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    You find yourself suddenly waking up from an afternoon nap floating in the middle of some stranger’s pool, some stranger’s house, and some stranger’s body.

    “W-what the fuck?! Where am I… and what happened to my voice??!!! WHO am I?!”

    Luckily for you, the man whose life you now had to adopt would require barely any effort. Being filthy rich, super handsome, and hung like a horse, it would only take you a few days to abandon your former life for this new improved one!

    For a new improved you!

    Athlete suit 2

    Its a hot summer day. Brian was watching outside, admiring his idol/crush, Ken from a distance. ________________________________________ Its been a year ever since Brian moved in town. A year ago, on their first day on town. Brian decided to take a walk around the place and noticed a small basketball court and a guy wearing a jersey, glistned with sweat as he play through and through by himself. Ever since that scene, Brian kept watching him from afar and knowing the more about the guy in the process. Despite his looks, This hunk of a man is apparently a teen, just 2 years older than Brian. He also learned his name, 'Ken Ordanyo' and also going the same school as him. Though, its been a year and nothing still changed.... Not until Brian met these two infamous 'gay duo' in town, Axel and Trace. Aside from Ken, Brian also had his eyes on someone which is a classmate and a close friend of ken, a cute (chinito) guy named Andrei. One day, Brian was tasked to get something to the school storage room and saw Andrei walking inside, Brian being a little bit perverted tried to sneak behind him and there he saw a shocking sight... Axel and Trace slowly pops out of Andrei's back while Andrei was just staring in the abyss with such glassy eyes and a blank smile on his face. Brian, instead of running, introduced himself to the two boys and agreed on hiding the secret about Andrei dying near the river and got converted into a meatsuit just a few months ago. Being friends for weeks, Andrei (piloted by Axel and Trace) asked Brian to talk privately. The thought of this popular stud is now nothing but a mascot is really turning Brian on... when they talked Andrei gave Brian the same device they used to convert Andrei into their empty suit and asked him convert anyone he wants so Alex and Trace can trust him further... ___________________________________________ Now Brian -- while watching Ken outside play basketball by himself while shirtless -- finally have the guts to approach Ken for the first time, Bryan have the device behind him, as he goes out in blazing hot noon of summer. Brian says hi to Ken which after a several times of calling him out, Finally notices Brians existence. Ken then approached Brian with a delinquent look and greeted him back. Upclose, Brian cant stop blushing at seeing Ken glistened with so much sweat shines in his body, "Hey, what is it?" Ken asked Brian angrily obviously losing his patience. Brian was intimidated that he barely could make a reply. Ken then just ignores Brian and walks back to his spot. While Brian then rushed behind Ken and used the device behind him. Ken then kneeled after a few seconds then he fell off the ground with his eyes open. In order to not raise any suspension, Brian then runned back and brought Ken's Top with him and carried his slippery body and dragged him back in Brians house, On the living room, Brian repeatedly poking and played Ken's body but Ken seems to not care. Brian then had this chance and licked his sweaty body, armpit, abs, face, neck, all his sweaty corners. as well as smelling Ken's reeking Body odor. Ken still doesnt respond at these actions that Brian even took off Kens shorts, revealing his massive member, this is the first time bryan sees such things so he tried the things he sees in the internet, and surprisingly, it did released load of cum. But still, after all this vulgar disgusting acts, Ken still remains blank. After this he called Axel to ask questions about the device's effects. Brian was shocked of the fact that when the converted suit can never be returned back to human of themselves. He then come to realization that he unknowingly taken someones life (literally) and that of a life of his all time crush.... though at the same time, Brian was araused of the fact that he can finally play with his crush whenever he want. Brian then quickly moved on and decided to continue as Ken and tore open Ken's muscular back. As Ken's Flesh tore apart, a smoke of Ken's body heat was going out of it and thus leaving Ken's insides almost as hot as

    an oven. Brian then bring closer the electric fan and grabbed Ken's sweaty muscular arms in front of the fan to cool off the suit... Brian --being too impatient-- hopped in inside of Ken and felt his crush's body heat flowing into him. He thought to himself that this summer is the hottest summer of his life! as he brought out a mini electric fan on his hand

    Astral Revenge

    MMMMPPPPPHHHH YEAH STROKE THAT FAT COCK!” Will yelled, doing his best to make sure everyone outside Mr. Lee’s room could hear him.

    Mr. Lee, one of the staff of the gym and a coach of several intramural teams, had spat some homophobic nonsense at Will while he was on his way to the university gym’s locker room after a weight lifting session. No matter how big the weight room was, no matter how much Will tried to make himself to avoid such confrontations, Will’s presence was too much for Lee to handle. It wasn’t his first time he’d said something repulsive to Will either; he seemed to make a habit of tormenting skinny, stringy, openly gay guys at his gym. Will was just trying to build some muscle to boost his self confidence, but Mr. Lee would have none of it.

    Will stomped to the locker room and found an empty toilet stall. He closed the door and locked himself in, and then leaned back in preparation. He’d projected himself several times in his life, but nothing ever prepared him for the initial jolt. He closed his eyes and concentrated… long and deeply… and then *WHOOMPH*, he was forced out of his body like a slingshot. He quickly regained focus on his consciousness and shot himself out of the locker room, through the gym hallway, and into the expansive weight room.

    He saw Lee standing with a few of the university’s athletes, all of them chatting and laughing deeply with each other. Will smirked to himself and aimed himself towards Lee. His consciousness catapulted towards his target until he roughly collided with him.

    Lee stumbled back for a moment, his body momentarily going slack, as Will aligned himself with Lee’s anatomy. Suddenly, Will felt himself explode with size, each and every muscle group bursting huge and thick as his essence pervaded throughout Lee’s body. Within a second, an avalanche of sensations hit him as he felt every tight, hunky crevice and curve of Lee’s body, feeling his cock sheathe into Lee’s as it flooded huge and erect with blood, upsettingly feeling obscenely larger than his own. Will opened his eyes to see find himself looking out into the weight room several inches taller than himself. He could smell the rank sweatiness of the athletes around him, but best of all was that he could smell himself, a thick, musky odor wafting up into his nostrils from his pits and pecs.

    The athletes, still surprised at Mr. Lee’s sudden change in behavior, all looked at Mr. Lee with confusion as he seemed to come back to himself and immediately took in a heavy inhale, his impressive barrel chest ballooning outward. Everyone was trying to avoid it but they couldn’t help but notice the fat hog swelling stiffly against Mr. Lee’s jock in his shiny grey gym shorts, creating an obscene bulge. He had a respectable 6 incher in his shorts, but it was its thickness that made it stand out, seemingly thicker than 99% of most men on earth. Which was good news for Will, considering that his revenge plan necessitated drawing as much attention to himself as possible.

    OOOooohh fuck yeah, that’s good,” Will bellowed deeply with a grunting exhale. He lifted up a huge arm and sucked in a deep inhale from hit pits as he felt up his abs and his chest with his other hand. When his hands grazed his nipples over his shirt, his eyes opened with excitement and surprise. “You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me,” Will uttered loudly as he grabbed the bottom of his loose-fitting gym uniform shirt and pulled it off over his torso. Now topless, Will got a good look at Lee’s physique and was obviously floored. He clearly molded himself to perfection, it was just a shame such a fine bod had to be wasted on such a shit person. He got a look at what surprised him at first and chuckled as he tugged at the nipple piercings on both of Lee’s muscle tits. So he does have a kinky side! Will thought about throwing stones in glass houses and giggled deeply to himself.

    One of the athletes finally piped up, “Yo, Lee, what’s the deal man? You know you gotta keep shirts on when you’re on the floor.”

    Will looked up, bringing the shirt in his hand up to his nose to inhale deeply again, tossing the shirt over to the athlete who clumsily caught it. What’sa matter, bro? You don’t like it?” Will boomed as he brought an arm up in a huge flex and bounced his pecs in alternating jiggles, taking a few steps towards the athlete. He shrunk away as Will approached him and Will couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. “S’fine, dude! Maybe everyone else wants some of the goods.”

    He pushed past the university athletes and stepped into the center of the floor. Will’s stomach dropped in anticipation of his next move, but he committed to it anyways. He hooked his thumbs under his waistband and dropped Lee’s shorts to the floor, leaving him in just Lee’s sweat stained jock strap. Some gym patrons groaned in disgust as Will spread his arms and slowly spun around displaying Lee’s body. Others just lustfully stared, their jaws hanging open.

    LOOK AT THESE TRUNKS,” Will grunted loudly as he flexed Lee’s thighs and calves, bending over and thudding them with his fists to test their firmness. “OH FUCK, AND THIS DUMPTRUCK ASS,” he continued confidently in Lee’s loud, douchey voice. He slapped and squeezed both of his exposed cheeks behind him, rolling the thick rounded slabs of meat with his large hands and snapping the straps of his jock strap against him, making his ass jiggle. His cock was throbbing against the fabric of the jock, which reminded him… “I’M HOLDING OUT ON YOU GUYS FOR THE MAIN ATTRACTION, HUH?” He questioned the room loudly. Gotta have all eyes for this next part. Will swallowed, nervous for his next move but knowing that he had already come this far so he had to finish out.

    He hooked his hands under the front of the jock and pulled it all the way down to the floor. Gasps and groans continued throughout the room as Will lifted up, hanging his head back and gripping his pre-slick package in his hand, stroking the fat expanse of his cock as he dripped a glob of pre from his foreskin. Other employees left the room, going to the front desk of the gym to tell the desk to call campus security. Bingo.

