"Go on, why so shy, babe? Take a good look at what a sweet little dumpling you're turning out to be!"

    Melinda blushed behind the oversized pacifier her new sorority sisters had jammed into her mouth. Oh, of course she'd heard all kinds of tales about initiation week. She'd heard whispers of public humiliation, of revolting things being forced down the gagging throats of initiates, of sordid deeds in the deep of the night. And yet, somehow, all those freakish and disturbing mysteries had only intensified her desire to join.

    Maybe she actually was a bit of a masochist, she reflected now, gazing mutely at her own reflection alongside that of her two elder "sisters." They'd begun scarcely an hour ago, and already she was seeing and doing – and wearing – things she'd never even dreamed of. Like, what were these? Giant diapers? And- and pacifiers sized for adults?

    "It's simple, honey!" Jen chirped from behind her, and Melinda winced as she felt a hand smacking her thickly padded rear in condescending affection. "This initiation week, we're showing all you newbies just what absolute infants you are when it comes to our sisterhood!"

    "Now, sure," Lissa added with a toss of her short dark locks, "We also decided to try wearing a little bit too right now: just to show our support, you know. But we're big girls, see? We're gonna take these off as soon as we're done here, and you're most definitely not! Remember: you have to wear those pampers all week, or you can't be one of us!"

    Melinda gulped. All week? But- but- they were so thick-

    "Oh, yeah, I bet you're wondering why we put so many on you, huh?" Jen snickered with another playful thwack to the initiate's backside. "Well, it's simple! We thought it only made sense that the more mature you look, the less like a baby we'll make you. And you know," and here she cast a sideways smirk at her partner, "What better way to judge that than by the side of your boobs?"

    The two laughed at Melinda's sudden, embarrassed glance down at her own fairly flat chest. "Oh, you know it already, don't you?," Lissa giggled. "It's simple! D cup or bigger? Only one lousy diaper. C? Eh, better give you two. B? Well now, that's really pretty young-looking… you'll look much better with three-"

    "And an A?" Jen chortled, landing yet another forceful smack that resounded hollowly off Melinda's thickly padded rear. "Oh, dearie me! Such a flat-chested little thing needs all the help she can get to plump out those curves!"

    "So how do you like your new look, baby sister?" Lissa grinned, glancing once more into the mirror at Melinda's blushing face. "Don't worry – we'll make sure you're well taken care of this week! What else are sisters for, after all?"

    To which Melinda could only blush hotly, willing herself not to think about the humiliating days ahead. All this will pass, it will all pass, it will all be worth it in the end...

    God, she certainly hoped so.

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    Where do I sign up? ;)


    Every sitter goes through the same routine: First they’re shocked when they see the over-sized nursery my step-mother has built for me. Then they’re overwhelmed with emotion when they see how “adorable” i look for the first time. They always inspect me and my outfit from head to toe, which ultimately leads to them rolling in the floor laughing when they lift my skirt and find my diaper underneath. They always say “i can’t believe you’re a boy” “i can’t believe you REALLY are a boy!!” about 1000 times. The truth is, i don’t think they actually DO believe it until they go to change my diaper and they find my little baby dick locked in chastity.

    That’s when the reality hits them, that they really are taking care of an adult male dressed in diapers and dresses. Sure, most of them don’t have a problem with the oversized diaper changes at first. Some of them even find it cute. But eventually it always gets to them. It doesn’t help that i’m a little brat to all of them. But you would be too if your step-mother had forced you into an unwilling life of this shit too! Anyway, eventually they all leave for some reason or another, and here i am, right back with a new sitter, getting humiliated all over again. That’s why this time i’ve decided to act the part of a sissy baby gurl. To be more pleasant to this one. Because maybe she’ll stick around, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll let me out of chastity every now then and allow me to cum!


    “Okay, tell you what. If Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs, when we go play tennis tomorrow you have to wear one of my tennis skirts. And my panties. And my shoes. If Bobby Riggs wins, I’ll suck your cock.”

