being known is being loved

    "i know your pizza order" "you have freckles on your ears" "you make this face when you're tired" "you order green tea on a good day black on a bad day" "you always make that face before you try something" "the tips of your ears turn red when you're angry" "i knew you'd say something" "you must be exhausted to miss the class" "your favorite pie is pumpkin, right?" "i know your phone number, don't worry" "you miss me, i can tell" "you fiddle with your pens when you're bored" "you don't like converse unless they're high tops" "your favorite cereal is cinnamon toast crunch and you first ate it when you were 8"

    being known is being loved.


    Living in DC right now is really fun because you’ll go to the grocery store for the first time in over a week, see a white man buying tiki torches, and instantly decide that you dont actually need eggs or milk or fresh produce and hightail it 


    Living in DC right now is really fun because you’ll clock in at your place of work, which happens to be across the street from one of the city’s largest synagogues, and you’ll see four white bald men with american flag neck buffs as masks and black hoodies walk towards it and you will, for a moment, question whether people are about to die and debate what exactly it is you need to do about it


    Living in DC right now is really fun because my family has decided to make the choice to stay in the city and stockpile groceries for the next two weeks. An estimated 20% of the city will be leaving to shelter elsewhere for the week of the inauguration. Any other time in US history, an inauguration draws in Washingtonians and Americans from across the continent. It is supposed to be a celebration of democracy. Instead, we have empty houses and a city preparing for violence waged by non-residents while our streets and our homes pay the cost.


    Living in DC is really fun right now because you’ll get woken up at 6:17 am by the sound of humvees driving down your block. They are on their way to secure one of the dozens of streets, bridges, and highways that are being shut down to keep out white supremacists. A soldier in uniform waves good morning while you get your usual order from Dunkin’ Donuts. He has kind eyes behind the mask. You wonder who he voted for.


    White people created this environment,  They maintain this environment,  And it’s completely the job of white Americans to name what’s going on,  And do the work necessary to dismantle it. 


    Heres some things that will make you miss your child-hood!

    Pictures courtesy of :

















    9. THIS TRIO






    12. HIT CLIPS! (Y)




    14. ROBO DOGS


    *war flashbacks*


    I have $24 to last me til Friday, what should I buy with it?


    a pallet of ramen noodles


    I hate ramen noodles tho


    hmmmmm bees?


    Are you suggesting that I eat bees for a week


    This is roughly what I make sure I have in my kitchen all the time along with rough estimates of local prices (MN). I buy a lot of things when they’re on sale and stockpile them. 

    instant oatmeal packets with fruit in them - $3 probably and this can be breakfast all week and maybe even a lunch or dinner too since you usually get 10 packets

    bag of rice - $2-3 depending on size. 1 cup dry rice makes enough for about two meals depending on what you add in. if you get cheap rice, rinse it before cooking

    canned beans - usually under $1 per can - mix the can with your rice and you have a meal. chili-spiced beans will make bean tacos. Rinse non-spiced beans before adding to anything.

    Tortilla - usually around $3 but you get like 8-10 of them. Tacos, wraps, and quesadillas are all fair game here

    lettuce - $2 max around here, either a head of something or bagged precut depending on preference, use as a salad or on tacos

    protein other than beans of some sort - probably $5-7 for meat, $2-3 for eggs. sometimes I can get bags of frozen chicken breasts in this price range and each is usually 2 meals if I add in a bunch of veggies. fry/scramble eggs and add to any of the options. 

    your favorite stir fry sauce - $3ish

    vegetables - $5ish. literally anything that you can 1. fry in a pan and 2. you’ll eat. fresh carrots are usually pretty cheap. get frozen if it’s cheaper and you’re strapped for cash/prep time on this part. 

    alternative to stir fry:  pasta (~$2), fresh tomatoes (~$2), cheese (~$3). 

    cheese and fruit if you have extra - look if your store has loyalty cards for free that you can load coupons on for cheese there’s always one it seems like.


    ahh thank you!!!


    Reblogging because there’s never knowing who’ll need it.

    Adding also: the single most nutritious food on earth is potatoes in their peel. Potatoes + some milk and butter = everything you need. They don’t last all that long, but they’re fairly cheap and the quickest cheat to “How do I not fuck my body up.”

    (Cooked potatoes’ll last a while in the fridge. Potatoes nearing the end of their useful lives? Cook them to half-done first, figure out what to do with them later.)

