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    [F/d]Daddy Struggles With Quarantine [non con] [rape]

    From Reddit fromu/forcefuckme

    I was staying in my dad’s apartment when the lockdown started. Going home seemed silly, so he decided I should stay until things were clearer. It was great at first… we talked a lot and watched old movies snuggled up on the couch, but it wasn’t long before the lack of space started getting to us both. He’d let me take his bedroom while he took the sofa.

    I knew what my dad was like. It’s why mom kicked him out. Sometimes I’d arrive and see him kissing some young woman goodbye, but it was always a different one. As I got older I noticed the red rings around their wrists, the bruises on their necks, and the glazed look of contentment they had.

    So the nights when I got up to use the bathroom and heard him on the sofa, watching something on his phone with a lot of screams and grunts and hard sounds, I just tried to be as quiet as possible. He must be missing his women.

    Our tempers were frayed, but we tried to look after each other. He offered to cook dinner and we’d watch a movie tonight. It was good, and he gave me some wine, and I felt lighter and happier than I had in a while. When we snuggled up together, I rested my head on his lap like I used to, and he stroked my hair.

    I’d forgotten about the sex scene in the movie. The main guy grabbed the love interest and pushed her against a wall, kissing her and pulling her skirt up. He fucked her against the wall, urgent and hard. It’s awkward enough watching it with your parents but when I felt his cock hardening under my head, I had no idea what to do.

    His hand had gone still, resting on my hair. “I’m going to get some more wine!” I said and moved to get up. But his hand gripped my hair suddenly and he held me there. “Just… Not just now sweetheart. Just stay there for a moment.” I hesitated, and he began to grind his hard cock against my cheek. He groaned, low and animalistic, and I began to panic.

    I tried to pull away, but he’s a big guy, and he just kept a grip on my hair. As he wrestled me back down he pulled his cock out from his sweatpants and boxers and, using my hair to guide my head, rubbed my face over it. “Daddy… Daddy please stop. I don’t want this. Please!” He made soothing, shushing noises, and turned my head so my lips lined up to his cock. “It’s ok baby. I won’t hurt you. It’ll feel good. You just need to stay still and it’ll be over soon.”

    He pushed his cock against my lips until I opened my mouth to beg him to stop, and he took the chance to push it in as far as he could. I started to cough and gasp but he kept pushing, lifting me up a bit then pushing deeper. He groaned loudly with each thrust and used his other hand to push my tank top down so he could play with my tits.

    “Oh god, baby, you feel so good. So much better than I imagined. And I’ve imagined it a lot.” I went cold… I knew he’d looked at me differently since I started to… Develop. But I had no idea it went this far. I developed early and would cry on his shoulder about how the boys at school teased me for needing a bra, for straining the buttons of my school shirt.

    His breathing got shallow and fast as he fucked my face, and then he suddenly pulled me off, breathing hard. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t want to cum so quick. It’s been so long since I’ve had this. I’m sorry. But I need it.” I thought he was just going to push my face back down to his cock, but instead, he grabbed me and twisted me so I was face down on the couch.

    I felt him pulling at my pajama bottoms and realized what he wanted, and I started to scream and fight. He pushed my face into the cushions to muffle me, and lay his big body on top of mine, his hard cock, wet with my saliva, pressed between my legs. I begged him not to, told him I was a virgin, but that just made him growl and push my legs apart with his knees.

    “I know you didn’t want your first time to be like this, sweetheart. I’m so sorry. It’s going to hurt. But if you relax it can feel good too. Daddy just needs this, OK? Please be a good girl… Daddy just needs you to be good for him…”

    I screamed as he pressed the head of his cock into me, stretching me, pushing deeper and deeper until he pushed through the resistance. I cried, alternating sobbing and screaming, and he whispered in my ear with each thrust that I was being good, that it’d be over soon, he just needed this, that I didn’t know how hard it had been for him.

    One hand went round to grip my tits, the other wrapped around my throat, and finally, I fell silent with fear, just crying as he hammered his cock into me again and again, until finally he shuddered and rammed as deep as he could, forcing his cock all the way inside me as it pulsed out spurt after spurt of cum.

    He lay on top of me, panting, stroking my hair as I cried, and murmuring soothing things. As his cock softened and slid out of me, and cum dripped from my pussy onto the couch, he finally got off me. I curled into a ball, crying, and he looked ashamed as he went to get me a towel.

