interrupted by me.

    “That I was such a cock-sucking slut?” I smiled while stroking his legs.

    “Yeah… Well, no, just that… Oh, hell with it. Thank you, that’s all I have to say!” Daniel awkwardly replied.

    “Know what else I like to do?” I looked at him with my puppy eyes.

    “I can only imagine… Hera…” He replied with a perverter look.

    With your full attention in no danger of going elsewhere, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, then pulled my perfect tits from the cups of my bra. Before I could say or do anything else, your hands were on me, gently cupping and then kneading my breasts, one in each of your big, strong hands.

    While your touch was lovely, it wasn’t truly what I desired, so I decided to take a risk.

    “Do you want to know what I really like, Daniel?” I whispered.

    “After that fabulous blow job? Of course, anything!” Dan questioned me but already knew what was coming next.

    “I like it rough. On my tits, on my nipples, please, really, punish them.” I replied…

    To be continued.

    “Welcome back home!” Evelyn excitedly exclaimed.

    I smiled right back at her, “Hi Eve, how come you’re so bubbly today.”

    Oh by the way, Evelyn is a sweet 19 year old tenant of my family. She always put on her best smile which is adorable in her own rights.

    She just happened to be wearing this loose black top with spaghetti strap right now which could clearly see her side boobs. It got my dick a little riled up for that instant.

    Fuck, any moment I could just tear them apart. But I always view her like an innocent angel who lets her guard down and always tried to resist myself from lusting over her.

    After our initial conversation at the door, I went into the bathroom and get myself all cleaned up from a long school day in uni and came out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my crotch while I walked to my room.

    “Darren, is the internet down?” She asked frantically as stopped me while grabbing my hand looking like a fricking nerd.

    Her nipple slipped and I could totally see it from my angle while she just frantically waiting for my reply.

    “I think so. Sigh, I don’t have my games to play now.” I gave her a playful frown as she looked all down.

    “How about we play a game, Truth or dare?” She smiled cheekily trying to cheer me up or so as it seems. “You go first!”

    “Truth or dare with my towel on? Let me changed first.” I awkwardly asked but she gave a no as an answer.

    “Hmm okay lor,” we sat on the living room crotch as I asked, “Truth or dare?”

    “Truth,” she replied.

    “Do you have someone you like now?” I asked this as I was testing the water, while trying to elevate the intensity slowly.

    “Yes.” Eve bite her lips as she replied which her eyes full of zest, “Truth or dare?”

    “Truth,” I replied.

    “Did you fuck anyone before?” She asked with a serious face on.

    “WHAT THE FLYING FUCK” was my reaction.

    “Yes…” It caught me off guard as I hesitantly replied while my mind was drifting away onto some erotic island with thoughts of her fucking me.

    “It is my turn now. How about you? Did you?” I eagerly asked.

    “Yes, but just one okay. It was my ex okay.” She answered with her eyes moving frantically, her being nervous is cute as hell. “Oi you steam ah? Can see your boner la through the towel! Haha pervert!”

    She stick her tongue out and gave me a seductive wink.

    “Truth or dare,” She asked with that quirky face of hers.

    “Truth,” I replied thinking what else could come out of her mouth other than my semen later as I am pretty certain I am going to make her blow my dick off.

    “Since you made me so awkward already… Did you ever fantasize and jack off to me?” She asked as she placed her hand onto my inner thigh. Fuck my hard on became even more obvious, this girl clearly wants it.

    “Err… Yeah but, but, but… It is just because you are so hot and cute.” I replied with a fake awkward gesture, trying to boost her inner confidence to be more open. I mean she must be interested in me why else she would ask me such a question.

    “Evelyn, since you asked such an awkward question. I think you should have a defaulted dare.” I asked. “How about you flash your tits, just for a split second…”  

    “Oi, what…? Hmm, Okay bah…” She murmured with a pretty obvious blush on her cheeks.

    OH SHIT HER BOOBS WERE SO PERKY SHIT I COULDN’T EVEN, but I thought we should continue the game of word foreplay so I didn’t went for the boob grab. I can’t believe she wasn’t wearing any bra, she was so vulnerable at that point, I could pound on her that instant.

    “How about you take out your dick?” She just spurred it out of her mouth.

    My towel was unwrapped right before her eyes with my light saber fully exposed. “Shit that is huge.” She exclaimed with her face being all fascinated and clearly turned on.

    “Since all are all dare now, how about you give me a hand job, Evelyn.” I smirked with evil intent.

    She slowly wrapped her tiny hand around my cock and moved it back and forth while her wet eyes looking straight in my eyes. “You like it ma Darren?” Evelyn whispered into my ears with her face next to mine.

    I gave her a peck on her cheeks, “This is your reward.” I said while we continue ‘The Game’.

    “I dare you to make me cum using your fingers, I am fucking horny already.” She exclaimed while looking down onto her already soaked blue shorts. I fingered her right underneath the thin fabric while she continuing giving me the hand job.

    She started moaning as if she was in pain but I am sure she was enjoying it while her hips were erotic as hell moving back and forth as if she was riding me already. I shuffled myself closer to her on the couch and she started bending her head down and giving me a head. She started licking it like a fucking lollipop and cupped my balls with her hands while giving out hard moans as I fingered her with three of my fingers inside her, at that point my fingers were pretty much soaked all over her love juice.

    “I guess it is my turn now, I dare you to make me come with just your thighs.” I said knowing that will probably make her more aroused with her glory hole so close to my wankers.

    Eve stood up and pulled her shorts down with her bare pussy right before my eyes, and sat on my lap with my dick in between her thighs. She clamped her slender legs tight with my donger and moved her body back and forth while back facing me with her loose black top still on. I held her hips and started giving her love bites over her neck while she seems to be enjoying it more than I do.

    “Fuck. Darren, your dick is so close to my pussy, how I wish you could just fuck me upside down already.” She breathlessly exclaimed while pleasing my cock with her continuous hips movement. Her bubbly butt was ramping at me hard while I was holding my semen and enjoying every moment teasing her.

    She turned around looked into my eyes and asked, “Am I doing a good job for a second timer?” At that point she was clearly blushing and little embarrassed to admit she loves my dick.

    Her clits were entirely wet as she grabbed my cock and inserted into her, like finally…

    “Darren, you’re inside me.” She smiled while she grabbed my butt and thrust her hips back and forth.

    “Babe you’re so tight, you’re fucking crazy hot.” I whispered into her ears as she was in euphoric state with her eyes closes moaning hard while grabbing onto the sofa tight.

    Her curvy hips and perky tits only make my hard on even harder as she moaned loudly, “Darren fuck me harder, you’re so beastly. Uhhh…”

    I hugged her and pull her body up while I moved her to the window with her body pressing on the window ledge, “You’re so pervert, you want tell everyone I am yours huh?” She looked at me with her soapy puppy eyes.

    She continued moaning loudly at some random passerby along the street. Fuck it got me all even more jacked up and I motor her fucking tiny pussy giving her as she hold my hands tight while she keep shouting “Fuck me harder.”

    I ejaculated into her while she just smiled back at me, we are finally one.

    We continued moving around the house as if we were playing husband and wife already, we ended up in my parents room where she rode me like a cowgirl and fondled with her protruding nipples while moaning my name.

    “Baby you’re mine forever now.” I whispered into Evelyn’s ear as she just grabbed me with her nipples pressed onto my chest while we continue fucking my balls off.

    This young sweet looking girl in the black string bikini caught my eye right away. Her slim body, curvy ass alongside her long straight black hair with her white porcelain skin with sand sediments around her sweet ass body stood out to me on the beach.

    As the breeze blew her hair she picked up her camera and started shooting. Her lean body moved with the grace of a ballet dancer. Was she a fricking dancer or what…?

    Body like this just made me fricking aroused…

    She was so concentrated on the photos she was taking she didn’t notice me slowly raping her in every inch of her by ogling at her flat stomach, slender legs, tight butt, tiny bikini, her petit boobs with her nipples protruding.

    “Oi, Triciaaaaaa!” Her friend yelled from her back.

    Her friend had her dark brown eyes looking right at me… Looking a bit annoyed and slowly walked towards me.

    “Oh, I’m sorry…! Please forgive me for being rude”, my cheeks were a little red and I hoped my blushing showed how sincere my apology was. “I couldn’t help but notice your hardware… uhm, Nikon D750? Nice camera.“

    The beautiful girls stopped in their tracks and her friend’s look of annoyance and anger suddenly changed to confusion, bemusement, and maybe even a tiny bit of admiration?

    “I was about to come over here and kick your ass for being such a creepy pervy ass dude but your knowledge of cameras has bought you some time,” her friend angrily exclaimed.

    “You’ve got 2 minutes of my attention…. Fire away you perv.”

    “I’m Kevin and again. I’m sorry for looking to engross with your camera.” I extended my hand while still ogling at both of their blossoms.

    “I’m Chloe. Nice to meet you and my friend her is Tricia,” she shook my hand. “You don’t look local…?“

    "How could you tell…? I am actually a Singaporean until my parents migrated to Canada.” I asked as I notice both Tricia and Chloe have a fucking amazing body…

    “You’ve got an accent.” she reciprocated. That was the third time this week someone said that about me. “What’s a guy like you with a charming Canadian accent doing in Sentosa?” Chloe smiled while she held Tricia by her slender waistline while I was looking at their clean shoulder.

    I have a weird thing for shoulder…

    “I’m taking a few days off after visiting my relatives and… I love Singapore.” I smiled.

    I joked and talked about cameras while they both just stunningly stood there and continued the conversation while I was having a small hard on… I was lucky enough to go for a camera course just before this convo. Chloe was really bubbly… Just like her butt… easy to talk to, and so goddamn beautiful.

    Half the time I was trying my hardest not to get caught staring at her bikini top… and speaking of hard, now that she was sitting next to me on the sand I was really hoping she wouldn’t notice her presence stiffening my… donger.

    "Ehhh, so what does your wife think about you being on vacation without her?” she asked, marking an abrupt change in topics.

    “Well, you’re right. I am married. But we’re pretty much in a boring marriage, treating each other like acquaintances rather than lovers…”

    I didn’t know why was I telling her this? What happened to my smart-ass comments from before? Tricia was just quietly standing with her camera there while Chloe was doing all the talking.

    “Sorry to hear that…” Tricia randomly blurted out a reply.

    From there our conversation turned a little more personal. It was my turn… “I bet both of you got a boyfriend, and I bet they must be fucking handsome to have a gorgeous girlfriend like both of u.”

    “Yes we are both attached… Hehe!” Chloe replied while Tricia looked reluctant and shy. “But I have never dated a non-Singaporean before.”

    “And what’s wrong with a handsome and young non-Singaporean?” I asked.

    “Nothing laaaa. It’s just… if you know of one, can you introduce me?” Chloe retorted with blush on her face while Tricia continuingly looking dazed. I guess I was out of my league for both of them.

    More teasing, more laughter and I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. Her bright smile made my heart soar. Her breasts, legs, and arms made other parts of me feel uplifted too.

    We were so engrossed in our conversation that we hadn’t even noticed that the weather had changed. Dark clouds were looming over the ocean, people all around us began packing up and as the ocean breeze started to get a little stronger we both decided to head for shelter. “Let me buy you a drink, as a peace offering” I said. “Well your two minutes are up….” She sticks her tongue out while she held Tricia hands. “I guess buying me a drink will get you more time.”

    They happily agreed and she packed up her camera and put on her beach wrap. I grabbed my backpack, and we ducked into a beachfront bar that gave us an excellent view of the rain that was headed our way. After a beer or two we were starting to get wet… the awning which we thought would protect us was hopeless - the rain was coming in sideways off the ocean.

    "I’m staying just a 15 minute walk away. Would you like to dry off at the place I’m renting?” I asked.

    “I stay even nearer, haha! I’m just down the block. How about you come with me instead…?” she offered. I nodded and thought I have fucking scored a goal while I fantasised of raping both of them up. We ran, as Tricia was still really soaked in water, I would love to fuck Tricia sweet ass, I wonder would she be so quiet when I fuck her pussy out.

    As we arrived at her apartment lobby I suddenly came to my senses… “Maybe I should just say goodbye here. I wouldn’t want to get into trouble with your boyfriend,” I said. “Don’t worry about him, he’s at a work conference overseas and… he won’t be back till next weekend. But don’t get any ideas in your little perverted mind,” she said with a glint in her eye.

    “I’ve yet to let you off the hook for ogling me on the beach! That lame camera cover up wasn’t fooling anyone!“

    She took me by the hand to the stairwell, and as I followed behind her I got a great view of her lovely ass which was not covered up by her wrap. Nice, small, firm, round buttocks, and oh God… Chloe caught me staring again.

