<>Webtoon Short Story Contest: The Sacrifice<>

    The Sacrifice is a short 5 part original sci-fi romance comic written by @audieoddity for the Webtoons Short Story competition.

    The story features young astrophysicist Moira Cattaneo, chosen to be a representative of humanity when a mysterious 27,000ft tall monolith appears outside of a small village.

    Moira is teleported to a dimension beyond belief, where she meets a being like no other. The story touches on the timelessness of life, death, and love.

    Read Time: ~10 minutes Rating: Teen Content Warnings: Death, mentions of sex

    If you like the story, make sure to like and comment on it! I personally thought the story was very sweet and I loved the unique character design.

    <>Read Here

    i have this writing style i like to call “uncertain.” it’s where the narrator isn’t really sure what they’re talking about either

    That is so powerful and I want to write a short story in this style now thank you

    “the park had been there for as long as i’d lived there, i think. i couldn’t be sure. i was never one to go to the park anyway” nobody has any clue what’s going on

    self aware unreliable narrator