    “I never wanted to hurt you, baby girl. But you drive me crazy. You were so good. Thank you for taking care of me.”


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    [F/D] [non-con] I couldn’t wait any longer…my daughter is ready

    You come home from cheerleader practice still in your hot little skirt and half top. I smile, greeting my eighteen-year old daughter warmly, holding you close. Your firm young breasts pressed against my chest as I inhale the smell of your soft silken hair. “Hey honey, how was practice?”

    You smile up at me, returning my embrace. “It was good, daddy. How was work?”

    “Boring as usual, but I’m better now that you’re home.” Chuckling as I slap your hot little ass playfully. “Let’s get you something to drink sweetie.” I watch my daughter’s tight little behind as we head into the kitchen.

    You yelp as I slap your ass, hurrying forward into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, you stick your head in, rummaging through it. “What do you want, daddy?”

    Watching as you bend over into the fridge, my crotch stirs as I stare at your cute little ass shaking in front of me. “Fetch me a beer in the back,” I reply, leaning over you, pressing up against your hot little bottom. “I’ll get some glasses.” You can’t find my beer as I continue to press against your young teen body.

    You continue to look, not realizing what is happening behind you. “I don’t see any beer, dad.”

    My crotch swells, bulging as I grind against you, my hand resting against your waist as I pretend to keep you from falling over. “Ohhh…” I moan slightly, feeling your tight little ass against me.

    “Daddy? Let me up,” you ask, trying to move out from the fridge.

    I step back, looking down at you as you turn towards me, your nipples poking through your top from the cold. I move closer again, pressing you back against the counter.

    “Daddy? What are you doing?”

    I reach up, my hand running through your soft smooth hair, suddenly leaning down as my lips meet yours, kissing you deep. My other hand moves up, cupping your young breasts, squeezing them through your top.

    “Dad!” you exclaim, pushing my hand away. “Stop it.”

    My hands are at your side, trapping you between me and the counter. “What? You know you liked it. Why else would you dress like that for me, honey?”

    “It’s my uniform!”

    Smiling as I move up along the sides of your waist, sliding my hands under your top. “Mmm… yes it is…” My hands cup your breasts through your bra, squeezing them gently.

    “Daddy! Stop!” you squirm, trying to get away from me.

    Pressing you against the counter as one hand continues to massage your breast, the other moving down along your leg, sliding under your cheerleading skirt, moving over hot little ass.

    “Oh god, stop…” you start panicking. “Daddy, please don’t! I’m your daughter!”

    Lifting your leg around mine, I kiss you again, hard and deep. I raise your top higher, pushing your bra up over your breasts to expose your firm young tits. “Mmmm… very nice Laura.”

    Tears start welling in your eyes. “Daddy! Stop it… you’re supposed to love me and take care of me.”

    “Mmm… I do love you baby, very very much… that’s why I need to do this, why I have to have you.” I flip you around, bending your young body over the counter. You see your mother out the window in the gardens, blissfully unaware as I grope your hot little ass.

    “MOM!!” you scream, trying to attract her attention. “Dad, you can’t do this!”

    I lean over you, whispering into your ear. “Why not?” I ask, my breath hot and moist against your neck. My hands move over the hot flesh of your tight little ass as I pull your little panties to the side. I press against you again. You feel something hard and hot against your skin as it slides over your ass, moving lower, rubbing the lips of your sweet pussy.

    “No, no, no… daddy, please. Oh god, MOM!!” you scream for her again, but she can’t hear you and doesn’t look up to notice us.

    Smiling as I kiss your neck, feeling your hot young body. “You’re mine baby…” Without warning, I thrust my cock forward, burying it hard into your tight virgin pussy. “OHHHHHH YESSSS!!!!”

    “NOOOO!!!” you scream in pain as my cock enters you, bursting through your hymen.

    Gripping your tight little ass, your panties pulled to the side as my cock buries itself deep into you. “Ohhhh god yesss baby…” I press your body against the kitchen counter as I lean over you.

    “Daddy… no…” you plead, tears streaming down your face.

    I hold my cock deep inside you, allowing the pain to pass, your skirt bunched up at your waist as I press against you. I reach around, gripping your pert young breasts, squeezing them, pulling them back to me as I press my body against yours.