    Knowing his mission was complete but still having his fun, Will began to saunter to the weight room door to head back to Lee’s office, tugging himself as he went. Lee’s manager approached swiftly with some tightly, harshly whispered admonishments as he came, but Will wasn’t paying attention. He simply put both hands to the sides of the manager’s face and gave him an opened mouth, sucking kiss, his stiff cock stamping pre onto his shirt. His manager just went silent after they disconnected, as Will smirked down at him and softly patted his face with his sticky, smelly hand, resuming his walk towards Lee’s office.


    Will could see through the windows in Lee’s office that campus security had entered the front doors of the gym and was getting filled in on the situation from his manager, as he continued to slowly pumped Lee’s meat—but it was time to pick up the pace, the show was almost over.

    AAAARRGHH FUCK YEEEAAAH, SO GODDAMN HUNKY AND FULL OF CUM! YANK THAT DICK, YOU MUSKY BEEFCAKE!” Will bellowed between gasps as he beat his meat with more fervor, still inhaling deep sniffs of the pheromone-laced stench wafting up from his pits and hearing the wood in Lee’s sweaty leather swivel desk chair crack as he leaned back against it with his immense weight. He was for sure making his vocalizations loudly enough so that enough people would hear and see Mr. Lee engaging in such public self-pleasure, but he also had to admit that it turned himself on so much more. He began to feel the familiar sensation of his dock head flaring and his balls churning as his gasps quickened in pace. He gripped the sides of the chair in preparation.

    His first volley flex over his desk and thickly splattered down on top of papers and writing utensils, some of it sticking across Lee’s computer screen. Then, due to his impassioned bucking, the wood in the chair finally gave up and snapped, throwing him backwards and horizontal as he continued to unload. He groaned loudly, his toes curling and in a full body flex, tugging the piercing in his left nipple with his free hand. Volley after thick volley was flung into the air and came back down on his chiseled body in splatters, clinging to his dense body hair. Will could feel himself being forced out as he neared the end of his spurts and let it happen, satisfied with the outcome.

    Mr. Lee suddenly shook back to consciousness and was swept up in his body’s feral throes of ecstasy. He was having one of the most intense orgasms of his life and was only dimly aware that he was in his office. In the final spurts, a pressure built in Mr. Lee’s cock as he groaned the last of his orgasmic moans. When it felt like it was beginning to be too much to handle, the impossible happened. What looked like a large, swirling, misty form spewed like a gas leak out of his slit and rose into the air above him. His jaw hung open in sheer disbelief as his cock drooled out the last of his seed.

    He saw campus security marching towards his office and panicked, but he also saw in the swirling mist above him a form beginning to take shape. A body—a large, hulking body, like his own—but also a face. A smirking face he was certain that he recognized somehow. Just as quickly as it formed, it dissipated into the wall of his office.

    Before his mind could land on who it was, he jumped as security bursted into his office and made their way behind his desk to drag him out. He panicked, trying to explain himself however he could to the officers while they just hooked their strong arms under his own and carried him away, protesting loudly and still nude and dripping with his own seed. Some gym patrons were giggling and recording on their phones as the infamously douchey yet famously hunky gym employee was carted off in his birthday suit.

    Meanwhile, Will’s larger, swirling essence was laughing wildly and deeply as it launched back towards the locker room, cracking up about how ridiculous Lee looked being dragged away and how splendidly the plan worked. No one, but especially him, would have to worry about Mr. Lee’s torment ever again.

    He arrived back in the locker room and approached his stall, quickly phasing through the door and hovering over his body. When he’d done this in the past, he’d usually have to travel across town, and his essence would’ve reverted back to its normal size by the time he returned to his body, but he didn’t have that luxury this time. His larger form twisted into a spiral and quickly funneled down forcefully into his own slacked open mouth. Will’s body convulsed slightly as his consciousness struggled to fit inside, still occupying the same form and musculature of Lee’s body. Forcing himself into position, his body grunted and pulsed as his consciousness took hold. But something else began to happen.

    Will’s physique seemed to stretch and bulge all over, as if to accommodate something larger being stuffed inside of it. His teeth gritted as his arms, shoulders and chest bulged out and deep ridges were carved into his abdominals. His shirt that was already tight began to tighter harder and eventually split down the middle as his cotton gym shorts followed suit. He felt his numb ass—feeling cold and stiff from all the time his body spent sitting on the toilet—heat up and burst larger as his thighs and calves stacked on size. His back arched and widened as he continued to grunt and strain, while he felt his painfully erect cock pulse larger and his balls sag heavier.

    Anyone outside must’ve thought that Will was taking the most daunting shit of his life in his stall, but as his body’s sudden, painful, and drastic changes slowed, he opened his eyes for the first time and looked down at a sculpted, mouthwatering bod, his clothes hanging in shreds off him. His body’s already stiff cock seized and shot a load down onto the back of the stall door and the floor below him. He leaned back and grit his teeth as his cock continued to spit load after load in front of him, way more than it used to. God, he was so much bigger than before! He wasn’t at all the size of Mr. Lee, but he at least now had something to work with! Building muscle and confidence didn’t at all feel like so bad of an uphill battle as it did before!

    As he finished, he realized that he’d ripped through the only clothes he had. He tore off the rest of his clothes in tatters and used them as rags to sop up the firehouse of jizz he’d sprayed inside the stall. Thanking his lucky stars that he was in a locker room, he meekly stepped out of his stall in the buff and threw the shredded, sticky clothes in the bin. As he made his way to the lockers, he passed a few guys as they dressed and a few others as they undressed, faintly noticing some of them turning and checking him out as he passed. He felt a stiff slap against his thighs and noticed with horror that he was walking around half chubbed. He quickly found a locker and opened it, praying there was something inside. By some incredible luck, he found a pair of CK briefs, some grey sweatpants, and a graphic tank of some band, all incredibly around his new size, if not slightly too big. He quickly put on everything he saw and took off, apologizing in his head to the unknown patron who would be without their clothes and promising to pay it forward.

    Will took off out of the gym, jogging his way back to his dorm as quickly as he would instead of having another one of his leisurely walks. He could feel eyes on him as he felt his stiff body jumping and jiggling with each hit of the concrete, and he couldn’t say he didn’t absolutely love it. He arrived at his dorm in no time, barely winded from the trip, and went straight up to his room, feeling eyes on him once again.

    He opened the door to his room and slammed it shut, immediately locking it. Will tore off the tank as quickly as he could and opened his laptop to the camera. He started recording himself, as if seeing it recorded made it true. He wanted to see every new ridge, every new curve, every bulging inch of himself. Pretty soon, he could tell that he was only giving himself a show of his new body and felt new arousal, shocked at the prospect of him arousing himself.

    This was the begging of something new, something fucking good. He wanted to spend all night in self-worship and self-pleasure—which he would—but he also racking his mind of other guys nearby, other guys in his own dorm that he thought could offer some tasty contributions to his blossoming new body.

    Muscle guy Grayson!


    ‘’Fuck! This guy is really a total stud, shame that he wasn’t in any mood to leave the house today!’’

     As you can tell that I recently took possession of this stud in his new home and what luck that was getting someone like him. I been trapped in this house for some time now as having passed away to an unknown illness. I really thought I was about to enter the next step in afterlife but I was given a second chance to live a new life. Grayson here only moved in 2 days ago and I was waiting for the right moment to take this fine stud while he was about to take some selfies for his social media pages.

    He was flexing away to get his muscles pumped up for the pictures and then was the moment!

    I pushed myself into his mouth and he was in complete shock seeing something cold and ghostly entering his body! Poor guy tried to grab me but his hands was going straight through me. I pushed more and more feeling my ghostly form taking his large feet and legs. God the feeling of having these toned legs and toes. Grayson was now trying to scream but I was blocking his mouth with my form. I slowly took his lower body and felt his cock for the first time as I slid mine into his!

    ‘‘FUCKKKK HIS COCK MUST BE A GOOD 10INCH!!!!’‘ making it erect to knock his fight off me! I heard him moaning as I made his cock pulse which gave me complete control of his chest and arms. He was crying and moaning in pleasure as I was using his hands to massage his cock and balls.


    This was it! The final part to taking my new life as Grayson!!!!

    I pushed my head into his mind and slowly I was gaining complete control of his body and gaining all his memories, dirty secrets, previous sexual encounters, his kinks and most importantly his body and life!

    I opened my new eyes up and I was so pumped and excited that I have become this handsome stud ‘Grayson’ at last.

    ‘‘Woah bro this body is bloody amazing and so godly!’‘ Looking down at my new chest as I took off my top!

    ‘‘Grayson you really are one horny bastard fucking every girl and guy at this campus!’‘

    ‘‘Guess it’s my turn to fuck all these horny gays now that lust over this fine BODY!!!!!’‘

    As I was checking my body out, I forgot that the camera was taking pictures on a roll. I spent hours that evening checking out the photos seeing how much he was crying about losing his body to me. I did post a new album up on a very popular porn site to get every person wetting over my stud body. Hopefully I will find a nice local guy to fuck on a daily basis as this cock of mine needs to release so much.

    PS: last picture I personally think is my favorite as it shows you how sexy I am now. Grayson is a whole new guy now that will be known as an alpha daddy that you all will want my cock in your mouths and even better your holes ;)


    The Real You

    Original Version by RookCaps

    “Okay Benji, it’s been an interesting few months but I’m glad it’s about to be over. One more chapter in my life to put behind me.” I whispered in my pup’s ear and gave him a spiteful little kiss on the head before setting him down in the cage next to me. Normally it would be silly to talk to a dog, but Benji wasn’t like other dogs - he could really understand me. I know that probably sounds silly but it was true, and he was quite the evil little canine; I had actually made that happen, and now I was trying to end this whole ordeal that made Benji special in the first place.

    I sat in the lotus position on my yoga mat next to Benji, collecting my thoughts to enter the astral plane again for hopefully the last time. For this new technique to work, my mind would have to be completely clear. Normal daily stressors popped into my mind and disappeared. Then the bigger stressors began to appear, the events that led me to this situation in the first place.