    Kevin couldn’t believe his friend Amanda’s incredible wager. Suck his cock? God. He’d been dreaming about that for years. That incredible mouth wrapped around his cock! Yes, yes. “Fuck yeah! No way she’s beating him. Man vs. woman, come on. How many straight times have I beaten you? Why do you think this is going to be any different?”

    “I dunno, I just do. So…you’re up for it?”

    He had been. And that’s how he found himself the next day pantied and skirted, bending over time and again to collect balls that Amanda hit at him. “And play really weakly, you know, like you think a girl would. Be all helpless out here,” she commanded the fairy, who was drawing gawks, smirks and the ire of everyone at the club. Why didn’t he just ignore the bet? “If you lose and try to back out I’ll say you touched me,” she said. “Inappropriately.”

    “You wouldn’t! You’re my friend.”

    “I would. When people agree to a bet they have to follow through. You have nothing to worry about. Of course Bobby Riggs will win, right? And if Billie Jean does somehow manage to win, of course you’ll follow through on your end?”

    He thought briefly about not showing up but something about the new Amanda and these new women’s rights girls…he thought she just might stand up to him. So he flitted around the court, losing 6-0, 6-1. Of course it was also a tad harder running around with the tampon stuffed up his ass. “If you’re wearing the outfit you should know more of what us girls endure.”

    What Kevin didn’t know yet but would later that night was that a cock would indeed be sucked because of Billie Jean’s victory. But it would be Kevin, on his knees, in his pretty frillies, waiting the cock of Amanda’s gay friend George. That would come after she swatted his ass with her wooden racquet. She nearly wet her own tennis panties thinking about it, turning her strong male friend into a simpering, lisping, swishing cocksucking pantied queen. Girl power! Thank you, Billie Jean, she thought. Thank you.


    “Clean up this shit, sissy, and get into the bedroom when you’re done. And don’t keep me waiting now.”

    “Yeth thir,” sissy Matthew responded in the enforced lisp.

    His master’s buddies had just left after watching the Lakers and Warriors game. The sissy’s wife, meanwhile, thought her husband was at the office pulling an all-nighter.

    The sissy felt revolted standing in his messy diapers and sissy outfit. But he knew he had to keep doing this, to keep his master happy, to keep his secret safe.

    It had all started a week earlier when he was at a mall two hours from home, wandering around in thick Pampers, pink shorts, pink T-shirt, and pink socks. Not normal behavior for a highly paid 35-year-old lawyer. Dumb. Dangerous even. But he needed the humiliation, the stares, the snickering, the laughter. He was on his way out of the mall after his outing, just exiting the Macy's, where he'd perused the undies while two college girls laughed their asses off, when he felt a strong grip on his arm. He found himself staring into the grinning face of a young black guy who looked vaguely familiar.

    "Attorney Johnson," the man said. "Don't recognize me, huh? Marcus. I clean the office."

    Oh yeah. Oh no. He tried pulling away but Marcus easily held him. "Yeah, didn't recognize you either at first in the food court but then I told my cousin I'm visiting this weekend that it looks like Mr. Johnson from the office. And lo and behold. You a freaky fucker, huh?"

    The freaky -- and diapered -- fucker started crying. Finally Marcus released his grip but Matthew stayed planted as Marcus took pictures and video of the attorney in his sissy faggotry best. "Say your name, faggot."

    "Matthew Johnson," the sissy blubbered.

    "Yeah, you a real freak."

    That's how easily a life changes. Marcus informed him that everyone in the office -- and Matthew's wife -- would get the vids and pics unless Matthew became his. In all ways. "I own your ass now," he explained in his truck after he'd pulled the whimpering pansy to it. "Monetarily. Emotionally. Sexually. You're mine."

    Monetarily meant weekly payments the sissy had to hide from his wife. Emotionally meant constant texts and check-ins at work, in person or on his cell. And sexually meant, well...

