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    Today on 'tumblr is Perfectly Functional With No Flaws Whatsoever'

    so i know we're all going wild over TumblrPremiumPlus or whatever the fuck but ive made a new discovery about the r//a///yba//n/s scam (or new to me) and since i spent the time i should have been writing up my thesis proposal doing Tumblr Science instead, i have to at least write it down

    so my datemate got an IM from someone asking what 'the sunglasses scam' was. That's in quotes bc the specific phrasing will be significant later.

    my datemate replies with a message more or less along these lines:

    "The sunglasses thing was about a bot that would hack accounts. Once it had access to an account it would make a post about Ray-Ban sunglasses and if you clicked the link in the post it'd hack you too."

    Ey hits enter, but the message won't send. Not unusual, we all know that tumblr IM wil just randomly glitch out when it feels like it. So ey hits refresh, and abruptly finds emself on the log-in page.

    "Hi! It's time to change your password!" the log-in page says.

    My datemate is naturally suspicious about unexpectedly being asked to alter eir password, but, since ey practises basic cybersecurity and actually uses different passwords for every site, ey figures there won't be too much risk. Ey resets eir password, logs back in, and types out the message to eir friend again.

    Same thing happens. Message won't send, ey's booted back out to the log-in page, and told to change eir password again. So ey do.

    The third time this happens, ey figures something has to be wrong with the message. I've been watching over eir shoulder for a couple of minutes at this point, so we do a bit of Sciencing to work out what the fuck is going on.

    Hypothesis: Tumblr IM is, for some reason, flagging mentions of ray-ban.

    Experiment: I send various ray-ban related words and phrases to my datemate via IM. If any of them refuse to send and I get kicked out on refreshing, we've found the culprit

    Results: "ray-ban" is fine. "sunglasses" goes through no problem. the precise phrase "ray-ban sunglasses" gets me drop-kicked to the log-in page like i was trying to start a fight in a nightclub (or so i assume. ive never actually been out clubbing)

    I do a bit of fucking around on text posts with that phrase to see if that achieves the same effect.

    I even tried recreating the original scam post as close as i can get without linking to a malicious website.

    not a peep. i stay happily logged in.


    tumblrs solution to the ray-ban bots issue

    was to blacklist the exact phrase "ray-ban sunglasses"

    in the IM feature only

    making it impossible

    to TELL anyone

    who uses the goddamn IM feature

    about the goddamn scam

    W E B B E D S I T E


    I saw this post and I thought, surely this is sensationalizing. It's probably just a coincidence that the message didn't send.

    I got distracted, and when I came back to the app to reblog this post, I was logged out. And had to change my password.

    Health alert:

    You may already be aware of this but the air in the Midwest and Northeast isn’t good to breathe right now. There are wildfire particulates in the air. They aren’t healthy to breathe for pets, for children, for the unwell, the elderly, and not really for you even if you’re young and healthy. It’s like smoking a couple packs of cigarettes a day. That may not hurt for one or two days but raise your hand if you think this may happen more and more in the months and years to come. The effect accumulates. If you can, get an air purifier with a HEPA filter to run indoors on days like this. Consider wearing an N95 mask while you’re out in it. If you aren’t and your chest starts feeling kind of weird or painful, or you start coughing, try to get to and stay in somewhere with filtered air. Don’t listen to people saying “Mankind has been breathing campfire smoke for millennia and they were okay.” For one thing, were they? Most of them died by the age of 35 so who knows. And this is different anyway. It isn’t just clean wood. It’s all kinds of plants and leaves and even houses and plastics that are burning and that you’re breathing.  Keep safe. Keep your loved ones safe. 💚


    Good news: if you’re currently laying around and not producing anything, you are a credit to your species.


    I’m an ant biologist and I’d like to point out that ants also spend a significant percentage of the time doing nothing.

