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Beauty, Art, Metal, Blades, Blacksmithing, And really, GOOD FOOD are things I enjoy. Especially GOOD FOOD And Blades

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2021-07-25 02:43:07

    Starting new blog

    Peashooter's Treasures


    Basically will be posting Ancient to 19th century treasures such as jewelry, gold, silver, gems, coins, ornaments, ceremonial objects, sunken treasure, and discovered treasure hoards. Please follow if interested.


    This is an interesting idea I had but ehh, I'm having a hard time keeping up with one blog let alone two. Decided I'm gonna close this one down and just post shiny jewelry and treasures to my main page.


    PPC (Police Pistol Combat also known as Precision Pistol Competition in some parts of the world) was one of the few options if you wanted to compete before IPSC was founded in the mid 70s, the only option if you were looking for any real world based practice, since it involved firing from different stances and even behind obstacles. It is considered the origin of practical shooting.

    This is an exaple of the kind of gun you wold see in a PPC match.