    This was his first night serving in Marcus' apartment. His buddies had all gotten a kick out of the white diaper slave. White folks, they're something else. They took turns slapping him around or bossing him around but were impressed by his maid skills as he served drinks and snacks and acted as a human footstool for Marcus. They groaned when he filled his diapers and Marcus said he wasn't changing no shitty diapers. "Change them in the car or gas station before you go home."

    He finished tidying up now and went into the bedroom. Marcus was on the bed nude. Matthew had never been with a man, it wasn't part of his fantasies. But it was part of his new reality.

    Marcus lowered the crying sissy onto his giant cock. The first of many blowjobs to come. The ass-fuckings would come too, on a night when his slut didn't have poopy Pampers. As the fag blew him, Marcus laid out his life for him.

    "Next week I want you to start wearing diapers to work, sweetie." The sissy moaned while sucking. "You can go to your storage unit and change after leaving home. Yeah people might hear you or see you changing your Pampers in the bathroom. Ask if I give one fucking shit. And I think I wanna tat you, something small to start so wifey doesn't see it." The sissy groaned again. "Yeah. Mark you as mine."

    Shortly after the sissy stumbled out of Marcus' apartment building, cum sprayed on his face. "Don't remove it till you in your car, faggot." He'd have to clean up his shitty diapers at a gas station rest stop. Stop at his storage unit to hide his diapers and then return to his wife. The last thing Marcus had said as Matthew walked out was, "And I think tomorrow you need to tell wifey you're working late too. I got some galpals wanna see my new fag too. Tomorrow your ass is mine."


    “Make sure to really brush your teeth, sweetie. And extra mouthwash. Granny wants to really enjoy our time tonight and I don’t wanna be tasting your tuna fish sandwich from dinner.”

    Those words echoed in Terry’s mind as he stood at the sink, his 70-year-old grandmother waiting for him back in her bed in nothing but her nighty.

    He was sporting his own cute nighty, a gift from Granny. She’d oohed and ahh’ed when putting it over him and draping it on his buddy, fussing with it just so and then truly enjoying how it still didn’t cover up his thick diapers. “Oh, yes, this is absolutely adorable,” she’d commented. “What do you say, sweetie? Why, I bet you’d like me to take you to the mall in nothing but this, wouldn’t you? Have all the girls see you and pat your rump and offer to change my little girl? What do you say?”

    “Thank you, granny,” the feminized pansy said.

    “Good girl.”

    Hearing that phrase sent a shiver of excitement through Terry, and he wished more than anything he could rub his cock now through his Pampers. But Granny had locked him into chastity and said she would decide when he got to enjoy his didees like a big girl.

    Teeth scrubbed, mouthwash downed, the sissy slowly climbed into bed next to his grandmother. “Come, closer,” she said, pulling him toward her bosom and patting his head, then fondling his long hair she’d had him start growing out. The girls at her salon loved helping with the fairy, teasing him gently about his Pampers and bras.

    “Just two castoffs from the family who have found each other, aren’t we?” she said as the sissy practically mewled. A part of him – a big part of him – realized this was extremely fucked up and not how he thought his life would be at 24. He thought he’d be married. Have a great job. Be in line to take over the family business in 10 or 15 years. Instead…he was living in his grandmother’s small home. His parents and siblings had nothing to do with him. He’d lost his high-paying job and grandma said she’d take him down to the local motel later in the week to apply for a cleaning girl position. “They won’t have any trouble accepting a special girl like you.” All of this because some asshole online had sent his parents and coworkers pics of him dressed up as a baby girl. Pics of him sucking cock. Pics of him diapered and dominated. That had been that.

    He had nowhere to go…except Granny. That was the last words his mom had said in fact. “Maybe your twisted grandmother will take you in, otherwise, good luck sissy.”

    So he’d taken a bus six hours to the grandma he hadn’t seen since he was 2. That’s when she too had been exiled from the family, when the prostitution ring she ran out of her home was exposed by the authorities and local news. So embarrassing for her children that they excommunicated her.