    My mind went back to a couple months ago when I first started experimenting with astral projection. I had just found a forum thread detailing the techniques and I was surprised how quickly I picked it up. It was great at first, my astral form allowed me to float around without a care in the world and I felt I was discovering new meaning in life.

    Those weren’t the origin of my stressors though; no, those came when Benji came into my life a few weeks later. I had the bright idea of trying to communicate with the pup in the astral plane to help train him. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to see me in my astral form so I had to get him to project somehow. Eventually, I was able to grab a hold of his astral form and pull it from his canine body. Still, he wasn’t able to communicate with me. He was still a dog, even in an astral form. That’s when I made my first big mistake, I thought placing his astral form in my body would let him learn to communicate with me, learning from my body’s innate knowledge. The technique worked! I let Benji walk around confused in my strong human body for a while until suddenly he started talking! He didn’t say anything intelligible, just random words jumbled together but he was definitely learning from my human brain!

    The problem began when I tried to repossess my own body. I first just tried to drift back into my body but found myself just bouncing off with Benji’s essence still inside. Eventually I had to forcibly rip him from my vessel and push him back into his own canine body. This was clearly not a very smooth process, I could see weird ephemeral strings stretching between our bodies as I reentered my body. Foolishly, I thought that was the end of it. But a few days later I felt a strange flipping sensation and I was suddenly back in Benji’s body again. And even worse I didn’t seem to be able to enter the astral plane in his body. I’d read on the forum that animals couldn’t enter the astral plane and apparently that applied to me now!

    It didn’t take long for Benji to figure out how to open my phone. All I could do was lay there next to him on the couch as he scrolled through my phone and patted me on the head. This lasted for about an hour before I was suddenly back in my own body. I still remember that weird human-like expression on Benji’s face after we switched back, it was like he was taunting me! I spent the rest of the night researching what was happening to us but none of the usual forums had any info on a case like mine. There were stories of body swaps and stuff, but nothing about this weird automatic switching.

    A few days later I was sitting at work when the swap happened again! I was suddenly back at my apartment in Benji’s body. We didn’t swap back until late that night when I was too tired to do any more research. I went back to work expecting I was about to be fired but to my surprise Benji had finished all of the graphic design assignments I had for the entire week. He had figured out years of experience in a matter of hours. I needed to get this fixed and soon.

    My research wasn’t going anywhere on my own so I ended up starting a new thread asking about it. These forums weren’t super popular so all I could do was sit on my strangely sore butt and wait for a response. We swapped again on the next Friday night and I was forced to sit back and watch Benji bring a guy named Jarrod home that he must have found on Scruff or something. The guy was actually amazing; he was very nice, had a good job, and was incredibly handsome… But that’s not the point! Benji was taking over my life!

    He even introduced me to Jarrod, saying cutely, “And this here is Benji, I don’t know where I would be without him!” before lifting me up and locking me out of the bedroom. I could hear and smell that traitorous canine taking full advantage of human sex through the thin door. I still didn’t swap back the next morning when Jarrod had to leave for a work trip. Benji threw a leash on me and gave me a walk around the apartment complex, much to my annoyance. After the walk he left me in the apartment and drove off to who knows where. It wasn’t until the next morning that I finally swapped back into my rightful body, in the awkward position of standing in front of the mirror taking nudes as my hand was wrapped around my own cum-stained member! Who does this dog think he is? I scrolled through my phone to find he had only sent them to the Jarrod guy at least, luckily he wasn’t spreading them around on the internet or something…

    Well, at least he didn’t seem to be totally ruining my life. He was just enjoying it to the fullest. I had been trying to find a guy like Jarrod for years and he seemed to be better at my job than me somehow. I pulled up my forum thread again to see if there were any answers and I found two different users arguing about the correct way forward. One user, john_the_ripper, was saying he had experienced something like this before with his cat. He said that he just had to wait about a month for it to end, the swaps got longer and longer at first but then they started getting shorter and shorter until they stopped entirely. Another user, god_complex, had images of several old stone drawings detailing a special technique that ‘healed your astral essence to ‘return beings to their true bodies.’ It was in a language I couldn’t decipher so I asked if anyone could verify god_complex’s findings.

    We swapped again a couple days later, this time it took a full five days for us to finally switch back. All I could do while I was sitting around in Benji’s body was try to decide what to do when I finally got back to my body. There were a couple other users that reported similar experiences to john_the_ripper but they weren’t very detailed. The other post about the stone drawings had a moderator actually confirm the translations but couldn’t verify the origins of it. I really didn’t know who to believe, the ‘essence healing’ technique seemed valid but I had no good way of knowing what to do. Well, I didn’t know what to do until I finally switched back this morning after sitting around in Benji’s body for almost a full week. I caught him red-handed, my body was sitting at my desk logged into the forum I frequented.

    Benji was logged in and not into my account, he was logged into john_the_ripper’s! He was spreading fake information, he was trying to steal my body! I looked at the thread again to find all the other posts deleted by a mod I had seen around when I first got onto the forum. I wouldn’t be surprised if those other accounts were Benji’s as well.

    Anyway, back to present time. My thoughts were clear now and I felt my astral form begin to leave my strong human body, now I just had to lift up Benji’s astral form and hold us both above the complex pattern I’d chalked into my yoga mat just before. The pattern began to glow, which meant the healing had begun! The web of connected astral lines between our bodies began to fade away. I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening but something just felt right, like some immense pressure was being lifted from my shoulders.

    When the healing completed, I felt my essence begin to pull back into my body for the last time. This nightmare was finally at an end! I looked down at my perfect body as I floated towards it, but my relief turned to panic as I continued past my body toward the dog cage where Benji’s body lay.

    No, no, no! I tried with all my might to swim back to my human body but there was nothing I could do. I slammed back into the pup’s body with finality. I could tell it was different this time, there wasn’t any pulling sensation on my being, I knew I was stuck like this forever.

    My handsome body walked up to me with an incredibly satisfied grin, “Well it looks like I’m the real you, now and forever. Thanks for this opportunity Benji! I would have never realized what I was missing out on just being a silly little pet like you if it wasn’t for you messing with things you didn’t understand. I suppose I can’t blame you, you couldn’t have known I forged those artifact pictures. Thanks for those photoshop skills by the way! They really helped out. All I had to do was make some accounts to write some differing conversations and you were trapped. Both options were true by the way, if you had just waited another few weeks you would have been back in your body forever. I’m lucky I found a website about this situation, it also detailed how to interrupt the process and fix the astral connections you saw. But it warned not to do it at the height of the swap because it was based on who was more in control of the body at the time. All I had to do was block that original site then convince the mods to do what I wanted, something all too easy for a handsome hunk like myself,”

    Benji squeezed my bulge and moaned slightly as he said this, he must have sent those nudes to the site moderators.

    “There was nothing you could have done to avoid this, like I said I am the real you. I’ll let you watch me and Jarrod live out our happy human lives as long as you’re a good dog.” The imposter smiled and propped me up on their shoulder, I wanted to yell and scream but all that came out was a soft growl. The imposter had totally tricked me, and I would pay for it for the rest of my short canine life.

    Original:“The Real You” by RookCaps (M2F)

    Cop Out

    Nick, a young, headstrong journalist, had been investigating strange goings-on at the police department for months. Odd reports of trainees at the police academy disappearing while the number of senior cops seemed to increase, and without any known source of extra funding. But his only informant, a trainee at the academy himself, soon mysteriously vanished as well. Convinced the police were covering something up, Nick felt compelled to investigate.

    Before they fell off the grid, Nick’s informants mentioned a company that seemed to be tied up with the disappearances - New You Industries. But despite his best efforts, the intrepid investigator couldn’t find any reference to such a business ever having existed. The last he heard from his mole was that a shipment was due to arrive at the police training academy in a week.

    And so, seven days later, Nick found himself staking out the storage garage of the academy in the dead of night. From a long distance in the safety of his car, he snapped pictures of a man getting out of an unmarked car and handing three small boxes to someone Nick recognized the city’s police chief, Chief Barrow. But this evidence was meaningless without knowing what the shipment contained.

    He waited patiently for all parties to depart and snuck up on the garage, snapping the lock with bolt cutters and using his camera’s flash to illuminate the pitch-black room. Nick was dismayed to find two police badges sitting on the shelf, along with three boxes, now empty.

    “Did I just stake out a shipment of police badges?” Nick muttered to himself. He jumped back in fright as the lights were suddenly switched on.

    “C-Chief Barrow?” Nick stammered as he turned to see the police chief standing next to the light switch.

    “You think we didn’t know you’d been following us?” he growled as he stepped toward Nick.

    “What happened to the students?! Did you kill them?!” Nick yelled as if to try and bolster himself against the fear he was currently experiencing.

    The police chief stopped in his tracks and made a sly expression, “They’re not dead. They’re in the station, working.”

    “W-what?” Nick replied with the same look of bewilderment, “I-I was told students were vanishing from the academy?”

    “They got - how should I say this - fast-tracked through the program,” Barrow responded with a smirk, “You’re about to find how. Catch!”

    Nick flinched as the chief tossed a small metallic object at him. Reacting instinctively, Nick caught it in his hands. It was a badge, just like the two behind him. He shuddered and his hand tensed around the badge. Incredible energy surged up his arm and spread through him. He desperately wanted to let go of the enchanted badge, but he couldn’t.

    “Sorry, but we can’t have you reporting on this,” Barrow chuckled as he exited and slammed the garage closed behind him. As the door crashed down Nick’s legs gave out and he fell to his knees, his fingers still firmly grasping the badge. The young journalist was terrified, but at the same time engrossed in the power bubbling through his body. Finally, his fingers unclenched and dropped the badge to the floor, but the damage had been done. Nick pushed onto all fours and let out a long moan as his body began to change.

