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    its really comforting to know that all the times i was at my lowest and loneliest in the past the whole time i had my self in the future and present who had survived those things looking back with love and tenderness and wishing desperately to offer comfort…i am my own guardian angel and i can use that knowledge when im struggling now and remember that somewhere there is a version of me that has survived this and is watching me with love and pride and joy in her heart


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    Heya howdy doodle doo my dudes, lemme know if there’s anything wrong~ ~404


    If they’re a doodler or a writer

    Favourite landscapes

    Favourite holiday

    Favourite seasons

    MC can’t sleep due to back pain

    MC being extremely flexible

    MC insecure about tummy/freckles

    Hiking date

    MC makes/wears cosplay

    Reuniting at the airport

    Best friends/platonic

    MC has pet birds

    MC as a fencer

    MC really into death metal

    MC as a major snuggler

    MC setting up Chanukkah decor

    MC and the piano

    MC as childhood friend

    Engagement rings

    MC as a tattoo parlor regular

    MC spamming everyone with the Bee movie

    MC loses focus easily

    Tall MC

    Favourite Studio Ghibli movies

    Drunk MC/Love reveal

    Favourite way to spend time with MC

    Positive pregnancy test as holiday gift

    MC inviting Unknown to Christmas event (Christmas DLC)

    Kinda gross MC

    MC being hit on by another person

    MC with someone else during holidays (ANGST)

    Having to get undercuts

    Obese MC (insecure)

    Insomniac MC

    Extreme sports with MC

    MC/Family sass battle

    MC with acne scars

    MC on period/heavy cramps

    Classic rock obsessed MC

    MC Randomly speaking Russian

    MC afraid of people

    MC from a cold country

    MC insecure eating in front of others

    MC addicted to dabbing

    MC with an emo fashion

    MC obsessed with Classic Rock

    MC as an MMA fighter

    MC holed up in their room because of mental health issues

    Bilingual MC forgets names for things

    MC doesn’t like people spending money on them

    MC likes to say “I love you” platonically

    MC works the nightshift

    Wedding dresses/suits

    MC being random at the wrong time

    MC asking for a piggy back ride

    Mute MC

    MC who likes things meticulously clean and in order

    6'6 MC

    Slightly Telepathic MC

    MC always wears heelies

    MC with anorexia

    MC does martial arts

    Short MC has long legs

    Hopeless Romantic MC

    MC Sick on Christmas

    MC as a politician

    Reactions to Jaehee/MC friendship

    MC picks at scabs and gets scars

    MC is an irl princess

    Misc. V headcanons

    MC as Terry Crews (I hate this so mUCH)

    RFA Playing Undertale

    Bald MC

    MC protecting RFA from being hit on

    MC Constantly in hospital/afraid of hospital

    RFA at a strip club

    RFA as text messages from 404

    MC oblivious to flirting

    MC not wanting to give birth/okay with adoption

    MC in musical having to kiss another actor

    Teacher MC

    Witchy MC

    MBTI Personality Types

    404’s Face Claims

    MCXDanny DeVito because y'all hate me

    Telepathic MC part 2

    Winter Soldier/Black Widow MC

    MC afraid of needles

    RFA reacts to MC who trash talks Rika

    Random Korean Culture HCS

    RFA: Given blank piece of paper, what would they do?

    MC is a Kpop star

    MC is into cars

    RFA+V+SAERAN Falling hard for MC

    Sharing bed for the first time

    Part two: Christmas Angst (HAPPY ENDINGS)

    Celebrating MC’s birthday

    RFA Break ups (ANGST?)

