From a old forum by Patti..called the power of masturcizing--Part 1

I have been experimenting with a chastity device on my husband for a couple of months now. We got into a pattern where he would wear the device all week, I would only remove it on Saturdays. After a week without any relief we would have a full day of anything goes sex. While this worked great for awhile, he soon became used to only having sex once a week, and the impact was diminished. I did try turning it up a notch by occasionally denying him, and watching the effect of two dry weeks. The threat of denial did have impact, as he immediately became more attentive, and frankly afraid. But I needed to turn his sufferings up a notch. I decided to try integrating "masturcizing" into our routine.

Let me tell all of you, it is magic.

Here is how we do it. We still have our day out of the cage on Saturday, but Sunday it is back on. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I leave him alone while I let his balls fill back up again. However, now on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we have a half hour session of masturcizing. Bob has to kneel on the floor, and I remove the device. We set the timer for 30 minutes, and he strokes his dick for the next half hour. The rules are his hand has to be moving at all times, and his hand cannot leave his dick. I watch carefully to see if he cheats. If he cums during the exercise, he gets one month without an orgasm.

Bob kneels on the floor, and his dick gets hard almost instantly. Within ten minutes he is right on the edge. The next twenty minutes are incredible to watch, his eyes are screwed shut, jaw clenched, as he fights desperately not to do the thing he wants to do more than anything in the world. When the timer rings the half hour mark, he always falls to all fours exhausted from fighting to keep his load back. He then continues to kneel, waiting for his dick to soften so we can put the device back on. This generally takes quite awhile, and I often "accidentally" re-erect while trying to fit the device. This means more waiting.

Bob's desperation by Saturday is now at a whole new level of intensity, and the threat of denial is incredibly severe. We are now entering a whole new realm however, as it finally happened. On Friday, he dribbled a load of cum on the carpet. He begged for understanding, claiming it was precum. I pretended to understand, and told him he was off the hook if his dick didn't soften after his "pre-cum" leakage. In panicked fashion he stroked desperately as his increasingly limp dick sagged.

This next month should be fun.