Patti responding to comments on Masturcizing...

While Julie seems pretty happy with her bold statement, just "never letting him cum" isn't much of a good time.

The fun in all this is the effect all that sperm backup has on a guy. The biggest, most confident guy can be brought to his knees with a little teasing. Once a guy has an erection, he will basically do anything you tell him to do. When that erection has gone unsatisfied for a few days in a row, you will break him. The most incredible experience a man can have is when you convince to wear a chastity device. It is all a fun game until you get to about day 3, and after he has been turned on for an hour or more you make it clear he isn't going to have a release. Suddenly the fact you have taken away his god given right, to jerk off whenever he pleases, is not a game any more. It may have sounded fun, but now he is genuinely suffering and truly is your slave. The "game" is now very real.

I am amazed that more women don't exploit this power. If a man needs your permission to have an orgasm his whole self image is redefined. An unwanted erection becomes a punishment as the incessant need is the only thing he can think about. Men are ashamed when it becomes clear to them that they will have to beg, truly beg in a way that isn't a game, for a brief moment of pleasure. They don't want it, they need it. The balance of power in a relationship is permanently altered. It is intoxicating.

I have watched my husband Bob develop an understanding that what most men consider to be their greatest strength is actually a fatal weakness. He stares longingly at my body knowing how much pleasure it can bring him. He stares hatefully at his caged cock and balls, knowing they torment him day and night.

Just tonight I watched him sweat and suffer as he brought himself to the edge of orgasm, and held back his climax with all his might. He stayed at this precipice for 25 minutes. When he finally earns his first release in a month ten days from now I know he will do anything to avoid another month long punishment.