22 F. / Germany / Submissive / Bisexual ***Property of @Katies-Mistress*** I'm Hers. My heart, soul and body belong to Her - and therefore also my orgasms. None of these pics are mine. Dear Doms/Dommes, please accept that she's my one and only Mistress. Just because I'm submissive doesn't mean that I want to be degraded by strangers. Dear men, please respect that I've already found my husband to share the rest of my life with. So please don't send any dickpics, I'm really not interested and will block you. For those of you who read so far: I'm always open for some exchange. Message me and we can have a talk. +18 NSFW

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2020-11-30 17:58:15

    Electrical play isn’t your typical first scene, however, it’s stimulating to meet a girl who craves hard use. I enjoy interactions where a sub fuck toy finds new psssion for pleasing on short notice no holes barred. (EB).


    Beside the fact that I love electrical play, this “Such a strong, submissive avatar… Let’s remind you who you’re weak for” really got me. So much hotter than “You’ll never be good enough”.

    Dear Doms, sometimes it can be pretty arousing to push and support your Subs!


    I woke up yesterday's morning feeling a tug on my hair. Mistress dragged me brutally out of the warm bed. I was kneeling in front of Her when She put the slave collar around my neck and locked it in place with a combination lock.

    She attached a lead to it and dragged me into the living room. I had to stay on the floor the whole day, not allowed to use any kind of furniture. I even had to use a bucket instead of the toilet and the worst: She made me wear a garbage bag instead of my normal clothes. Oh how degrading...

    During breakfast Mistress cuffed my hands behind my back and made me eat out of a bowl...

    I quickly got used to live on the floor, chained to the heating but I really hated this bag. It was uncomfortable, not appropriate and so very humiliating. I told Mistress. Without further ado She ripped it off. I was now fully naked. I'm an ungrateful slut and should appreciate whatever She makes me wear.

    Later that day Mistress had me stay on all fours and placed a glass plate on my back with a full glass of water on top. I heard Her saying "DON'T DARE SPILLING MY DRINK" before She started to tease and torture me with Her crop. She even let me cum. AND I didn't spill Her water.

    The day went on and Mistress didn't miss a chance to tease and torture me, turning me into a pathetic dripping mess. At bedtime my butt cheeks and breasts were black and blue.

    Oh how much I crave Her attention. I so love living at Her feet, being nothing than a fuck toy to Her. She's perfect and I couldn't be happier.

    Thank You my Mistress!


    Subs who say "thank you" after being allowed to cum get fucked the hardest. I don't make the rules.


    ...there are subs who don’t say thank you after being allowed to cum?

    Come on people.


    Rule no. 1 to thank Mistress after being allowed to cum. That's self-evident. Just like thanking Her after being punished or humiliated. Could thank Her every day just for owning me x