    Finding out MC Knows Korean

    Reactions to Jaehee x Zen

    MC messes up their hair

    Reacting to MC being gay

    MC pretends to be married to friend

    MC as a Victoria Secret Model

    RFA opinions on pineapple on pizza + other foods

    RFA as Vampires: Feeding habits

    RFA Falling for Male!MC

    Going to Pride with MC

    MC really loves cats

    MC plays instrument fluently

    MC randomly wanting to slow dance

    MC having younger sibling(s)

    MC Loving Stars and the Ocean

    MC killing someone

    MC with narcolepsy

    Dominant (personality) MC

    Being called senpai by MC

    Ripping MC’s favourite underwear (I don’t consider this NSFW but be warned)

    Adopted MC Feels Replaced by Family

    Shy at first but comes out of her shell MC

    MC pregnant with quadruplets

    MC as professional cha-cha dancer

    MC with an over-protective sister

    MC having panic attack in public

    MC With Sensory Overload

    MC Accidentally taking a drug

    Smart but Silly MC

    MC Late to work due to frick frack (not NSFW)

    Christmas gifts for MC

    MC as a seasonal worker (Saeyoung x mc)

    What they smell like

    Camping Trip (Yoosung x MC)

    Cooking with the RFA

    Their Quirks? (Small mysme x bnha crossover)

    Music tastes

    MC with a child

    Saeyoung/Saeran x MC fluff

    (Not) Too sexy for my shirt (Saeyoung x MC)

    Arms (Lyric drabble [Saeyoung x MC])

    Nightmares (Jumin x MC)

    Unrequited Love (Saeyoung [Saeran x MC])

    First words to Deaf!MC

    Gimme a Kiss (NSFW-ISH?) (Jihyun x MC)

    MC afraid of flying (Zen x MC) (Jihyun x MC)

    MC with winter blues (Jihyun x MC) (Zen x MC)

    MC in a coma

    Saeran/Yoosung with MC’s puppy

    The stage that couldn’t love (Zen x MC) (TW)

    MC with an identical twin

    MC who is able to imitate voices

    Choi Boi’s birthday (6/11/18)

    Saeran’s Corner:

    Annoying Unknown

    Annoying Unknown Part 2

    Annoying Unknown Part 3

    Partners in Crime

    Ice Skating

    Playground Fun?

    Biting Kink (SFW)

    Tsundere Saeran

    MC picking their lip

    Stupid thought of Four’s

    Morning kisses

    Thirsty MC with good ending Saeran (NSFW-ISH?)

    Virgin MC (NSFW)



    Chimerical - Jihyun

    Eunoia - Jihyun


    Saeran being called Edgelord

    Saeran singing “When Christmas Comes to Town”

    Saeran/MC being intimate when Saeyoung walks in

    RFA+V+SAERAN Reacting to seeing Saeyoung on mission/date

    Saeyoung cutting off Zen’s ponytail

    The MCs

    HIDDEN TREASURES {Treasure Hunter!AU}:

    Chapter 1


    In the Right Direction {VxMC}

    Not Afraid of the Night {JuminxMC}

    Leopard-print Bandaids {VanderwoodxMC}


    Jaehee as Wonder Woman (Art)

    Yoosung as Peter Pan (Art)

    Treat or treating habits/favourite candy

    Family Themes Costumes

    MC Never celebrating Halloween

    Couples Costumes


    Haunted House- Jumin

    Ghost?- Saeran

    Haunting Pranks

    MC Exploring an abandoned house

    MC and Halloween Rituals

    Ouija Board Mystake- Saeyoung

    Reactions to Haunted House

    404′s Ridiculous AUs:

    Duck AU

    Sock AU

    Stock Image AU

    Car AU

    Meme AU

    Lamp AU

    Coat AU

    Restaurant/Fast food AU

    Fruit AU

    Homestuck AU

    Dog AU

    Shrek AU









    Valentines (2018)




    Jealousy (NSFW)

    Pegging (NSFW)

    Massages (NSFW)

    MC making breakfast with nothing but a t-shirt on (NSFW)

    7 mins in heaven/Spin the bottle (Possible NSFW?)

    MC walks in on them masturbating (NSFW)

    Masochist MC (NSFW)

    Getting Caught Being Intimate by Child (NSFW?)

    MC calling penises by weird names (NSFW-ISH?)

    Saeran smut (NSFW)

    MC loves keyhole sweaters (Light NSFW?)

    Nymphomaniac MC

    First Time Having Sex

    What kind of porn they’d watch

    Jumin smut (NSFW)

    404 Cosplay:

    404 Saeran Cosplay part 1

    404 Saeran Cosplay part 2

    404 Saeran Cosplay part 3

    404 Saeran Cosplay part 4

    404 Saeran Cosplay Gifs


    Literally a completely self-indulgent Fouran fic

    404 Personal Emojis

    404: Yoomaid Drawing

    Beautiful-mystic-mess/404: Fidget Spinner AU?