    His legs stretched out from his slacks, exposing more and more of his shins. Likewise, his arms extended from his sleeves while his entire torso was pulled longer and longer. “What’s ah… happening to me?!” Nick groaned as his cock hardened to full mast.

    Muscles fluttered and twitched all over his body. They grew across his arms, bulging from his biceps and triceps as his shoulders grew wider, tearing at his shirt. Pecs slowly protruded from his bony chest, growing large and dense. Abs rippled out along his stomach, leading down to a sharper, V-shaped set of cum gutters. His legs surged with strength, copious amounts of muscle growing and forming in his thighs and calves, stretching his fly apart and revealing the wet, hard, bulging underwear underneath. Behind him, his flat butt began to press outward, bigger and rounder, matching his thick, muscular thighs.

    He couldn’t help himself, clasping at the exposed muscle as hairs darted across the surface. Soon he found himself grabbing fabric, much to his surprise. He opened his eyes to see his tattered clothes repairing and reshaping into the uniform of the local precinct. His bulging arms still strained the new shirt. A bulky, heavy vest replete with a radio and utilities formed over the top.

    “Ngh! Fuck!” he grunted, bucking his hips involuntarily as his feet stretched and pressed against his tight leather brogues just as they too morphed to accommodate his changing body. The pressure lowered as his size nine dress shoes rapidly bloated outward into heavy, size fourteen boots. Long toes shredded through his socks, clutching at the insole as they stretched along with his extending soles.

    Nick clambered to his feet, clutching his head, only to feel his hair pulling inward, short and tidy. Not only that, but he could feel some hair vanishing completely from his temples, leaving him with the slightly receded hairline of a man maybe five or more years older than he was. His fingers cracked as they began to slide longer across his scalp, pushing through the neat, handsome cut of hair. He held the stretching, trembling hands in front of him, gasping as he watched them swell huge and powerful.

    He slammed his massive fists into the wall with a deepening roar, feeling his head creak and reshape. His features broadened and enlarged. A strong chin and jaw pressed out of his face and light stubble sprouted from the skin. “Must be… some way to s-stop this…” Nick groaned, his eyes widening at the sound of his new and completely unfamiliar voice. Nick frantically reached for the police badge on the floor that had started all of this, hoping, praying for some way to revert his changes. His eyes scanned the metallic chest piece, but there was no sign of any method to stall or revert what was happening. Rather, he caught a glimmer of his new reflection in the shiny metal. Nick’s wide, handsome jaw fell open at the sight. Not only did he look easily seven or more years older, but he looked completely different; he couldn’t help but think he looked much manlier and sexier.

    Meanwhile, downstairs, his hard cock ached for touch as it stretched down the leg of his pants. “Oh, god!” Nick gasped. His balls swelled larger while his python thickened and lengthened against his muscular leg. He couldn’t contain himself anymore, pulling the fly on his new pants down and fishing his swelling cock out, allowing it to stretch into the open. He couldn’t believe how big it had already gotten, easily inches larger than what he was used to. Reluctant but unable to resist, he gripped it in his hand and pumped, growling loudly with every stroke. Nick was too busy relishing his increased size and virility to realize his mind was filling with policing skills and years of experience. Before he knew it he had an eight-inch weapon in his hand. He couldn’t take it anymore; his height, his muscles, his size. He felt so virile, so masculine, so powerful. Screaming in ecstasy, Nick blew load after load against the concrete wall.

    Once the post-orgasmic fog lifted, Nick quickly tidied himself and brushed a large hand through his shorter hair, dazed and confused. His memory was intact, but they competed for attention with new skills, desires, and traits. The muscular sergeant lifted the garage door with ease, spotting Chief Barrow waiting for him in the car park just in the distance.

    “Ready, Sergeant?” Barrow asked.

    “I… I…”, Nick stuttered as he looked down at his muscular frame, suddenly noticing how much taller he was now. His huge cock twitched in response, causing Nick to moan just a little. “Y-Yes, sir!” he parroted as he proceeded toward the car, eagerly accepting his new life as Officer Nick Collins.


    Photo credit: liamliamjamesjames

    Ever since I learned about my ability to transform into people, I was so eager to try and find a way to use this strange power for good like the superheroes from movies and tv. But you really can’t fight crime and save the day like all that fluff and stuff, it’s just plain fantasy. But this weird ability of mine was real, ever since I was cornered by that bully in the gym and I felt my fight or flight response for the first time. He was about to clobber me when my body pulsed and stretched and morphed as he stumbled back in horror. I transformed effortlessly and painlessly into his form without even consciously trying as he ran screaming from the room. I had had hours of fun transforming into famous celebs alone in my room, beating my borrowed meat and dreaming about using this ability to land my dream hubby. My current fixation was on the football coach, Matt, ooooooo baby was he a daddy! I got home from a stressful day, locked my door, and stripped to my boxers. I focused on the pic of him on my phone in front of the mirror as I stretched and grew into Matt. I flexed and groped myself, muscled, sexy, furry, perfect. I snapped tons of pics to remember the occasion and made a mental note to add Matt to my permanent morph spank bank!

    Deepest Desires

    It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, Maia (left) had been an everyday, average teenage girl living her life free from struggles and worries. She had almost everything a girl could ask for, a loving and supportive family, a future career in soccer, and a best friend she could do anything with. Ever since elementary school, Sydney (right) and Maia had been attached at the hip, their inseparable friendship known to all at their school.

    But, it all began to change a few months ago, when Maia finished developing into a woman near the end of High School, realizing her ambitions, her aspirations, and more importantly, her sexuality. She had realized, after all this time, she was in love with her best friend. Maia would have rather died than ruined her friendship with Sydney, but she could not sway her feelings for the girl she had loved platonically for so many years before.

    Everything was changing for Maia, just being around Sydney made her flustered, as much as she wanted to confess her feelings to her best friend, she knew deep down that Sydney would never see her the same way if she knew.

    *Ding Dong*

    Maia left her bedroom to check the door, nervous as she expected to see Sydney since she usually came over to her house on weekends, but she had her own key to the house so why would she ring the doorbell. Maia shook the thought, fixing her hair and rationalizing that maybe she just forgot her key. Opening the door, Maia was surprised to instead see a small, brown package at her doorstep.

    She opened the package to find a small USB flash drive with the words “plug me in Maia :)” written on a labeling sticker. The brunette smiled, Sydney had pulled her fair share of pranks before on Maia but never one as elaborate as this.

    Nonetheless, Maia returned to her room and went over to her laptop, plugging in the USB device as a download sequence began. After a few minutes of processing and data collection, her screen flashed a bright white as words appeared on her screen.

    “Chronivac 2.0 edition: Deepest Desire”

    Maia’s face turned bright red as she panicked that she might have installed a virus onto her laptop, almost shutting it before she saw that she had entered the Chronivac’s main page, and the start-up screen’s words piqued her interest.

    State your deepest desire Maia.

    “Deepest desire huh, why not. I guess my deepest desire is…for Sydney to love me the way I love her, regardless of who we are.”

    In a flash of light, almost instantly Maia and her surroundings began to transform. Her makeup stand and yoga mats turned into weight racks and a lifting bench. Her light pink walls turned a manly shade of blue. The many sports plaques that adorned his wall became brandished with a new name “Matthew.” Maia looked around alarmed at the changes occurring around her and even in her. Her well-toned muscles from years of soccer exploded all at once, stretching her to the size of She-Hulk. Tearing off her clothes, she ran to the bathroom, unable to stop the feeling of manliness emerging from inside of her. Her breasts deflated and hardened into a pair of male pecs, as well as her face and body structure becoming more and more masculine by the second. Maia let out grunts of passion and lust, a rush of testosterone flowing through her blood and veins. She was sweating and beet red, her pussy throbbing as she could feel something begin to push out of it. Inch by inch, a huge cock formed from the insides of her vagina erected from inside of her along with a pair of pumping hairy balls. He looked at himself in the mirror, not recognizing the face he saw before him. Grabbing an electric razor next from his bathroom cabinet, he began to shave the brunette locks off of his head, leaving behind a short cut that completed his douche bro look.

    He smirked at himself, running his meaty hands over his chest and abs and admiring himself in the mirror. The stud noticed an awful scent emanating from his body. He lifted his pits up, and found a bush of armpit hair releasing a putrid musky stench into the air around him. He grabbed the electric razor again, about to shave it off, before a knock on the bathroom door stopped him. He opened the door to find a naked, blonde twunk.

    “Oh my god, Maia is that you! Thank god it wasn’t only just me! As soon as I became THIS I ran right to your house. I can’t believe the same thing happened to you!” The blonde boy ranted profusely.

    There was a moment of silence between the putrid soccer bro and the frantic blonde twunk. The taller man scanned the boy’s body hungrily, before meeting his eyes once again. He scratched the back of his neck confusedly, revealing his furry, wet pits and nausea-inducing musk. “Who’s Maia bro? And why are you talking like that Steven?” The darker haired hunk replied concernedly.

    The blonde boy took a step back away from the man, the odor of his pits striking his nostrils the second he raised his arms. “W-What are you taking about Maia we were turned into guys? Don’t you remember being girls? Being besties?”

    The jock chuckled, “First off bro, my names Matthew and I got no idea about whoever this Maia chick you’re talking about is. And me? A girl? You got jokes bro. You think a girl has this kind of bod?”

    Matthew laughed, teasing erotically as he lifted up his sweat stained tank top and boasted his chiseled upper body.

    “I told you to come over because I’ve been seeing you eye me out on the field bro. Every day at practice I catch you ogling your little faggot eyes at me. Like what you see?” Matthew continued lustfully.

