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2023-10-03 02:48:36

    lbr i’ll probably marry someone i met on tumblr ………


    Hi :) I’m reblogging this post of yours dating from 2015. I scheduled a reblog of it to post today, September 30th, 2023, because it is the day you marry me, someone you met on tumblr not long after making this post. I cant wait to become your wife later today when we go to the courthouse in san francisco. I cant wait to celebrate our love with all our friends and family afterwards in our town. I cant wait to dance with you and hold you close and read my vows to you, and make sure you know how much you mean to me, nearly 8 years later. I hope today, when we do all of these things, you feel like the most special and cherished woman on earth because you are my world and my whole heart. So. I guess what I want to say at the end of the day is….thanks for the follow ;)