    This time she returned the favour, taking a peek at the growing bulge in my swim shorts before continuing up the stairs. She whisked me in and asked me to run in and take a shower first before I died of pneumonia in her living room. I could believe Tricia was still being so quiet after Chloe broke the ice… Chloe had one of those water saving showers where the hot water was controlled by a gas burner at the faucet.

    I couldn’t figure out the handle and asked her to come back in to the washroom to help me out. As Chloe stepped in to the shower she whisked my towel away, getting a clear view of my cock, which was still at half attention, still mesmerized by her gorgeous bikini clad body.

    "Well, look who is big now ah!” she giggled.

    I moved my hand to cover it up but as the hot water came down she reached down and pulled my hands away.

    She was brushing my cock with the back of her hands… “It’s pretty big, a thick guy… and you look a lot fitter without wearing that baggy old t-shirt.” She played with her words while fondling my fucking cock.

    My wife never talked to me like this… but this young beauty admired my semi-toned dad-bod. This just aroused me even more while looking at her bikini bottom.

    Chloe leaned forward to kiss me on the lips, first gently, but with increasing passion and urgency. Her hands softly pressed against my chest. My hands reached around her waist, feeling her sides, her back, the smooth skin made wet by the warm shower.

    I reached lower, grabbing her buttocks, feeling them beneath her bikini…

    She took a short step back while her fingers now lightly caressing the top of my penis…

    She reached for the soap before saying, “I should probably help you out, being my guest and all.”

    She turned me around and started lathering up my back and shoulders, descending to my buttocks, slipping her hand below to brush against my balls. I turned around and tried to soap up her arms and chest but Chloe turned out to be ticklish girl.

    I suppressed the giggles with a kiss as I soaped up the outside of her breasts, lingering on the nipples that were poking through her bikini top. One of my many fantasies was to be able to soap up a rich petite school girl with perky breasts and a beautiful smile.

    “I can’t cheat on my boyfriend. We’re pretty serious. You have to promise you’re not going to put it in me… If I tell you to stop at any time you’ve got to stop or I swear I’ll fuck you up…”

    “Wait…!” She shyly took back her words. “I didn’t mean literally ah…!”

    I’m not sure why but part of me was turned on by being threatened by a gorgeous, wet, bikini clad girl with her fingers on my cock. At that point in time I’d have given her the world without complaint.

    I drew her close again, renewing our passionate kiss as I untied her bikini bottom. My fingers lingered at her hips before venturing to the front of her thighs, so thin yet muscular.

    I grabbed the soap again and rubbing against her pussy, enjoying the smoothness of her skin, lingering around the top of her clean shaven pussy, and diving a bit lower with each pass.

    At this point of time I forgot I wanted to fuck Tricia more, but… Still… Chloe is fucking hot herself. This bitch deserves my dick in her…

    I broke off our kiss… the tips of her nipples caught my attention and I moved my hands upwards, caressing her flat stomach before reaching her bikini top. I moved the fabric to the sides a bit, exposing her breasts and pushing them together.

    Her brown nipples, standing erect invited me to give them a lick, a kiss, a nibble… I loved her breasts and suckled every inch as my fingers went back down, caressing and probing her clean shaven pussy.

    ”You know… Tricia is pretty into you…” Chloe spoke while caressing my huge dong.

    My cock was even harder when Chloe outrightly told me Tricia is into me… I probably could take a second serving after this….

    Chloe continued stroking it softly, but her concentration seemed to wane as my fingers danced on her pussy lips, lingering on her clitoris.

    Chloe started letting out a soft moan which was replaced by louder ones as I continued sucking her breasts, my fingers now concentrating on her clit. I slipped my middle finger in between her lips when she stopped me…

    "No, don’t put it in… don’t put anything in me… Ahhh… Ughhh….” she pleaded. I obeyed. And yet she didn’t back away, instead pulling my body closer to hers.

    I pretty sure at this point I could fucking dig into her with my huge dick readily poking her pussy entrance. I started kissing her neck, and she raised up her leg and began massaging my dick with the outside of her pussy lips.

    I wasn’t much taller than her but I had to help. I lifted her up by her legs, and leaned back against the wall of the shower…

    “You are getting fucked by me soon you little angel…” I smiled as she erotically moved her hips like a nympho.

    I’m not very strong so before long I settled for a seat on the floor of the tub. She sat down with me, her legs straddling my groin. She began to sway her hips back and forth, caressing my cock with her pussy lips.

    I could feel the tip of my penis, rubbing against her clit with each thrust of her hips. She started leaning further and further back, body splashed by the shower….

    It was hard to see, water splashing… I reached out to caress her breasts, now free from her bikini top…. I lightly pinched her nipples…

    My left hand moved down to caress her flat stomach, before moving lower to gently massage her clit with my thumb. Chloe leaned forward again, pumping furiously but by now my cock had entered into her, her pussy wet with juices making it slippery.

    “Fuck ugh….. Kevin… Fucking fuck me till I drop…” Chloe yelled in the shower with water running through our naked bodies.

    I tried to pull out but she was on top, leaning more and more on to me, pleading with me to cum inside of her. She began nibbling my neck, my shoulder, brushing her taut nipples against my chest…

    I could feel her finger nails starting to dig into my shoulders as she pumped even faster. Chloe suddenly threw her head back, breasts pointed outwards. Her face and breasts were now a bright shade of red. She let out a long gasp followed by her body shuddering, then collapsing on me…

    We lay like that for a few minutes, my cock still hard within her, I had not yet come. The combination of the water and the fear of coming inside of a girl I’d just met allowed me to hold off my orgasm.

    I caressed her back, feeling her spine and the back of her neck. She pulled herself off of me, mumbled something before grasping my cock with her hand. She grabbed some more soap, lathering it up and went back to work, caressing my cock. As she kissed me on the lips her pace quickened, rubbing my cock up and down, sometimes concentrating on the shaft, other times on the head. I knew I was about to cum…

    I tried to warn her but my groans were all I could spit out of my mouth. My cock sprayed semen all over her hand. Groaning and grunting, I reached out to kneed her thighs, feeling my own body shudder from a wondrous climax… ”Eeeee sticky sticky de…” Chloe whined as she clearly looked like she enjoyed it… She took my cum and slowly licked it…

    I refused to let this slide as i slide dick right back into her as I rammed her over and over again.. She came within seconds after I rammed her… She was probably trying her best to not cum… Her love just just spat out as if it was a fucking shower on its own.

    ”Fucking Kevin you made me so messy now…” We rinsed ourselves, and toweled off.

    I got to wear one of her robes as she quickly donned some sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. Our wet clothes now hanging over the tub to dry.

    As we got to her living room with Tricia looking dazed and tired.

    “I hope you’re not mad with me….” I said. “You are clearly trying to wing Tricia and me…”

    “What are you talking about? I was on top of you at the time. I couldn’t hold back.. I really needed to feel your fat cock inside of me.” She exclaimed.

    “Also… Who says that I still can’t wing Tricia and you now…?”

    “But… I want to tell you that you’re not the longest I’ve seen but you sure are thick down there….” she flirts with her eyes looking right through me as if she wants to fuck me again….

    “Your cock seemed to be rubbing me in all places. It was totally worth it. You are a really considerate lover”. Chloe gave me a peck on the lips.

    “Isn’t your boyfriend going to be mad…?” I asked, more than a little bit afraid for my own safety.

    “Nah.” she replied. “I don’t have a boyfriend…”

    “What?” “Well you never know what weirdos you’re going to meet on a beach - I can’t let them think they can walk into my apartment and screw me silly right after meeting them, now can I?” she winked as she said this, then quickly pushed me down on her couch, falling on top of me before giving me a long deep kiss while Tricia was looking away onto the sunset.

    “Right now… Give the same energy of our sex to Tricia and get laid with her… She is my bestest of friend… Don’t mistreat her hor!”

    “Tricia!!!! Come over here!”

    She was my junior in student council, Nari, it always seemed like we were looking at each other from far. Is this what they termed “暧昧”, ambiguous-phase, in a relationship? We had interactions but it always felt like we were too shy to initiate any meaningful conversation.

    We finally had a camp event as student council. I was exhilarated that I might finally have the chance to interact with her. Sadly, COVID-19 hit… We were put into virtual groups to interact online, did not know this was the break-through that I was looking for. Eventually, we had each others number and moved our conversation privately.

    “Kane! How is your day so far. I am so bored at home.” Nari texted.

    “Same… Phase 2 is coming, how about we meet up!” I was exhilarated by the chance to meet her in person after so long.

    We were both westies and decided to meet on the eventful date 19 Jun 2020. Our location was pretty lame, it was at McDonald’s within NTU. We wanted to try McCrispy and somewhere with less crowd so that I could study for my ‘A’ and with her accompanying me (it was summer break for NTU students).

    We had our long conversation and we touchy throughout the makan session. I finally took the initiative for once, I held her right hand with my left.

    We were blushing throughout the walk to our study location. We reached this secluded study area with glass panels around.

    Didn’t expect to escalate so swiftly, but Nari said, “This time is for me to initiate something first.” She frenched me while I reciprocated.

    “I cannot lose to you,” I exclaimed and started fondling with her petite breast under her black tees. She didn’t stop me at all. What she did next shocked me.

    “You’re gonna lose to me”, Nari whispered into my ears while grabbing onto

     hard-on pretruding out of my pants. We were still frenching it we went on. I wasn’t ready for any of this. Nari was always the sweet innocent junior of mine that I wouldn’t knew she was this wild.

    It was at this point I was really worried someone would appear out of nowhere. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick.

    “Nari, what are you doing…” I said while having a worried face as I frantically looked around the study area.

    “Shhhh. Be quiet Kane…” Nari sensually replied.

    She started giving me a fellatio, licking the tip little by little. “I am already wet…” She whispered.

    She looked at me while moving her mouth in and out of my cock. Fuck is this what it feels like to get my cock sucked. It was an experience that I would never forget.

    As she was licking I was already imagining doing nastier things to her. She can’t fandom what is cumming next. I NEED TO ONE UP HER.

    I held her cute face and plunged my cock into her mouth. I could hear her gags and i kept throbbing my cock onto her pretty lil face. She was enjoying it. Her right hand that just held my hand is now currently used to finger herself.

    Fuck… What a view, despite her wearing such decent clothing she was the opposite of decent, she was lewd.

    I stopped face-fucking her but she continued by giving me deep-throats after deep-throats. She was stroking her hair towards her side, I could see her entire face while giving me a deep one. It was not long before I realised I was at my limits. She looked at me with this quirky-look of hers.

    “Fuck… Nari… You’re gonna make me cum…” I held her head as deep as possible to my cock and unleashed a cum full of built-up tension over the past 6 months.

    To be continued

    It was my final year of my university life… I am an art major and I was in the middle of the last school trip I would never dreamt to be on. It had been a long day, my whole tutorial class did lots of sightseeing and visited many different tourist attractions.

    My buddy Evan and I were happy to get back to the hotel room in time for some late night TV and a decent sleep. However, that was not to be. “What a day,” sighed Evan as he flopped down on his bed. “I saw Dawn looking at you very fondly…" Before I could answer, our conversation was interrupted by a series of three light knocks on the door. “Who could that be?” I asked rhetorically as I got up to answer the door. When I pulled it open, I was greeted with a cute, high-pitched voice. “Heeeeeya… Ni haoooo!” The cute voice greeted me. Three of the prettiest girls in our school were standing at the doorway, smiling confidently. “Kerissa, Beatrice, Dawn,” I said. “How’s it going?”

    I was very confused on why these three beautiful ladies would find their way here… into our room.

    “Can we come in?” asked Kerissa.

    I would be an idiot to deny these three beautiful teenaged girls asking to come into my hotel room at 11:30PM. “Of course you can!” I all but screamed as I flung open the door, letting the three cuties through. “Hey Girls!” waved Evan from his comfortable spot on the bed. “Heyyyyyy Evan.” said Dawn flirtatiously. Dawn wore a pretty black waistline tee that was tight enough to show off her large, firm tits, and sexy, dark shorts that accentuated her round ass… Fuck erotic little girl… “Can I get anyone a drink?” I asked with a smirk. “I’d love one!” Kerissa explained in her usual bubbly and lively manner. Kerissa had long black hair and always wore perfect, cute glasses while her apple-sized tits weren’t the biggest of all the girls. Those pair was well proportioned for her petite frame, and her precious ass more than made up for it. Today, she wore a white stripped tee and loosely fitted black shorts, this enough turned me frickin’ on. “Ahhh, grab me one too, would you?” said Beatrice with her cute and childish tone.