    Easiest baked potatoes: slice thinly but not paper-like, spread like cards, brush with oil (a silicone baking brush is totes worth the little it costs), spread salt and pepper (a little less than you think you’d like), cover with foil, stick in oven or toaster-oven at 150C for 40min. (If you have the patience, at that point click up to 180C, remove the cover and add 10-20min.) Reheats well, lasts in the fridge longer than it’ll take you to nom.

    Dead-Animal-Free Whole Protein: some legumes + some grain. AKA rice and lentils, or rice and beans. (Maybe some fried onion for flavor; onion’s cheap and stays good a descent while. Fried onion makes everything taste better and keeps forever in the freezer, so frying up a bunch and keeping portions is not a half-bad idea.) (If going for the beans option - lentils are cheaper around here but fuck if I know what it’s like in your area - dump some tomato sauce and oil in; canola or soy are best health-wise, and far cheaper than olive; avoid corn.) Oh, what does instant couscous go for in your area? It keeps for fucking ever, it’s usually cheap, and it takes well to any and all added taste.

    If you get to choose, black lentils taste the best and need the least soak-time (0-20min), green lentils are best for cooked stuff and red lentils are best in soups. (Red lentils + potatoes + root vegetables of choice + spices; cut into small pieces, cook, run through the blender if you wanna [stick blender’s awesome], freeze in portions.)

    When possible, get instant soup mix. Get the good instant soup mix. (The kind that’s not made primarily of sugar, yeast or both. The rest is optional.) Dump 1/2tsp (or more, but start on the low end) into couscous, or chicken, or sprinkle over potatoes being stuck in the oven. Whatever. It’ll make most cooked-food-type things taste better. And again, lasts forever on the shelf.

    If  you can have eggs (goodness knows they’re sometimes expensive), dump some tomato sauce in a pan (tomato sauce lasts forever on the shelf), add some oil, onion/beans to cook in it, hot peppers if you wanna, then when it’s nearly ready crack an egg or two in. Hard-boiled eggs last a remarkably while in the fridge, so when eggs reach near the end of their usable lives, just hard-boil and stick in the fridge.

    (Have eggs as often as you can, particularly as you have brain-shit going on. You need all the eggs, salt, and 60%-or-more chocolate you can get. Brains are made of cholesterol and salt, so folks with neuro or other brain shit need more of both. Potassium is also aces. You know what has the most potassium? Tomato paste.)

    Grated cheese keeps in the freezer for ever. Grated cheese will make a lot of things taste nicer. Preserved lemon juice keeps forever in the fridge. Grated cheese + oil + lemon = instant and awesome pasta sauce that’ll liven up the weeks-old dry pasta in the fridge.

    Slices bread also keeps well in the freezer. Try to have half a loaf or a loaf. Dry bread gets cut in cubes, mixed with oil and the aforementioned instant soup, stuck in oven at lowest until properly dry, then kept in an airtight jar to add to soups.

    (Over-ripe tomatoes come cheaper. They get turned into soup or sauce, then frozen in portions.)


    this is a very good post but why are we glossing over the fact that the alternative to ramen is bees


    i have it on pretty good authority that bees are not an affordable eating alternative to ramen.


    Seriously, bees are expensive



    And speaking as someone who is also living off oatmeal, beans, and brown rice, if you need recipes, I have them! 

    Today I made 16 bean soup with chicken sausage and it was crazy good and I got 8 servings out of the one batch (froze half). I usually get the cheapest beans I can find, and GOYA bags of beans are usually $1-2. I soaked them overnight,rinsed them, and threw them in a gallon lidded saucepan with 2 boxes of chicken stock (also on sale for $2), two bay leaves, sauteed green pepper, onion, and celery, some garlic from a jar, about two tablespoons of dried herbs de provence,and the “fancy” bit was adding $6 bourbon and apple chicken sausages. You can actually sub veg stock for chicken and skip the sausage and make it vegan and it would still taste great.

    Oh and I’ve been doing steel-cut oats. I don’t buy the name brand ones, I just pick whatever store brand/generic I can get for less than $4. They take about ½ an hour to make, but they’re super tasty and I make 2 cups of dried oats at a time with dried cranberries and that’s breakfast for 4 days at least. 

    I’ve also been making black bean soup, red beans and rice, and curried potatoes and chick peas. I got 100 quart and pint take-away containers from Amazon for $20 and they all stack neatly and are perf for one serving of whatever.