    After a moment, you stop whimpering. I slide out of your tight little pussy slowly before plunging back into you deep. “Ohhhh yesss…”

    You grunt as I enter you completely, feeling my cock fill you once again. The process continues as I slide out once more, only to thrust back up into you. Moving steady now, I start to fuck my little girl faster. You body responds on its own, your pussy grows wet, lubing my cock as I enter you again and again.

    “Ohhh god baby… that’s it, you little slut…” I moan in pleasure as I cram my cock up inside your tight cunt, feeling it suck me in as it clenches my rod. I grope your tits in my hands, pulling on them as I continue to rape my daughter.

    With each powerful thrust, you feel my hard thick cock filling your young pussy. You close your eyes, allowing a soft moan to escape your mouth as I plunge deep into you once more.

    I smile as I see your reaction. “Yea, that’s it, you little whore… you like that baby? Daddy’s cock deep inside you… pounding you again and again as I fuck you hard… Ohhh yesss baby… take it deep…”

    “Ohhhh….” You moan louder now, pressing back to meet my thrusts. “Ohhh… d-daddy…”

    Gripping your ass, I slap it as I plunge my dick up inside your tight little pussy, stretching it open as I enter you. “Ohhh yesss baby… feels sooo good… fucking my hot little girl…”

    “Yesss… more…” you moan, moving back against my cock. “Ohhh god daddy…mmmm…”

    I continue violating you, raping you, fucking my young daughter as she loves every second of it. Feeling your pussy clamp around my cock, I start fucking you faster…. over and over, driving it inside you.

    “Ohhh Daddy, more… more… I feel it… ohhh god… f-fuck me!!!” you scream as I slam fully into your tight little cunt.

    “Ohhhh yesss baby… cum for Daddy… feel it… yesss…” I encourage you, thrusting deep into your pussy. “Ohhh yesss… I’m gonna cum too… cum deep inside my little slut… You want that, baby?” “Ohh yessss daddy… anything… don’t stop..” you plead, driving yourself back onto my rod.

    “Beg for it Laura… beg for my cock… beg like the little slut I know you are, whore…”

    “Ohhh daddy… yess… fuck me…” you exclaim, begging for my cock, not caring that I am raping you. “Fuck your little slut… I’m your whore daddy… cum inside me!!”

    I plunge my cock forward hard and deep as it explodes, shooting up inside you, unleashing my load. “AHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!!!”

    “Ohhh god DADDY!!” you scream as your body convulses, spasming as you orgasm, your tight little pussy clamping down on my cock even more as I shoot up inside your cunt.

    I continue pumping your tight little pussy, filling my daughter’s fertile womb with her father’s hot sperm… cumming hard as I flood up into you. “OHHH YESSSS YOU LITTLE SLUT!!! TAKE IT ALL YOU WHORE!!!! AHHHHHHHHH GOD… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…”

    “Ohhhhhhh yesssss… daddy… more…” you pant as I shoot my load into you again and again. Looking up, you see your mother start heading for the door as I continue to flood my sperm into your tight teen pussy. You start to push me away, struggling. “Daddy… m-mom’s coming…”

    “Ohhhh yesss baby…cumming too…” I moan, not hearing you, gripping your ass as my cock continues to spew up inside my little girl. “So hot, soo tight, sooo good, you little slut…”

    You start jerking and struggling to break free, only to feel my cock pulse and shoot up inside you more. Your mother is almost at the door, I still don’t see her as my cock lies buried inside you. “Daddy.. mom!”

    As I hear the doorknob turning, my eyes go wide. I pull out quickly, still shooting my cum onto your pussy and across your ass as I quickly zip up my pants. I push your skirt back down over your ass just as your mother walks in. Grabbing a beer, I kiss your mother’s cheek gently and head down the hall into the living room. Panting, you push yourself away from the counter, cum dripping down your leg as you smile at your mom and hurry upstairs to your room. You can’t wait until tomorrow’s practice…


    It’s just, you’re reaching this age, princess. This age where I know the young men you’re around everyday will want to do things to do, and your pretty little body. But, as a daughter, it is your duty to always FIRST offer yourself to the one that made your pretty little body….and that’s me, your daddy.

    Daddy is going to show you all the amazing things you can do with your body. And all the dirty things boys want to do to you.

    You don’t have to be afraid. Daddy is doing this for you. Just close your eyes and try to enjoy it.

    If daddy gets too rough then you have to remember that I’m doing you a favor and that you owe this to me as your father. You’ll just have to take it like big girl.