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    Nick Harris (Joe Keery) is a Velociraptor trainer. He’s the alpha of a pack of 4 Raptors: Tango, Bravo, Lucy and Zulu, the beta. You run into him late at night in front of the Visitor Center.

    Nick: Oh, hi! I’ve never seen you before. Welcome to Jurassic Park! My name is Nick Harris.

    You: Hi! I’m (your name).

    Nick: You know, it’s pretty late and dangerous to roam around at night at the park. You’re lucky that I ran into you.

    You: Uh… Nick…

    You trick Nick pointing at something behind him.

    Nick: What? There’s something behind me?

    You try to take Nick’s clothes off while he’s distracted.

    Nick: Hey! What you’re doing?! Trying to get me naked?

    You: Hmm… yeah.

    Nick: You should’ve told me, I’m so in the mood for sex. Now get on your knees! if you want it you have to earn it!