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    Hey, everyone - in light of the tumblr exodus I'm moving my base to reddit at u/JustForPornAG. I already had an account for a couple years so I'm familiar with the system and site - I'm just stuck trying to find a way to make it like this one.

    I'm going to be on reddit until I find another site like tumblr that offers me the customizability to create my blog. But for the foreseeable future, I'll be on reddit!

    Hit me up - u/JustForPornAG

    So now that porn is officially banned on Tumblr, I've decided to empty out my entire queue and let everything out. If you're like me, then comb through and take what you like.

    I came to this tumblr to finally express myself and my sexuality once I was finally free to live my life. I've discovered so much in the past couple months and I want to thank everyone for it.

    I'll hang around until the 12th to answer any questions or whatever, but I'll leave for good when the 12th hits.

    Good luck everyone!

    - Andrew


    Master’s eyebrow raised as he approached musclefag Trevor, “Faggot, do you have your diapers on?”

    Trevor was too brain dead - lost in getting more swole and building gains - that he didn’t notice Master right in front of him. Master could easily see Trevor’s chastity device through his silky shorts, so He knew that Trevor was being disobedient, Faggot.”

    That seemed to knock him out of his trance, “Yes, sir?”

    “Where are your diapers?”

    Trevor blushed and looked sheepishly at the ground, “I...uhh...forgot them, Sir. I’m sorry, sir.”

    “Did you forget them? Or you chose to leave them at home on purpose?”

    Trevor opened his mouth, but quickly closed it. He made sure to avoid eye contact with Master as he twiddled his fingers behind his back, “Look at me. In the eyes.” Master demanded.

    Trevor did so as Master asked once more, “Did you leave them at home on purpose? Tell me the truth...Either way you’re getting punished, but at least you’ll only be punished for not wearing your diapers, instead of not wearing them and choosing to lie.”

    “I didn’t bring them on purpose, sir.”


    “I didn’t bring them on purpose, sir. I’m sorry for being such a bad slave, sir.”

    “Why not? You know that’s the rule - Wear diapers when you work out. You musclefags are all the same, you get so caught up in working out that you don’t notice when you have to go!”

    “Sir...Everyone at the gym makes fun of me, sir. I hate having to change in the locker rooms, sir. I don’t want to wear my diapers, sir.”

    “That’s not your decision to make, Trevor! Let’s see how embarrassed you are when I spank you in front of everyone. Drop your shorts!”

    Trevor instantly did so, exposing his pale muscular glutes and caged cock to the entire gym as he went over Master’s lap...


    Before becoming a full-fledged musclefag, Marcus was a loud, brash, cocky, and raunchy young man. Even though he’s currently undergoing the brainwashing process, Marcus still had frequent bouts of his old cocky self.

    Master saw to it that his faggot would be humbled by doing “bitch work” and house chores. Master smiled as he saw his little fag cleaned His razors, sink, toilet, and waxed the floors.