    But as a former lady of the night…she understood perverts like her grandson. And also had been pretty damn lonely the past few years, needed some companionship, even if it was the sissy mouth of her faggy diapered grandkid. So she enjoyed kissing him, tonguing him. She made sure to put him into chastity like she used to with some of her clients to make sure the diaper queer obeyed his granny. Used spankings to keep him in line. And soon, heck, maybe even this evening, being that he was so sexy in his diapers and new nighty, she’d have him going down on her in a way no man had done in two decades. The thought of her feminized fairy of a grandson’s head between her legs, his thickly diapered ass sticking out obscenely, going to town on her at her instruction, made her all hot and bothered, just like in the old days.

    Oh she knew she’d have to train her grandson fully. Any boy pictured sucking dick was a verified cocksucker so she’d have to find some men to help him with those needs, under her watchful eye of course. Maybe she’d film it too, send it to her daughter to show how her son was getting along. And she didn’t know if he was an anal virgin but she’d find out and rectify that too, first with her handy strap-on and then with a male suitor.

    Granny and grandson were gonna have some good times indeed.



    You hadn’t stood up in such a long time that it felt…unnatural. Like you shouldn’t be doing it. But mommy said she wanted to get a good look at you. What was this wet spot forming in your diapee. Where were you again? “Aww baby girls new pussy is quite leaky” Mommy said.

    “Come lay on the couch, mommy doesn’t mind, those diapers are extra absorbent for a reason. Now baby must be awfully hungry” she continued.

    “Ok honey and you have no teeth now so no need to worry about biting me, just suck till your hearts content”

    “Now the nurses did say I should do my best to form a bond with you. And so they gave me this wand to help you come to love having me as your mommy. Now they haven’t stimulated you since your new pussy, but they did say they made it extra sensitive so here goes”

    “Mmmmmm” you moaned feeling the most pleasure you could ever remember having. “Aaaah baby girl wikes Mommy’s magic wand huh, let’s turn it up then shall we?” Mommy smirked.

    Hhhhmmmmmfffff! You screamed in pure ecstasy as your limp fingers grip the pillow behind you. MMMMMM! You screamed as you orgasmed.

    “There there honey, Mommy’s here. Shhh just go to sleep now and in the morning I’ll change you, Mommy has to go set up your crib now” she said stroking your hair. Your all ready foggy lil head was now in a complete daze and you quickly fell asleep.


    This story is so adorable and I wish I had a similar experience in life.

    "Wow, so this is really how they do lolita here, huh?" Daphne's loud voice was suffused with curiosity and excitement. "It's, like, so kawaii-ee! Though I guess the pampers are kinda strange…"

    Koneko nodded sympathetically, biting back a smile at her American friend's naïvete. "Oh, of course. I understand that it might feel strange, Daphne. But it's really how real, authentic sweet lolita fashion is done here! I guess maybe people in the US don't know that, huh?"

    Daphne shrugged and batted curiously at the soft baby blocks on the floor before her. "Beats me! I mean, I, like, knew it's all super kawaii and pretty and stuff." She bent down and tugged at the cartoonish designs on the skirt of her puffy blue dress. "I guess I do feel kinda like a baby now. Is that, I dunno… weird?"

    That's the whole fucking point, you airhead! But Koneko merely giggled and nodded enthusiastically. "Of course it isn't, silly! I mean, I guess the diapers do feel kind of babyish. But they're so pretty and comfy, right? And look" – here she wiggled her own padded bum. "Don't they make my butt look better?"

