Don’t accept submissions with onlyrealguys or realamericanmen on them

    There has been a spate of submissions from the scammer known as “jeremyorg” to popular blogs. He steals photos from tumblr, dumps his scam URL on then submits to popular tumblr blogs.

    All the photos and videos on


    This douche has submitted pics to me a few times. I wouldn't describe it as a scam, per se, but I wouldn't pay for material that I've literally got on my tumblr already. :-P




    Here’s another pic from my Blue September campaign, the one featured in the current issue of Gay Times.

    Chris was the inspiration for my shoot - he is an extraordinary guy who has raised thousands for charity and has worked with me tirelessly to make the @warwickrowing calendar the great…

    Here’s one last image of Jose Luis - at least for the time being. It’s got a dreamy quality that I really like, and have accentuated by adding a light grain.

    I’ve been busy working on new shoots, mainly studio-lit, in preparation for my next London show and for a big charity shoot I’m doing…

    Jose Luis has stunning green eyes, and in yesterday’s post I tried to convey how piercing they are, even in black and white. But Jose Luis is also a top athlete, with a fantastic physique.

    I have a friend who is a high-end retoucher - her slogan is “Proudly not keeping things real since 2001”…


    What do couples who have a joint Facebook account for the both of them to share hoping to achieve? Like ‘Daniel-Jacobs Anabelle-Smith’ commented on your photo. Attachment reaches a whole new level when you each share the same Facebook account. I have a better idea, kill yourselves. But then what...


    I've found 99% of the time it's the girlfriend/wife who's created the account and the man either has no idea it exists or rarely uses it. I think a lot of chicks do it to see what women say to their man.