male 33 yrs from south Delhi

male age 33 from south Delhi. looking for free cuckold couples/females for real meet..I m also a masseuse .. I m also on Skype telegram and WhatsApp. dm for details

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2020-05-05 13:10:35

    It’s a myth that swinging couples hate ALL singles. Nearly all swingers have fantasies of 3somes MFM and of watching the wife with another man. Singles get invited for swinger parties often because each female in such a party has a fantasy of doing more than one man at a time!

    Then why are single men shunned, rejected, abused and blocked 99.99% times?

    Most couples are always worried about privacy and a single guy with nothing to lose is always dangerous to them. He can turn out to be a psycho, a gunda and a rogue, blackmailer or just a cheat. Other reason is that while you might feel you’re the handsomest, most intelligent and sexy single guy but you need to remind yourself that, unfortunately, there are a million similar guys already in queue and a couple is usually drowning in messages from singles trying to get their attention! Why would they pay attention to you?

    Things that will get you blocked by most couples: sending dick pics without being asked, stupid screen names eg. bull, tiger etc, bragging about your sexual prowess and dick size, bragging about your past sexual experiences, showing off money or material things, getting into sexual discussions without being asked, asking personal questions, poor communication skills, asking repeatedly for pics, breaking trust and telling others about the couple etc. Things which will get their attention: good communication skills, face pic, no discussions about sex and fantasies till initiated, General fun conversations like you would meet someone at a party, open and honest about your life, sharing your personal details and real identity without asking builds immediate trust, sharing views on safe sex or agreeing for STD tests, showing respect, honesty, integrity and compassion towards the couple and the wife, being discreet and hassle free and uncomplicated!

    Not being pushy with a couple for sex and instead just becoming friends is the key! We love it when you share our posts BUT Please don’t be a jerk by copying our original content to show it as yours! Others will shame you and your first impression will be of a cheat!

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