    Additionally, depending on where you live, whole rotisserie chickens are something like $4-$7 and are easily 4 - 6 servings of protein and on TOP of that, if you stick the carcass in a ziplock bag and then the freezer you have excellent soup makings. Using bones in soup literally squeezes all viable vitamins and minerals out of the suckers. Soup made from lots of bones is great to keep around if you get sick, it’ll feed and sooth you relatively easily and as you get better you can add noodles. ON TOP OF THAT, a quarter to a half cup of soup broth added to a lot of dishes also adds those nutrients PLUS flavor.


    I recommend a 10 lb sack of potatoes

    Or if you’re in Germany, a 2 kilo sack of carrots for 1 Euro


    Buy that fucking ramen pallet. Or diversify. Get a few flavors. Those bitches are only 6 for 1.50

    Then? Spend your money on what MATTERS: veggies and a carton of eggs.

    Mix and match your veggies, dump em in the boiling flavor water with the ramen and prepare 1-2 eggs per ramen packet(can be done in 45-75sec in the microwave). Pour off most of the liquid to reducetge ridiculous sodium content. If possible, take soy, duck and sweet and sour sauce packets from any sushi or Chinese restraunt including the shitty one in your favorite chain super market for additional flavor doctoring.

    Congrats. You now have healthy, complete meals that are easy to make and soothing as fuck to eat and off you get disposable chopsticks/forks you only have to clean 1 bowl and 1 pot.

    Actually healthy depression meal on a budget. Boom.


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    I was scrolling and expected the names to stop….but they just kept going…and going…


    Exactly why it needs to be reblogged. Shit is crazy.


    😢 All I can say is the senseless, needless, racial based, profiled killing needs to STOP. 😡


    I might have heard 5 or 6 names on this list. No coverage for Black women, dead or alive.

    Hello book lovers,

    Please remember that it doesn’t matter how many books you read a day/week/month/year. You love reading, but you also have a life and obligations, whether it’s school, a job, family, kids, pets, mental or physical health or simply life. Don’t punish yourself for prioritizing other things. Book will always be there for you when you need them. Also, it doesn’t matter how little or how much you read. If you love books and reading, you are a book lover. Not guilt, not shame, no snobbery. 

    A fellow book lover.


    Reblog if you don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend.


    1.7 million ppl are single


    2,253,334 now


    Where are these people? Lol


    Single af 😪




    aaaaand I’m kind of looking….




    I’m a free bird 😋


    Single and It’s wack 




    Anybody wanna slide in my DMs now would be the time 🤷🏼‍♀️




    The only major chain retail store that I know of that allows their cashiers to sit is the Aldi grocery store, a German chain. Their starting pay is also $12 an hour chain-wide.

    The interior of the store looks like this so they save money on the annoying shelf restocking. Products remain in their boxes until being removed by customers.  No unboxing and putting stuff on shelves, and constantly having to rearrange it. Also, the boxes make inventory a breeze as a sealed box has a defined number of items in it. 

    Typical American grocery stores have shelves like this

    Every item has to be unboxed and neatly stacked on the shelves. If they get messed up by the customers, everything has to be rearranged back to specific rigid order. When you have to verify the inventory, every item has to be removed from the shelves to be counted and put back. Aldi’s also do not have plastic bags. You can buy reusable bags or simply use the empty cardboard boxes that are available.

    Last is the carts. Most grocery stores have their carts strewn across the parking lots, rolling around and hitting cars until a store employee is sent out to collect them, after being yelled at by the manager when they were told to do other tasks in the meantime. Aldi’s chains those carts together and you have to put a Quarter in to release it. When you are done, you plug the chain back in and get your Quarter back. If others are lazy, you can collect and return the loose carts and collect the Quarters. 

    It stops this…

    Then the employees have to do this


    People don’t shop at ALDI in the states? There is an ALDI at every town in Aus. They pay their employees like $22 an hour and often employ full time (well above the minimum wage for full time service employees). They let workers sit while doing registers and will only ever keep as many registers open as they need. The food tends to come from independent providers who strike a deal with ALDI and it 9 time out of 10 really good quality. I bought my TV from there, which is wild, and it was ridiculously cheap for what it was. 

