mmhmmm baby! mommy loves you too!

    Jeanette loved the way her son woke her up every day with love and a hard cock!


    As they make love in their marital bed. Now their husband and wife. He will never stop fucking his gorgeous mother. She is the mother of his children.


    Jeanette breasts. heavy with milk as it was just a few months ago she had delivered a beautiful baby daughter. Jeanette’s son, Jason was already keen on breeding his Mom again. So every morning he would do his personalized “wake up call” on his mom.

    Jeanette knew her son wanted to breed her again. Ever since, going to Jocasta-Life resort and the Inbreeding counselors declared Jeanette a perfect breeding machine. As the counselor spoke about “Breast Size, Cervix Placement, Hip Ratio, Flexibility, and Jason’s cock and sperm production. Jeanette saw the gleam in her son’s eyes and the growth in his pants. Jason was so worked up that morning he interrupted the counselor and pulled his Mother into the restroom for a quick fuck. 

    Now as the morning light began flowing into the room, Jeanette heard her son’s voice whisper in her ear. “I am going to breed you again, Mom”  


    Leave all that elegance behind and bend down to that beautiful cock of your son which you crave all the time.


    Yes…. I crave for it all the time….


    The neighbors will see mom!

    Let them baby, it’s not as if they don’t hear you make mommy scream all night!

    It was right, with just him and his mother at home and his mom wailing like a banshee all night, it was no wonder the neighbors didn’t know what happened behind closed doors already!