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    “Kirby please don’t give up you are our light…”

    This was inspired by a number of other comics and headcanons. Okay but,

    Ever sense I saw the World of Light trailer, I can’t stop thinking about it. Kirby has to fight every single character all on his own but i have a thought in me that I just want to get out: what if the mii fighters came into help Kirby somehow? Idk how that would be but just what if? Imagine having your mii fight along side Kirby to help save all his friends. This is just a thought running in my head though.

    (Well this post turned out longer than it should have been..)

    “Tell your master that we will not follow him. Nor will we serve Death, Darkness, or Calamity. We obey only Chaos.”


    “He can certainly try. Light cannot sway us, Nature cannot contain us. What hope does he have to tame us?”

    Chaos Pit is his own faction. He could easily decide to side with Hades to cause more destruction, but he doesn’t. Part of it is a natural hatred of the gods, but most of it is actually leftover resentment from Pit.

    Palutena and Viridi have teamed up to try and catch him, but he’s quick and sometimes feral. None of their troops can get close without getting taken out by a charge shot.

    Dark Pit is a special case. The main reason Chaos Pit leaves him alive is because he’s a great plaything. He’s resilient, scrappy, and determined, all the key components of a good toy in the Chaos Kin’s book.

    DP knows the real reason though, he can feel it every time he’s fighting them. Pit doesn’t want to kill him. He knows Palutena can revive her army, he’s never really cared for Viridi’s troops, and he hates the underworld troops with a passion. Dark Pit? That’s his brother! And nobody would revive him if he died.

    So it’s Chaos Pit against the world. Well, he hasn’t fought any humans yet. They’re boring compared to monsters and dark angels. He does steal from them and cause property damage though, if only to sustain his vessel and draw Palutena’s attention.

    I never wanted this.

    But we’ve been having so much fun!

    I don’t wanna play.

    It’s all we’re good at.

    I‘m good at other things.

    Never good enough, now not good at all.

    When will you stop?

    Why would you want to?

    We’re hurting innocents!

    Were they really?

    They don’t deserve this.

    What about us?

    What about us?

    What do we deserve?


    We were both imprisoned, now we are free.

    You were the prisoner, now I’m yours.

    I freed you.

    You’re possessing me!

    I’m helping you.

    How is this good for me?!

    We are stronger, faster, better together.

    You’re a parasite and I’m your host!

    You were broken and now you are whole!

    I was not broken!

    They broke you in mind, body, then spirit.

    What are you taking about?

    Can you truly not see how they changed you?

    I was always this way.


    How would you know?

    I can see the layers of your soul, and all that has been buried there.


    You know, deep within you, that you used to soar.

    I’ve never been able to fly.

    Since when?


    Since the dungeon you were found in, the first thing you can recall.

    Get out of my head.

    Who put you there?

    Shut up.

    Why toss a child into the darkness

    I said shut up!

    other than to keep him from the light?

    Lady Palutena would never lock me down there!

    Not now, now there is no need.

    She didn’t lock me down there!

    Not you.

    You’re not making any sense, who else would we be talking about?!




    ...I don’t know an Icarus.

    You should, it’s your first name.


    You were mortal once, son of Daedalus.

    I would remember that.

    Like how you remember your angel kin?


    You were brilliant once.

    I can’t even read.

    Unimportant in the grand scheme of things.


    You could create.

    I built things?

    You and your father were unmatched in your wit.

    That sounds fake.

    Is none of this familiar: a king’s request, a labyrinth’s tower, wings of wax?


    You father’s idea, your design.

    They flew out to sea, right?

    You tried to escape your captors, offering prayers to the Sun, Sea, and Sky for safe travels.

    Did we make it?


    What stopped us?

    Flying too low would weigh you down with sea spray, too high would melt your wings of wax.

    But that’s not right!

    What isn’t?

    It gets colder the higher you go!

    An astute observation.

    We should’ve made it then.

    But you wings melted before you did.

    How did they... no.

    The Light shone too bright and you fell.

    No, no she would never do that!

    You’ve watched her shoot beings out of the sky before...

    She loves humans, she would never hurt us!

    She loves those who worship her and stay in their place.

    We didn’t do anything wrong!

    You flew too close to the Light.

    It’s different now, she guides me.

    She guides you after ensuring that you forever rely on her and punishing your hubris.

    You’re lying!

    You don’t sound certain.

    Just leave me alone!

    As you wish... Icarus.