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2020-11-04 00:12:15

    Callout Post for BloodOrangeSangria

    Trigger warnings for: Grooming, Pedophilia, Incest, ””Dub Con””, and nsfw content

    She goes by Kuro or Sangria. Her url on tumblr is @/bloodorangesangria (same username on Ao3) and she is also active on Twitter at @/TLHKuro

    She is an analysis and meta writer that has been active in a few fandoms including Kakegurui, Tokyo Ghoul, Danganronpa, Juuni Taisen, Gleipnir, and Citrus.

    I’m very shaky writing this and scared of what will come out of it but I saw that she is participating in another Kakegurui project (Hyakkaou Journalism Zine) and I just can’t stand by anymore and see this 30-something year old woman continue to have grooming grounds. It’s very hard for me to speak up about this now but I was always scared of ruining her life, and saying anything meant I had to acknowledge that this really happened. @Ikishima (who also knows her from the server I met her in) is helping write and edit.

    Link to Google Doc

    I have nothing against the other people working on the zine but Sangria/Kuro is a predator and she should not be put in a position where anyone, especially any minor, has to depend on or interact with her. If anyone involved in the zine sees this, I ask you to remove her from the project for the safety of minors in the fandom.


    We are sharing this because more people should know about this.

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