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    My dad’s best friend caught me staring at the huge hole in his jeans just below his bulge. Without a beat or any condemnation he said, hey buddy. I didn’t mean to wear these pants can you do me a favor and keep an eye on it and warn me if anything falls out. I just got busted ogling his balls and now he was giving me permission and an excuse. I watched him like a hawk all day. Unfortunately nothing came loose. When he and my dad were done for the day they headed for the house. My dad had promised pizza in return for the help and to give my neighbor a hand when he needed it. Dad offered Bill the shower first, when Bill called out and asked if it was okay if I came in the bathroom with him and rubbed the kink out of his back and shoulder for him. My dad said go ahead that kid has magic hands. When I entered the bathroom the shower was on but Bill was still undressing. Thanks for keeping an eye out so I didn’t lose anything in these pants he laughed. He put his arm around my shoulder to steady himself as he began to pull his pants off by the pant leg. Sorry, I didn’t put on a show for you out there, I tried, he said, but this will make up for it. As his pants fell, his cock sprang out bigger and harder than I had even dreamed. Get your clothes off and get in the shower with me. I need you to work this kink out, he said as he smiled and eyed his own hard cock….but my dad, I stuttered. I’m not asking you to do anything your dad and I haven’t already done for each other. He unbuttoned my pants and stripped me in what seemed like seconds pressing his hard cock against mine and plunging his tongue in my throat. I felt a draft of cool air as the shower door opened and closed as I felt my dad’s body behind me. His cock pressing against my ass. I brought shower gel and lube for you, he said as I felt him press his hard cock between my cheeks, and on other hard cock for you to work the kink out of he whispered in my ear. Why don’t you kneel down there and get us both washed up real good. I plan on tasting both of you too, so take your time and do a good job. Your son has a beautiful cock Bill said. I’ll let you taste him first he said to my dad. I hope his mouth is as good as yours