    Steven stuttered, questioning his entire existence and reality, his head woozy with memories of a life that wasn’t his. “I- um- I-I’m not a fag…” Steven looked up at the hunk towering before him in complete disarray. His visible boner protruded from his shorts and cum soaked his underwear as the stud inched closer and closer to him.

    Steven whimpered as Matthew went right next to his ear, his hot breath and musky scent driving him crazy. The pretty boy whispered seductively, “Of course you are, self respecting guys don’t do cheerleading, y’all are nothing but sissies, only existing to serve real men like me. But I mean a hole is a hole bro, and if you wanna have a taste of me, you gotta beg.”

    This was wrong, this was his best friend, and he wasn’t into girls before but did that mean he was gay now as a guy? Everything was going far too fast and his thoughts couldn’t process. So he followed his instincts, backing himself into a once familiar room. His best friend’s bedroom, the one where he had spent countless hours before in his old life.

    Steven found himself sitting on the edge of the bed where he had spent so much time with Maia all those times before. However, the more he thought about his old life, the more they began to fade from his mind, and soon it was the first time he had set foot into this room. Matthew entered through the door, shirtless and sweaty, wearing nothing but underwear and a cocky grin on his face. Steven looked up at the stud slowly approaching him, nervous as if he was prey hunted by a predator.

    Step by step, Matthew walked closer until his crotch was in Steven’s face, he quivered, the 9 inch cockprint of all-American beef right between his eyes. He couldn’t help himself but inch closer, drawn it, breathing it’s scent as he unconsciously began rubbing his own boner with his hand. Matthew laughed, gripping Steven’s shortcut blonde hair and pulling his head up to meet his eyes, “Like I said, you’re gonna have to beg.”

    Steven gulped, memories flashing through his head and fading away at an instant, his head pounding with a barrage thoughts, and only one truly speaking his hormone influenced mind.

    “Fuck me Matthew.”

    Steven’s wish was instantly fulfilled as the man he had been lusting over for months pulled his boxers down, revealing the musky, veiny cock that he so desperately desired. Without a second to spare, Matthew shoved his cock into Steven’s mouth, causing eyes to go bloodshot and his throat to choke. Somewhere deep inside of him, he wanted out, to cry for help. However the screams of desperation weren’t louder than the sound he made as he gagged up and down on alpha cock.

    Matthew moaned as he throat fucked the kneeling blonde, “This the best head I’ve had in a while, I think I’m gonna make you my personal slut, faggot.” Steven’s hormone’s were going crazy, the idea of serving his crush everyday made his cock cream prematurely, as the aura of dominance emanating off of Matthew was too much for him to handle. Almost hypnotically, he agreed to every word his master said as he continued to work the meat in his mouth. Matthew stopped, removing his dick from Steven’s drooling lips. He panted, covered in a layer of sweat with pre-cum blanketing his tip. “Get up,” he commanded.

    Steven didn’t say a word, he knew what was coming next, and all he could think about was how good he was about to get fucked. Sydney was truly gone, and unlike his former self, all he cared about was cocks and serving the alpha men in his life, trained to be this way since youth by his older brother.

    The two men’s lips clashed together, the taste of sweet saliva and sweaty cock flavored their mouths, pulling apart for mere seconds before they came together again. Steven shut his eyes and bit his lip from pressure of something entering his rear end. Matthew groaned, shoving his dick deeper, and began to thrust, picking up momentum as the clapping sound from Steven’s thick bubble but caused him to go even faster. Matthew, almost already nearing his climax from the transformation and the blowjob, loosed one final thrust into his boyfriends ass, filling the blonde with his creamy load.

    Sweaty and breathing heavily, the pair flopped back onto the bed, their bodies beginning to relax from the climax they shared together. As their minds drifted to sleep, the final memories of their lives began to wipe.

    Deep down, Maia knew what was happening with her body, aware that this life was not the same as the one she had before. But with her new form and new life, she was content that she was finally with the woman man she had loved for so long. With a smile, her final memories and consciousness washed away and Matthew scanned his new room. Looking at his soccer trophies, posters of hot babes, game day pictures of himself, and lastly at the cute, blonde trophy boy that he had just conquered laying next to him fast asleep. With a satisfied sigh, Matthew felt his dick and finally shut his eyes, he could definitely get used to this.

    hey guys :) ik ik first post in a while but inspiration is thin and the only thing that stirred me to post this are the hot guys at college. thanks for being patient, i will try to write my 1k special soon bc it is long overdue but i hope you enjoy this story bc i really enjoyed writing it.

    Becoming My Tormentor

    By Lord_Kefka

    Reposting one of my very first reblogs from the Male Transformation Blogspot because it somehow got censored. Decided to update it with new images as well, which I hope you’ll all enjoy. /Verus


    “If you ever want this studly body back little fucker, you’re going to massage your former stinking feet.” I snorted at Micah in my body.

    Of course I was lying to him, when I said that he would get his body back if he massaged my new smelly feet. I had every intention of keeping Micah’s body and life forever, while leaving him stuck in mine. This was simply my perfect opportunity to get revenge. You see Micah was in my senior class in high school, and he loved to bully and humiliate me, especially in the locker room.

    He and the rest of his jock pals would torment me while we were changing in the locker room for gym class. Micah would give me swirlys in the toilet, often after he had taken a shit or a piss, force me to breathe and smell his dirty sweaty rank jock strap, and ball up his dirty socks and force them into my mouth. I was sick and tired of this asshole of a jock tormenting me for the pleasure of him and his buddies.

    I decided it was time for revenge and to humiliate him. While my whole life being a nerd had been a curse for me in attracting negative attention from jerks like Micah, it appeared as if that cloud finally had a silver lining, as I discovered a way to conduct a body swap through the use of this device that I built that transmitted several waves of high voltage electricity. The only thing I would need is water to act as a conduit for the electrical charge. It was in this sole fact that Micah would have a major hand in his own demise.

    Micah often goofed off and got in trouble in gym class, often leading the gym coach to give him several laps to do after gym class. This would give me an opportunity to lore him alone without his friends into my trap. I waited for that fateful day when Micah once again was goofing off in gym class by harassing some girl. And as usual the coach instructed him to do a multitude of laps after gym class. After gym class, as Micah began running around the track, I waited in the locker room with my device. I had never been so excited and anxious in my whole life.


    As expected after Micah finished his run he came in the locker room covered in a film of sweat. As soon as he saw me, in the locker room, his mood changed, and his face lightened up at the opportunity for him to blow off some steam by torturing me. He quipped “Hey there you fucking homo were you hanging out here just to get a chance to see me change?”  

    He proceeded to grab me in a headlock, my face was forced into his armpit where I got a deep whiff of the sweat produced from his afternoon run. He dragged me over to the stall as I was expecting, and he rammed my head into the toilet. Strangely, this was the very moment I had waited for, as water splashed everywhere in my struggle, I pulled out my device, and place it in the toilet bowl where it activated, and sent volts of electricity through my body and Micah who still had a hold of me. As electricity covered our bodies and sparks flew everywhere I felt as if my consciousness was being pulled backwards out of my body and into Micahs.

    I began to come to. I opened my eyes, feeling extremely disoriented, and as I blinked my vision slowly began to clear. I noticed I was lying on my back on the cold bathroom floor. I brought myself to my feet and noticed I was much taller. I brought my hand to forehead and noticed how much larger my hands were.


    Then I suddenly remembered about my plan to swap bodies with Micah. I rushed to the bathroom mirror and immediately saw Micah’s reflection in the mirror. “Oh my God” I said aloud in my much deeper baritone voice. "Micah’s… I mean I’m fucking hot.” It had fucking worked, I was Micah now. I glanced down at my new body and flexed my sweaty biceps giving them a kiss and a lick to taste my new body sweat. I was wearing the same wife beater, gym shorts, and sneakers that Micah had been wearing. I gave a slight sneer of disgust as the rank smell of my new body hit me. It smelled so strong but simultaneously it was oddly pleasing to my new senses. I noticed my new dick had started to grow and expand into an erection, just taking in all my new studly body had to offer. Awww, poor Stacey, I guess I’m going to have to dump her whiny ass now, as Micah is no longer into girls! The former Micah had been right about one thing, I was indeed a closeted homosexual. Lord can only guess how he figured it out though; the bastard had the intellect of a steer.


    I then turned my attention to the former Micah, or should I say the new Drew (my old name; one which I would never answer to again). My old body had begun to awaken from the process of the body swap. The new Drew sat up while rubbing his head as he groaned “Wha..?  What??.. Happened?” He then looked over at me, standing there in his former body. I saw my old eyes stare at me through my former glasses as they widened in terror and fear. “Who, who… are you?” He managed to mutter.

    I was standing there, legs apart, sneering at him with his former manly face. I snorted “Why I’m the new Micah…  you used to know me by my old name, Drew… but I no longer go by the name of that fucking nerd!”

    “You….. turned yourself into a copy of me!?!?” Drew shrieked in my whiny old voice. Apparently he had not realized whose body he was in.  

    “Ha! No… I AM YOU loser, not a copy. Just look at yourself,” I was beginning to laugh from the predicament my former tormentor and bully was in.

    Drew looked down at his new body, and began to freak out "WTF… WTF did you do to me you fucking queer!”

    “I switched bodies with you, you dolt, you are the new Drew now.” I said with an element of pride in my voice. “And you will never call me a queer again!”

    I had plans for this new weakling… I sauntered over to the stall where he had been given me a swirlys and pulled out my new stud dick… a whopping 8 ½ inches… still quite hard from this whole experience. I managed to get my erection down a bit, and I began to take a piss. It was probably some beer or liquor Micah had sneaked into school and secretly drank. I felt the urine surge out of my new and impressive manhood. After I finished peeing I grabbed Drew and dragged him over to the toilet and forced his head into the toilet.