    404: Saeran the Jolly Green Giant


    ALL PERSONAL CAN BE TAGGED EITHER BY: #admin art #my art (sometimes can be found under any variation of #4s doodles)



    The boys’ kissing styles (Shownu, Wonho, Kihyun & Jooheon)

    The boys’ kissing styles (Minhyuk, Hyungwon & I.M)

    Girlfriend wants to cuddle (Kihyun & Minhyuk)

    Girlfriend going through a rough time (Wonho & I.M)

    When the boys are horny (Minhyuk, Wonho & Shownu)

    When the boys are horny (Kihyun, Jooheon, Hyungwon & I.M)

    Girlfriend being stressed and going through a rough time (Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun & I.M)

    Minhyuk during your first time

    Shownu during your first time

    Kihyun during your first time

    Wonho during your first time

    First time with Hyungwon

    First time with I.M

    First time with Jooheon

    The boys watching their crush waking up in the morning on TV (all members)

    The boys reaction to their S/O moaning for the first time (Minhyuk, I.M, Shownu, Jooheon)

    Innocent girlfriend singing a dirty song (Shownu, I.M, Minhyuk & Jooheon)

    I.M trying to get you back after a break up

    Minhyuk trying to get you back after a break up

    Kinks (Hyungwon, Kihyun & Minhyuk)

    Kinks (Shownu, Wonho, Jooheon & I.M)

    Girlfriend has a nightmare (Shownu, Wonho & Minhyuk)

    Girlfriend has a nightmare (Kihyun, Jooheon, Hyungwon & I.M)

    Girlfriend is horny and they have no idea (Kihyun, Minhyuk, Wonho & Hyungwon)

    Girlfriend is horny and they have no idea (Shownu, Jooheon & I.M)

    Martial Arts girlfriend feeling insecure (I.M, Minhyuk, Wonho & Jooheon)

    The boys’ reaction to a member coming out to them as gay (Shownu, Wonho & Kihyun)

    The boys reaction to a member confessing to them (Wonho, Kihyun, Shownu & Minhyuk)

    Girlfriend accidentally grinds on them during a make out session (Minhyuk, Kihyun, Wonho & Hyungwon)

    Girlfriend accidentally grinds on them during a make out session (Shownu, Jooheon & I.M)

    Best friend/crush being a very affectionate person (Shownu, Kihyun, I.M & Wonho)

    Girlfriend saying lovey-dovey stuff to them (Shownu, Minhyuk & Kihyun)

    Girlfriend gives them a back hug (Kihyun & I.M)

    Girlfriend walks away during a fight (Kihyun & I.M)

    Girlfriend can hula (Shownu, Wonho, Jooheon & I.M)

    Foreign celebrity crush dancing to Vibrato by Stellar (Jooheon, Hyungwon & Wonho)

    Foreign celebrity crush dancing to Vibrato by Stellar (Kihyun, Shownu, Minhyuk & I.M)

    Girlfriend wants them to buy her pads (Wonho, Kihyun & I.M)

    Dating a girl with no experience with love & relationships (I.M, Jooheon & Kihyun)

    Nephew being over-protective over you (Jooheon, Kihyun, Hyungwon & Minhyuk)

    Sex with Jooheon

    You cry on stage while performing a slow song after you had an argument with them the day before (Wonho, Minhyuk & Hyungwon)

    When you start to get sick with your voice almost gone (Wonho, Jooheon, Hyungwon & Kihyun)

    Making out and you want to go further (Kihyun, Wonho, Shownu & I.M)

    When you sneak up behind them and smack their booty (Shownu, Wonho & I.M)

    When they see you in sexy lingerie (Wonho, I.M, and Minhyuk)

    You’re making out and a member walks in (Hyungwon, I.M & Shownu)

    You’re making out and a member walks in (Wonho, Jooheon, Kihyun & Minhyuk)

    They walk in on you masturbating (Jooheon, Hyungwon & Shownu)

    They walk in on you masturbating (Kihyun, I.M, Wonho & Minhyuk)