    Beatrice is a sassy girl, and today she was wearing a loose-fitting blue shirt that hid her curvy frame, and athletic shorts… Fuck… That was hawt as fuck… I swear I would pound on her now…

    But down was just looking at me the either time… Beat on the other hand had her hair tied up in a very cute and unique way…

    I grabbed the drinks for the girls, plus one for myself and for Evan. “So what you guys want to do?” Evan flirtly replied looking all confident in front of these beauts.

    We had been sitting in a circle on one of the beds in silence, sipping our drinks, for about 5 minutes. Dawn and Beat was focusing their attention at me… I looked at them shyly and ogling at their jugular the entire time… Those were some amazing pairs… Fuck… “I brought a deck of cards.” I said, “Anyone up for some poker…?” The girls looked at each other for a moment, and looked back at me. “Josh, we’re all pretty bad at poker, but it could be fun.” said Dawn sheepishly. “There’s one problem though.” said Evan. “We can’t use our spending money. What are we going to play for?” Dammit, I hadn’t thought of that. Without stakes, poker doesn’t work properly. We needed to play for something, but what? Luckily for me, Kerissa came to the rescue. “How about we play… strip poker?” she suggested. Her comment made everyone go silent. “You mean… play for clothes?” asked Evan. Kerissa smirked at him with zest. “Yes… that’s what strip poker means.” Trying to sound like I wasn’t excited, I pitched in to the conversation. “I’m in.” The other girls took some convincing, but eventually they decided to give it a shot. I don’t think any of us understood what we were actually getting into. Kerissa dealt the cards, and I was happy with my hand. Unfortunately, I was still the last place player. The first loser of the game, I had to take off my sweater, so now I only had an old t-shirt on. I could tell who the next loser would be immediately, because Beatrice had a really bad poker face. As soon as she saw her hand, she made a scowl and put her cards face down on the ground. After we played the hand, as I predicted, Dawn lost. “What’s it gonna be, Em?” Evan prodded. Dawn glared at him and, after a second of hesitation, unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it onto the pile that had been started by my sweater. Tongue-tied, I hoped my jaw wasn’t hanging down too far as I stared explicitly at her tits. They were pert enough that they didn’t need one, but she had on a cute black bra that left just enough to the imagination. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to enjoy the view as she covered up her chest with her arm and looked down with her reddening face. “Come on, come on! This is strip poker, not ‘cover yourself up’ poker!” I prodded. She scowled at me, but did drop her arm. Evan lost next, and he did a little dance as he took of his t-shirt revealing his well conditioned chest and abs. After that was a close hand, but the loser ended up being Beatrice. “Dammit!” she cried “Screw all of you!” With that, she pulled off her baseball jersey and I was able to see her nice tits under a black sports bra. As much as this view was sexy, I couldn’t wait to see her tits without the obtrusive material in the way. At least, I hoped the game would go that far. Kerissa was the next loser, and she pulled off her stripped tee without much of a fuss, so she was only wearing a tight t-shirt. “Good things I wore more articles of clothing then y'all.” Kerissa said, gloating. However, due to another crappy hand, she was forced to also remove another article of clothing. “Haha! In your face!” I yelled, pointing at her. I immediately felt bad, because she now looked generally embarassed. Then, her face lit up. What was she planning? Before anyone could stop her, she reached behind her back under her t-shirt, fiddled around for a second or two, and then pulled something out from underneath. “That’s not fair!” exclaimed Evan. Kerissa was holding in her hands a sexy pink lace bra, that had been under her shirt until seconds ago. “Why didn’t I think of that?!” yelled Dawn. “We didn’t say you have to from outside to in!” said Kerissa. “Fine.” I admitted, even though I would have given anything to see her wearing that bra. “But from now on, no one is allowed to do what Kerissa just did!” Now that all of the girls were topless to some degree, I suppose it was only fair that I would join everyone else. After another nail-biter of a poker hand, I lost again, and took off my t-shirt. While I never worked out as much as Evan, My chest and abs were flat and I think the girls enjoyed the view, judging by the cheers and whoops they gave. When the next hand was finished, Beatrice had lost again. “DAMMIT!” she shrieked as she smashed her cards down into the ground. Sucker, I thought. Standing up, she pulled her shorts down slowly to her ankles and I was treated to, for the first time, I saw my classmate in only her underwear. She was wearing a black pair of panties that hid everything, but when she turned around to walk back to her seat I saw her perfect, pert little ass shaking as she moved. Luckily for her, she was soon joined by Dawn who was the next loser. “Dang.” she said as, slowly, she stood up and turned around, so her ass was facing the rest of us. Looking over her shoulder seductively, she sexily pulled down her jeans revealing her beautiful juicy ass, her pussy only barely covered by the white fabric of her thong. When she sat down cross-legged, I noticed that there was no pubic hair showing through underneath, which started to make a tent in my pants. I was incredibly surprised that Dawn had done this sort of move, as she was usually shy regarding her body. Earlier in this very game she had tried to cover up her tits when she had to strip down to her bra. However, I suppose the alcohol was beginning to take effect. Me and Evan lost the next two rounds, and we both hoped the girls didn’t notice the bulge in our briefs when we removed our pants, although in hindsight I’m sure it would have been hard for them not to have. Joining us all in our state of undress, Kerissa sexily shimmied out of her jeans, wearing flowery pink panties that matched her bra in material. With the game moving into another stage, I thought it was appropriate to get us all more drinks. When that was done, we continued with the game. The next loser was Dawn, who swore under her breath, and looked into my eyes. I nodded at her, silently letting her know that she wouldn’t be judged. I don’t know how it would be possible for anyone to judge what we saw next. “You go girl!” encouraged Beatrice. As Dawn removed her bra and slipped the cups off her tits, I was treated to her perfectly sized bare tits with perfect, hard nipples and perfectly sized areola. Everything about her breasts was perfect- from the way they bounced as she sat down to the way they swung as she turned from side to side. She looked up from the ground, cupping her breasts in her hands. She met my eyes. Evan cheered. “Do you… Do you like them?” she asked shyly. “They’re… beautiful.” I said, and I couldn’t have meant it more. She blushed. The first to join Dawn was Beatrice, who was explosively angry when she lost, and she tore off her bra with animal-like ferocity. “Whoa whoa whoa, slow down girl!” said Evan, who was clearly enjoying Beatrice’s tits. While they won’t as pert as Dawn’s, they were bigger and had more bounce to them. Dawn and Kerissa were clapping wildly, and Evan’s boxers were bursting. For that matter, mine were too. Kerissa lost next, and she pulled her t-shirt off so I got my first ever look at her smaller but remarkably perfect, firm tits that stood at pert attention. “There we go, there we GO!” said Evan, and he high-fived Beatrice who was also clapping. “Wait!” I cried before the next round was played. “I have a suggestion. Because we each have only one article of clothing left, I think we should play on teams. Us guys will be one team and you girls will be the other… and whoever loses has to strip.” “That’s a fantastic idea.” replied Beatrice. “You two are going DOWN!” She high-fived Kerissa and Dawn. The cards were dealt, and Evan and I knew immediately who the winners were going to be: us. Sure enough, when the hands were finished, the three girls screamed and scattered the cards around the floor. “Strip, Strip, Strip!” Evan and I chanted. The girls huddled for a second, before the all stood up, side by side, facing us. They each, in unison, reached down and pulled on the elastic of their bottoms, and, to our surprise, slowly slid down the panties, revealing three incredibly sexy pussies. My focus immediately went to Dawn’s which was completely shaved. When I looked closer, I saw that it was pink and juicy, and I could see the fluids dripping down her leg, evidence of how horny she was at this point. My eyes immediately moved to Kerissa’s cute, innocent pussy, which was pink and looked like no one had ever touched it. Even innocent little Kerissa, however, had shaved her pubic hair, leaving her pussy looking bald and lonely. I noticed Evan was staring intently at Beatrice’s blond landing strip of hair, which lead right down to her own, equally inviting pussy. He licked his lips. “So…” said Kerissa, breaking the silence. “What now?” “We play forfeits?” suggested Evan. I would have agreed with the suggestion, but the sexual tension in the room was getting to be too much for me. “Sorry guys,” I said. “But I think this game is just going to get in the way. Evan smiled. “I like where this is going!” he said. With that, we stood up and walked towards our three beautiful naked teenaged classmates. I ripped off my briefs ferociously, allowing my eight-inch erection to spring free. Then, we all gave in to the sexual energy that had been building up all night. Like animals, Dawn and I lunged at each other, and I wrapped my hands around her, grabbing her ass. Looking to my side, I saw Evan was doing a similar thing with Beatrice, and they were making out passionately. As I pushed Dawn onto the bed and climbed on top of her, I was presented with Kerissa’s cute face, kissing me violently. I removed one of my hands from Dawn’s ass to grab one of Kerissa’s tits. She broke her kiss with me for a moment to moan with pleasure. Then, something magical happened. Dawn reached up from her submissive position and grabbed Kerissa’s ass, pulling her over her mouth. Then, she started to frenziedly eat Kerissa’s pussy out, causing her to scream with pleasure. This gave me the opportunity to stick my fingers into Dawn’s pussy, making her almost cry with the raw sexiness of the whole situation. I can only imagine what it felt like to be fingered while eating another girl’s pussy! When I glanced over at Evan and Beatrice, I saw her blond head bobbing up and down on Evan’s cock, taking all seven inches of it into her mouth at a time. “Ohhhhhm yeah, that feels so goooood.” he moaned as she sucked his dick lustfully. I turned my dick back to the incredibly sexy, submissive position Dawn was in as she was fully at my mercy. Her tits were bouncing in all directions as she wriggled with the pleasure of the intense fingering I was giving her. Then, another magical thing happened. Kerissa had bent down from her own pussy licking, and was now sucking my dick. Her frame was small, but I suppose her throat was big, as she was able to take all of my dick into her mouth at a time. After a few minutes of this, Dawn briefly stopped the excited eating-out she was giving Kerissa to talk to me. “Please, Joshhhhhh… Ohhhh, that’s so good. Please… I need you in me… ohhhhh, fuck…. Ahhhhh…!” The timing was perfect, as just then, Kerissa let go of my cock to scream with pleasure. “Yes yes yes yes yes! Dawn that’s so gooood!” she screamed, and we were lucky no one in neighbouring rooms heard. I took advantage of my rock hard cock being free to do something I’d been wanting to do for a while: to fuck the hell out of Dawn. When I thrust my dick into her, it made the perfect sound- the combination of a squeltch from the wetness of her pussy and the slap of our skin hitting together. I made a few more violent thrusts, grunting, and then started to really fuck her hard in missionary. My cock was moving so fast that we heard that noise a few times a second, and Dawn’s screams were being sexily muted by Kerissa’s pussy. I was fucking Dawn so hard that I couldn’t even tell that my dick was ever leaving her pussy- I never felt that cold feeling of my cock meeting the cool air outside of a girl’s pussy. I lost focus for a second because Beatrice had just orgasmed, and I had to look over to the other bed to see her rapidly impaling herself on Evan’s dick, riding him cowgirl. “Ahhhhh! AHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed as he fucked her from underneath. Then, I heard a similar noise coming from Dawn, who had been driven to orgasm by the fucking right at her g-spot. I looked back down at her tits, bouncing as I railed her, and felt her wriggle and squirm as she struggled to contain her pleasure. She had to take her mouth off of Kerissa’s pussy for a second just to scream. “AHHHHH!! OH MY GOOODDDD!! FUUCCCKKK!!” reluctantly, I took my dick out of her pussy, happy that she had come so soon. Then, Kerissa, who was being eaten out by Dawn, crawled off of the other girl’s body towards me, and got on her hands and knees on the bed. Her asshole was puckered, and her pussy was wide open. I never thought an innocent girl like Kerissa could ever strike such a pose. “Josh, I want you to hit me.” she said. I obliged, striking her right in the ass, rocking her forward. “Yes!” she screamed. “Now FUCK ME!” I slammed my dick into her pussy, my second girl of the night, and immediately I was fucking her just as hard as I had fucked Dawn. I drilled her from behind, every so often smacking her ass with my hand. Then, I began to grope her tits from behind and pinch her nipples. “Ohhhh, yeah!!” screamed the sexy petite little girl. “Fuck me. FUCK MY FUCKING CUNT!! DESTROY ME! PLEASE!” I took that as full permission to dominate her, and I started to ram her, pushing her towards the wall. I picked her up, smashing her into the bed, and continued to rail her with my hard cock. I hit her ass, grabbed her neck, and groped her tits, all while my dick was moving in and out of her at an incredible speed. As I knew she would, she had an orgasm. “FUUUUCK!” she screamed as she squirmed and writhed on the bed, causing the bedframe to shake with the power of her orgasm. I pulled out of her and grabbed Dawn again, once again fucking this beautiful little angel. I grabbed her tits, kneading them together, and once again she came. This time, it was too much for me, and I leaned forward and grunted into her has a fucked her hard. “Where should I cum?” “All over me. ALL FUCKING OVER ME!” I pulled out, and my cock exploded with cum, going everywhere. It was the most intense, powerful orgasm I’ve ever had, and there was enough cum to cover the tits of both her and Kerissa. We all collapsed onto the bed, worn out from the incredible experience we just had. “That was… incredible.” said Dawn. “I’ve never felt so… used… before” said Kerissa. I grabbed them both, hugging them close to me. “Thank you girls.” I said. Then I turned my head, just in time to see Evan finishing off Beatrice, who was almost passed out from the murderous fucking she was getting. “yes yes yes harder harder harder OHHHH FUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!” she screamed as she orgasmed, and Evan grunted and screamed also, overflowing her pussy with his white, stick cum. With that, we all closed our eyes and went to sleep, content in the knowledge that we had just experienced the best night of our lives. We couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the class trip would bring. There were still two weeks left, and there were more things I had to try- not to mention, I still hadn’t gotten a change to fuck Beatrice and Janice, who is my eye candy for the entire four fucking years of university life and besties with Beatrice…

    Hey guys so this is the other half of the story that I collaborated with my best friend and other tumblr . Hope you guys enjoy this story!


