Feliz Año Nuevo Everyone! hope it comes full of health and great new experiences for all. Thank you to all of you who follow me, constantly like, reblog and comment on my stuff, i see you on the activity page and you are why i´m still doing this :)

    And as requested many times here is a little list of blogs that i enjoy (some celeb blogs, some porn blogs and some are my boys).

    (a-f) @alekzxxx @aclone @alphalewolf @amazingmalenudity @analoguebubblebutt @arizona-massachusett @asdffghjk @awhowho5 @bambam62 @bizarrecelebsnude @blackmxn @brosoverbros @buffybarnes @charlieboys16 @celebpits @celebunderwear @cinemagaygifs @cheekymooning @comandanteraven @cucciolo95 @cumwitmenow @el-mago-de-guapos @devoidofharmony @dudetube @debriefedvideo @deportistassexys @diasporicbeauty @erosandlust @explicitwhispering @famefashionloveandgay @famousmennakeduk @fantasists @footballjockstraps @footballersheaven

    (g-l) @gayboysteez @gayforcelebs @gaysexalltheway @gaysexscenes @gayxxgifs @gifscheckpoint @giomemx @gloriousbodies @gothambull @gyllenhaaldaily @hangoutparadise @heatedtabloid101 @hebitesxxx @hilar-username @homoneurotica @hotdudegifs @hotfamousmen @hotlatinosontv @hotmal3celebrities @hotnessproject @ibrokemyheart @iknowyouwillsurrender @italianfordummies @its-astro-awesome @ivanfuckyeah @ivandoz @iwanturbutt @jimbo-mexico @jonathan-leo @justatadhorny @just-jake-gyllenhaal @kakof9@khalilcorso @kinkyirishwhore @korybantefakes @larrycapija-gifs @lamarworld @lo-que-me-prende-turned-on @longhairedboysonly @lustbox

    (m-r) @malecelebunderwear @malumasdick @meetingthedevilhalfway @midnite-wet-dreamz @momo-black @monsteritoni @mtv-nakedmen @mynewplaidpants2 @myperfectionnmyblog @neostud @ngaging @nkdndfms @nnmnnmmnmm @nothingjohn @nudenakedscenes @omen-g @omgmaleassceleb @omgnakedmalecelebs1 @pas-de-duhhh @patheticgayblog @pkmnmasterlee @platinumstatue @princecamscorner @queenleblanc @questionableapple @re-lovu-tion

    (s-z) @sanalejox @savedbythebelami @searchingforadonis2 @sexymenstraight @shreddedgifs @smutfanfiction @somegoodthings @stevso @straightboysofvine @spitsthetruth @stuffanthangz @thatblogwithnudity @thefineboys @theernbintrovert @ughefron @undiedude @vispreeve @wigwater @witemore @x3whynot

    see you next year!


    Happy New Year to everyone! 🎆 (and thanks for the mention, @itsalekz, who incidentally is the first Tumblr I visit every day!)

    have you been missing posts?

    tumblr rolled out its best stuff first” function and it might be affecting your feed without you knowing it. well if you’re on tumblr mobile and don’t want tumblr choosing how things show up on your feed, do this! ✩

    go to your settings:


    then your dashboard preferences


    and turn it off!


    please spread the word! (˘◡˘)

    My absence lately.

    Hey guys, just so I don't have to respond individually to each message, I'm fine. No personal dramas or anything, I'm just travelling Europe at the moment and between having too much fun and spotty WiFi, my tumblr time isn't great. Thanks for the well wishes, though. ♥ - james.