    Like, I’m really against supermarket monopolisation, but hot shit ALDI is the most ethical supermarket I’ve ever seen. Especially since Coles (another Aus SM) now requires applicants to pay for their own police checks when putting in a job application. 


    hätte nie gedacht dass ich tatsächlich mal einen Post lesen muss, der fucking Aldimärkte wie eine utopische Zukunftsvision klingen lässt. Geht’s euch gut Amerika?


    (“Never thought that I would actually have to read a post that makes fucking Aldi look like a utopian vision of the future. Are you alright America?”)


    I shop at Aldi here in Georgia whenever I can. Love it


    Cellulite is a female secondary sex characteristic and should be celebrated as a rite of womanhood, not despised or eradicated.


    it’s really a secondary sex characteristic?! 


    It is. It has to do with the way our bodies network fat. Female bodies create sort of a mesh network to support fat (female bodies are MUCH more hardy in times of stress) and it can present as delightfully lumpy. More than 90% of women have visible cellulite, but all women store fat in this manner.


    why did no one tell me this?!


    You know why :/


    Spread this. I only just started to see mine and I started to freak out a bit. More people should/need to know about this


    Here’s an illustration of the aforementioned difference in fat storage.

    Men’s lattice pattern collagen threads holds subcutaneous fat in a way that, when the skin expands because of the fat storage, it expands evenly. Women’s “pockets” expand unevenly when we accumulate fat, creating that orange peel effect. Our storage pattern means we can healthily store more fat than men. Like a woman with 25% body fat is average, a man with 25% body fat is chubby. Because of that, like OP said, women are hardier in times of stress or famine. It’s also one of the reasons why our bodies can survive pregnancy, which is a massive energy demand on our system.

    And there’s absolutely NO “treatment” for cellulite that will work. They are all bullshit designed to separate you from your hard-earned cash. It’s a secondary sex characteristic, it’s perfectly normal and it’s not going away no matter what you do. Like I’m very lean myself and I work out 5~6 times a week, and I still have cellulite. Someone giving a woman shit for having cellulite is akin to giving her shit for having skin. It’s just a mixture of misogyny and corporate greed.

    Love your lumpy skin, ladies. It means you are a badass surviving machine shaped by millenia of evolution.


    The first mention of cellulite as a negative was in 1933 in a French beauty magazine. WWI led to more women entering the workforce and many continued to work after the war. The French beauty industry was eager to cash in on women having more disposable income. Talking negatively about cellulite was just another way to expand the beauty market. (x)

    Women are taught to hate their bodies because people get rich from it 


    hot takes on AOC saying that the United States government is operating concentration camps:

    WARNING: This post contains references to gruesome human rights violations. It is not for everyone.

    76 people in a cell designed for 12.

    155 people in a cell designed for 35.

    41 in a cell for 8.

    Don’t look away.

    900 people total, or or more than seven times the 125-person capacity of the El Paso Del Norte immigration processing center.

    If it weren’t for the white boxes shielding the faces of dozens of men and women stuffed into the overcrowded cell, it would be difficult to count the people in the photograph, since their overlapping limbs make it impossible to see where one body ends and another begins.

    Standing room only cells, where people are held for weeks. Limited access to showers and clean clothes, resulting in those held wearing soiled clothing “for days or weeks.”

    People standing on toilets just to find air to breathe. 24 deaths while in ICE custody.

    Johana Mediana Léon, 25 years old. Transgender. Passed away four days after release from custody after complaining of chest pains.

    Mergensana Amar, 40 years old. Removed from life support after committing suicide in custody.

    Efrain De La Rosa, 40 years old. Committed suicide in custody by self-inflicted strangulation.

    Roxana Hernandez, 33 years old. Transgender. Passed away in custody after experiencing cardiac arrest.

    300,000-500,000 individuals per year in custody. Acting ICE director Mark Morgan’s response? Plans to increase large scale raids.

    Don’t look away.

    They’re not “centers.” They’re not “facilities.” They’re not “processing areas.” Let’s call them what they are.

    The United States government is operating concentration camps. And we must act.

    Memos surfaced by journalist Ken Klippenstein revealed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s failure to provide medical care was responsible for suicides and other deaths of detainees. These followed another report that showed that thousands of detainees are being brutally held in isolation cells just for being transgender or mentally ill.

    Two weeks ago, the Trump administration cut funding for classes, recreation and legal aid at detention centers holding minors — which were likened to “summer camps” by a senior ICE official last year. And there was the revelation that months after being torn from their parents’ arms, 37 children were locked in vans for up to 39 hours in the parking lot of a detention center outside Port Isabel, Texas. In the last year, at least seven migrant children have died in federal custody.