    She lets out soft breaths and starts to mumble a little.

    "We… we… we want to have a 4some", her face immediately became red as she tugged her head against my chest.

    I heard some sounds coming from the bathroom and I turned to take a look. Mathilda and Bryan were frenching ferociously and both of them were naked.

    I took the chance to admire Mathilda, her soft and round boobs pressing against Bryan, her round ass cheeks also look very inviting.

    Mathilda broke the kiss and turned towards me, "Gabby told you about our plan? I hope you don't mind hehe". Before agreeing, Mathilda and Bryan continued with their actions.

    "Baby… I think I'm ready, I'm ready to lose my virginity to you… ", my cock was already rock hard at this point as I carried Gabby to the top as I lay on the bottom.

    I started kissing her and my naughty hands began to do the usual routine of touching every inch of her body.

    I suddenly broke the kiss and asked, "Darling, are you sure that you are ready?", she hesitated for a few seconds before saying yes.

    I kissed her forehead as a form of assurance that I will protect her and not leave her after taking her v card.

    We helped each other peel off our clothes and all 4 of us are fully naked now. At this point, Bryan and Mathilda have already moved onto the bed.

    Mathilda also has solid B cup boobs but I felt that Gabby's ass is slightly firmer and rounder.

    I wanted to get Gabby fully warmed up before the real action as it is her first time so I tried to make it a full package and I really wanted her to enjoy it.

    We started off with a 69 position as she gave me a blowjob and I ate her out. Her blowjob technique is really superb as I never fail to cum at least thrice every time she gives me a blowjob.

    She always managed to control the suction from her lips well and she really took care of every single inch of my manhood. She used her tongue to trace the veins on my cock and she always gives my balls a good hand massage.

    Her love juices were already dripping from her cunt into my mouth as I attacked her pussy with my tongue. I slurp up all the juices and begin licking and taking care of her hole.

    Gabby's ass has red patches all over it from my spanks and from me grabbing her ass cheeks apart for easier action.

    Gabby and I managed to cum at least thrice by purely giving each other pleasure through oral actions.

    I turned over to see how Bryan and Mathilda were doing as I saw Bryan pushing Mathilda’s head downwards. I saw strings of saliva and cum every time Mathilda’s head came up. Her gagging sound was also filling the room up.

    I quickly brought my focus back to Gabby. I used two fingers to give her pinkish pussy a few rubs before entering. She let out sounds of satisfaction while having my full length rod in her mouth.

    I kept attacking her g-spot and the sounds of her juices became more obvious. She was purely enjoying now with my cock in her hands, she couldn't focus on giving me any pleasure as she was too overwhelmed.

    Her body shuddered and she rested all of her weight on me as she couldn't control her body, she squirted all over me. "I'm so sorry baby… I didn't mean it".

    I stroked her hair and told her it was fine.

    "Should we move on to the real action?", I asked while my hands were busy grabbing her ass and kneading it.

    "Yes, I'm ready for it!", she is much more determined this time.

    She sat on me as I guided my cock towards her entrance, I slowly pressed it in and moans started to escape from her mouth. She started riding me like how she saw it on porn but due to the lack of skills, she collapsed on me and apologized again.

    "haha it's alright darling, you are doing really well", I stroked her back and helped her sit on me again.

    Her riding technique became better and better and I could clearly see that she was enjoying it.

    Gabby's pussy was real tight as this is her first, the tightness of it almost milked me dry every time she bounced on me.

    I took a quick glance at Mathilda as Bryan was fucking her in a missionary position. I took the chance to cup her boobs as Bryan was pumping her.

    After squeezing and kneading Mathilda’s boobs, she grabbed my fingers and sucked on it as if it's my dick.

    I think Bryan kind of got a little jealous with that as he proceeds to play with Gabby's boobs as


    Not long later, the 4 of us all cummed. Gabby is resting as you lay on top of me, Mathilda is

    pretty exhausted as well.

    Bryan broke the silence, "hey, how about we exchange partners?". I wasn't actually very

    interested in letting Bryan fuck Gabby as I don't like to share my partner with others. But I eventually allowed Gabby to give Bryan a blowjob.

    Bryan was very excited about it as he heard rumours about Gabby's blowjob skills.

    He positioned himself lying in the bed and Gabby was beside him in a doggy position, forming something like a L shape.

    Mathilda came up to me, "I have always wanted to try you out! Gabby told me you are great in bed". We started frenching and my hands roamed around her body, playing with her nipples, rubbing her clit and other sensitive areas.

    Mathilda is soon waiting to be ruined. She positioned herself under Gabby and begin to eat Gabby's pussy, man that scene was hot af.

    I didn't wait any longer, I began to pump Mathilda. She was not as tight as Gabby because she wasn't a virgin anymore.

    Sounds of sex begin to fill my room up. "urgh… fuck… fill me up with your cock! cum in me please!" Mathilda cried out.

    Both of us came together. I didn't pull out immediately, I felt hot liquid flowing out and pulled out letting our cum flow on to my bed.

    I sat by the side watching Gabby give Bryan a blowjob as my heart ached a little. Mathilda quickly recovered from our session and went over to Gabby.

    Mathilda grabbed Gabby's head and pushed it all the way down, she continued her movement until Bryan came all over Gabby's face, gagging sound came out of Gabby's mouth.

    Gabby was panting and coughing from the vigorous action, Mathilda went up to her and licked up Bryan's cum and they made out.

    I told Mathilda and Bryan that I'm washed up with Gabby first, I carried her and walk towards the bathroom.

    I place her in the bathtub and begin to fill it with water, I joined her not long later. I was hugging her from the back, "I'm not going to lie, I'm a little jealous. I don't like sharing my girl with other guys".

    She turned around and face me but didn't know how to reply me. I kissed her forehead, "But if you really like this 4some thing, I will allow it".

    She leaned forward and we kissed.


    So that's the end of our story, hope you guys enjoyed it and stay tuned for more!

    Hey guys , so I have a story fantasy for guys that I collaborated with another tumblr and my best friend with. The story is pretty long. Hope you guys enjoy it!


    Gabby and Mathilda are real besties, they share secrets of themselves with each other, even their sex experiences.

    Gabby is a very loving and sweet girl, her bubbly character attracted me at the start of our polytechnic life. Not neglecting her body as well, she is blessed with a busty B cup and a round and firm ass.

    We have been together for a little over a year now but we just had oral sex and that's about it.

    She told me she didn't want to rush and make her virgin experience an unpleasant one and I respected that.

    It was a monthly gathering between Gabby and Mathilda where they would usually bring their plus one along for a double date.

    The four of us, me, Gabby, Mathilda and Bryan (Mathilda's boyfriend) went on a double date that day. The plan was to watch a movie and chill at my place.

    I met up with Gabby at her place first before going to meet Mathilda and Bryan as it was along the way.

    She wore a red skirt which covers just about half her thigh together with a slightly oversized graphic t-shirt. The skirt outlined her firm ass really well and I spanked it the moment I saw it.

    I could sense that Gabby was a little more touchy and nervous that day but when I asked her about it, she just casually brushed it off.

    We met Mathilda and Bryan at the entrance of the cinema and went in together. Mathilda was wearing a cropped tank top which made her the size of her bust even more obvious.

    We sat at the right side of the cinema in a row, Bryan and I automatically allowed the girls to sit together in the middle.

    The movie was quite a boring one but Gabby and Mathilda have been wanting to watch it for ages so we kind of got forced to watch this.

    Just when I was about to close my eyes for a quick nap, I felt a hand approach my crotch area and begin touching my cock through my jeans. I instantly became alerted as my manhood was semi-hardened.

    I turned and saw Gabby biting her lower lip, she looked at me and leaned forward. "My baby must be bored huh, let me entertain you for a while" she whispered in my ear.

    She pulled my cock out and began stroking it. Her grip on my cock was tight enough to make me really hard. She used her thumb to also constantly rub the tip of my dick.

    I let out soft moans as I was close already and she knew it, she lifted the arm rest between us and bent her body down and wrapped her lips around my cock.

    As she bent down, I turned my head to the left as I saw Mathilda giving Bryan a blowjob as well.

    I immediately got aroused and shot three strong loads into Gabby's mouth as she licked me clean.

    Gabby got back up and I saw her throat moved a little as she swallowed all of my cum. "My baby always tasted so good!", she gave me a wink.

    Mathilda got back up to her seat as well, she cleaned up and gave me a wink as well. I was still trying to figure out what the two girls were up to.

    After the movie, we went for a quick lunch. The topics we talked during lunch are more open and sexual as well. We talked about favourite positions in sex and things like that.

    It was a hot day so once the 4 of us reached my house, I brought them up to my bedroom. It was a simple setting, a king sized bed, a study table and a large wardrobe.

    Mathilda and Bryan asked for permission if they could use the bathroom to take a quick shower and I agreed, I gave them two clean towels and they went off to take a bath.

    Gabby was sitting on my bed and I pounced on her. She lost her balance as both of us collapsed on my bed. She let out a shriek and looked at me.

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING BABY?!", we were both lying down and facing each other.

    "What are both of you up to?", i said in a calm tone

    "We are not up to anything!", she giggled a little as she said it.

    "hmm… are you sure?", my hands started to roam around her body.

    My right hand went under her skirt and reached for her panty, she was immediately turned on and started to whine softly. I pushed her thong aside and began rubbing her pussy.

    "Do you want to tell me now or do you want to receive your punishment later?" I grinned slightly.

    To be continued...


    Hope you guys enjoy reading the story we halfway decided to split the story into half . My best friend will be posting the other half of the story go and follow her if you are not . Here is link to her tumblr


    This post is a submission by a fellow fan. DMs are still open, trying my best to clear all submissions ASAP!

    Abigail has been Brian’s crush for the longest time and although they’re pretty much like best friends. Abigail’s boyfriend, Colin is Brian’s buddy in NS and that has always struck a sore one with Brian. Even though that’s the case, Colin and Brian are best friends and these three have always had fun times together.

    Brian is the typical quiet guy in class but has a wide variety of skills. Colin on the other hand is the class king, buff and well dressed, always joking and flirting with people.

    It was supposed to be an outing but because Abigail and Colin had a huge fight the night before, Abigail decided to go out with Brian alone instead. It was beach day and Brian was supposed to help Abigail and Colin take photos for their Instagram feed. Brian is sort of Abigail’s IG BF but that’s about it.

    Being best friends, Abigail would always confide in Brian and this have Brian plenty of ammo to analyse the weaknesses in their relationship.

    As they were on the cable car going to Sentosa, Brian noticed that Abigail was in a foul mood.

    “So, do you wanna tell me why you fought with Colin?” Brian asked apprehensively.

    “What did that lecherous asshole tell you?” Abigail asked.

    “I haven’t spoken to Colin. Here, check my phone. I ain’t lying.” Brian asked as he offered his phone.

    “Ugh. I can’t trust that asshole. He’s so unlike you. I know he’s been flirting with that girl Nicole but I can’t prove it and he changed his phone password last night. And he’s been shady and shit. I know something is up but i don’t know what it is.” Abigail said.