    Turns out sometimes the most evolutionary useful thing you can do is chill and not wear yourself to shreds, whether mammal or insect. It helps you deal with emergencies and adapt to change. Plus, you can act as living food storage!

    That last part is probably more an ant thing than a human thing, but hey, live your dreams.


    it’s also a bear thing, which absolutely explains me


    Doing absolutely fuck-all is how antarctic sea sponges live to be over 10,000 years old, so live your best, longest, laziest life.


    Remember lions? Fellow apex predators?

    Yeah, they spend 16-20 hours of the day laying around, socializing, raising Cubs and napping.

    The last 4-8 hours are spent hunting.

    Wait wait, they’re not a primate so they don’t count.

    How about Orangutans?

    Well, they spend 90% of their time awake just hanging out in food-rich areas, eating fruit and leaves, socializing, raising children, and chilling.

    Well, they’re not people so it doesn’t-

    How about Stone Age people in Europe?

    They probably worked 3-5 hours per day, every day. (Though seasonal changes in food scarcity could change that)

    Laborers in ancient Egypt worked 8 hours, with an hour break at lunch. They did this for 8 days, then rested 2 days. That sounds familiar. Except… they also had regular time off for festivals and holidays, and only worked for about 18 out of every 50 days.

    Artisans in imperial Rome generally worked from 6am to Noon, and then had the rest of the day off… and only worked for half the year, due to all the holidays and festivals they got off.

    But that’s too easy, what about a Peasant in medieval England?

    6-8 hours per day, with Sundays off, Farm workers put in longer hours at harvest time but worked shorter days in winter when there are fewer hours of daylight. Economist Juliet Schor estimates that in the period following the Plague they worked no more than 150 days a year, due to the long holidays and many festivals.

    Ugh, let’s go poorer. 17th century France. Starvation was afoot for the working poor!

    During the reign of King Louis XIV, the workers of France had it tough, and hunger for the poorest was a fact of life. The typical working day was as much as 12 hours long, but two hours were set aside midday for lunch and perhaps an afternoon nap. Nevertheless, the Ancient Régime is said to have also guaranteed peasants, labourers and other workers a total of 52 Sundays, 90 rest days and 38 religious holidays off per year, meaning they worked just 185 out of 365 days.

    So what changed?

    The industrial revolution, baybe~~

    New factory owners could work their employees to the bone due to a lack of regulation and abundance of cheap labour.

    The typical factory worker in mid 19th-century England toiled away for a soul-destroying 16 hours a day, six days a week, 311 days per year!

    THAT nightmare became the standard by which western society began to judge “work-life balance” and anything gentler than the industrial factory’s unfettered brutality is considered “softness”

    (So many people died being mangled in those machines. Hair handkerchiefs went into style during American industrialization because working women would otherwise get their hair caught in the machines, and be either scalped or be bodily pulled inside to die…. But that’s a horror for another time)

    Americans in 2020 worked an average of 8.5 hours per day on weekdays, plus another 5 hours on weekends.

    Taking out federal holidays and weekends, we work 262 days per year. Most of us get 5-9 sick days to take per year. (Yes, a fixed number, no matter how sick you really are), and usually either no paid vacation, or 7-15 days paid vacation, depending on seniority and the company. Unpaid vacation doesn’t have a max, but taking it often risks you getting fired.

    Even comparing against the poorest laborers in ancient history the current working structure for humans is, frankly, inhumane.

    We are mammals. Let us rest. Let us celebrate holidays and attend festivals. Let us attend to our homes and families.

    Even the ultra wealthy folks who got their heads chopped off gave us more time off than this!!!

    Someone in the comments said something like “humans are instinctively industrious and productive, as social creatures!”

    Buddy, that’s a lie fed to you by capitalism.

    In our default state, we attend to our families yes, but we also party like hell, lounge around, and make fantastic works of art just to be proud of ourselves. We made beautiful things for the joy of creating them.

