You’ve been so good we wanted to give you a present. Here’s...


    Television: I stole the TV!

    <> Girl Meets World took a field trip, ended up at No. 8
    <>☆ Hannibal returns to the list at No. 19 after it was revealed that Murder Husbands are canon<>.
    ⬆ The Walkin
    g Dead staggered their way up to No. 6.

    Movies: Roll the film.

    <> Titan<><>ic debuted at No. 14, we all still want to be drawn like one of Leo’s French girls<>.
    ⬆ Crimso
    <><>n Peak has peaked! Can’t get higher than N<>o. 1.
    ☆ Back to
    the Future Day will be in the past come tomorrow.

    Music: Quite literally like music to your ears.

    ⬆ Thrive off that Saturday Night Live performance<>, Demi Lovato (No. 11).<>
    ☆ Littl
    e Mix got a little pissed, storming off a radio show and getting back on the list at No. 19.

    Celebrities: Who’s hot, who’s not, who cares?

    <> Tom Hiddleston is No. 1 at being creepy in Crimson Peak.
    <>☆ Jennifer Lawrence got behind equal pay  and you got behind her. (No. 8.<>)
    ⬇︎ M
    att Bomer went boom, falling nine spots to No. 16

    Games: Is this a game to you? Good.

    Life is Strange is living its best life, up three spots to No. 4.
    ⬆ The Sims 4 gained four for No… 6. So close.

    Web stuff: Your .nets, your .coms and so on.  

    <> Pentatonix doo-wopped and dittied their way up to No. 10.
    <>︎ Tyler Oakley fell six spots to No. 16. Surely his new book will move him up next we<>ek.
    ⬆ Tro
    ye Sivan announced an album. We are announcing he gained six spots, is now No. 3.

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