    Brian didn’t say anything but he went over to Abigail and hugged her.

    Abigail being pretty comfortable with Brian embraced him and lay her head on his shoulders. She sighed as she said “Why can’t Colin be like you? You’re so sweet and kind. Am I not enough for him? I’m not lacking in anything.”

    “I’m not as handsome as him or as funny as him. Plus I prefer my own comfort and you know that I’m very introverted.” Brian replied.

    “I would trade away looks and humor for someone as sweet and kind as you.” Abigail said.

    “You’re just saying that. We could never work out.” Brian said.

    In this moment, Abigail turned to Brian and kissed his cheek. “If only you liked me, I would probably dump Colin right now.” Abigail said.

    Brian felt his heartbeat race like a Porsche 911 and as he was about to confess that he actually had feelings for Abigail, the cable car reached its destination.

    They made their way to the beach and Abigail went to the ladies room to change into her bikini whilst Brian set up his cameras to prepare for the mini photoshoot they planned.

    Brian started taking nice pictures and boomerangs of Abigail and for some reason, Abigail seemed bummed about the whole fight so she didn’t smile.

    Brian decided to take a short break and walk to 7-11 to get some drinks for her. He knew exactly what she liked. Pokka Green Tea and Lay’s Classic potato chips would always make Abigail happy.

    As he came back to their spot, he handed her the snacks and lo behold, a small smile appeared.

    “Is that a smile I finally see?” Brian said, smiling.

    “No. It’s not!” Abigail said as she tried to hide her delight.

    “But thank you Brian. You remember what I like. Unlike that stupid Colin. Always drinking alcohol. It’s not even nice.” Abigail said.

    “Now now, let’s not talk about Colin for awhile. Let’s enjoy the moment and chill. And I’ve always said this before, your smile is your best feature. Not your huge boobs or nice ass.” Brian said, smirking slightly.

    “Hey! I like my body okay. I know you check me out from time to time.” Abigail said.

    “Ya cause your boobs are abnormally large.” Brian scoffed.

    “I know you like it. You do right?” Abigail asked as she puppy eyed Brian as she tried to show him how nice her boobs are.

    In that moment, Brian could only stare at her breasts and he felt his dick harden. But he quickly snapped out of it and said “Gross, I don’t like huge tits.” But secretly, he loved it. He always made sure to get some pics of Abigail that he never showed her. Those where he focused on her breasts or ass.

    “Too bad, your loss. Not like you would ever be able to touch them.” Abigail said as she playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

    Seeing that her mood has brightened up, Brian told her to take more pictures. “The sun is great. Let’s take more pictures before we call it a day.” Brian said.

    “Okie! I’ll just remove my skirt.” Abigail said as she quickly removed her skirt, revealing her fine ass.

    “Wanna do something R-rated?” Brian suddenly asked.

    Piquing her interest, Abigail replied, “What are you thinking of?”

    “I’ll take a bottom up pic of your ass and you can post it on your IG story to make Colin jealous.” Brian said.

    “Let’s do it. Show that asshole what he’s missing out on.” Abigail said as she got into her sexy pose.

    Brian took this opportunity to quickly snap a couple of pictures for himself to fap off to.

    As Brian took my photos of Abigail, he knew that he was going to have a fun time fapping to her tonight. He took the opportunity to snap many pictures of Abigail before the sun set and Abigail seemed to pose even sexier in each picture.

    “I’m going to make him regret. I’ve decided to dump him.” Abigail suddenly said, much to the surprise of Brian.

    “Well, don’t be rash. He might be a jerk but don’t you love him?” Brian asked.

    “I should have done it a long time ago. He doesn’t treat me right and you don’t even try but you nail it.” Abigail said.

    “Well, isn’t this what best friends are supposed to be?” Brian asked.

    “Of course. But anyway, I’m going to change. Let’s grab dinner before we go home.” Abigail said.

    “Alright. I’ll wait for you outside the toilet.” Brian said.

    As he was waiting outside the toilet, he started transferring the photos he took today from his camera to his laptop.

    When the photos were just about done transferring, his phone vibrated. What he saw immediately turned him on. Abigail had sent him a picture of herself in the toilet with the caption, “Sneak in to the girls toilet, 3rd cubicle. Come now.”

    Brian quickly packed his stuff and as there wasn’t a lot of people, found it easy to sneak in. As he opened the door, Abigail pulled him in and pushed him onto the cubicle of the toilet.

    She shushed him as she unzipped his shorts. Brian could hardly believe this is happening but he complied with her. Out came his dick size and when she saw it, Abigail’s jaw dropped.

    “Where have you been hiding this treasure? Oh god. How have you been hiding your boner when you’re with me?” Abigail whispered in amazement as she started stroking his impressive dick.

    “Well, I can control myself and every time before I meet you, I fap a few times to ensure my dick doesn’t get easily excited around you.” Brian confessed embarrassingly.

    “Awww, you’re so cute. I knew you had a thing for me.” Abigail said.

    She began sucking him off there and then and that felt like pure bliss to him. Brian’s fantasies about him fucking Abigail is finally coming true.

    “Oh fuck. This is as good as I imagine.” Brian gasped.

    “How would you fuck me?” Abigail asked as she started to give Brian a titty fuck.

    “In every hole possible. Mouth, pussy, asshole, boobs, handjobs, blowjobs. Anything is pleasurable with you.” Brian said as he was experiencing such pleasure for the first time.

    That seemed to get Abigail off. She then said, “I’m going to make you cum hard. For me and only me.”

    “Oh yes please do. You won’t believe it but ever since I’ve met you, I’ve only fapped to you.” Brian confessed.

    “Well, of course. I’m the sexiest friend you have.” Abigail laughed.

    “I love how you’re taking control of me.” Brian said.

    “Of course. If i didn’t, would you have made a move on me? You’re such a sweetheart and I like that about you.” Abigail said, smiling as she suck his dick harder.

    As she was sucking his dick, Brian was controlling hard to not cum in her mouth yet. He desperately wanted to be inside Abigail. He wasn’t sure what to make of the whole thing right now.

    “Wow, you can last longer than Colin. I’m amazed.” Abigail said.

    “Well, I have been fapping to you for at least 20 mins each time I’m horny so I’m used to it.” Brian said sheepishly.

    “You naughty boy. You got to show me what pictures you fap off to.” Abigail said.

    “Sure. I’ll do up a slideshow and display it on my wall and as I’m fucking you, you can watch it. Trust me, it’s longer than 20 mins for sure.” Brian said.

    “Wow, kinky. I’d like that.” Abigail said as she winked at Brian. That seemed to tilt Brian over the edge.

    He suddenly stood up, pushed Abigail against the door and he pushed her bikini bottom aside and he put his thick throbbing dick on the tip of her soaking wet pussy.

    “I don’t care if you’re still with Colin or broken up but I want you now.” Brian groaned.

    “Please, fuck me now. I’m done with Colin. I’m yours. Just fuck me hard right now.” Abigail gasped.

    The moment she said that, Brian penetrated her. He had to cover her mouth to prevent her from gasping and moaning too loud.

    As he was penetrating her from behind, he asked her, “Is my dick better or was colin’s dick better?”

    “Yours daddy. Yours. Please give it to me. Cum in me.” Abigail moaned softly.

    It was as if it’s magic but within two more thrusts, Brian came in her. He unleashed a huge load and his warm cum filled her pussy.

    “Let’s skip dinner and head back to your place. I need you to ravage me more. This is such a good fuck. Better than Colin.” Abigail said as she licked the cum off Brian’s dick.


    Teaser of part 2! This is a fictional story!

    As the weeks went by, Amy and Marc continued their long distance relationship normally and no mention of her being blackmailed by her classmates.

    However, Dre and Charles could not get enough of Amy. They’ve never fucked her before. They’ve only limited it to handjobs and blowjobs.

    Despite being blackmailed by the both of them, Amy and the two boys ended up forming a unlikely friendship when they both saved her from a molester.

    In order to thank them properly, Amy suggested that she would let them defile her anyway they like, except her pussy. It was off limits as she wanted to give her first time to her boyfriend. She bought her bf a plane ticket with her OF money and wanted to surprise him by flying him over after he has POP (graduated) from Tekong (Basic Military Training).

    Excited by the thought of it, the boys told her that they’d fuck her ass and they’d take turns spitroasting her. She agreed to it and wore her sexist lingerie that night.

    She began by kneeling down between the two and sucking each of them off. She had a butt plug up her ass and a vibrator in her pussy which had its speed controlled by Dre.

    Charles couldn’t wait no more and bent Amy over. He removed her butt plug and started eating her ass out. Amy started moaning loudly and Dre increased the speed on the vibrator. As she was sucking Dre off, Charles was eating her ass out. He couldn’t wait no more and he penetrated her super tight anus. He groaned in pleasure and Amy squealed in pain. Pure pleasure, a virgin anus was something that Charles never had before. Amy was filled with pain and pleasure and started moaning louder as Charles dominated that anus. With each thrust, he was filled with immense pleasure and Dre, with his cock being sucked upon like Amy’s life depended on it, was filming the whole thing and enjoying it. Charles spread Amy’s ass cheeks wider and kept thrusting.

    “Fuck, this is so wrong but it’s so fucking hot.” Amy said, moaning in pleasure.

    Charles could hold it in no longer. He was ravaging her doggy style from the back whilst grabbing her tits at the same time. Dre was face fucking Amy ferociously and not letting her breathe. Charles exclaimed as he unleashed his huge load inside her ass, “Fuck Amy. You’re so fucking tight. This was the best fuck ever.”

    “Plug me up. We are going to have a long night.” Amy said as she winked at Charles.

    Like a good dog, Charles immediately plugged Amy up with her butt plug, keeping his load inside her.

    “Ruin my face and my lingerie daddy.” Amy said seductively to Dre as she began sucking him off even hard and pushing his impressive shaft down her throat.

    Part 2 will be continued when this reaches 300 notes 😘


    Hi guys! This is the list of stories that I have written through request. Stay tuned for more!


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    Slender Legs

    Long legs can be a blessing sometimes. At times, it makes you look tall. At times, it attracts people to you. In the case of V, her long slender legs has always been the focus of attention, not to mention that her cuteness is always exuding wherever she goes. 

    Walking into the lecture hall wearing a black top and cut-off shorts, V went to her usual sitting spot at the back of the lecture hall, whch was near the backdoor of the hall. As she sat down and took her laptop out, two boys got off from their seats and approached her and sat down besides her. V looked at them and gave a quick smile, before focusing back on her laptop again.

    A: Hey V, you free after school today?

    V: Maybe. Why the question?

    B: We just wanna hang out with you, can’t we do that?

    V: Haha, I’ll think about it first. Let you two know later?

    A: Alright then.

    A and B then stood up and began walking back to their seats, and as B walked past V, he gently smacked her knee with his hand, which made V flip the finger at the two of them, the boys laughing admist each other as they took their seats.

    With the class dismissed after close to two hours, V packed up her stuff and made her way out of the lecture hall via the backdoor, A and B also leaving the hall via the same way, the two of them noticing V walking ahead of them and subsequently deciding to catch up to her. As the pair caught up to V, they started talking about class.

    A: Man that was boring to say the least… almost fell asleep just 20 minutes in

    B: No kidding, and today’s a Friday too.. why’d they gotta put our theory classes on a Friday of all days?

    V: Don’t complain so much, it’s not like our practical classes is any better compared to the theory ones. Besides, Friday’s good as well. We just need to bear with it for a couple of hours and then we’re done for the day. Nothing too hard about that.

    A: Meh, that’s true.. anyways, wanna hang out? B and I are going up to the garden above. 

    B: Yea, come join us V. We haven’t had the time to hang out together since the school year started, don’t leave us hanging dry.

    V: Hmmm…. Fine, just this once okay? I got nothing on after school today anyway, so I’ll oblige.. but JUST today alright?

    A: Alright alright, we got it. Just today, just today. Let’s go then.

    With V hanging out with them today, the guys decided to make their way directly to the open-air garden, which was located at the top floor of their lecture block. As the lift was down for maintenance, the trio was left with no choice but to take the stairs instead, and V, with her long legs, took the lead at the stairs, climbing up the stairs faster than the two guys that was taking their time. As she climbed up the stairs in front of them , the guys couldn’t help but notice how smooth and slender her legs was, and pretty soon their eyes were focusing on her petite and firm ass, watching it bounce up and down as she kept going up the stairs. 

