cuckquean couple based in the uk, exploring all aspects of the cuckquean life style. would love to find genuine female to explore with us. we are also open to the exploration of polyamory, only with a female that's my kink. I am a submissive female to men but enjoy dominating women although I am open to be dominated.

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2021-04-11 20:12:12

    I cum hardest when he's talking about her

    *his hands are on my pussy, his fingers circling my swollen clit*

    Him: You’re so wet! You really love thinking about me and Princess, don’t you?

    Me: Mmmm, yes! Tell me more.

    Him: Well, last time we were together, I entered her from behind. She felt so tight and she gasped as I slid my cock into her. I began to thrust hungrily and with every stroke I could feel her soft little bum brushing against me. Her pussy was clenching so tight around my shaft. I was trying to hold back from cumming but as I looked down and saw her slutty blonde hair, I shot a huge load deep inside her.

    *a huge orgasm ripples through me*

    Him: Mmm, you obviously couldn’t hold off either!

    I really can’t get enough of his lust and his pleasure. It’s intoxicating!


    Fuck… Yes! 💕


    This is so hot 🔥


    How I cum all the time now

    I just want to fuck your man

    I don’t want to keep him. I don’t want to help him cheat either.

    I just want to use him in front of you. I want to take the person you love most in this world and do every single thing you love to do with him in bed. I want to do stuff you don’t do too, if I can.

    I want to rock his world and see you watching.

    I want you to hear every moan and every breath. I want you to see him enjoying me.

    I want to play games if you like that, denying you, or teasing you or making you kneel naked on the floor while you watch. I’ll fuck him in your bed. I’ll fuck him while you make dinner or drive us places. I’ll fuck him on top of you. I’ll do any of that you fantasize about it. But I’m happy to just have my way with him and enjoy every bit of him.

    I’d really like if he made sounds you haven’t heard yet. I’d love it if your jealousy made you wet. Play with yourself. If you get turned on enough, I’ll use that big toy on you, stretching your pussy afterward.

    Mostly though, I just really want to fuck your man because I’ll love doing it, and it makes me insanely wet that you like it.


    A little unsexy realism here.The biggest advice for cuckqueans and their bulls I can give is to treat your cuckcakes/others with dignity and respect. They aren’t your sex toys. They are people with their own needs that will have to be fulfilled and if you treat them as sex objects you will have a hard time finding them.

    I think that is why Captain and @50viewsofjay don’t find it difficult. Respect people.


    @50viewsofjay ~ did you see this? I just noticed it!


    I couldn’t agree more!!!!