    Don’t look away.

    It’s certainly been helpful for the Trump Administration that nobody has called them concentration camps until this week, when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came under great fire for doing so.

    It may well be a testament to the media machine that is the Trump administration. Look away! He wore an ill-fitting tuxedo to meet the Queen! Look away! He won’t acknowledge that the Central Park Five are exonerated! Look away! He fired pollsters for giving him numbers that he didn’t like!

    Don’t look away.

    It’s helpful to the President that the media covers these human rights abuses intermittently instead of as what they actually are: proof of a racist administration, unchecked by the law. It’s helpful that there’s so much else to look at right now. But more than anything else, it’s helpful that the places where these people are being tortured and left to die are hidden. They’re locked away from the eyes of journalists and concerned members of the public. They’re misleadingly named.

    That’s what a concentration camp is. And the immediate outrage to AOC calling them that is the right response. Hearing that the government is running concentration camps is something one should feel scrupulous towards. A concentration camp isn’t the same as a death camp. We don’t have those yet. But when Hitler ran his, they started as the former, extending to the latter.

    Don’t look away.

    Hannah Arendt, imprisoned by the Gestapo and interned in a French camp, wrote about the levels of concentration camps. Extermination camps were the most extreme; others were just about getting “undesirable elements … out of the way.” All had one thing in common: “The human masses sealed off in them are treated as if they no longer existed, as if what happened to them were no longer of interest to anybody, as if they were already dead.”

    Is that not what we were doing?

    I hesitate to speak for my own ancestry, for my family members killed at Neuengamme camp along with more than 43,000 others. But I can’t hesitate long enough to sway my thinking away from confirming what AOC already said.

    It’s easy to think of the Holocaust only in terms of the final outcome. But there was a beginning.

    Don’t look away. It started with fear mongering. It started with ghettoization. It started with hidden camps. Then, the pogroms. Then, the extermination camps.

    Mass detention isn’t new. But this president has made it a centerpiece of his rhetoric and his agenda. He’s perfected the extreme language that dehumanizes immigrants. At a rally in Florida last month, Trump was bemoaning migrants’ legal protections when someone in the audience suggested they should be shot. The president laughed and made a joke.

    Through overcrowding and dehumanization, concentration camps became self-fulfilling prophecies. The culture of abuse leads to frustration and violence, thus “justifying” their incarceration after the fact. Other citizens become desensitized to the dehumanization of a group of people and thus implicitly give approval for concentration camps by our lack of pushback.

    Do you see it?

    It’s happening now.

    Don’t look away.


    How To Get A Job Fast As Hell


  • Apply to a  job, wait (1) day, then call.  Give them your first and last name. Tell them you submitted an application and that you’re very motivated to find [Enter field name] work. Let the conversation lead you wherever it takes. Be very polite. Say” thank you for your time, I’ll be looking forward to hearing back from you.” Rinse, repeat. This is to force them to be looking out for your application. 
  •  When you get to the interview, shake their hand firmly,  tell them your first and last name.  
  • Describe your experiences  as “ two years transcription and data entry” if you have a desk job interview and “ [however many years]  costumer service, retail and stock” for your retail jobs.  
  • Don’t use job “ buzz words” I stg they hear them all day. Say  things like, “ I’m detail oriented and am very good at taking instruction.”  “ I would like to work for a company with integrity and I feel that [ company name] would be a good fit”
  • When they ask you if you have “reliable transportation” say  YES. don’t tell them what kind of transportation, just say yes. (if you don’t do this, you wont get the job , I’m telling you right now). 
  • Research the company. Know what they do, why they do it, how OLD the company is. WHERE it was founded, and what kind of position you’re intending to apply for.
  • When they ask you “ give us a situation where you had to blah blah blah” Make one the fuck up. Make yourself sound good as hell, and like you put your company’s needs slightly above the customer’s needs, but make the customer happy. 
  • If they ask you about being outgoing, Say you “like to focus on your work so you can concentrate on doing things right” (which buys you out of having to act friendly all the time)
  • Questions for after the interview:

