yes, i am my avi :)

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2020-05-11 05:47:27

    Wahoo, hiya everyone! It’s-a me, Luigi!

    Now, I need to-a talk about something serious. People are-a living their lives in a sad, sad way. They don’t think that they’re-a number one! They think they’re-a number-a one billion! Oh no!

    So if you’re-a reading this, I want you to know that Luigi loves you very much. You’re-a gonna do some-a great things, you know! You? You number one! Live life to-a the fullest! You’re-a great, friend!


    why am I genuinely happy that Luigi cares about me


    Well I-a do! I care for you and-a everyone! You’re number one, my friend! You! Are! Number! Oneeeeeee!!!