    After a bit more climbing of stairs, the trio finally arrived at the roof garden. Seeing as there was no one around, the trio began walking around the garden, before finally stopping near some benches. As the three of them sat down at the bench, B caught a glimpse of V’s shorts receding upwards as she sat down, showing more of her inner thighs. Seeing her inner thighs getting flashed made B slightly aroused, but he shrugged off the feeling. Not aware that the boys were staring at her ass and legs on the way up, V sat on the bench cross-legged, and the boys managed to catch a glimpse of her panties, which was black in colour. Taking her laptop out, V noticed the boys looking at her, and shifted her bag to cover her crotch area.

    V: What are you two perverts looking at, huh?

    A: Who said we were looking at you?

    B: Yea, who said that?

    V: Don’t try to be funny with me… I just saw you two looking at me.

    A: You didn’t say that we can’t look at you.

    V: Pfft, whatever… keep your eyes to yourselves alright?

    Saying that, V turned her focus back to her laptop, and the boys stared at each other, slgihtly irritated by V’s attitude towards them. Even though A and B has known V since secondary school, her attitude towards the two of them had always been demeaning, and even when the trio were in the same polytechnic and class, V’s attitude never changed after all these years as classmates. As such, A and B looked at each other, nodding as they knew that the roof garden would be deserted on normal days. With that, B stood up and took his bag as well, which V noticed.

    V: You’re leaving already, B?

    B: What, no. I’m going to the library to return some material, totally forgot about it. I’ll come back up in a bit.

    A: Watch yourself on the way, there’s construction stuff around this whole block.

    V: Yea, don’t trip and get yourself killed in the process.

    B gave V the finger as he made his way to the stairwell, going through the door as he closed the door ajar. Once he was on the other side of the door, B took his phone oout and began texting A, who upon seeing the text, stood up as well on the pretext of having to make a call. V, still focused on her laptop, merely nodded her head, oblivious to what was about to happen.

    B: She still being so cocky eh?

    A: Yea, what were you expecting from her?

    B: Well, let’s change that. You in?

    A: Change that? What are you planning?

    B: I saw you staring at her ass on the way up here, and at her panties when they flashed. I know you want to fuck her as well.

    A: But how are you going to do that in school?

    B: Just keep her busy, I got my way.

    Seeing the last text from B, A decided to play along even though he was somewhat hesitant to be a part of whatever it was that B was planning. A sat back down on the bench besides V, and peeked at her laptop screen.

    A: You know school’s already ended for the day right?

    V: Yea, what about it?

    A: Can’t you just take it slow and easy? Since secondary school you’ve been working so hard even though your grades were already at the top of the cohort.

    V: well, there’s nothing that I can do while being up here in the garden, and besides we have a project due soon. I might as well use this time to get some work done.

    A: The project is due, yes. But that is in 3 weeks. Surely you can afford to rest every now and then right?

    V: Even you know that the project is due in 3 weeks. Should you and B boith be spending time here idling and not getting anything done?

    A: Who said we didn’t get anything done?

    V: Show me what you both had done and then we’ll talk.

    As A and V continued their bickering, none of them noticed B creeping in their direction from behind, his hand grabbing a piece of cloth. As A and V carried on their arguing, B took the chance to strike, lunging at V from behind, covering the cloth over her mouth. A jumped off the bench in surprise, and V began struggling around, trying her best to pry the arm off her mouth, unaware of who was behind her.

    V: MMMMMPFHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A: What the–

    B: Help me out here, damn it!!1


    A: H-How?!

    B: Grab her legs!!! We’ll carry her to the stairwell!

    Panicking, A did as he was told, grabbing and lifting V’s slender legs up, the latter still attempting to break free from her unseen assailant and now from A. Now carrying V, the boys quickly made their way to the stairwell, V flailing her arms as she saw herself enter the stairwell with the boys, before being thrown roughly onto the floor. Collecting herself, V looked up at A and her assailant, now revealed to be her classmate B.

    V: What the fuck are you two doing?! Do you know how much trouble you both are in, especially you B?!

    B: Oh shut up, you’re not in any position to tell us how much trouble we’re in!

    V: I’m leaving!!

    B: Oh no you’re not! A, stop her!

    A: A-Alright!

    As V got up to her feet and attempted to walk out from the stairwell, A stood in her way, grabbing her arms as they both began struggling against each other. As they were tussling, B got up behind V, covering her mouth with the same piece of cloth that he used earlier. V struggled even more this time, but after a while she stopped, seemingly having passed out from whatever was on the cloth. Seeing that she wasn’t thrashing about anymore, B placed v down on the dusty floor of the stairwell landing.

    A: What happened to her..?

    B: Chlorofom. I went to the lab to take some.

    A: Isn’t that… dangerous and against the rules..?

    B: Who care? Right now we have V to ourselves, and we can do whatever it is we want to her. Don’t you want that?

    A: Well I mean sure, I wanna teach her a lesson but..

    B: Just join in when you’re ready. And help me record this as well, I’ll go first.

    With that said, B handed his phone to A, after which he took out a long towel, tying V’s hands together behind her back while A looks on and started recording the whole scene. Making sure that the recording was rolling, B rubbed his hands up and down on V’s legs, before smirking and spreading her legs apart, moving his head in between her legs and kissing her inner thighs. V stirred abit, but remained unconscious. 

    Looking at her unconscious body, B grinned and stood up, unzipping and taking off his jeans and boxers, taking his dick out and rubbing it against V’s thighs again, before proceeding to take her shorts and panties off, sniffing at her panties, the smell of it getting B hard and horny.

    B: Mmm… she smells so good… I’m gonna love this..

    With that said, B crawled on top of V, his dick still out and erect. He then got close to her face and began licking her lips and kissing her as well, using one hand to finger her pussy. The moment his finger entered her pussy, V let out a soft moan, which turned B on even more. As he continued fingering V with one hand, B used his other hand to take off her top and pulled her bra down to her waist, her tits now shown bare for the boys. Seeing her tits, B started sucking on them hard, his tongue licking her nipples as V started moaning more and more, getting B even hornier and A, who was still filming, started to get horny and aroused as well.

    B: So soft… just wanna taste them forever…

    Taking his finger out from her pussy, B decided that it was time to move on, and positioning himself and his dick between her legs and at her pussy, B pushed his erection into V’s pussy hard, loud moans coming from V as B began thrusting and fucking her pussy hard, both his hands groping and squeezing on her tits hard as he continued pounding his dick harder and deep into her pussy.

    B: Oh my god, you’re so fucking tight, V!! Mm fuck, I love this pussy!!

    V: Aaah… Aaaaah…. W-wha..

    B: I’m going to fuck your brains out, V!! Fuck, fuck!!!


    B: No chance, V!! Your pussy is too tight for me to stop!!! I’m gonna shoot it..!!!

    V: N-NO, NOT IN ME!!! A-AAAAAH!!!!!!!!!

    B: Urgh!!!!

    Thrusting harder and rougher now that V was awake, B pistoned his dick deep into her each time, sucking on her tits hard as he raped her more and more, V moaning loudly as well. Soon, B grunted loudly and groaned as his dick exploded and unloaded his hot seed straight into V’s womb and pussy, giving her a good creampie. Feeling her insides fill up with hot cum, V let out a loud moan as her body twitched, hitting orgasm and squirting hard, her juices spraying everywhere.

    Pulling his dick out from her pussy, B stroked his still-erect dick as he looked at V, who was panting heavily and looking away, tears streaming down her face. Seeing as B was done with his turn, A stepped forward and handed the phone to B, who took it gleefully as A unzipped his pants and pulled it down along with his boxers.

    B: You want a go as well huh, A?

    A: Of course… not going to let this chance go off…

    V: P-Please… l-let me go….

    Tossing his pants and boxers aside, A pulled V up by her hair, getting V to her knees. Looking up weakly, V’s eyes widened as she realised, to her surprise, that A’s dick was out and fully erect, inches away from her face. Without any warning, A forced his dick into her mouth, and began throatfucking V hard. Seeing A getting rough with V made B even more aroused, as he continued to film the whole thing down as he stroked his own dick.

    A: Suck it good, you fucking bitch!! Don’t slow down!!


    B: Fuck man, you’re really making her work!

    A: Deeper, bitch!!!!

    As A continued to push her head down his dick, V began to unvoluntarily deepthroat on his dick, fearing that she won’t be able to breathe if he kept pushing her head. Sensing that she was doing it on her own, A eased up, still grabbing hold of her head but no longer pushing it down hard. Soon, A began to grunt as he could feel his dick pulsating, and V felt the same thing as well as she began to deepthroat A faster and harder, wishing for this to all end as soon as she’s done.

    A: Oh man, I’m gonna cum soon..!!


    B: Make her swallow all of it!

    A: C-Cumming!!! Ugh!!!!

    V: MMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unable to hold back, A groaned and pushed V’s head fully down his dick, V gagging hard as she felt his dick ejaculate loads of hot cum into her mouth and directly down her throat. causing her to gag and choke even more. Not aware at the moment that V was not able to breathe, A let out a loud groan of pleasure as he felt his dick hit the back of her throat. It wasn’t until V started hitting his thighs that A finally let go and stepped back, taking his dick out from her mouth as V began coughing and spitting out the excess cum in her mouth, bits of it trickling down the side of her lips.

    V: H-Haah… t-too much… *coughing*

    A: You keep saying that you don’t want it, but you ended up blowing me off on your own as well. Fucking slut..

    V: F-Fuck off…. 

    B: Now for the next step.. A, join me in this.

    V: N-Next step..?! What are you— GET LOST!!!! 

    Setting the phone down, B stepped up to V and pulled her up to her feet, standing behind her as he does so. Trying to look behind at what B was doing, V was then lifted off her feet, her back leaning against B, struggling to get off from him in the process. Ignoring her thrashing about, and without any warning, A stepped up to V from the front and pushed his dick deeply into V’s pussy, causing V to scream in pain as A, now grabbing hold of her lifted thighs, began thrusting hard and roughly. Thinking that it was just a simple case of A fucking her to his heart’s content, V let out a louder scream of pain as B suddenly pushed his own dick into her ass from behind, both her holes now getting viciously and violently raped.


    A: Ohhh fuck, she’s so tight!!! It’s sucking my dick in deeper!

    B: I’m going to pound your ass till you break, V!!! Ohh fuck man!!!


    As both guys ignored V’s pleas to stop and began violating and raping her holes with violent intent, V could no longer control herself and let out loud moans, her ass and pussy tightening up around the two dicks that was pounding and fucking her brains out. Feeling that her body was tightening up, both A and B decided that they were going to pound V non-stop as roughly as they could, both guys groping and squeezing V’s tits and nipples hard as they continued to pound their dicks deep into her holes.

    Not long after, both guys started groaning loudly as their dicks began to pulsate in V’s ass and pussy, pounding and fucking her even faster and harder. Knowing that the boys were close to cumming, and with her body no longer able to resist the waves of pleasure, V moaned loudly and moved one of her hands down to her pussy, rubbing at her clit hard.

    A: Fuck, fuck!! I’m gonna cum!!!!

    B: Me too!!! Ohhh fuckkkkk!!!!! Ugh!!!

    V: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!! C-Cumming!!!! Cumming!!!!!!!!

    Letting out a loud groan concurrently, A and B pushed and pounded their dicks deep into V’s holes deeply, ejaculating into her hard and filling her up full. Feeling their hot loads of cum filling her up rapidly, V screamed out in pleasure as she too reached her orgasm, squirting hard alongside the guys, all three of them now moaning together. 

    After a few moments, both guys eventually pulled out from V’s holes, A letting her down onto the floor as he and B began stroking their dicks again, V on the floor panting and breathing heavily before getting up onto her knees and looking at the two of them. Seeing their dicks getting back to full erection, V wrapped her hands around each dick and began stroking hard, sucking each dick in turn as the guys groaned in pleasure, pushing V’s head down when she’s sucking on their dicks.

    A: Deeper, V… Make me cum again in your mouth..

    B: Horny little whore..

    V: M-Mmmmm…

    As the boys continued to have their way with her, V began sucking on their dicks even harder, deepthroating as she continued to pleasure their dicks, the boys now choosing to squeeze her tits hard, causing V to moan loudly. 

    A: Cumming, V!!

    B: Ugh.. here it comes!

    V: Mmmmmfffppph!!!

    Groaning loudly, the guys aimed their dicks at V, who opened her mouth at their instruction, and pretty soon, the guys grunted as their dicks shot loads of cum, unloading into V’s mouth and onto her face, V yelping in surprise as she moved closer and licked their dicks clean, swallowing as much cum as she could while cleaning them up. 

    Soon, the boys stood back from V, looking at her covered in cum completely. Getting up slowly, V looked at herself covered in cum, and the guys then stepped forward, each of them taking turns to suck on her tits as V moaned in pleasure and began stroking their dicks hard, causing the guys to moan and cum again, shooting their load onto her body as they pushed V back down onto her knees and made her swallow their loads again..

