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2018-11-06 05:43:58

    I couldnt help but add a lil BTS shot at the end! This shoot I did with my friend Nan Valtiel was a great¬†‚Äėgetting back to our roots‚Äô party. We used nothing but tarp, tape and fake blood to create images that feel like they are ripping through a haunted painting.

    Full Erotica Collection Available in the Archives| Patreon.com/kassandraLeigh 

    So tonight i got to clean up a few more shots of Raquel in her historically patterned corset by Golden Pumpkin Needle *^* While bouncing around the branches in the dark was... a unique experience LOL I honestly really loved playing with light painting @__@ I honestly would love to get other tools for this kind of thing but its a lil hard to justify since i cant really self shoot with it haha But its nice to stretch my legs as a photographer photographing others again

    kassandraleighofficial || Are you guys learning anything new these days? Never 2 late to add a new tool to your utility belt! lol My best friend is going back to school this month and i couldn't be more proud!!! _____________________________
    Gloves/Hat: LuminescenTea
    Hooves: @chaoscostumes
    Bag: @thinkgeek
    Wig: @wigisfashion
    Bra: ...brought to you by my obsession with hot glue guns.

    Reblog for the NSFW previews! This July’s patreon erotica is gonna be CRAZYY!!! *___* I was contacted by the eroge game Seeds of Chaos to create one of my FaeBabes characters that will be added into their game...and i wanted to take my fairy photos to the next level! Sooo iv been self teaching myself aerial silks this month

    Full set will be available this July: Patreon.com/KassandraLeigh

    And play the current WIP release of the game here: http://seeds-of-chaos.com/play/