    Daphne's momentary frown disappeared as she cocked her head in sudden interest, her hand now straying back to her own padded posterior as if to verify the truth of her friend's words. "Oh, wow, I never thought of that! Yeah, you're right – I guess it will make me look extra thicc, huh?!" She let out an inane giggle, to which Koneko simply gave a polite smile. Thicc as a waddly little baby, that is, she breathed internally. Like a stupid, soggy little baby – just waddling through the crowds in your bulging omutsu, looking so sweet and helpless…

    "So, yeah. You just need to enjoy it. Enjoy feeling cute and kawaii, okay? Think about how nice and sweet you feel all dressed up. Don't you feel so pretty?" Koneko beamed, gesturing at her friend's pastel outfit. "You look super adorable in yours – just like a picture!" A picture I'd be thinking about while I touch myself, that is… "Now, then – all you need is one more accessory, okay? Open up for me, please; I made sure this one will match with your dress…"

    Yeah, Koneko hadn't exactly mentioned her fetish. Nor did she plan to: not as long as she could conceal it behind the façade of showing her family's sweet but dumb exchange student the ins and outs of Japanese culture.

    But Daphne, clueless as ever, merely brightened and tittered as her friend slipped the large blue pacifier into her mouth. "Whoo too!" she enthused, and Koneko dutifully hid her own aroused smile behind a pacifier of her own. "Fhee?" she queried now, trying her best to sound simply innocent and excited. "Fhoo cute!"

    "I wike yuw pockih," Daphne burbled, leaning forward with a crinkle and rustle, her fingers poking at Koneko's front. "I wihf myh hah a pockih…" At which unintelligible babble Koneko, her heart racing at the sound, flashed another bright smile. "'S okay! Mayvhee tomowwoh we can swahb…"

    And then the words she'd been dying to say all along. "Okay! Wet's go out fhopping, Daphmhee! Eveyone'vh gonna wuv how pwetty we awh!"

    Image Credit: @abdreams

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    “Please don’t make me go out in this!”  It was tradition that every Halloween the newest members of DeltaDeltaDelta go out dressed at babies.  Stacy didn’t like the idea of walking around all night in a childish outfit and a thick diaper while her other sisters wore slutty costumes that made them look hot.  To make it worse, the older sisters would walk around all night being ‘Mommies’  to the newest pledges.   But, as Stacy would soon find out, she got pretty lucky with her conservative outfit.


    Megan and Leah showed a lot more skin, and a lot more diaper.  They both wore bibs that matched the color of their diapers, and skimpy bras to cover their boobs.  Their mommies that night decided it would be best to keep them quiet, so they gave them pacifiers to suck on.  They walked around all night holding each others’ hands while their mommies flirted with other guys.


    Carly would definitely be warmer on Halloween night, but not in the way she hoped.  She was given a thick diaper, pink stockings, and was snapped into a pink flowery onesie.  She thought her outfit couldn’t look more childish until her mommy tied her hair into pigtails using two big pink bows.  As they walked out the door her mommy patted her thick bottom and cooed, “Is my baby excited to get some candy!?”


    Rachel’s mommy was going as a slutty french maid, and she wanted her baby to match, so she got her the smallest and shortest maid’s outfit possible.  Rachel was happy at first, thinking she had gotten out of the baby theme for the night, until her mommy pulled out the thickest diaper she had ever seen.  Rachel laid on the diaper obediently, her face turning red as her mommy said “Oh my babygirl is going to look so cute!  I can’t wait for you to wet this, you’re going to look adorable!”  Rachel sat up on the bed and the maid’s outfit didn’t even come close to covering the diaper.


    Caroline’s outfit was revealing to say the least.  She was forced into stockings and a fluffy white diaper while another sister pulled her hair into pigtails using two pink puffballs.  To Caroline’s horror, she was not given anything to cover her diaper, but she was given a belly shirt that read, “Yes, Daddy”  She knew she would have guys coming up to her all night offering to be her daddy, asking her to go with them back to their house so they could ‘spank’ her.  It was going to be a long night…


    Abby’s mommy decided to dress her exactly how a babygirl would be going to her first day of school.  Childish stockings, a thick diaper, a pink shirt, a bookbag, and a pink paci planted firmly in her mouth.  Abby protested at first, but after looking at herself in the mirror, she thought, “Hey, at least my ass looks good!”  She happily walked around all night sucking on her paci and holding hands with her sexy looking mommy!

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