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    A huge number of people are already getting fucked over when it comes to being allowed to cast a vote in the upcoming elections. Let’s try to minimize what that number COULD be as much as possible. It might also be useful to have the number for the ACLU written down (or already in your phone) so you can CALL THEM while still at the polling place and get whatever information is needed in order to see about having the ACLU sue them. Write down names. Get witnesses. Take photos. MAKE IT VERY CLEAR TO THE POLLSTERS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. (Unless you have reason to believe they’re going to be assholes and try to have you arrested for doing so, in which case, be as subtle as possible.)


    ^^ Really look at the state by state info so just in case this happens you’ll know what to do!


    Oh btw Yzma is a golden example of a likeable non sympathetic villain. The audience knows she is totally evil and pretty much un redeemable but the writers and character designers did such an excellent job of making her so likeable and visually appealing A fucking plus


    Kronks redemption arc has yet to be rivaled nothing can ever fucking compare.


    OP did u just fucking call Yzma “visually appealing”?????


    In terms of character design Yzma is visually appealing, the artists did a great job picking out colours and perfecting her silhouette. Using those design principles, they created an expressive villain that is fun to watch on screen.


    op is absolutely right in that observation, good character design is about good use of shapes, curves and angles. Yzma is a fantastic example of that.


    A d we can’t sideline Eartha Kitt for literally breathing life into her character to the point of perfection. Yzma was really was an exemplary villain.


    ‘visually appealing’ does not equal ‘want to fuck them’

    the fucked up thing about job interviews is that everybody Knows that youre just there because you need money to stay alive, everyone Knows that the companys interests are in your mind secondary at best to you having a home and not starving, but they still need to hear you beg and tell them how much The Company means to you and how great an opportunity it is to work for them its so masturbatory 


    “Pants were invented for men” not according to my ancestors.


    Pants were invented for riding horses. People who didn’t have nomad horse culture all wore dresses. Dress wearing old greek men considered pants to be the mark of barbarism. Like the Scynthians and Samaritans.

    Also- the Scynthian and Samaritan tribes were known for equality between genders. Where women were renouned hunters and archers. They are where the greeks got the idea for Amazons.

    So sorry bro pants are totally for women. You just mad its for riding something that’s not you.


    Okay but like based on genital structure, it would actually make sense for mean to wear skirts and women pants, why are we even talking about logic


    the scottish did it right


    The Scottish did it to hide more knives


    The Scottish did it right