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    <>‘He was my everything’: Boy who drowned in Brookings pond remembered for smile, generosity

    The body of<> Molu Zarpeleh, 10, who was reported missing last Thursday night, was recovered from a privately-owned retention pond along 12th Street South around 8:40 a.m. Friday after authorities searched the pond, according to a new release from the City of Brookings.

    A tip that <>Zarpeleh had been pushed into the pond that circulated on social media has been redacted by the tipster, said Chelsea Bakken, public information officer for the City of Brookings. Investigators also reported <>that tips they received Friday related to circumstances surrounding the incident were not true but won’t state why. Police are ignoring it and ruling it an “accidental drowning but his mother says differently. 

    <>“A 10-year-old boy would not just take his sandals off and walk into the water,<>” she sa<>id. “He didn’t know how to <>swim.”

    Brookings police and the Brookings Fire Department searched for Zarpeleh until about 2:30 a.m. Friday before <>the search was stopped due to safety concerns, poor lighting and murky water, the release states. Searchers used pumps from Brookings Municipal Utilities and Brookings County to remove about 300,000 gallons of water from the pond during the resumed search Friday morning

    <>“Molu died, but I can’t say ‘was<> yet,” M<>ole said. “He’s my first child. He’s my only son. I don’t want to use the word ‘was.’ I can’t im<>agine him not living.”

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    <>DONATE HERE<> (The local Lutheran Church in Brookings is giving all donations to the family)

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    i hate it here

    honestly what infuriates me most about this is that you know that in a couple weeks we are going to be seeing stories of disney workers who have to be in the park almost 24/7 desperately asking ungrateful and conceited guests to wear their masks and to put masks on their children who will still sneeze/spit/slobber on everything they can touch. and i already know that these same people will throw fits when they’re are told to put on a mask and will take it out on the poor workers who have to be there because they are treated like expendable resources by disney corp

    your disney obsession at 30+ is not worth the lives of workers and immune compromised members of the community that you will inevitably pass the virus to just so you can go see mickey mouse

    I want to apologise to

    - Britney for making fun of her when she had her breakdown

    - Monica Lewinski for judging her when she was a 22year old temp sexually assaulted by the most powerful man in the world

    - Ke$ha for ever thinking she was trashy when all she wanted to do was make party music

    - Kristen Stewart for ever thinking she was dumb when she’s actually one of the coolest people ever

    - Megan Fox for ever thinking she was just a slut when actually she was an actress being harassed by her employer. 

    - Hating all the women who made a career out of having a hot body. Being is shape is hard, beauty is a weapon and auto promotion is hard work. 

    - All the Mary-Sues, who exist because young girls everywhere want to be part of a story they love so much

    - All the female characters I ever snobbed because they got in the way of my ship.

    - Hating the color pink during my teenage years, when it’s actually a lovely color and what I resented was society’s pressure to perform femininity. 

    This is what sexism does. The media runs a smear campaign against women. And when we were younger we knew no better and trusted them. Now we know better.

    Oh hey I haven’t yelled about voting in a while

    Reposting this because some of y’all need a reminding.

    Another reminder:


    A Democratic President does nothing if Congress is controlled by Republicans. Your local elections are important, too. (It took us 20 years, but you notice we don’t have issues with our sheriff out here in Phoenix now we’ve voted out Joe Arpaio.)

    Don’t skip any. Look up names on your phone while you’re in the ballot booth if you have to. VOTE YOUR WHOLE BALLOT.

    A PSA because a lot of people don’t know this: You CAN take your phone into the ballot booth, no one will stop you. You CAN google names from inside the ballot booth, no one will stop you. The only time you can get in trouble is, in some states, if you take a photo of your ballot. You CAN also take a long time voting. There are lots of booths usually, don’t worry about the line if you need to think about anything. Voting is not a high school exam. You’re allowed to bring your phone. Please do that in case there’s something on the ballot you don’t understand!

    You can also register to vote by mail! That means you can use google and take all the time you need to fill out your ballot! I don’t know how it works in other states but California specifically has made voting by mail extremely easy and hassle free and most people I know vote by mail.


    things have gotten really weird with covid, so i would research the possibility of voting by mail this year! i know a lot of states have started (and have) been doing this as an attempt to control the outbreak. it’s worth looking into because i have a feeling things are just going to get worse here with the pandemic. stay safe and PLEASE for your own sake get out and vote this year (in some form or another).