A story from the altairboy site...from Milk Maiden

They Always Lose

Submitted by: Rachel S. "The Milk Maiden"

I get a kick out of it when guys try to resist. Because they always lose. The male organ, raging and hard as it may seem, is weak. Every cock has a weakness, and if you try hard enough, and long enough, never giving up, you can find it and break it. I have a perfect record when it comes to breaking cocks and forcing them to give up their thick, ropy prize.

My hubby has a foot fetish. I found this out when first I caught him staring at mine, and I knew then I would use it against him to control him. It's been three years, and he's learned that male orgasm is a privilege he'll rarely get to experience again. Ejaculation makes a man cocky, so to speak, and while I enjoy seeing a man lose his load, I don't like the macho hangover afterwards. So I milk my men. I get to watch them give up their cum, without giving them the unnecessary pleasure of orgasm.

The procedure I use is the same, although the stimulus varies depending on the man's weakness. Like I said, my hubby loses it over my feet. Any woman's feet, if they're attractive enough, I guess, but I've limited him to mine for a while now and find the results... adequate. Hubby is locked in a CB3000 most of the time, although I have ceded control of him to Goddess Kali and her stingy teeth when he's misbehaved seriously. I love watching his cock strain to expand within its confines. In the battle of flesh versus steel and plastic, flesh always loses. And watching a cock lose gets me hot. Sexually, I live to see cocks struggle against futility.

So, the procedure. Hubby, or my slave of choice- whoever I feel like breaking down- is restrained. Tight. Hands above his head, straps across his chest. I use a tilted board, almost like an ironing board at an angle, with the victim strapped to the top. I make sure there's no way he can even hope to get anything untied. I want no part of him able to move, especially his head, since I want him to see everything that's going to happen. After I've made sure he's nice and secure, with his legs slightly apart, I get down to business.

I tell him if he manages to escape he can have me any way he wants. I've never given it a second thought.

No man wants to see his orgasm dribble away, and he'll fight to keep it in him. It's my job to see to it that the inevitable happens- that his milk flows out and he's drained dry to the last drop. Doing this makes sure he knows his place, and he stays horny even though there's nothing he can do about it. After a man has been deprived of a good ejaculation for a few months, he'll settle in and accept it. The milk flows easier, in glistening strands. If he wasn't securely fastened, I'd swear he'd grind against the vibe in his ass.

Oh yes, the vibrator. It does all the work, really. I position my charge so he can see our computer's monitor. It's the only time hubby gets to use the computer, really. I forbid him to go online unless supervised, since who knows what he'll find out there. I do all of our downloading, and all the communicating with other couples and muses. Whatever I find that I think will tickle his fancy or frustrate him severely, I download.

I used to trade pictures with other women, to get new photos of their feet and asses, and use them to tease hubby. But for the most part, now all the pictures are of me. My feet, my pussy, my mouth dripping cum. In a darkened room with rhythmic pulsing music and an insistent vibe up hubby's ass, he stares at pictures of my parts as they flash by on the screen. Quickly he's aroused, and his cock has filled out the plastic tube that holds it close to him. Two weeks of endless teasing and oral servitude have swollen his balls with a bucket of jism, and they're dying to shoot it across my soles. Or down my throat, or up my ass. Whatever he'd like to do with it, it doesn't matter. His load is mine, and I'm doing what I want to do with it.

The pictures vary. If a guy's into asses, I'll give him what he wants. Some men can't cum until they see some other guy blow his load. Sure, whatever. I've got a decent library of porn. Not for their pleasure, so much as to weaken them. After a while of looking at the erotic imagery, the steady force of the vibe will start to work its magic. This is where the fun is for me, fingering myself as my man struggles to keep his load in- to not lose it in such a humiliating manner for so little reward. I know what he's thinking- if he can just outlast the machine, he can keep his cum and fuck me with it. But there's no use. The vibrations grow more urgent, more forceful. The slideshow turns him on more and more, and he can't hold it back much longer. He's been through it a hundred times, and knows how it will end- with his juices dripping into my bowl, the contents then poured across my toes, and him licking every drop up and back into him. His wasted orgasms are recyclable! They're distilled back through his mouth and down to his cock again, purer and purer, each time through leaving him hornier and hornier, but unfulfilled.

The dripping begins. First a moist drop at the tip, then a dribble, then a steady flow. After an hour or so, I've gotten almost everything. It's time for a little extra coaxing- in hubby's case, I usually turn off the monitor, tilt the table almost upright, and place my soles firmly against his face. As he breathes in my aroma, the last of his will crumbles. He relaxes, under my spell, and the flow picks up again. Each inhalation courses through his body, exiting through his cock with a couple more drops. The milking is complete. Another hard cock bites the dust and slowly shrinks back within the chastity device.

Sometimes I let the man wank afterwards. It's not like he's going to get anything out of it. For variety, I'll invite a girlfriend over to watch in secret, or to help tease him during the procedure. You haven't seen a red-faced man until you've seen him strapped down, with a flaccid, embarrassed cock, dripping semen at the sight of young woman in the apartment down the hall as she gyrates in front of him topless. She's going to tell her friends all about his little caged cock and how he doesn't get to fuck like a man.

I'd love to hear how you ladies control your men's cocks, or trade some pictures. Either of yourselves if you want to help tease, or your men caged and under lock and key. More to come soon, including hubby's first public milking and experiments with electricity...