    They feel insecure and you comfort them (Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk & Jooheon)

    Amusement park date (Wonho, Jooheon & Minhyuk)

    Hyungwon trying to get you back after a misunderstood breakup

    Random guy won’t leave you alone (Wonho, Kihyun & Jooheon)

    Random Guy won’t leave you alone (Shownu, Minhyuk, Hyungwon & I.M)

    You’re wearing a short dress in public and they’re frustrated (Hyungwon, Changkyun, Wonho & Kihyun)

    Not so ‘touchy-feely’ girlfriend suddenly attacks with hugs and kisses (Shownu, I.M, Wonho, Minhyuk)

    Meeting the Parents for the first time finding out they are the first boys that are brought home (Kihyun, I.M, Wonho, Jooheon)

    When you think you’re not good enough for them (Wonho, Hyungwon, Kihyun & Jooheon)

    Girlfriend is a witch (I.M, Kihyun, Wonho & Shownu)

    Dates (Wonho, Minhyuk & I.M)

    The boys coming home to see their girlfriend cooking and dancing in only their underwear and a top (Wonho, I.M & Hyungwon)

    Girlfriend walks away during a fight (Wonho, Hyungwon & Minhyuk)

    The boys when jealous (Jooheon, Shownu & I.M)

    Girlfriend is obsessed with bows (Minhyuk, Jooheon, Shownu & I.M)

    Their crush likes someone else and asks for advice but gets heart broken (Minhyuk, Kihyun & Jooheon)

    Elder couple being sweet to you and him (not dating) (Kihyun, Jooheon, Minhyuk & I.M)

    Elder couple being sweet to you and him (not dating) (Shownu, Wonho & Hyungwon)

    Girlfriend asks them to take their shirt off when about to go to sleep (not sexual) (Wonho, Minhyuk, I.M & Hyungwon)

    When you have a complex about your older sister and feel insecure (Shownu, I.M, Minhyuk & Jooheon)

    You tell them you are pregnant with your firstborn (I.M, Hyungwon, Shownu & Minhyuk)

    You (their crush) broke your leg and they overreact (I.M, Kihyun & Wonho)

    Their crush likes someone else and asks for advice but gets heart broken (I.M, Shownu, Wonho & Hyungwon)

    Male sunbae (senior) inappropriately touches a female hoobae (newbie) (Shownu, Wonho, Kihyun & I.M)

    They are being overprotective brothers when you go on a date (Minhyuk, Wonho, I.M & Hyungwon)

    When you’re insecure about your acne (Wonho, Hyungwon, Kihyun & Minhyuk)

    In the mind of Kihyun when he sees his crush

    In the mind of Shownu when he sees his crush

    In the mind of Jooheon when he sees his crush

    In the mind of Changkyun when he sees his crush

    In the mind of Hyungwon when he sees his crush

    In the mind of Wonho when he sees his crush

    Threeway with KiHyuk & HyungWonho

    What would cause I.M, Wonho, Kihyun & Minhyuk to argue with you

    Wonho trying to get you back after a break up

    The boys reaction to their Idol Crush doing a cover of their song

    You have a wet dream (Wonho, Shownu & I.M)

    Wife cries and runs out during a fight (Minhyuk, Wonho, Kihyun & Hyungwon)










    How they would make love to you (all members/NSFW-ish)

    How they would have sex with you (all members/VERY NSFW)


    MTL to be the horniest

    MTL to date a chubby girl

    MTL to date a short girl

    MTL to date a perverted girl

    MTL to date a tall girl

    MTL to date a foreign girl

    MTL to wait to have sex until marriage

    MTL to date a tomboy

    MTL to date a girl who likes to stay home, sleep and play games

    MTL to like a girl with Entomophobia

    MTL to like curly or straight hair (Most-Curly, Least-Straight)

    MTL to date a girl with a lot of tattoos

    MTL who wouldn’t mind if their gf has small eyes

    MTL to date an older girl

    MTL to be the most excited to hear their wife is pregnant

    MTL to like a girl who laughs easily

    MTL to like a cute childish girl with a mature side

    MTL to have sex in the shower while gf is on her period

    MTL to try pegging


    Boobs or Booty?

    Biggest to smallest dicks?