    I found it strangely satisfying that I was bathing Drew in his old piss. After I held his head in the toilet bowl long enough to ensure he had taken a few swallows of my piss. I pulled him out  I then proceeded to take off my new pair of gym shorts and sweaty dirty jock. And as Drew begged and pleaded, I balled up my jock strap and forced the crotch part into Drew’s mouth, forcing him to taste my new body’s musty crotch and dried up jizz.

    Humiliating my former tormentor, now and forever trapped with my former life and body was really sexually exciting. I started to rub and massage my new stud cock and balls, running my hands up and down my shaft. I was holding my jock strap in his mouth as I held him against my massive chest and stroked my dick. I then began to tremble with euphoria as I felt my cock jump and shoot Micah semen all over Drew’s back and ass. I scooped some off of him and tasted it. Fuck that tastes great! I wonder if this new body of mine is flexible enough where I could suck myself off, I thought.


    I then released my former body, and he yanked my jock strap out of his mouth. Drew fell to his knees coughing and gagging on my musky man taste. I picked up my massive leg and swung it over his back so that I was standing legs apart above him, while he coughed and gagged. I bent down, and managed to slip one of my cum covered fingers into his mouth, and made him taste my new flavour. God, I never had felt so fucking great in my life. Now I just need to find a hot stud like myself to be my boyfriend so I can lead the life of my dreams. I would also have to severely work on Micah’s grades so that I could possibly have a prayer of getting into college. I planned on making the new Micah’s life a sweeping success.

    I still had much more planned in tormenting and humiliating the new Drew. I told him that if he ever wanted to get his body back, that he would meet me at my new house, and follow some very specific instructions. But as I said in the beginning of the story, that was a massive lie, just to get him to do what I said so I could humiliate him even more.

    I grabbed my new backpack, and fished out the keys to my new ride. I laughed to myself thinking of Drew being forced to take the bus home like I had to for all those years. I made my way back to my convertible and started up the engine. Before making my way to my new house and family, I pulled out Micah’s cell phone and quickly texted Stacey telling her that our relationship was officially over! I didn’t want that dumb girlfriend bothering me in my new life as Micah. I pulled out of Micah’s parking space and made my way home. As I drove I thought of all the things I was going to make Drew do, before I finally revealed to him that he would never ever get his former life and body back. I made a mental checklist of how I was going to make him, massage my new stinky feet, take my socks off, and lick and suck my toes and feet clean. Maybe make him clean up his former room so that he would be surrounded by reminders of his old life, the one which he would never see again. As I pulled up into my new driveway I thought I better wait to shower my new body off till later if I want to humiliate Drew with the stink and sweat of his old body. I grinned to myself and thought of the time I had to kill while Drew rode the bus back to his new home, so it would take a while before he could make it over to his old house. I guess I have sometime to really explore and get to know my studly new body.

    I had to wake myself up from all the day dreaming I had going on in my new brain, as I noticed I had yet to park my new car. I placed my new convertible in park and shut off the engine. I got out of my car and made my way up the sidewalk for the first time to my new house. It was a fair sized brick house in the middle of the suburbs. I came to the door and pulled my keys out of my pocket, found my house key on the key chain, and unlocked the front door to my new world and living space.  

    When I crossed the threshold to my new home I gazed around admiring my new abode. It was such a huge upgrade from the humble home I had grown up in. Unfortunately I did not have any of the memories of my new body’s former occupant, so I was at a loss to where my new bedroom was located. I wandered through my home as I gathered my bearings. I eventually found my way up stairs.

    “Which the hell room is mine??” I wondered to myself. Then it was if I was hit by lightning by the obvious. I found a door decorated with a scantly dressed female draping her body across a red mustang. This was obviously the entrance to my new living quarters. I reached my large carpenter like hand out and grasped the door knob and slowly opened my bedroom door. I walked inside and gasped as I saw all the new neat gadgets I now possessed. “Mother of mercy! I own a Play Station 3… oooo and an X-Box 360, and fuck look at the size of the flat screen.” I guess I would have plenty of new gadgets to at least satiate the nerd inside me.

    I then looked up at the walls of my bedroom, with a sneer of disgust. My bedroom walls were covered with pictures of cars, barely clothed blonde women, cars, sports teams, and a campaign poster for Mitt Romney. I giggled to myself, how in the hell did the former Micah have the mental capacity to comprehend politics… he probably just follows the politics of his parents. “Well, I guess I have quite a bit of redecorating to do to my new room; I will have to start by discarding all of these disgusting posters adorning my walls.” I thought to myself. “Perhaps I could get Drew to do the redecorating for me!” I chuckled loudly. Oh wouldn’t that be marvelous, forcing him to dismantle his former room. This was just beyond the definition of the word perfect!

    I further inspected my room, only to find that the floors were littered with dirty sweaty clothes of mine, that had been worn by my body before it came into my possession. “I guess Drew has another chore coming his way. He will definitely have to wash and dry all of my new dirty clothes.” I thought. I then turned my eyes to another door in my room, one that I soon learned would lead to my new bathroom. “Dammit, this fucker sure was spoiled! I never had my own private bathroom”… “I guess I’m the one who is spoiled now.”  I grinned to myself.  I then proceeded into my new bathroom as I thought, “I guess now would be the opportune time to really explore and get to know this new body of mine…”

    Look at me now. A few years after and I’ve turned Micah’s body into one glorious stud. I turn heads wherever I go, and twinks and hunks alike come crawling to me for a taste of my musky Micah load. The new Drew is also still around, always clinging by my side and whining about wanting his body back. I’m pretty sure he already knows he’s never getting his body back, with me having told him countless of times over and even dismantling the device in front of his eyes, but I think he actually enjoys being treated like shit by me.

    After all, it’s not everyone that gets to be pushed around by, sat on, forced into inhaling the musky armpits of, and swallowing the delicious load of Micah Thomas… every single day…


    Source:“Becoming My Tormentor” by Lord_Kefka on Male Transformation Blogspot

    Body Swapping with Romeo Beckham (A dream I had) PART 2

    As we were talking, I couldn't help but to check my mobile out and see everything on my phone, my contact list was crazy! I now have an older brother and a younger brother plus a sister. Looking through my contacts I see familiar names like HRVY, Blake Gray and other famous names and influencers. My photo collection is a ton of selfies and places that I have been too and suddenly I went into my social media pages. FUCK I'm totally famous as there is so many followers on all my new pages.

    Romeo who was me was laughing away as he knew I was checking him out and told me it's not all fun and games, I now have an appearance to keep up and I better get used to the press being on my back alot. He got up and told me to be back here in two days time, he was rubbing my former bulge during these talks. We agreed on a time and he said his goodbyes and told me to take it easy. I got up myself as I slide my phone into my green short pockets. I felt uneasy standing up as I was much lighter and taller, I shook Sam's hand and went my way.

    Walking back I was checking my new outfit which suited this new body of mine, tattoo's over my twinkish tanned leg, high socks and a pair of AF1s on my feet. A plain black tee and this totally awesome snapback which was holding my beautiful longer hair back. I felt so energetic feeling this new body and seeing how it naturally walks. I knew from walking back I had to explore this body more but something caught my eye. I have noticed in my new gained memories that Romeo was planning for longer swaps if I was his break. My new bulge grew instantly at the thought of that as I must be careful not to cause an embarrassing scene, luckily nobody was about so I took a quick peek at what I got in my shorts.


    I chuckled as I well impressed having this new package of mine and it suddenly hit me that I'm hungry, having all these memories helped as I went to my car which was a beauty! I'm driving a 45k Jeep now!


    I got in checking everything out, new touchscreens, so many more buttons, getting familiar with everything as I recently just passed my test and this was my first vehicle. I was loving this life but I decided to head to the nearest shops but I must first check out how busy it is as I don't want all the extra attention being a popular person in a pack store. First shop I normally enjoy was too packed which was a joke as I really wanted to eat from there so be it. I took the risk and pull on a hoodie.

    It's a good thing I got some spare clothes with me, this must be such a pain having to deal with the attention if not being careful, already I feeling the pressures of this new life. Hoodie, mask and a snapback so I walked into the busy posh store. I was checking out all these new interesting foods that was on other, the prices were extortionate but who cares? It's like loose change to me!! I found some stuff this body likes and I paid for it at the till and saw this handsome guy there. He was a complete stud, luckily he didn't notice who I was and I memorised his name and decided to slip him my number.

    Did I actually do that? This new found confidence of Romeo's mixed with my alpha personality was something unquestionable. I do have a current GF but she is away for a few weeks and so is the real Romeo. This is my body now for two days.

    This sushi tastes AMAZING as I'm getting used to my new tastes now, I couldn't help eating it as I was walking since I was hungry. It seems this body enjoys food but rarely put on any weight. Luckily enough I hardly got any plans for today but I got to hit my home gym or do football practice in my back garden to keep myself active. Time to head back home.

    It felt incredible exploring my new life as I'm having to learn everything from my newly gained memories. You know I could get used to this pressure with ease, maybe that Romeo wanted. Someone like me being him on his breaks from life. I actually would accept that someone is controlling parts of my life while I control part of his. This feels so natural as we both got the same excitement. I couldn't help but checking my new boyish face in the mirrors taking in every facial expression I can do.

    All of this was secretly turning this body horny as I recall how I enjoyed my own stories. Now here I am living it as a reality. I'm the sexy Romeo enjoying life to the max. I arrived at a huge gated entrance as the cameras and sensors reckonised my car and face. It opened up to a large drive way to this enormous mansion!!! I was in awe as this is my new home!

    I pulled next to an Bentley that must of been my father car. It seems fairly quiet as my parents are in LA with my younger siblings. My older brother has his own place so that means I got this whole place to myself apart from the staff that keep this place in shape.