    Stone Age humans may have spent a couple hours hunting and gathering, but DEFINITELY spent loads of time painting every available surface. Time and weather washed most of it away, but some places like Arizona and Colorado still preserve a few of the endless murals made by ancient hands.

    Evidence shows that the ancient world was COVERED in paintings and etchings - just saturated with images of birds and beasts and humans, sunsets and cool weather. We invented mythologies and painted about them. We did something impressive, and painted about it. We taught our children how to paint and lifted them into our shoulders so they could mark the ceiling.

    In our most base state, humans will work enough to survive, but our instincts demand we use all other time to create art. We want to communicate. To make connections.

    “Working” or “being productive” is not on that list.

    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


    id: the original post shares a tweet reading, “reminder that you are an omnivore, a predator, and a pretty big one at that. You are not a bee or an ant. It is, in fact, normal for you to just want to lay around not producing anything. You’re a mammal. Stop judging yourself for not being a hive insect.” / end id

    it is not morally wrong to not be able to work, go to school, do heavy labor, walk long distances, or even walk at all. you haven’t done anything wrong, and you can’t help having these problems with your body. able-bodied people need to stop assigning moral value to things many disabled people cannot do. you are not a bad person for having limits, or for knowing and respecting them.


    psa to everyone on antipsychotics during the summertime

    some antipsychotics can make you more susceptible to heat exhaustion because they make it so your body cannot regulate your body temperature correctly. I learned this the hard way last summer, I got really nasty heat exhaustion while on a high dose of quetiapine. so check if your meds react badly to heat, and if they do, please be sure to wear your sunscreen, have light cover ups on or with you, wear a hat, and stay hydrated! be safe


    especially duloxetine and clozapine, know the signs of dehydration, take cooling breaks if you have to be in the sun


    duloxetine is commonly branded in the USA as Cymbalta.


    Note: many anti-bipolar meds are also antipsychotics. I found a list of psychotropic meds that can increase risk of heat exhaustion here:

    Can personally confirm that Latuda/Lurasidone can also mess with your heat response and lead to heat exhaustion if you aren’t careful, like I wasn’t.


    [ID: Screenshot of a page with two columns listing trade names beside generic names of medications; the columns have been compiled into a list for ease of comprehension/reading.

    Common psychotropic medications that may impair the heat response:

    Trade name - Generic name

    Abilify, Aristada - aripiprazole Asendin - amoxapine Artane - trihexyphenidyl Aventyl, Pamelor - nortriptyline Benadryl - diphenhydramine Celexa - citalopram Clozaril, Fazaclo, Versacloz - clozapine Cogentin - benztropine Cymbalta - duloxetine Desyrel, Oleptro - trazodone Elavil - amitriptyline Effexor - venlafaxine Eskalith, Lithobid, Lithonate - lithium Fanapt - iloperidone Fetzima - levomilnacipran Geodon - ziprasidone Haldol - haloperidol Invega - paliperidone Lexapro - escitalopram Loxitane - loxapine Latuda - lurasidone Navane - thiothixene Norpramin - desipramine Nuplazid - pimavanserin Paxil - paroxetine Phenergan - promethazine Pristiq - desvenlafaxine Prolixin - fluphenazine Prozac - fluoxetine Rexulti - brexpiprazole Risperdal - risperidone Saphris - asenapine Seroquel - quetiapine Sinequan, Silenor - doxepin Stelazine - trifluoperazine Thorazine - chlorpromazine Tofranil - imipramine Trilafon - perphenazine Trintellix - vortioxetine Wellbutrin, Zyban - bupropion Viibryd - vilazodone Vraylar - cariprazine Zoloft - sertraline Zyprexa - olanzapine

    *Note: this is not an all-inclusive list.



    Never trusting anyone and refusing to let people in is a result of being traumatized, NOT the solution to it. Total isolation might feel safer once you've been hurt badly, but in the long run it will stunt your growth because it reinforces your negative beliefs about yourself and other people at a point when actively challenging those beliefs is vital to your recovery and general well-being.