    1.  Does this position offer upward mobility?

    2. Do you enjoy working for the company? (if you’re not interviewing for a temp agency who will send you anywhere)

  •  Then, shake their hand,  Ask them to repeat their name (REMEMBER THIS) say thank you for your time, wish them a nice day and leave. write their name down outside if you have to, just remember the fuck out of it. 
  • AFTER your interview, send a card directed to the name of the person who interviewed you (I’ll give you them) that says “Thank you for the interview, I appreciate the opportunity. have a great day” This shows  that you have an understanding of professionalism, and will have them thinking of you kindly (or at least remembering you) when they’re shuffling through the choices. 
  • DO NOT tell them you just moved to the city over the phone.  In person, tell them you just moved to the city. Make it sound like the only reason you need a job is because you moved. Not because you’re desperate. 
  • __________

     The titles of each section are key words you can use to search for jobs on  and Simplyhired.

    Data Entry:

     Front Desk:

    Other jobs you don’t need a degree for that aren’t retail:


    I knew this but I’m reblogging cause someone might not know


    I’m saving this.


    In case


    not to be a history fucker on main but the whole mystery of the lost colony of roanoke is so fucking funny


    governor of the colony: hey I’m gonna go back to england to get more supplies

    115 colonists: okay

    governor: ends up spending 3 years in england bc of a naval war with spain or some shit

    governor: gets back to the colony to find everyone gone

    governer: sees the word “croatoan”, the name of a native american tribe, carved into a post

    croatoan tribe: has members and children with blonde hair/blue eyes, pale skin

    everyone: what could have happened to the colonists of roanoke


    racism is a hell of a drug


    governor: I can’t believe my colony died

    roanoke folks: actually these really nice people took us in? we left you a note about that? so please stop telling everyone we’re dead?

    governor: Sometimes I Can Still Hear Their Voices


    Reblogging both because that last post is hillarious and also because I never knew about this and really did think that the “Dissapearance” of the Roanoke colony was still a mystery


    The entire thing is muddied by other historical accounts and the passage of time between investigations.

    John White, the governor, left Roanoke in 1587. He tried to come back in 1588, but the captain he charted decided a pirate’s life for them and decided to go raid Spanish vessels. They were woeful bad privateers, and they got captured , the supplies for the colony were seized, and strangely the Spanish let them go. They then returned to England.

    White did finally, after the war in 1590, get to Roanoke…for one day. He landed at the colony, found it not only deserted but calmly dismantled. The word “Croatan” was on a tree, but also absent the agreed upon panic sign. White directed them to carve a Maltese cross in a tree if they were forced to leave. And it much easier to carve a cross than name of a native tribe. However, a storm was forming in the Atlantic, and White was forced to leave.

    The patron of the Roanoke colonly, Sir Walter Raliegh, finally got around to investigating his Lost Colony…in 1602. He never made it to Roanoke because stopped along the way in Outer Banks to gather valuable cargoes. AND THEN WEATHER GOT BAD, AGAIN. In 1603, a seemingly random expedition by Bartholomew Gilbert landed in the area with the intention of finding the Roanoke colonists…but they pissed off one of tribes in the area and got themselves killed.

    Conflicting historical accounts come from Jamestown in 1607. Captain John Smith’s interviews with local native tribes, particularly the Powhatan, lead to narrative of “Indian Massacre.” Chief Powhatan, whose real name was Wahunsenacawh, claimed to have raided the Chesepian tribe who had a number of Europeans amongst them. The thing is the Chesepians are not the Croatans. The Europeans amongst the Chesepians were thought to be thosenleft behind from the FIRST Roanoke colony, who mostly fled after one year when the original governor left for supplies and took too long. (Seeing a pattern here? )

    So as far as physical investigations go, the English failed due to distracting greed and a lack of determination due to “sudden storms.” One has to wonder if they found results that were embarrassing and conveniently had stormy weather?

    The first colonists were lucky to have Sir Francis Drake show up on his way back to England. The second colony wasn’t fortunate enough to have random pirate rescue. The second sought the help of the Croatan who seemed amenable enough and helpful enough to assit in DISMANTLING THE COLONY.

    So the Mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke is the English didn’t give too big a damn, the Powhatan think all white folk look a like, and yeah, racism that Europeans would not immediately seek out the rather indifferent arms of fellow Europeans that keep leaving them to die and instead live with the savages.




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    When they moved the reblog button to the bottom of posts


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    at the top we had to scroll all the way back up in order to reblog


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    People complained about this change


    I remember the complaints. 🤦🏽‍♀️