    Finishing up, the guys got dressed and after snapping their fill of pictures of V covered in cum, the guys quickly made their way away from the scene of their rape against V. Lying motionless on the ground briefly, V slowly got up, picking up her clothes as she cowered in one corner of the stairwell and started crying loudly, the fact of the rape dawning on her.

    In the days to come, V avoided coming to school altogether, wishing that she would not need to run into A and B at all. However, A and B not only began harassing her daily with threats of leaking the recording down, they also began to blackmail V, forcing her to let them fuck her as much as she wants.


    Great read! :)


    Story 2 : The Sleepover

    Two hot boys from Poly are stuck doing project work and it gets late. Project work is usually boring, or is it ? 

    The first Long-Form Story from sgguystories, hope you guys like it.

    Read on !


    “Hey, you going to have that?” Hariz pointed to the last satay stick, while looking at Akmal. “Nah, I’m stuffed. Tomorrow I still have track training in the morning, so cannot be looking like a stuffed satay”, Akmal replied jokingly. Hariz laughed and grabbed the last stick of the chicken satay.

    Hariz and Akmal have known each other since secondary school. They were in the same class all the way from Sec 1 till now, when they are enrolled both in the same Electrical course at the Poly. They were the best of friends, almost like brothers, since both of them are the only child in the family. They hanged out quite a lot at the nearby mall too after school, trying to catch up on schoolwork and stuff because both of them just lived one block away from each other.

    Both were in year 1 of Poly and were still adjusting to the lecture style of the Poly. Although they were mixing around with new friends at the Poly, they still wait for each other to go back together after lesson ends. Mutual friends know them as brothers as they were so close to each other.

    Hariz was in the track and field team. He was a sprinter, having a tanned, muscular, powerful body that is typical of sprinters. As Hariz always had an interest in sprinting, he had this golden brown tan all year round. Hariz would always likes to train topless at the school track as he tends to sweat buckets during the day training. Having a boyish clean shaven face, he was always quite popular with the girls in the Poly, not to mention that he was a social butterfly himself.

    Unlike Hariz, Akmal was more of an indoor sport person. Akmal was in the school’s Badminton team. He had represented his secondary school in Badminton tournaments before and was readily accepted into the Poly’s team when he joined. Like Hariz, Akmal has also a great interest in the sport that he has chosen. Because of this, both Akmal and Hariz were frequently found in the school gym training when they were not engaged in school or their own sport training.

    It was the mid year period that both of them needed to work on a project for their course work. It as a group work project and they were grouped together with another 2 classmates.

    “Shit, what is the time already? My eyes are all blurred man”, grumbled Alex, the other group member. The 4 group mates were all bunked in at Hariz’s house to complete the project and it’s getting late.

    “Almost 11:30PM already, you two better go first, since you need to catch the last bus. Me and Akmal will finish up the loose ends. We will meet you back in school tomorrow.”, suggested Hariz to both Alex and Ben.

    “Hmmm ok then .. think we better make a move first. Damn shack siah .. Can’t wait for the holidays to come”, Ben said, while tidying up the paper mess all over the floor, “Ready to go Alex?”

    “Yah ok, let’s go. Hope still got last bus man”, Alex said while walking to the main door with Ben. “See you guys tomorrow at school, thanks Akmal and Hariz”. Ben and Alex waved and took the lift down.

    Hariz locked the main door and return back to his room. Akmal was still intently trying to type the report on the laptop. Akmal had this geeky cute guy and Hariz was trying not to stare too much at him. It occurred to Hariz that this is the first time after so many years that Akmal was over at his house till this late and there was no body in the house, since Hariz parents went to Malaysia to visit his Brother and his family there.

    Hariz has always liked being with Akmal. Ever since the first day Hariz saw Akmal in secondary school, he has always liked hanging out with Akmal. It just makes him happy to be able to see Akmal almost every day. Although Hariz was a hot jock in school and many girls were after him, he just wasn’t interested in them.

    “Hey, erm, it’s quite late, how’s your progress on the report?”, asked Hariz.

    “Still got about 1 or 2 chapters to go before summarising the whole thing”, Akmal replied while taking off his black rimmed glasses and rubbing his eyes and giving a half yawn.

    “I see, why not you just bunk here tonight since it’s already so late. You can sleep a while first and we can wake up earlier tomorrow and work on it again”, offered Hariz. “I have a spare mattress.”

    Akmal thought about it for a while. “Sleep over at your place here? Hmm is it ok for you?”

    “Yah sure bro. No one is at home anyway.”, Hariz added.

    “Hmm ok la. Feeling damn tired also, lazy to walk back, haha!”, Akmal replied. He stood up and stretched himself. “Ok, I go wash up a bit”. Akmal walked to the adjacent toilet and washed himself up.

    Hariz quickly packed up the mess on the floor and laid out the extra mattress beside his queen sized bed. The fact is, his heart was beating quite quickly. Akmal, his dream boy, is spending the night over at his place. He was over the mood inside but he tried to keep it from showing too much on his face.

    Akmal came out of the toilet and saw that Hariz was already on the spare mattress that was laid next to the knee high bed frame. “You can take the bed then, since you are the guest, haha .. Damn I am such a good host right?”, offered Hariz while he chuckled.

    “Wow!  Really bro? You’re ok ya?”, Akmal asked.

    “Yeah .. I’m ok .. Ok I’m turning off the lights. Get to sleep. Got to wake up early”. Hariz reached for the lamp on the side table, wanting to turn it off.

    To Hariz’s surprise, Akmal started to take off his clothes. He peeled off his black Under Armor t-shirt and slid off his knee high berms to reveal an Andrew Christian white low-cut trunk style brief. Hariz was trying his utmost best not to stare at Akmal. He didn’t know Akmal will take off his clothes for bed! Hariz was quickly getting excited, in more ways than one, especially his cock, which is gradually growing hard underneath his own shorts.

    While Akmal casually folded his t-shirt and berms into half to place it on the floor, Hariz’s cock was showing a tent on his own shorts.

    “Oh shit oh shit!”, Hariz just remembered he was free balling below his soft cotton Adidas Basketball shorts. Before long, a visible cock outline can be seen on Hariz’s shorts. His 6.5 inch dick outline was showing along with his cut cockhead.

    Hariz quickly sat down on the mattress and raised his knees hoping Akmal didn’t notice it. Hariz thought it will be awkward if Akmal caught him gawking at him and worse, getting a hard on in front of Akmal.

    Akmal, now only clad in his black briefs, which didn’t leave much to imagination, clearly showing his cock outline which is parked pointing left to his thigh, sat on the side of the bed facing Hariz, his hands placed behind him slightly, leaning back. He then closed his eyes and stretched, showing his well defined abs and chest. Hariz noticed that Akmal was smooth all over. His pits were all cleanly shaven, all the way to his chest. Just that there was this faint sexy trail at the bottom of his navel leading down and disappearing on the TOP band of his underwear.

    Hariz, sitting down on the mattress, right in front of Akmal, was positioned  where his face was directly in front of Akmal groin. Hariz gulped. HIs hard cock felt like it was going to burst anytime. It was really pushing onto the fabric of his shorts. He didn’t dare to stand up to turn off the lights. His cock will be pointing straight at Akmal!

    “Hey bro, you want to turn off the lights?”, asked Akmal, while still having his eyes closed and using his hand to massage his neck.

    “I, uh, I think … The lights .. Yeah .. ”, Hariz stuttered.

    “Ah it’s ok, since you are on the floor, I will turn it off then”, offered Akmal, reaching over to the lamp on the side bed and flicking the switch. The room was now dimmed, lighted only by the street lamp outside and the small dim lights coming from the appliance in the room, still it was enough for Hariz to see Akmal sexy body.

    Akmal returned back to massaging his neck, “Hey bro, can you help me with a little back rub? I think I overdid the training yesterday and my shoulders and neck are quite tight.”

    “What? Me? A back rub ? Erm ok”, Hariz uttered. Thinking that since the room was so dim, Akmal won’t be able to see his hard cock. Hariz stood up and sat beside Akmal. Hariz moved his hands to Akmal bulging shoulders and kneaded it. His own cock now oozing pre-cum, making the front spot of his shorts wet.

    “Feels so good, yeah .. ”, Akmal sighed.

    Hariz can do this forever. Touching his dream boy, and seeing him and sitting next to him while he is almost nude, what better circumstances were there?

    Suddenly, Hariz felt Akmal grabbed his right hand. “Oh shit! This is it! I think Akmal is going to get angry now and leave. What have I done?! I ruined our friendship”, Hariz thought in his mind, “Sor .. Sorry Akmal .. ”, Hariz stammered again.

    Akmal didn’t say anything. He just held Hariz right hand for a while and moved it down and placed Hariz hand on top of his cock. Hariz was stunned beyond words. What was happening?? What was Akmal doing?

    “I saw your hard cock, Hariz. I know you want this. I want this too.”, whispered Akmal into Hariz ears.

    “God.. I want you so bad, Akmal. I have always wanted you .. But I didn’t know how you would react when I told you”, Hariz said.

    Akmal then held Hariz face with both hands and kissed him, both tongues furiously exploring each other. Hariz reached down and played with Akmal nipples, using both of his thumbs to flick Akmal hard nipples, circling them, rubbing the tip. This caused Akmal to get even more horny as he liked the sensation.

    Hariz then broke the kiss and lowered his head to Akmal’s nips. He used the tip of his tongue to expertly flick Akmal’s nipples, making Akmal moan loudly. The sensation was driving Akmal crazy, he moaned loudly and grabbed the bedsheets. His cock now hard as steel, broke free of the underwear band and the cock head was sticking out of his briefs.

    Hariz licked and sucked on Akmal’s nipples while using his hand to play with Akmal’s other nipple. Hariz was getting more and more turned on, tasting Akmal and hearing his moans. He always liked a vocal partner. He raised up Akmal’s arms, showing Akmal’s cleanly shaved pits and buried his face into it, his tongue giving Long licks to Akmal’s pits, ocassionally sucking it. Akmal was a naturally sensitive person and this was driving his over the edge. Hariz reached down and pulled down Akmal’s underwear. Akmal’s underwear dropped to the floor and his cock was pointing straight up, throbbing, oozing pre-cum that was glistening, reflecting the dim street lamp that was outside.

    Hariz paused for a moment and worked on Akmal’s other nipple. This time his hand was massaging and slowly stroking Akmal’s cock, using the dripping pre-cum as lube. His hand stroking Akmal’s cock in a circular motion. He did it gently and with very light pressure because he didn’t want Akmal to cum yet. He still wanted to have more fun with his dream boy. This was the night he had wet dreams of.

    Akmal, at this time was breathing heavily, his eyes closed, enjoying all the new sensations that Hariz, his Best Friend, his buddy, was giving him.

    Hariz, got off the bed and knelt down on the mattress. He used his right hand to stroke Akmal’s cock while looking up at him. “You like it, Akmal?”. Akmal couldn’t answer. He just nodded and placed his hands on the back of Hariz’s head. Hariz then lowered his mouth onto Akmal’s 6.5 inch of boy meat. Hariz has sucked off quite some guys before. Whether it was just quick fun in school, or just some casual meet up on Grindr, but this was special. Hariz bobbed his head up and down slowly, sucking on Akmal’s cock and using his tongue to flick Akmal’s cock head and piss slit. He took it all in again, overcoming his gag reflex, pushing all of Akmal’s cock into his mouth and contracted his throat muscles to give Akmal more sensation. Hariz hands were playing with Akmal’s tightening ball sac. His balls were quite huge. Hariz stopped and licked his balls. Taking one ball at a time into his mouth and gently pulling it.

    Akmal was gasping at this time. He leaned back further. Hariz continued his “Attack” on Akmal. Hariz then got to work on Akmal’s perineum, jabbing his tongue on the area just behind Akmal’s balls. He loved Akmal’s smell. The slightly musky boy smell mixed with just a little scent of shower gel and deodorant. Akmal cock was now leaking pre-cum onto his abs, forming a little pool on his navel.

    Hariz got down further and further and decided to loosen up Akmal. Hariz grabbed both of Akmal’s knees and pushed it forward, causing Akmal’s ass to be raised slightly. Akmal got the signal. Akmal used both of his hands to grab his own butt cheek, giving easier access for Hariz to have a clear view of his shaved hole.