    I got out and walked into this grand place, There was 10 bedrooms with their own bathrooms, two large kitchens, 4 reception rooms and so much more. I knew all of this naturally as I lived here. I went towards my bedroom and WOW IT WAS HUGEE!

    I couldn't resist it any longer as I took my clothes off and admired my sexy body in the mirror. I was surely very toned and fit. Muscles all over, I was loving my smooth sexy mini six pack knowing I've worked hard daily to gain this strength. I couldn't help but admired this body all over and then I had to deal with my bulge. I jumped onto my new huge bed and moved my hand down my abs towards my new cock. I closed my eyes and pumped my cock slowly feeling up the new skin and veins over it. It felt like my first time all over again as I pumped it more which I moaned softly getting used to this new bigger cock of mine. Everytime my hand went down, I moaned louder as it was sending me crazy. I went faster and faster as I was enjoying this until I let go and shot my loads into an empty cup. I was breathing loudly seeing thick loads shooting away until I depleted my tanks. I couldn't believe how thick these loads are. My very own body now is relieved as I looked at the cup and craved it. I had to do it so I drank my loads and it tasted delicious! I knew considering how flexible I am that I could potentially suck myself but that can wait.

    I went into my walk in wardrobe and saw my mass collection of clothes. It was a dream come true! All these huge names were mine for pickings. I enjoyed wearing my outfit today but I'm keeping to that for now on. Hoodies, snapbacks and af1s or Jordans. I want to show off my sexy legs as they were perfected like everything else is. I feel Romeo would want me to be him more often. I suddenly remembered that I got a flight to LA in a days time.

    He has set me up! I'm actually got to be him for months as he set the deal up differently to what we said. Not that I'm worried but fuck this is me now. This is all mine and my mobile started ringing.

    It was that guy at the shop.

    Part 3 coming soon

    Body Swapping with Romeo Beckham (A dream I had) PART 1

    Myself as you know on here as one of your favourite TF story writers who lives the normal life, goes to work, mingle with the general public and lower class families. Nothing special as I was exploring a new town near London on this very normal day. I was walking through a quiet park until a young hot guy was on his mobile texting away which what I thought he was doing, infact he was actually texting away on tumblr to me. I had no idea but somehow he has figured out who I was and knew from my pictures I happened to be in the very town he lived in and walking in the park just next to his place where he was staying.

    As I sat down at the table texting to him not knowing who he was, he happened to sit infront of me and texted me HEY with a picture of me at the table. I wad totally shocked as I looked and saw it was Romeo Beckham, one of the sons of David Beckham. I was surprised to a certain extent it was him, we spoke for weeks before until he recommended me this town not knowing what was going to happen soon. I knew about him in our chats as he explained he was from a known family and desired to taste the normal quiet life, I didn't expect it to be someone like him as we did the occasional roleplay and we got on really well in our chats.

    There we were at the table talking away about everything in life, we had alot in common considering he was much younger compared to myself. We had a right laugh about everything and he was amazed how I was who I was, I never met such a polite guy like him as I had a right hard on going in my jeans seeing hoe sexy this guy was.

    As you can see he was in casual clothing at the time, he learnt alot about me and the same about him in return. He absolutely loved his life but he desired to have breaks here and there but found it hard to do that. He said the thought of swapping with a guy like myself would be amazing. He went into details how much he needed to trust and guy and suggested that I was the type of guy he wanted to be, he explained how he knew he could trust me to become him without anyone knowing and how he could become me and enjoy being the normal working class guy.

    You know this could never happen until he explained about a way of doing this. I told him that it's impossible but he dared me to accept a swapping deal for 2 days to see how we both cope being each other. Was he actually being serious or not? I told him I agree to it but I said to him this is all a fantasty but he smirked and said get ready for the change of a life time.

    He had something in his hand which he asked me to touch softly and as I did, it gave a glowing warm feeling and it dissappeared into thin air. Romeo told me to wait as we did. We were looking at each other in the eyes and suddenly as we blinked we ended up seeing ourselves? I saw myself smirking as he must of felt the huge hard on which I had a second ago, there I was feeling completely different as in taller and less muscular. I saw my new hands and shorts that Romeo was wearing a second ago. He spoke first and explained the deal, two days as each other as we agreed on. I was gaining his memories as I felt how he wanted to have peace and quiet. Now I have given that to him while I must carry on as him as normal.

    We were still here at this park table explaining how we both felt as each other. I felt my new bulge grew knowing now I was Romeo Beckham, I am now a tall handsome boyish twink with wealth beyond dreams and the opportunity to do anything I want. I couldn't believe this at all.

    (Part two will come soon)

    Sometimes when you go on holiday you want to forget about the problems you left at home.

    That's exactly what Edward wanted from his holiday to a remote Greek island. He wanted to ignore his problems and his life so bad he ended up forgetting about them completely.

    By the end of his holiday Connor felt like a new man and was ready to return back to his life.

    Body Swapping with Romeo Beckham (A Dream I had) FINAL PART

    *Answers the call*

    Urmm yeah we should meet up, come at this place at 8pm tonight and I pick you up?

    . . . Guy on phone . . .

    I'm actually can't wait to see what you have on offer

    . . . Guy on phone . . .

    I know bro, you never going to experience what I'm about to do to you in bed

    . . . Guy on phone . . .

    Keep it a secret that me Romeo Beckham is secretly bi ok, see you tonight Luke!

    *end of phone call

    Fucking hell, having this body for a few hours and I'm about to meet the hottest guy I've ever spoken too. Guess it time to clean up and see what clothes and sneaks there is on offer! After spending a good hour sorting out my skin care, making sure my tan look good and right aftershave on. I decided to pick out a black loose tee and some worn looking demin shorts with some black socks and Nike Jordans. Damn I look totally the sexy bastard tonight, this hat finishes off this new style of mine!

    I finally remembered about this stone and the details that go with it, after spending an incredible amount of time I have found a way to make this a permanent swap. Why would I want to give something like this up when I had the chance to take it, a simple small recited words and some of my DNA. The new stone sunk into my hand and suddenly a whole new feeling came rushing through, the feeling that I'M FINALLY ROMEO BECKHAM.

    I realised the time and I ran into the car driving towards the out of town shopping district where I saw Luke standing there in gym clothes. He was fucking beautiful as he hopped in and mentioned my name.

    I totally blushed as he actually knew who I was and instantly he rubbed my bulge to feel it as I moaned constantly while driving. I couldn't stop moaning as we arrived at my place and I grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom.

    He tried to argue that he's the Alpha but no way he's on my level as I'm Romeo Beckham. I pinned him down checking out that amazing bubbled butt of his before I went in hard. I didn't care as I'm the Alpha and he moaning like a total bottom bitch boy. We fucked for a good few hours and laying here feeling completely satisfied with my new life ahead of me and my handsome Luke beside me, what else do I want.

    . . . A few days later . . .

    Here I am in LA playing soccer showing off my sexy body to the world. I couldn't believe the hidden soccer talent I had running through my veins. I am a Beckham so it makes sense. I have decided to focus on my soccer and modelling as it suited me and I felt like a complete person. Soccer changing rooms full of hot sexy guys and living the dream as a model star at the same time. I noticed the former Romeo finally realised that he's stuck as an ordinary citizen having to watch me living his life now on, it wouldn't surprise me that he dreams about me at night. I mean who wouldn't?

    I'm Romeo Beckham now for now and ever!

    Taking Back Youth

    Evan sat at the bar ordering drink after drink. He just wanted to bury his sorrow in alcohol after his now ex-boyfriend broke things off with him. It just felt so sudden, he could’ve sworn they were doing well. Maybe he’d found another guy. Whatever the reason, he just wanted to feel better somehow…in any way.

    That’s when Evan was approached by another man. The guy seemed to be in his late 50’s, perhaps early 60’s. Grey thinning hair, clean shaven save for mustache and bright blue eyes. He was in about average shape for man his age being relatively lean while also sporting a small beer gut. Despite the clear age difference with Evan being in his late 20’s, the man started hitting on Evan after introducing himself as Carl.

    Evan didn’t usually consider himself the type to go for guys that much older for him nor did he consider himself a hookup kinda person but right now, he didn’t care. He just wanted to feel good in any way possible. And so Evan drunkly flirted back with Carl. The guy was actually pretty good looking and probably could’ve been a model when he was younger.

    And so the evening dragged on as before long Evan found himself walking with Carl to his home which happened to be a small apartment not far from the bar. The two began making out as soon as Carl closed the door behind him as he lead Evan towards the bed.

    Evan was on top first. After a little bit of ass play he slide his dick inside Carl and began pounding away, allowing all his sorrow to fade and be consumed by pleasure. Evan fucked Carl for a good while as they switch positions until Evan was finally gearing up to cum. He was about to pull out when Carl told him not to, that he wanted Evan to breed him. Evan was happy to comply as with a few more heavy thrusts, he unloaded. Filling up Carl completely. After that Evan noticed a grin on Carl’s face that felt a little…off but he couldn’t place why.

    Once Evan had a chance to catch his breath, it was now Carl’s turn on top. Evan presented his hot ass to Carl, moaning as he felt the older man’s cock invading his hole. After that Carl was like an animal. He fucked Evan long and hard while groaning and chuckling to himself as Evan’s cum dripped from his ass still. Evan was impressed that Carl, a man possibly in his 60’s, was giving him a real pounding. Then without warning Carl moaned one last time as he shot his load inside Evan.

    “Hey I never said you could cum in my ass” Evan said looking back, slightly annoyed at the lack of warning.

    “Doesn’t matter since that ass won’t be yours for much longer.” Carl replied, grinning.

