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    when people are like "oh yeah i never hang out with my nieces and nephews bc i hate kids. but wait until they're older haha they're gonna love me im gonna be the COOL aunt/uncle/whatever" like i hate to break it to you but even when they're older you will probably just be like any other awkward out of touch relative that they dread seeing because you refuse to engage with anyone that isn't directly inside the usual circle you socialize with. make an effort bitch


    The thing I hate most about depression is that it tricks you into thinking you don’t have depression. It makes you think that nothing is wrong with you, that you just feel this way because you lack value as a person. Whether that’s in your relationships, your academics, or a view of yourself, it makes you think you aren’t good enough for any of that.

    “It’s not the illness,” it says, “You feel this way because it’s who you are.”


    Me: I can’t get out of bed today, what is wrong with me. I’m so lazy and terrible and I am a huge flake and there has got to be something wrong with me. My brain: There is no war in Ba Sing Se.

    my hot take is that you don’t have to love being single or love being alone. if you can’t spend a second in your own company there’s a problem, but wanting love and companionship is completely normal and natural. you’re not weak or mentally unstable for feeling lonely or yearning for partnership and friendship. we do need each other, we need community, we need love, it’s part of our dna to be social creatures.

    The worst part of normalized surveillance is the normalization.

    It's the thousands of followers who react to your secretly taken videos of noble good deeds with encouragement. It's them feeling cheered up, day made, hearts filled with warmth by your brazen voyeurism.

    It's scrolling past a Tumblr post of a reddit post of a Twitter screenshot of a father and daughter sharing an intimate, family moment, oblivious to the tweeter taking a photo of them.

    It's minding your business at the grocery store, hearing a weird noise, and realizing some teens are filming a tiktok dance and either did not notice or did not care that you are in the shot.

    It's walking home with a mask on because every single condo and floor apartment in your neighborhood has Ring and you don't know what that means for you yet.

    It's thinking about talking to a PR person just in case your recurring nightmare of your mental breakdown in the parking lot suddenly going viral comes true, hoping against hope a professional knows the magic set of words that will mitigate the harassment, stop you from losing your job.

    It's that reddit post of the Sikh woman who found her and her mustache on the frontpage, forced to turn public humiliation into a teaching moment. It's some jackass redditor posting a couples photo, ostensibly to mock that his fly was down yet 70% of the comments target his girlfriend's appearance. It's seeing a top reddit pic with a headline demonizing a person in it months after you saw this same pic taken down after mods discovered op was lying. It's a lot of reddit.

    It's wondering how many times your face has been posted online and if it was in a positive context at least.

    It's that this is all normal, that so many of these things feel neutral to individuals, not a risk they're taking on behalf of a stranger.

    the "I believe in abortion only in extreme situations" people (especially women) truly baffle me because I genuinely consider "a human has another human growing inside of them and does not want to" to be a very extreme situation. to me that feels so deeply like an extreme emergency situation. I know this has been said before but it's incredible to me that this does not feel innately horrifying and "extreme" to everyone.