    Hariz didn’t waste any time. He dived straight into Akmal’s smooth hole. Giving long licks to Akmal’s sensitive, hairless hole, alternating between using his tongue to circle around it and pushing his rigid tongue right into it. Hariz just wanted to this boy so badly. Akmal body was jerking from the intense pleasure that Hariz was giving him. He has never been rimmed before, much less from his Best Friend that he has known for so many years. Hariz spit on Akmal’s hole, trying to lube it so his tongue can reach in deeper. Akmal’s ass hole is now contracting and relaxing, wet with saliva. Hariz reached above and scooped some of Akmal’s pre-cum to lube his middle finger. With his wet and slippery finger, he inserted it slowly into Akmak’s willing asshole. Slowly, knuckle by knuckle, Hariz slipped it in, trying not to hurt Akmal. Akmal is now bouncing on the bed. Hariz started to finger-fuck Akmal, while intently looking at his face. This beautiful boy, whose perfectly boyish face is grimacing not with pain but with pleasure, fully naked on his bed. Is this a dream?

    Hariz asked softly, “Can I fuck you, Akmal?”. Akmal opened his eyes slowly and gave a smile, “I thought you’ll never ask. Fuck me please, Hariz.”

    Hariz reached out to the side table and took out a tube of KY and a condom. Akmal opened his eyes slightly and grabbed Hariz’s hands. “No condom. I want to feel you in me, raw. Fuck me raw Hariz..”, Akmal said. Hariz nodded and started to lube his cock up, spreading more lube on his mushroom shaped cock head. He used his finger to push some lube into Akmal’s hole, trying to use his finger to relax Akmal to ease penetration.

    Hariz then stood up and ripped off his own shorts and grabbed onto Akmal’s ankle and slowly guided his cock into Akmal. Akmal clenched his teeth and moaned loudly. Hariz knew Akmal was new to this. Just last week Akmal just confided to Hariz that he haven’t been with anyone before. It just occured to Hariz that he is about to give Akmal a virgin fuck.

    “You want me to stop?”, Hariz asked, worried he was hurting Akmal. Akmal moaned back ,“No … Keep going .. Please .. I want you to fuck me .. I want you to be the first for me.”

    Hariz pushed lightly again. Inch by inch till all 6 inches of Hariz hard cock was into Akmal. Hariz stopped there a little, for Akmal to accustom to having a cock in his virgin ass. Hariz bent forward to give Akmal a deep kiss. Hariz started fucking Akmal slowly. As Hariz cock was slightly curved upwards, it rubbed and pushed on Akmal’s prostate every time Hariz thrusted into him. The pleasure was indescribable. It’s like his whole body was on lightning.

    Akmal’s hole now relaxed, enabling Hariz to thrust harder and faster. Hariz low hanging balls slapping onto Akmal’s butt on every thrust. Two naked boys, only highlighted by the street lamp outside, fucking with love.

    “Urhh.. Urhh .. Urhh”, moaned Akmal every time Hariz thrusted into him. Hariz was getting more and more turned on by the moaning. He wanted this moment to last forever. Hariz pulled out all the way and pushed it all the way into Akmal. Hariz slid in easily this time round, with Akmal inviting hole now all relaxed and gaping.

    Hariz moved Akmal’s hand to hold on to his own thigh while Hariz hands played with Akmal’s nipples. They were very hard and sensitive now. Hariz knew this. Hariz flicked and lightly twisted on the perky nipples.

    Hariz wanted to go even deeper into Akmal. He climbed onto the bed and use his arms to push Akmal legs forward till Akmal knees were nearly touching his chest, fucking him in a missionary style. Akmal’s ass Now raised slightly, giving a better angle for Hariz to fuck him even deeper. Hariz was relentless. Hariz pushed his throbbing cock right into Akmal’s ass, now sliding in easily till Hariz was balls deep inside.

    Hariz had a strong core due to his sports training and he kept his pumping rhythm in constant motion, pushing Akmal nearer and nearer to the point of no return. Sweat beads formed on both of the boys’ fit and lean bodies, increasing the sexual energy between them.

    Before Long, the pressure building in Akmal’s balls and prostate were too much to bare. “Oh shit .. I’m cumming! Fuck Fuck .. Fuck me harder .. FUCK!!”, Akmal screamed and his cum shot from his cock slit and landed on his chin. 3 shots landed on his chest and the rest of the 4 shots landed on his six pack abs. Akmal was panting now. He haven’t cum so hard and so much before. It was a mind blowing experience.

    At this point, Hariz was getting near himself too. He used 3 of his fingers and picked up some of Akmal’s cum and lifted it to his mouth , tasting the fresh boy cum. It tasted thick and sweet. This intense taste did it for Hariz. 

    Hariz is getting near. He started thrusting harder and faster. “Ahh .. shitt .. shit, I’m going to cum .. Ahh “, Hariz exclaimed. Akmal tried to contract his ass muscles, gripping Hariz’s cock more tightly. 

    “Uhh yeah … yeah .. shoot it inside me Hariz!”, Akmal called out. Hariz exploded into Akmal, shooting ropes and ropes of cum, coating the insides of Akmal’s love tunnel. Akmal felt the warmth of the cum filled his ass and drooling out of his gasping hole. Hafiz collapsed onto Akmal, both boys panting, smell of cum and love filled the air in the room.

    “Ahh .. Fuckk … Shit .. I haven’t come so much for so Long!’, Hariz said while looking at Akmal. Akmal laughed, "Yeah .. Me too man. You’re damn good”

    The two boys sat on the bed in the nude for a while and hugged. Akmal kissed Hariz and whispered, “Thank you for tonight. I just really like you ever since I met you. I love you.”. Hariz just melted and kissed him again and whispered back, “Yes dear, I love you too. From tonight onwards, you are mine.”. With that Hariz held Akmal tightly in his arms. 

    The boys cleaned up a little and quickly drifted away to dreamland, both sleeping naked together on the bed. Having gone though an experience tonight have brought them closer together and the start of a lovely relationship together and of course, many hot intimate sessions between the boyfriends.


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    Ryan the Pool Boy 7 - Lifeguard Duties

    Bang, bang, bang.

    Ryan is sweating and breathing heavily as he fucks Keith’s bubble butt. He had put Keith down on the table in the pool store room. They are part time lifeguards first met a couple of years back.

    If you recall, this was how I began Part 3 from earlier on. We had talked about how Ryan and Keith had met at a lifeguard course, and Keith losing his virginity to Ryan in Part 5, before the two went about their own lives. Ryan went on to be swimming captain at a local poly where he had many encounters including the ones with Aaron (Part 6). In those two years, Keith had enlisted and finished serving the nation (yes, this is Keith from Keith’s Outfield with Leon). He had a bit of a break before he moved onto uni, so he resumed for some contract work as a lifeguard at a condo pool not too far from his home. Well, not a bad way to kill time, the pay wasn’t too bad and it was quite slack anyway. There’s almost never any residents Swimming

    He decided to take up the offer and maybe quit once school starts. He thought the work would be a little dull, but he was proven wrong on the first day of work.

    “Keith, long time no see!”

    Keith turned around to see who it was.

    “Oh! Hey Ryan, it’s you!” Keith walked towards Ryan as he jumped down from his lifeguard chair, wearing his yellow tee and red shorts. “It’s been a while indeed.”

    Keith had no idea his lifeguard course buddy was studying at the poly, but also working part time as a lifeguard there! After they had not been in contact for a long time since Keith went for NS, but they still recognize each other from far, how could they not after all that intimacy? He was pleasantly surprised that they were going to be lifeguards at the same pool now.

    “I’ll give Keith a proper orientation around here, leave him with me,” said Ryan to Wenjie, his co-worker, with a sheepish smile. “It’s been a while for us, so we might, uh, take a little long, you know, but don’t worry about us.”

    “No problem, I’ve got you covered here, enjoy boys!” his co-worker got the hint, knowing Ryan too well during their time on these two person duties.

    “That sounded a little awkward!” Keith blushed a little as the two walked away.

    “Don’t worry, he’s a cool guy, well a really hot guy too, don’t you think so?” Ryan said.

    “Yeah, he’s one hot guy!”

    “Haha, and you my friend became some hunk after NS huh?” Ryan said, grabbing Keith’s bicep to feel its size. “Gosh you’ve become so hot. Let me show you around before I forget.”

    “Yeah, let’s do that first, haha!”

    Ryan briefed his buddy on the routines for the lifeguard on duty, schedules, emergency exits, the office, other staff at the pool. It took them a good 30-45 minutes to get around before they came to this building at the side of the swimming pool.

    “Ok, let me show you the store room,” Ryan said with a change in the tone of his voice. “So in here we have most of the equipment, ropes, cones, flags, you name it, and oh yeah, some extra deck chairs. I nap there sometimes, just remember to set your alarm, and there’s a fan up there to cool yourself down…”

    Click. Ryan locked the door behind him.

    “Well the fan can cool us down too if things get a little hot in here…”

    “What will heat things…” Keith was pulled towards Ryan and his question stopped short by a long, deep kiss.

    The store room was quiet, less then sound of oscillating fan, the ruffling of their red shorts against each others’, and the sound of their wet kisses together with their heavy breathing. Two lifeguards began unleashing almost 3 years worth of lust and desire for each other as their boners grew harder and longer. It’s been awfully long, too long in fact, since Keith last had any proper sex, aside from the odd blowjob from during army days, Keith managed to keep his hormones in control with his fists. He had not had sex since the time in Ryan’s room after that last lifeguard lesson. As for Ryan, it has also been quite some time since he last fucked a guy, except the few rare times when he flipped and fucked the uni rugby player Aaron instead.

    Ryan’s fingers found his way down Keith’s back and slowly slid their way along his butt crack, swirling the middle finger around the boy hole that was slightly wet from sweat that formed from the tour they did around the pool just now. Keith started to moan heavily, as Ryan’s fingers worked magic to unleash all the horniness from the last two sexless years, and in no time Keith was brought down to his knees, kneeling before this fuck buddy he just reunited with.

    Oh yes, a reunion for the two buddies includes a more private and intimate reunion. Ryan was rock hard by now and wet from the blowjob Keith is giving. He suddenly pushed Keith away and picked him up from the ground, carrying him in the air. Keith immediately wrapped his hands around Ryan for support.

    “Hold on tight, Keith,” was all Ryan said as he adjusted his hips and poked his way right into Keith’s horny boyhole, which has been twitching in anticipation of his buddy’s leaking cock, a sensation so familiar yet so distant back it took Keith time to adjust. Ryan was not small after all. Keith was gasping for air now as he felt Ryan’s cock reinvading his hole inch by inch, going deep to reach that g-spot that Keith so desperately needed pounded hard. Ryan had no troubles conquering that spot, it was only a matter of a short time, sending moans into the air.

    They might have moaned a little too loud but they could have cared less. The reunion was long overdue and not anything or anyone could interrupt them.

    “Oh hey guys they just put up the thunderstorm warning so I’ve closed the pool,” Wenjie barged in half surprised at the scene before his eyes and almost immediately slamming the door shut behind him. Ryan heard a sound but as his back was facing the door he could not see who came in, though it was not hard to guess.

    “Ummm I was here to grab the stand to put up the signage sitting on the rack,” Wenjie walked slowly into the store room towards his two co workers, “which is actually behind you Keith, but who the fuck cares now,” Wenjie stopped short of the rack grabbing his full hard on instead, taking off his shirt to reveal his tanned body and broad shoulders with a perfectly attractive chest. This sight just got Keith even hornier. Wenjie leaned forward to give his new co worker a kiss, then tugged Keith’s head towards his chest which Keith eagerly licked and teased.

    “Wenjie, you sure always know when to barge in, heh!” Ryan said as he placed Keith down on the floor who lied down on his back to rest a bit.

    “Well, you never lock the door or keep things down in here, what do you expect, besides good things must share right?” Wenjie replied with a smirk, and now stood with his hard cock beside where Keith’s head is on the floor.

    Keith got himself up on all fours, and started sucking Wenjie off. Ryan resumed fucking his buddy Keith from behind. Later on Ryan flipped Keith over to continue in missionary and Wenjie face fucked Keith. After some time, Keith felt a twitch from Wenjie’s cock. Wenjie pulled out and streams of cum shot out onto his sweaty body. Wenjie used some of it as lube to jerk off Keith’s cock which is now very sensitive and needed release. The sensation was too much for Keith who started to cum on himself. Ryan felt a tight grip on his cock as Keith cummed and his ass muscles clenched a bit harder. This was too much even for Ryan who cummed right inside Keith, as a gift for their reunion. Wenjie quickly dressed up leaving the two behind to recover from the action, all thanks to the timely storm, the kind of storm horny lifeguards hopes for on a day of boring duties.

    And this certainly won’t be the last.