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2022-01-24 17:58:50

    laughing at the idea of telling a 7th grader that the beatles and nirvana are girl music and watching what happens


    well they are. i gatekeep nirvana from cis men explicitly. its illegal for them to listen to it. i said so.


    well youre doing a dog shit job


    most of that is smells like teen spirit. i’m trying my hardest to make people know kurt was most likely not cis, that he was a sincere misandrist, he wanted to kill republicans and he was a raging RAGING communist.


    Any takes on this you guys?


    I hope both of you die.

    “Callout culture” is probably the worst part of Tumblr. When I was a kid I learned about communist Russia in history (unlike some of y'all) and I used to have a hard time believing that people would betray their friends and neighbors, even their own parents, to the government, for saying something that deviated even slightly from the party line. But seeing the kind of petty, spiteful stool-pidgeons that populate this website, that don’t care whose lives they ruin, that have a self-righteous delight in siccing the mob on people who are just minding their own business- this generation is ripe to become a bunch of disgusting snitches.


    *shoves customer aside and leans fully over into pen*

    *reaches into pen indiscriminately and shoves whatever introvert i grab into my mouth alongside the beds and wood shreds and little toys*

    *chews and swallows*

    *reaches in again*

    *store owner tries to pull me away but i push her to the side pull the handgun from my purse and shoot her in the head*

    *keep eating*