    Pro tip from a college student and a biochem major: if you're drinking alcohol and you feel like you need to throw up, just throw up. Your body's natural response to too much alcohol is emesis, aka vomiting. If you wanna vomit it's because your body has had too much. Just throw up. You will feel SO much better both directly afterwards and the following morning.


    I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: this is why you shouldn't mix alcohol and weed. Your body's natural response to too much alcohol is emesis (vomiting). Weed is an anti emetic. This means that if you have too much alcohol, the weed will make it very fucking hard for you to throw it back up.

    It also means that you won't feel how much you're drinking because usually, you gauge when to stop when you feel like throwing up. But weed takes away that nausea sensation. So you're also a lot more likely to drink in excess and your body won't be able to get rid of it.


    Another important drug fact since pharma is my main study focus: if you do drugs, particularly hard drugs, TELL YOUR DOCTORS. Especially if you're going in for surgery. If you do hard drugs, especially if one of those drugs is cocaine, some anaesthetics can literally fry your heart and kill you. Your doctors and surgeons won't rat you out, they just don't want to accidentally kill you out of ignorance.


    There's a thing in pharmacology called drug interactions. Basically, drugs don't always act independently from one another. They have chemical interactions between themselves and sometimes they're useful, but sometimes they're lethal.

    Other drugs besides cocaine that interact dangerously with common anaesthetics are heroin, LSD, and ecstasy (MDMA). You should mention any drug you're taking, though, because even some birth control pills can interact with anaesthetics. You never know and it's better to be safe than to suddenly have a heart attack mid surgery without your doctors knowing why.


    Trust me, doctors do not care. They don’t care at all. They just need to know so they don’t accidentally kill you.

    Shit, if you are an alcoholic and you’re in the hospital, LET THEM KNOW. Nothing is worse than having someone cold turkey detox while recovering from surgery. That can kill you. The hospital keeps liquor on hand to avoid a patient having a heart attack from alcohol detox.


    Dreary as it is, this is why at virtually every doctor’s appointment they will ask what drugs/medications you’re taking. If you’re taking any vitamins or herbal supplements, it’s not a bad idea to mention them either, since they can also interact and affect whatever the doctor may want to do or prescribe.

    Write them down somewhere in your phone if you can’t remember. Honestly showing them a list is quicker than reciting them every time. (Obviously don’t do this with the illegal drugs.)


    Not to sound like a 90s shallow prep, but how you dress can affect your self esteem, and putting energy into wearing things you actively like and projecting an ideal of yourself through fashion instead of seeing clothes as things you have to put on out of obligation helps.

    It also can give you a sense of control over your appearance that you otherwise wouldn’t have lmao


    I bought a cape because of this


    this post is written in a humorous tone but this is the realest shit.

    two years ago i wore baggy sweatpants and flip flops every day because i was depressed but then decided eh to hell with it and bought some black edgy emo clothes bc thats how i always wanted to dress but never got a chance to and it was only then that i realized that the sweatpants flip flops look was just keeping me in my depression funk. i didnt like the way i looked and i didnt identify with the clothes i was wearing and it only made me feel worse.

    i then went through my entire wardrobe and got rid of everything that made me feel that way.

    now i have multiple outfit possibilities requiring different levels of effort but on days where putting on clothes just seems like a project i just have to put on black jeans and a band t-shirt and i can still feel good about the way i look which is a really good way to start off my day.

    i can not recommend this approach to clothing enough.

    really love how funny and terrible the statement “Mokuba Kaiba got orphaned three times in ten years” is. Mokuba Kaiba’s life is like. be born. mom dies. dad dies. get new dad. that dad also dies. live with brother. become vice president of a multinational corporation. get kidnapped seven times. brother leaves for an alternate dimension. become CEO of multinational corporation. you have now reached the 8th grade.