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What do: Write What: Ficks. About: Characters me like. Fandoms: "Sherlock", "Ace Attorney", "Lord of the Rings", "Naruto", "Mario". Genre: I really like angst. Update: Soon-ish.

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    More adventures of the Perfect Yatagerasu Trio

    Byrne: So is this like a thing you do?

    Gregory: What thing?

    Byrne: The 'Not letting us have any fun' thing.

    Gregory: ...your 'fun' is dangerous, Byrne.

    Byrne: I don't see how, honestly.

    Gregory: ...

    Greg: Byrne you wanted to see if you could create instant soup by eating the noodles dry and then drinking boiling water.

    Byrne: It was for science, Edgeworth! The world needs to know!

    Greg: Byrne, I swear, if you ever try this on your own, I'm telling Tyrell about what happened to his last box of lollies.

    Byrne: *crying* Why does no one understand me in this house?!

    Adventures of my ideal version of the Yatagerasu; Gregory Edgeworth, Byrne Faraday and Tyrell Badd:

    Byrne: *jittery from coffee after two days of not sleeping* How about we blackmail the d-director of f-fort k-knox to g-give all the gold to the p-poor?

    Greg: How about we don't do that, and instead go for a nice long nap?

    Byrne: But...work and... coffee

    Greg: Bed. Now.

    Byrne: *sitting sad at a table*

    Badd: What's wrong, bud?

    Byrne: Payne laughed at me again.

    Badd: Pay me ten bucks and I'll make sure he never does that again.

    Greg: I'll give you a whole box of Haribos if you promise me you won't assault the petty prosecutor.

    Din: Alright everyone gather round.

    Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme: *do so*

    Din: Ok, good. Now, Luke, do the thing.

    Luke: ... *blinks*

    Din: Ok now what do you guys think that was?

    Obi-Wan: A blink.

    Padme: Luke trying to get rid of something in his eyes.

    Anakin: Closing his eyes because he's imagining your horrible lizard face.

    Din: Ok, now what do you call that, Luke?

    Luke: ...

    Luke: A wink.

    Din discovers there is a bit of a downside to the "showing your face only to closest clan members rule":

    Obi-wan: So Anakin how was your day?

    Anakin: He's ugly.

    Obi-wan: I beg your pardon? Who?

    Anakin: Dinosaur.

    Obi: Oh right, he'd be able to take off his helmet now that you're clan.

    Anakin: He should have kept it on.

    Obi-wan: Come now, Anakin, he can't be that bad.

    Anakin: He has a crooked jaw! And crooked teeth on top of it! And the eyes! Oh my god his EYES! They're on both sides of his skull! Like a reptile! And they're different sizes!

    Obi-wan: Well, I mean, Luke didn't exactly marry him for his looks-

    Anakin: But now that we know he's so ugly, he should ditch him!

    Obi-wan: I'm sure you're exaggerating.

    Anakin: You can't say for sure though, I'm the only one who saw him. I'm literally your only source of information about this.

    Obi-wan: I mean...true but *comm beeps* Hold on. *Picks up* Kenobi.

    Luke: Whatever he said about Din, it's a lie. All of it.

    Obi-wan: ...

    Luke: Can you tell him to stop? He's been lying to people about this all day now.

    Ani: Okay son it's time you're made aware of some rules.

    Luke: Rules?

    Ani: Yes. It's imperative that you use protection when you and Dinosaur are having sex. I will have no children born out of wedlock in this household.

    Luke: ...

    Obi: *whispers* Should we tell him that there are types of sex that don't result in children?

    Padme: Nah.