سلامٌ على لون الحزنِ في عَينيكْ
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2016-05-11 00:41:30

    I think love, mostly, is about the natural heart with the small habits in people, and their timing. Lately, I’ve been reading quiet poems about crawling into bed and finding your favourite mouth leaking a soft light through a sandstorm. This is a big deal for me, because I have always been about finding explosions. I have always been about screaming with volcanos and dirt underneath my fingernails. But I met you, and now there are dunes on my thighs made of silk.  I met you,  and I have never been opened as softly as this.   If I could ever learn to settle a storm, it would be now.

    Alessia Di Cesare, Love and Light and Sand (via featherumbrellas)