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    Yosemite Falls Rainbow captured in Yosemite National Park (California) revealed a colorful phenomenon on the 1,430-foot (440 meter) upper portion of the park's highest waterfall at 2,425 feet (739 meters). It lasted 8 minutes with very strong winds at the perfect time of day (9 a.m.), and unusual heavy waters in November collided to form this sublime visual effect.

    Video by @gregharlowmedia

    The outpouring love and respect the wrestling industry has for Brodie Lee is remarkable, a great loss for this world, my condolences to his family, hope they find peace.

    We all should strive for the kind of impact he did, you can clearly see what kind of person he was and it’s a sad reminder that we should reflect on the way we live our lives, life is short and we don’t have tomorrow granted.

    Today we lost a great professional wrestler but an even better human being, his passing may hurt but his legacy must be remembered.

    Rest in Peace Jon Huber