i hope you deleted the dream queerbaiting post bc you have looked into it more and realized he came out over six months ago and has had to repeatedly talk about and defend how he identifies since, due to asks like the one you received, and ppl just believing his antis immediately since they already have preconceived notions about him anyway. tbh i'm a little disappointed you answered it, because even if you did take it down, it seemed you were quick to jump to SOME kind of conclusion. look, there's plenty of reasons someone could find to dislike dream, if they were determined about it, but that's not one of them. some ppl who don't actually know him decided a long time ago that he's trying to monetize a long term friendship by flirting with his best friend on stream, and that the two of them ONLY do it for fans, despite both of them and ALL of their other friends saying no, they're actually like that -- if anything, they're even worse off stream. (believe it or don't, but i do find it interesting that despite it taking two to tango, so to speak, only one of them is ever harassed or gets anons like that sent to ppl about how they act towards each other... and it's the one who has come out as queer... weird how that happens). anyway, coming from someone who is quite a bit older than most of these fans, antis, and even the content creators themselves, idk. something about the way dream coming out went down, and how he's been treated since by the community that should be welcoming him in, just breaks my heart. setting aside whatever other issues people may have with him due to past actions or how they feel about his minecraft career (lol, like that actually matters), no one deserves that.

    hooo boy i had a dream last night that i was out fishin' and caught a big hot dog with ketchup and mustard


    you are about to be killed by a medium-sized animal


    what happened. what happened to ketchup on hotdogs. we had such a beautiful thing and now you all want to defile it by calling it 'groos' and 'immature'... well i will not stand by and watch u all want 2 ruin hotdogs. #IStandWithKetchup