    Before Evan even had much time to process what Carl had said, he started to feel drowsy. Had he been drugged somehow? He lost all the strength in his arms as he fell face down on the bed. The last thing he felt was Carl’s body falling on top of him, his dick still inside Evan’s ass.

    It wasn’t until the next morning that Carl awoke. The first thing he felt was a dick lodged up his ass as well as a body resting on top of him. He pushed the body aside and off of him, the cock pulling out of him as he did before pushing himself up off the bed with noticeably more muscular arms.

    “Yes, yes it worked once again.” Carl grinned to himself as he sat up and looked down at his now much younger body before looking over at his previous old body sleeping beside him. The body swapping ritual had worked.

    Carl hopped out of bed with his new energetic body before sauntering over to the full length mirror near the bed. Before him he saw Evan, the man he’d slept with before beginning to examine his new body. He pulled open the shirt Evan had been wearing to get a better look at his orange chest hair which he was rather pleased with. Not to mention the decent pair of muscular pecs he now had, far better than the sagging ones on his old body. Carl went on to flex and admire his new young muscular body until eventually, Evan began to stir.

    Even blinked his eyes open to immediately see what looked to be himself stood before him. His double has his back to Evan but looked at him through the reflection of the mirror. It was then that Evan realised something was very wrong with his own body.

    “Waking up I see.” Carl said with a devious smirk

    “W-hat in the…f-fuck…what the fuck is happening” Evan noticed the difference in his voice mid sentence.

    “To put it simply. I am you and you are me. I swapped our bodies using an ancient ritual. I won’t go into the specifics but essentially that last component needed was for us to exchange sexual fluids. Once that was done we both fell unconscious as our souls switched places.” Carl explained as he went back to flexing in the mirror.

    “No…no no no this can’t be happening no…” was all Evan could say as he looked down at himself seeing the body of an old man, the one he’d fucked last night.

    “When I saw you at that bar I just knew I had to try my luck but I didn’t think I’d actually get ya.” Carl chuckled. “Yet here I am with a new young hunky body. And I’m ginger now which is certainly new.” He continued, brushing a hand through his hair and beard.

    Evan wanted to jump off the bed but he struggled to get up. No wonder, his body being much older and being tired after the previous night. Before he could finish getting up, Carl whipped around and waltzed over, his new hard young cock on full display before he shoved Evan back down onto the bed with one hard push.

    “Lay back down old man, you need some rest after last night.” Carl laughed.

    “Give me back my fucking body.” Evan spat as he glared into his own body’s eyes.

    Carl bent down until his face was inches from Evan’s, smirking devilishly before giving Evan a sudden kiss. Evan was taken a back, his own body was kissing and it was surreal. Just as suddenly, Carl pulled away from the kiss. “No…this is my body now.”

    After taking a couple steps back again, Carl was quick to notice Evan’s cock chubbing up. He chucked “I think you’re enjoying this more than you wanna admit.” He said as his grasped his own erection. “My god, this cock is hard as fuck. Being in that old body made me forget how good a young cock feels.” Carl stated as he gave his cock a few tugs. “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of it. First thing I’m gonna do once I get to your apartment is jerk this monster off then I’ll be sure to shove it inside plenty of hot holes. And hopefully get plenty of cocks in this new juicy ass of mine.” Carl span around and gave his ass a smack and cheeky jiggle in front of Evan.

    Confused Evan asked how Carl knew where his apartment was. Carl explained that he was slowly but surely gaining access to Evan’s memories as he grabbed Evan’s white briefs and slipped them on, just barely containing his erection. Evan tried to get up again to stop Carl from leaving but Carl was quick to shove him back down onto the bed. Carl picked up Evan’s black jeans before pulling the on, Evan no longer knowing what to do or say. He simply watched the thief pulled on his white socks as a tear began to fall from his eye.

    “Oh come on, you’re not gonna try and make me feel bad are you?” Carl questioned as he pulled on his second sock. He walked back over beside the bed and leaned over to grab Evan’s much older cock. “Here, maybe this’ll make you feel better.” Carl said as he bent down and wrapped his lips around Evan’s cock. Evan knew he should be angry but he couldn’t help but enjoy it as Carl used his mouth and tongue to pleasure his cock in all the right ways. It was a little strange to Evan that his dick still felt slightly soft, not being able to get nearly as hard as his old one.

    As Carl bobbed his head up and down he couldn’t help but rub his own erection through his jeans, still relishing in how hard his new cock felt. The more he sucked, the more he rubbed his cock. Before long, Evan began to moan as Carl quickly sucked the cum out of his cock, gulping it down. Immediately after, from all the touching Carl couldn’t help but groan himself as he busted inside his jeans.

    “Fuuuck well I did want to do that at your apartment but I guess just have to clean up when I get there. No time now.” Carl stated pulling open the waistband to his jeans and underwear to see the inside stained with cum. “Good thing these jeans are black. Besides this young body will probably already be recharged by the time I get there.” He smiled snapping back the waistbands.

    With that Carl slipped his feet into his new boots before grabbing his new jacket. He looked over at Evan one last time. Evan looked at him with a nasty stare, still tired after cumming just now. With that Carl turned and headed out the door and towards his new life. He just loved that as he walked down the street, nobody he passed by knew that he stolen this body or that his crotch was currently covered in cum.

    Watch out for your competition

    My job is amazing. I get to travel. Meet new people. My company puts me up in high-end hotels. How you represent your company is all image. Being 6'2" and buff, good-looking and well-dressed. People cannot forget me.

    Here's what happened on my last trip.

    The plane landed. The hotel had multiple Vans at the airport picking guys up and bringing them back to the hotel. I wouldn't call it exactly a convention but it was like one. You represent your company and try to sell your services and products the other companies that have people there to meet you. But also your competition is there.

    Looks like a lot of people came in a day early just like me so we can get a head start on tomorrow.

    We get into the hotel in the front desk is just swamp. They asked for our names they tagged our luggage.

    Due to the time we arrived they just directed us over to a cocktail party until they can get everything straightened out. In a few hours or so say just check in at the front desk I'll give you your room key card and your luggage will bein your room waiting.

    This is when you start meeting people and scoping out your competition. This guy walks up to me and asked me what I want to drink.

    I gave him my drink order and I see him go talk to this other guy is kind of slim well-built in about 5'8" in height. The guy walked with the waiter as they went to the service bar. Soon after I had my drink deliver to me.

    It's the next morning and I wake up. I don't remember checking in. Getting my room key. Taking off my Suit, or going to bed.

    What the f*** happened last night. I feel real weird my head's kind of spinning. I look in the mirror. I'm kind of shocked. Green t-shirt? Black briefs, neither of these items are mine.

    Wait a minute as my head clears. This is not my body. I'm 6'2 with a 46 in chest. This body is none of that. I'm also younger.

    Damn I'm like 5'8. It's a nice solid body but it's not mine. What the hell happened last night.

    I walk back in the other room. I walked past the closet. The door is open. These are not my clothes I've never seen these suits before my life or theses shoes along with the shirts and ties it's all nice but none of it's mine.

    Wait this suit sure looks familiar. I put it on just to try to figure out why they look familiar.

    It's the guy from last night and his suit fits me perfect. He must have slipped something into my drink/s. My head starting to spin. I need to lay down. Did he swap our bodies. Checking me out a lot last night almost studying me. You must have been sizing me up.

    How did he swap our bodies.

    Meanwhile in the room upstairs right above his

    This is so perfect. I'm now 6'2 with a massive chest. That guy had an amazing body and it's all mine His suits are beautiful. And his hair. Yea! Giving him some of my youth. I look older. People like to deal with experienced and taking some of his age helped. And besides swap in our bodies I stole and copied a lot of his knowledge.

    I wonder if he's awake even and he knows his body's been stolen. He probably has, he knows it's me. HAHA 😄.

    I'm a lot bigger than him. I'm know I can handle him. And he hasn't much of a choice in the matter either.

    He could stay who he is. Or I could swap our faces. And make myself fully him which would make him all the old me.

    Knock at the door. Open the door. I know what you did to me last night.

    I open the door and pulled him inside.

    What are you going to do about it? I'm a lot bigger then you. Remember you have my old body.

    How did you do this to me.?

    Come on you saw me talking with the waiter. Every time you ordered a drink I walked with him.

    When he wasn't looking at pour a little something extra into your cocktails. First was for me to take control over you the second round the cocktails was for me to steal your body.

    You kind of blacked out so I hid you in the coat room I went to the front desk and get our room keys to your room and mine.

    I took you up to my room strip you out of your suit so you're completely naked. Your body was amazing. I'm sure you didn't notice your pecs were getting larger and more sensitive as your cock in your balls. Your essence was breaking down and turning into fluid and I was drinking it from your body and I would become you.

    Once a drank you dry. I got really hard. My yes i pumped it up your ass.

    Within an hour I had transformed pretty much my body into your and for you the same.

    I ran my fingers through your hair and it swapped. I took a deep breath and then blew it into your lungs a couple of times and you gave my youth. Pretty much reverse in our ages.

    I laid down next to you and placing my head next to yours. It pretty much copied all your knowledge over into my head.

    .About 4:00 this morning I woke up got you into a pair of my underwear and t-shirt in put you to bed.

    Then I put on your suit and went up to your room. And here we are.

    And I'll let you know I'm not swapping back. If you complain I'll put you in a sleeper hold. I'll slap our faces and turn me into you completely and you into the old me. You'll be a lot worse off than you are now.

    Fine. You win! Keep my body.

    Question: you have all that stuff with you . If I find somebody I would prefer to be would you help me become him.

    I don't have any with me right now I used it all up on you. But I know where you can get some more and I can help you if you find somebody you wouldn't reather off be.

    Pull yourself together we have a dinner to get to and remember this is between you and me.